389 The Bridgehead’s Secret Shop!

    The three were extremely ecstatic as they stared at the eight crates that were freshly baked at the bridgehead!

    Even Wang Qianqian who was watching from the observer's perspective was tempted by them.

    There were eight crates...

    They would become extremely stacked!

    \"I'm sure these people won't bother about how many Energy Drinks they have after they finish looting all of these crates.\"

    \"It's unfortunate that these three were extremely loaded by the time they exited Sosnovka Military Base. If they weren't, they would've hit the jackpot and became extremely rich in an instant!\"

    However, that truth remained.

    Liu Zilang's squad had a full set of Level Three Equipment on them by the time they got out of Sosnovka Military Base.

    Hence, all they could take from the eight crates were accessories and consumables.

    Since the three had limited space in their backpacks and there were too many consumables, they would not be able to take everything even if they used all of their consumables to heal themselves back to full health on the spot.

    Then, the next Safe Zone appeared and it appeared to have shifted back toward Sosnovka Island. However, the bridgehead they were at was still within the Safe Zone so they were not in a hurry to leave.

    Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were very reluctant to leave the place when they stared at all the crates lying around...

    It would be a waste to leave them since they were not in a rush. After all, the enemies had taken a lot of effort to gather all their items for them.

    An idea suddenly popped into Liu Zilang's head as he started scoffing. \"Come. Let's set up a stall on the bridge.\"

    \"A stall?\" Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were confused.

    Liu Zilang did not explain further as he started arranging the leftover first aid kits and items of the same sort on the bridgehead.

    After he finished arranging them, he ran toward a few crates that were at the side and arranged them on the bridgehead.

    The bridgehead was soon filled with a bunch of Energy Drinks and first aid kits.

    After Liu Zilang finished arranging everything, he clapped and smiled. \"I'm trying to sell some drinks here. Three dollars for a bottle and ten dollars for three bottles.\"

    Misaka Mikoto and Zhang Xiaotong reacted quickly as they worked as busy as bees to move the items in the crates to the bridge.

    Zhang Xiaotong's stall specialized in weapons and throwables, ranging from shotguns to submachine guns, and from assault rifles to sniper rifles... She had all sorts of weapons that she could literally set up a shooting range in PUBG.

    On the other hand, Misaka Mikoto had placed down all sorts of accessories, ranging from high magnification scopes to grips, and to muzzles. She had placed so much on her stall that anyone would be dazzled by it.

    The viewers from all around the globe were glued to his stream when they saw the number of items showcased on the bridgehead.

    It was similar to when one was to pay on the go. One would not feel a thing when one scanned a QR code to make a payment. However, paying a single cent in cash would ache one's heart.

    The same principle applies here. Everyone might have thought that it was only a few crates and it was fine to not want it.

    However, everyone would have second thoughts the moment everything was placed together in one spot.

    Many players were not able to kill anyone in the game. Hence, their only hobby was to collect all sorts of items the moment they landed.

    The items on the bridge would be enough to put such type of people at the pinnacle of the game!

    \"GG! This Vic sure knows how to fool around. I'm utterly impressed!\"

    \"And you claim yourself to have a Xinyue Membership. All of us paid 98 dollars to purchase this game, why are you able to play it to such an extent that it seems to be worth 998 dollars!\"

    \"I wonder what those bypassers will think when they see so many items as they pass by the bridgehead later.\"

    \"Uhh... They would probably think that they have entered another dimension that leads them to the system's shop?\"

    \"2333. I'm not satisfied unless it's a hidden instance dungeon!\"

    The viewers in the live stream burst into laughter as they imagined someone arriving and being welcomed with such a scene!

    Liu Zilang had thought of this as well as he realized that the Safe Zone was moving toward Sosnovka Island.

    He scoffed. \"Let's go and hide in a corner. Someone might just come and buy the stuff later.\"


    Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto immediately followed Liu Zilang as they realized what he was saying.

    The three of them laid prone on the grass beside the bridgehead's railing. The three were like Mini Mart bosses waiting for their first customer to visit their very first shop.

    Soon, a motorcycle was heard revving by the fork.

    In the blink of an eye, a three-wheeled motorcycle appeared on the road.

    Liu Zilang took a look and realized that it was a two-man squad. There was no other vehicle following from behind.

    The two players in the three-wheeled motorcycle looked rather cautious as they did not rush across the bridge when they approached the bridgehead. Instead, they loitered around the bridgehead and inspected the situation from the other end of the bridge.

    Liu Zilang's squad was prone on the grass and the only thing separating them from the players was the bridge's rail guard.

    However, the enemy seemed to be paying attention to the other end of the bridge and did not take note of the grassy field beside the rail guard.


    One of them took out his 98K and opened fire.

    Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Mikoto were startled!

    'Have we been spotted?'

    Liu Zilang spoke just as the two were about to take out their weapons, \"Don't move. They're just fishing out for a response from the other side of the bridge.\"

    Liu Zilang's guess was spot on.

    Although the two did not spot anyone at the other end of the bridge, they were still afraid of crossing the bridge.

    Hence, they decided to open fire to fish out for a response.

    With that being said, the two players by the bridgehead had opened fire three to four times at the other side of the bridge without getting a single response in return.

    \"There's no response at all. Perhaps there really is no one camping there.\" One of them guessed.

    However, his teammate did not respond to him at all.

    \"Hey? I'm talking to you here,\" he spoke.

    Only then did his teammate start to stutter.

    \"Look... Look in front.... Of us.\"

    In front of us?

    He opened his scope and looked at what was in front of him. His eyes widened as he could not believe what he saw!

    'What the f*ck... is this?'

    'There's something really wrong about this!'

    The two were incredibly shocked but they tried to calm themselves as they moved forward cautiously.

    They then spotted all sorts of weapons and the crates around the abandoned cars.

    \"I don't think... anyone is around.\"

    They looked around and gulped as they spoke.

    They had been raiding rural areas with their three-wheeled motorcycle throughout the match. They had lost two teammates while running away from the blue circle but they were incredibly lucky to obtain a 98K and an 8x Scope.

    Between the two of them, one of them had a shotgun and Uzi while the other was even more stunning - a 98K and a Vector.

    Seeing the variety of items on the ground for them to pick at their own whim...

    How could they not tempted!

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