423 Comrades Funeral!

    To rewind the timeline for a bit.

    Inside the smokescreen on the bridge.

    The two Cocktail Molotovs Liu Zilang threw from underneath the bridge had coincidentally set off inside the smokescreen.

    SexyPIG who was leading the charge into the smokescreen reacted the instant he saw his health drop.

    He could not see where he was going and did not know where the fire was. Hence, he took a step back before falling to the ground.

    It could not be helped. The recent patch's Molotov Cocktail had a very high damage output.

    However, SexyPIG had nothing to worry about since he was still within the smokescreen. All he had to do was to wait for his teammates to come and rescue him.

    However, just as his squad's sniper, ESTH3R was about to go over and save him, he heard another crack. It was the second Cocktail Molotov that had been thrown toward them.

    Then, the two of them were on fire!

    With SexyPIG making a mistake at the start, ESTH3R did not dare repeat the same mistake as well. He was so shocked that he almost released his hand and ran for his life.

    However, by doing so he made a mistake that was worse than SexyPIG's. Since he was unable to determine the direction inside the smokescreen and wanted to get out of the fire zone, he turned back the instant he was caught in the fire.

    Ultimately, he was surrounded by flames.

    The two eventually fell down as they held onto their abdomens and were burned until they turned into crates...

    \"4AM-Vic killed Anarchy-SexyPIG with Cocktail Molotov!\"

    \"4AM-Vic killed Anarchy-ESTH3R with Cocktail Molotov!\"

    The crowd in the venue widened their eyes in shock. 'Did that really happen?'

    Two Molotov Cocktails were enough to take out a sniper and one of the legendary Top Five Asian Players.

    Even the three casters on the commentary platform were very shocked by it!

    \"Unbelievable! This is truly unbelievable. This is my first time seeing two players being burned to death by Molotovs in one sweep.\"

    \"Hehe, this is indeed rare. Vic's choice of location was incredibly spot on. I don't think he can see what's going on on the bridge from below. I wonder how he threw the Molotov Cocktails with such precision toward the smokescreen.\"

    \"Tsk tsk... There's nothing much to look into. It's fate that they encountered each other. Perhaps this is fate!\"

    SexyPIG who had turned into a crate did not believe in fate at all.

    He planned to close the distance between him and Shen Zeyan to give the latter a lesson about what was a real fight between men.

    However, SexyPIG did not expect a Molotov Cocktail to fly up from below the bridge and burn him to death.

    'What the h*ll...

    'Is there anything more embarrassing than this?'

    SexyPIG looked stupefied as he pondered.

    Meanwhile, the sniper ESTH3R beside him had buried his head into his table as he seemed to be embarrassed by what had happened.

    Two players were wiped out in an instant and one of them was their core member. The remaining two Anarchy members had no idea what their next move was.

    Should they continue fighting or retreat?

    It would be fine for them to roll up their sleeves and charge in if they did not have any knocked out members. However, their situation was unimaginably horrifying since there were only two of them left and they did not have any cover as they faced IG!

    Just as the smokescreen was about to disperse, the commander SexyPIG made a decision... that made him regret for the rest of his life in such a critical situation.

    He shouted the word, \"Jump!\"

    The remaining two Anarchy members climbed over the bridge's rail guards and jumped down from the bridge!

    Then... The two were beyond astonished!

    4AM who looked like they were about to be disappointed under the bridge were incredibly happy. They watched the two Anarchy members fall down from the sky and gave them a very warm welcome!

    \"Da da da!\"

    \"Du du du!\"

    Four players, four weapons.

    Their pitch-black muzzles flashed intensively!

    The two were bleeding everywhere before they fell into the water and it was as if they had been treated with sieves on their way down.

    The instant they fell into the water, the two turned into crates as they floated in the sea.

    \"4AM-GodV killed Anarchy-Suk by headshot with AKM!\"

    \"4AM-Cpt killed Anarchy-Yureka with S686!\"

    The viewers in the live stream were shocked and the bullet screen was flooded when it happened!

    \"Holysh*t! 4AM is way too cruel! They show no mercy at all!\"

    \"I think Anarchy is the one who's crueler. They dare jump down in such a situation. They really are real men!\"

    \"Why do I feel that 4AM has been waiting for this. Judging from their reactions earlier... They didn't seem surprised at all!\"

    \"They're not surprised because everything was within their expectations! They opened fire the instant they jumped down from the bridge.\"

    \"GG! 4AM's playstyle is getting more and more cunning! I wouldn't dare be on their bad side!\"

    On the commentary platform, the three casters looked at each other in the eye and were at a loss for words.

    \"I think Anarchy has made a mistake by deciding to jump down from the bridge but it's understandable why they did it... They didn't have any cover while they were halfway through their charge. The two would be exposed to IG's bombardment the instant the smokescreen dispersed. Hence, they had no choice but to make a swift decision.\"

    \"Sy is right and I agree with what he said. The problem is that 4AM is too crafty! Vic took out two of Anarchy's main players without any effort. Furthermore, just look at how fast their reaction speed was the instant their enemies jumped off the bridge. It was as if their pants were already down... Ahem, basically there is only one word that could describe this - instantaneous!\"

    \"Indeed, 4AM must be over the moon right now. They did not have to risk anything to collect 60 points for their total score.\"

    \"You're right. A lot of us felt that 4AM has issues in terms of communication due to their Duos performance yesterday. However, 4AM seems to have improved dramatically based on this four-man squad match thus far.\"

    \"Now that all of this has happened, IFTY and IG are the only squads left on the bridge. Will they continue to fight it out?\"


    \"Big Brother, should we continue with our pursuit?\"

    SOSO who was hiding behind cover located at Downtown's bridgehead felt extremely frustrated as Anarchy had been eliminated out of nowhere.

    Their \"comrades\"...

    They did not show any mercy at all!

    A+ looked at the blue circle that had arrived at Uptown as he listened to SOSO.

    He pondered for a moment before voicing out, \"Who else still has Smoke Grenades?\"

    \"I have one left,\" TKZhun replied.

    \"I've one as well.\" VK nodded as he rubbed his hands. \"What do you say Big Brother? Should we continue to smoke up the area and attack them?\"

    \"Attack them my *ss! What's the point for us to fight a 4 vs 4 right now?\" A+ rolled his eyes as he said rudely, \"Let's smoke up and retreat.\"

    \"Huh? We're going to retreat just like this?\" SOSO was surprised.

    Although he was leaning toward the decision as he was one of the calm ones, he did not expect the impatient A+ to make such a call.

    \"Do you want the enemy to have an advantage over us by staying here?\" A+ questioned back before he muttered softly.

    \"Let's go quickly. Who knows what that squad below us is going to do next.\"

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