533 The Trouble Of Having Three Ladies At Home!

    "The fans just aren't united enough!"

    "It's not that our army wasn't united, rather it's Vic being too detestable!"

    "How could he trap all of his fans in the Shelter? Only a brutal streamer like Vic would dare to do that."

    "The most unforgivable part was that he actually bullied Xiaotong-chan! He's a total psychopath!"

    "Douyu's Vic is utterly heartless. I'll follow Xiaotong through life and death!"

    "Eh? But earlier when Xiaotong-chan sang Learning To Meow, I somehow sensed an inexplicable feeling in her tone!"


    In the game, Liu Zilang was already standing in the final safe zone.

    On the other hand, an empty-handed Zhang Xiaotong was staring at him with a pitiful look.

    When Liu Zilang saw Zhang Xiaotong, he could not help but feel a little bad.

    Therefore, he turned to look elsewhere... and instantly felt better!


    Zhang Xiaotong whispered under her breath.

    Observing the blue circle that was slowly getting smaller, an "evil" look suddenly appeared in her eyes!


    Once Liu Zilang heard the familiar sound, his heart sank!

    'Surely not?'

    As he froze on the spot, he turned to look behind him and saw Zhang Xiaotong slowly approaching him with a frag grenade, looking like a little devil more than anything.

    It was worth noting that the two of them were extremely close right now.

    Unless Zhang Xiaotong intentionally threw the frag grenade far away, even if he were to shoot her, he would still get blown up, safe zone and all.

    Liu Zilang hastily shouted, "What are you trying to do! Calm down! If you get any closer, I'll scream!"

    "Hmph! I'll blow you up! Move aside!"

    With a straight face, Zhang Xiaotong made a demand full of ferocity.

    In that crucial moment, Liu Zilang quickly weighed the pros and cons and decided that he could not let his fans win no matter what.

    Regardless of what she said, Zhang Xiaotong was still his teammate, so it did not really matter who won the chicken dinner in the end.

    However, if he were to let that last fan win, it would be a total loss for him in this fanbase skirmish match.

    "Ok! Deal, this spot is yours!" Liu Zilang quickly moved away from the safe zone spot.

    "Hmph! At least you're smart." As if she were staging a public protest, Zhang Xiaotong waved her frag grenade in the air.

    With her chin held high, she walked toward the spot proudly.

    Liu Zilang looked at the blue circle gradually getting closer to him and felt uneasy. As he shut his eyes painfully, he could only recite, "If someone's going to hell, let it be me."

    However, a moment later, Liu Zilang suddenly opened his eyes again.

    "Xiaotong, where's your grenade?"

    "Ah? Ahhh!"

    "Quick, throw it away! Throw it away!"

    Zhang Xiaotong hastily threw the frag grenade out!

    At that moment, the two of them focused all their attention on the frag grenade!

    Then... that was the end!

    As soon as Zhang Xiaotong tossed the frag grenade out, it burst into flames in the air!


    Accompanied by a deafening explosion, their world instantly went dead silent!

    "Team Ranking: 2!"

    "Kill count: 41!"

    "Better luck next time!"

    When Liu Zilang saw his final statistics on the screen, he was completely stunned.

    Normally, if a streamer were to have over twenty kills but still lost, his or her spectators would be wailing in the live streaming channel.

    For this match, Liu Zilang had a whopping 41 kill count!

    Despite that, he still lost.

    One could imagine him having an internal breakdown right now.

    A brief moment later, Liu Zilang looked at his live streaming channel.

    Initially, he thought that his spectators would feel sorry for him. As it turned out, his live streaming channel was currently filled with cheering, and his fans were overjoyed!

    "Xiaotong-chan, well done! Hahaha, let's see if Vic still dares to show off next time!"

    "A 41 kills loss! I almost burst out laughing!"

    "Where's the fan who won the chicken dinner? Isn't he going to get a fan badge from Xiaotong-chan's live streaming channel to thank her?"

    "Yes, yes! A fan badge is not too much at all, I would've sent her rockets right away!"

    "Oh, it's Emperor Yu! Speaking of which, in both tries, your 4 Emperors Squad still lost terribly to Vic's tricks."

    "Non...nonsense! We were showing off to each other, okay?"


    In the voice chat, Zhang Xiaotong was almost in tears as she apologized, "Sorry...I..."

    "No need to explain! I'm very strong!"

    Liu Zilang cut her off and said with tears in his eyes, "You're my sister, whatever happens, I'll just have to smile and live with it."

    "..." Zhang Xiaotong was speechless.


    Of course, there would only be one fanbase skirmish match.

    Liu Zilang never wanted to experience another high-intensity chase by his fans ever again.

    Afterward, when Misaka Mikoto was back from running errands, he added her and Wang Qianqian in too.

    The four of them played a few random matchmaking games before he called it a day for his live stream.

    Once Liu Zilang was done, he was ready to wash up and sleep.

    Tomorrow would be Monday, and he had already skipped quite a number of classes so far. Since his father, Liu Yigang, was keeping an eye on him, he could not continue skipping classes as he pleased.

    Unfortunately he did not have a female teacher; otherwise, he could probably have found a way out.

    As he left his room, he saw Misaka Mikoto walking out with a new set of clothes.

    The moment Misaka Mikoto saw Liu Zilang, she immediately gave him a thumbs up.

    "Shifu... you were really awesome just now!"

    "Softer, softer." Liu Zilang signaled her to lower her voice. "Are you going to shower too?"

    "Mm-hmm." Misaka Mikoto nodded but quickly realized that he intended to do the same. "Shifu, are you going to shower too? You can go first!"

    "You go first, you go first."

    Even as Liu Zilang said so, he kept walking forward.

    "No, no! Shifu, you go first!" Misaka Mikoto waved her hand and stepped back.

    Right then, Wang Qianqian opened her door.

    As she walked towards the refrigerator, she blurted, "Why don't you two shower together?"

    Her words left the two of them stunned!

    Liu Zilang shook his head to get rid of the images that suddenly appeared in his head.

    On the other hand, Misaka Mikoto's face flushed red after hearing Wang Qianqian's words. Embarrassed, she hurried into the bathroom and shut the door tightly behind her.

    Liu Zilang was startled, and thought to himself, 'Why'd you shut the door so tight?'

    'Did you think that I'd actually...?

    'What a joke!

    'Am I that kind of person?'

    When he turned around, he saw that Wang Qianqian was drinking a glass of milk and somehow couldn't help noticing some of it dripping down the corner of her mouth.


    Instantly, Liu Zilang looked away and went to sit on the couch.

    Now, he finally understood why his father gave him a meaningful smile when he left.

    'Damn it!

    'I bought that Mengniu milk this morning, how could she just drink it without asking me!

    'What happened to the order in this house!

    'And Misaka Mikoto, my foolish apprentice...

    'I was just trying to be polite; didn't you notice that I'm extremely worn out?

    'Speaking of which, even if you wanted to scurry away, scurry back to your room! Why'd you enter the bathroom?

    'You had it all planned it out, didn't you?'

    With those thoughts, Liu Zilang, sitting on the couch, looked like he hated his life...

    All of a sudden, he shifted his gaze to the balcony.

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