552 Bullet Time

    Needless to say, Liu Zilang's deadly "back thrust" did not just shock the spectators, but also took the SKK players aback!

    This was because the only ones who would employ such a flashy playstyle were players who were a different level from their opponents.

    It was usually used by stronger players toying on weaker opponents.

    'This guy...has his head grown so big that he thinks he's above us now?'

    As Satan thought this, he sneered and shook his head.

    'What a forgetful fella.

    'Fine, I'll give you an even more unforgettable memory.'


    Currently, Liu Zilang had not much health remaining.

    Since his opponent shot him with an M24, even a shoulder hit was enough to take almost half his health.

    Of course, the situation was worsening as the smoke slowly dissipated; he was going to lose his only cover.

    If he was fully exposed to his opponents, no amount of skill would be able to save him.

    GodV, still on all fours, realized this as well. He quickly shouted, "The three of us can't be saved, don't think about reviving us--just leave."

    Liu Zilang understood this.

    Under normal circumstances, he would perhaps stay and try his luck, even if it resulted in him dying together with his teammates.

    However, this was a tournament; this round's performance would directly affect their overall result.

    In this crucial moment with the smoke fading away, Liu Zilang, having heard GodV's instructions, boosted himself with a full energy bar and dashed toward GodV without hesitation.


    'Trying to escape?'

    When Satan from SKK noticed Liu Zilang running away, he was momentarily shocked, then gave him a look of scorn.

    At that moment, Liu Zilang had virtually no cover and was running like a terrified white rabbit on the field.

    Under the circumstances, if he were to successfully escape, the SKK players would be ashamed of themselves...

    Satan was even leisurely taking his time as he watched Liu Zilang running away. A moment later, he casually held up his M24.

    Thanks to his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet, though his health declined drastically earlier, he had not been knocked out.

    Seeing Liu Zilang fleeing, Satan decided not to heal himself.

    The way he saw it, since neither of them was taken out in the skirmish earlier, the winner and the loser had not yet been determined.

    From a distance away, the crosshair of his scope always maintained slightly ahead of Liu Zilang; regardless of how Liu Zilang ran in a zig-zag pattern, he always aimed ahead of him.

    Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

    As Satan squinted, a shot was blasted out!

    'Another prediction shot?'

    When the gunshot was heard, the caster quickly shifted the camera to Liu Zilang.

    Despite that, the spectators were completely stunned by the scene that followed.

    Liu Zilang, who had been moving zig-zag, stopped abruptly.

    Consequently, Satan's shot only brushed past the front of Liu Zilang's forehead.


    Satan was absolutely dumbfounded!

    'What the f*ck is this...the Matrix?'

    Right away, Liu Zilang, holding an M16 now, quickly turned around and transformed into Lucian (TN: A hero from League of Legends) as he fired multiple shots!

    "Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh-!"

    As a hail of bullets rained on him, Satan was only lightly grazed by the shots.

    However, as he did not heal himself at all earlier, he instantly collapsed to the ground...


    Fortunately, Karl had been always beside him.

    Being a rifler and the captain of the squad, Karl's expertise was similar to Li Muqiu; he could fight in small areas and was able to adapt to sudden changes in the situation.

    Of course, the most important thing for the captain was the ability to think for the bigger picture.

    Seeing Satan missing his shot, Karl could not help but shake his head. He pointed his AK at Liu Zilang, and murmured to himself, 'Game over.'

    Honestly, from this distance, the accuracy of a 4x-scoped AK was only average.

    Nonetheless, his opponent had no cover and did not manage to heal himself.

    Thus, Karl was confident with his shots.

    "Tu, tu, tu-!"

    Muzzle flashes came out of his AK as bullets swarmed at Liu Zilang.

    In spite of that, the spectators were soon shocked to see that...Liu Zilang did not match the first criterion!

    On the big screen.

    The instant Karl's bullets attacked Liu Zilang, he suddenly laid prone, then crouched again as he hid behind the knocked out GodV...

    "Pff, pff, pff-!"

    The bullets sank into GodV instead, and blood splashed out of his body!

    'A human...shield?'

    At this instant, the spectators were left mouth-opened!

    'What the f*ck!

    'Is he a brute?

    'How could he do that to his teammate...'

    Later, Liu Zilang retrieved his 98K.

    As he crouched behind GodV, he raised his gun!

    It looked like he was using GodV's body as a gun mount, and that his 98K was Italian artillery!

    In a flash, a shot was blasted out!


    Unfortunately, the accuracy of Liu Zilang's shot was compromised as he was trying to shoot as fast as he could.

    Although Karl was unable to react in time and started bleeding, he was still on his feet.

    This was because Liu Zilang struck his neck.

    Even if a sniper gun like a 98K hit an important body part, the damage caused was still not fatal.

    Anyhow, Karl's health declined right away, which prevented him from continuing the fight.

    Before Liu Zilang could even take a breather, GodV suddenly shouted at him, "Be careful! Dodge!"

    Apparently, Vivian saw an opportunity and, determined to kill Liu Zilang, sneaked another attack on him.


    Liu Zilang's half-covered butt suffered a hit, causing him to bleed!


    Seeing his hard-earned health drop again, Liu Zilang was furious!

    As Liu Zilang was about to dodge the next shot, GodV yelled, "Don't move! Let her hit me!"

    Despite his low health, GodV shifted himself to block Vivian's path and protected Liu Zilang as much as he could!

    Soon after, his body tilted to one side, finally dead.

    Watching this "touching" scene, the western spectators fell silent!

    'Is this...the so-called brotherly love of eastern squads?'

    'But why does it feel so weird?'

    Before the spectators could ponder any further, Liu Zilang suddenly stood up and strode toward "Billy King", who was knocked out beside the buggy!

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