620 He, Is An Assassin!

    'Tried... making a guess?

    'Wait a minute, last night you... Ah, I mean, just now on the tower you said something totally different!'

    At this time, Aluka and Cpt were panicking. After using first aid kits on themselves, they raised their heads to look at Liu Zilang who was above them. They had the notion of abandoning him there while they scooted over to the safe zone.

    'That... bastard!'

    At the same time, on Hua Xia's commentary platform.

    "Oh my god! They jumped just like that?" Lord Rong cried in surprise and spoke passionately, "That was a brave decision made by 4AM! That displayed their ability to think outside the box as well as their incredible combat and tactical skills!"

    Ruo Feng nodded and added on, "Indeed. Looking at their current situation, 4AM's decision was a Gordian knot approach to their problem. It might've been the difference between life and death!"

    "So how do you think they will handle that team at Water Town? Should they still pursue them?"

    Su Changming looked at the tournament screen and furrowed his brows. "I think that's too much of a waste of time. If they are to run while the blue circle closes in, I'm afraid that they would've taken too much damage by the time they entered the safe zone. Then, it would be great if they didn't meet anyone inside. However, if they did, their combat strength would be greatly reduced because of their health levels."

    In the game, after Liu Zilang had confirmed that Aluka and Cpt had fully healed themselves, he performed a similar "leap of faith" from the top of the tower.


    He saw his health bar fall like a rollercoaster car before he let out a sigh of relief.

    'That was pretty exciting!'

    With Aluka and Cpt covering him, there were no major developments in the battle. There were only several bullets that came from the people at Water Town.

    Aluka peeked out of the smoke in the direction of Water Town. He asked suspiciously, "Do you think those people ran away toward the south of Water Town?"

    After healing himself, Liu Zilang glanced at the countdown timer and said, "Doesn't matter if they're still there. We've got to go."

    There was only a minute left before the blue circle started shrinking, and they were at the farthest corner from the safe zone.

    The blue circle was currently about a thousand meters in diameter. Subtracting the diameter of the current safe zone which was about five hundred meters, it meant that they needed to run at least five hundred meters before they reached safety.

    Of course, that was the theoretical straight-line distance.

    Factoring in the terrain, they had to run for more than five hundred meters. This was due to the geography of the area and the need to avoid being detected by opposing teams.

    Upon realizing this fact, the three players did not hesitate any longer. After maximizing their boost bars, they ran with all their might along the edge of the blue circle and into the safe zone.

    The reason they did this was so that they only needed to be cautious of enemy fire coming from one direction. They could move into the safe zone without the fear of being ambushed from all sides.

    While these players moved out of Water Town, the fight between teams Knights and Gates near Ruins was drawing to a conclusion.

    The two Western teams did not want to spare any survivors. Their first exchange of blows was through frag grenades, after which the teams spread out their formation and exchanged fire.

    Team Knights was at a slight advantage. Two of their players were fighting while one was reviving a teammate who had been knocked out.

    On the other hand, Gates only had two players left. Their two teammates who had been knocked out earlier had been killed.

    At this point, both teams had almost given up on fighting.

    If they continued with their altercation, they would all die to the blue circle!

    However, there was someone who disagreed with them leaving.


    Without warning, a heavy, thunderous gunshot rang out!

    Upon hearing the gunshot, the two teams in Ruins had a sudden realization!

    This gun... was the AWM!

    At the same time, the level three helmet of the Knight's player who was reviving his teammate exploded into a cloud of blood!

    "IG-Wolves knocked out Knights-Krama by headshot with AWM!"

    The caster's camera immediately shifted to Shen Zeyan!

    At this time, after Shen Zeyan had fired his shot, he stowed away his weapon. He then rose from his position and ran toward the safe zone from Widow Village.

    He just wanted to sneak in a shot?

    The live Western audience was confused when they saw this scene.

    However, in the ensuing moments, they realized that they had guessed wrong.

    This was because, from the first-person perspective, Shen Zeyan was unable to lock his field of view from his back while he was moving.

    Hence, even though he looked like he was running forward, his pose was that of a crab with his body turned to one side.

    It looked like he had been possessed. However, it was a common technique used in first-person shooters. This technique allowed the player to lock onto the largest possible field of view.

    The next moment, when the two players of Gates wanted to run out of Ruins and then deliver a retaliatory attack while Knights' strength was weakened...

    They had just left their cover when the 'running rampant' Shen Zeyan suddenly stopped moving!

    Weapon ready! Scoped in! Aim!


    The familiar thunderclap was heard again!

    One of the players of Gates had only poked his head out of cover when the helmet on his head shattered!

    His teammate jumped in surprise!

    He immediately retreated to the safety of cover. The other player, who had been hit, also quickly crawled behind cover.

    However, at this time, Shen Zeyan swiftly swapped to an M416 with a 4x scope and tap-fired at that player with great speed.

    "IG-Wolves killed Gates-Mossy with M416!"

    Shen Zeyan, who had just killed a man, was still as stoic as ever. He swapped back to his AWM and then continued moving away while reloading his gun.

    After the next Magnum bullet had been loaded into the gun's chamber, he calmly raised the sniper in his hands. He turned around to assume his earlier position before continuing to run toward the safe zone.

    Throughout the next few moments, whenever someone came out of Ruins which was behind him, Shen Zeyan would immediately stop in his tracks and then fire a shot!

    Those who were hit in the head, Shen Zeyan would swap to his rifle and finish them off.

    Those who were hit in the body, they naturally fell back to recover from the massive damage.

    Upon watching this perilous and exciting scene, many people in the live audience sucked in mouthfuls of cold air!

    It was obvious that Shen Zeyan's objective was to ensure that no survivors left the Ruins!

    At this time, the caster cut to the player cam of Shen Zeyan's face. It was as if he was eager to see the player's expression when the latter was playing in such a merciless way.

    However, when the live audience and stream viewers saw Shen Zeyan's face, all of them went silent...

    He, is an assassin!

    He, does not have emotions!

    He, does not have expressions...[1]

    Upon seeing this scene, the viewers in the live-stream channels were dumbstruck for a second. However, after that, they laughed out loud!

    "Bahaha! I can't take it anymore! I'm dying here!"

    "Those Westerners think that they can get Master Ze's sticker pack? That's too naive of them!"

    "LOLOL It's not that you can't make a sticker pack out of Shen Zeyan, it's just that there's only a limited edition one!"

    "But I gotta say that his AWM is too vicious! He hasn't missed a shot so far!"

    "By the way... Master Ze should make it into the safe zone in time, right?"


    [1] The captions come from a popular sticker pack on WeChat. The captions continue with "He, does not have money, girlfriends, etc.
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