649 You Must be the Cobranders!

    Title Translator's Note: The robots listed in this chapter, Cobrander and Captain Tomborg, are from the 90's Japanese 'action team' series, B-Robo Kabutack.

    Los Leones was the biggest town in Miramar.

    One unique characteristic of the town was that it was littered with unfinished buildings.

    These unfinished buildings came in all heights and sizes. The one that Liu Zilang had ridden on was not the tallest. However, when standing on its top floor, it offered a view of half the town.

    Many teams in the town recognized the team on the motorcycle. Hence, they put away their weapons in case they attracted Liu Zilang's attention.

    In such a situation, there was nothing much Liu Zilang could do.

    Fortunately for him, not all the teams in Los Leones were self-conscious. Even though he had roared into town earlier, he was not that arrogant as to parade around Los Leones.

    That was why out of all the teams in Los Leones, only those near the residential area at the western entrance of town knew about the presence of 'that guy' on the motorcycle. The teams in the other areas might have heard the sound of a motorcycle, but they did not know who it was.

    One such team was the duo comprising of Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang.

    The top two riflers in the world had conspired and joined the tournament as a team.

    Not only were their close-combat abilities off the charts, but Li Muqiu's '17 shots in 2 seconds' SKS could also provide support at mid-range.

    In the charity exhibition tournament, 'Double Dragon' teams like them were rare. Most of the teams consisted of one professional player and one casual streamer. Hence, it resulted in one of them having to carry the other.

    With such an arrangement, coordination between teammates was few and far between. Moreover, it was a frequent occurrence that when one player got knocked out, the other would suffer the same fate while trying to revive their fallen teammate.

    For a strong team like Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang, urban warfare was in their blood. Not to mention, being in a densely-populated area like Los Leones with plenty of buildings, they were in their natural habitat.

    On Hua Xia's commentary platform, Su Changming and the others were exasperated when they saw them fighting.

    "Tsk tsk! Guru Qiu and Sloth are such bullies!"

    "They've taken urban skirmishes to a whole new level and made it a form of art. It looks like they're more than experienced when it comes to landing in Los Leones."

    "I don't think it has anything to do with art? They're more like local bullies... the Cobranders terrorizing Los Leones!"

    "Haha, previously when Guru Qiu ambushed his opponent from the corner, even I got a shock. I think the female Korean streamer must have been scared to tears."

    "Looks like the veteran players have transformed into villains of the week, and they're testing how much pressure their opponents' hearts can take. Their victims don't even know how they died."

    "Yup. However, the two of them played a little too recklessly earlier. Hence, they don't have much health left now. I wonder if there's anyone who can serve justice to those two Cobranders..."


    In the game, Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang were hiding behind a disused car near the entrance of an alley.

    "F*ck! I told you not to draw too much aggro! Nearly died, I did."

    "That's because you're a newbie chicken!"

    "You... newbie chicken says what?"

    "Haha, childish!"

    Gao Yunyang rolled his eyes, acting as if he was lazy to fall for Li Muqiu's little tricks.

    Li Muqiu felt that his feelings had been hurt...

    Fortunately for them, after several intense bouts of fighting, not many teams were left on the eastern side of Los Leones. As such, there was a circle of inactivity that had a hundred-meter radius around them.

    It was not hard to imagine the intensity of the battle that they had fought in just a while ago. That was also why they let themselves lower their guard as they healed themselves behind a disused car in an alley.

    They felt that they owned the streets and no one could stop them...

    Their egos inflated with such a thought in their minds.

    And inflation... usually led to one's downfall.

    Standing at the top of the unfinished building, Liu Zilang heard gunfire coming from below him. He also saw kill notifications with Li Muqiu and Gao Yunyang's names appear on his screen. It seemed like they were having the time of their lives.

    He immediately brought Misaka Mikoto along as he ran through the hallways of the unfinished building. Afterward, he finally settled on a spot where he could see the two people crouched behind the car.

    From their angle, they could see the head of the person near the front of the car. However, they could not clearly see the person at the back of the car.

    Liu Zilang had an idea when he saw them.

    "Hold on, don't shoot first."

    "Hm hm."

    After he had given instructions to Misaka Mikoto, a smile began to creep up his lips.

    The Cobranders!

    Let me, Captain Tomborg, show you the meaning of absolute justice!

    Liu Zilang armed himself with his noise-suppressed SKS that had a long black muzzle. It had been slung on his back previously. He stealthily aimed at the person who was crouched at the front of the car. That person's head was tilted, and he was administering a syringe on himself.


    Liu Zilang's finger pulled the trigger.

    A soft muffled sound filled the air!

    With the gun being equipped with a silencer, the sound of the gunshot only traveled for about a hundred meters before it dissipated into the air.

    At the same time, the pitch-black muzzle of the gun lit up with fire, and a sniper bullet began to spin rapidly!

    From afar, the scene was similar to that of a sunset, full of tranquil beauty.

    The next moment, blood spurted from the head of the person that was crouched near the front of the car.

    Immediately, the person's level two helmet that had already taken a lot of damage from their earlier battle was shattered!

    That person's health had not yet been restored by a first aid kit. Hence, it went down to zero!


    That person was brought to his knees on the ground. The front of the car was stained red with blood that had splattered.

    "4AM-Vic knocked out Se7en-Lech by headshot with SKS!"

    Li Muqiu, who had been knocked out, looked at his surroundings confusedly. He had not even heard the gunshot when he took a shot to his head from out of nowhere.

    He then saw the culprit's ID...

    "F*ck! It's that kid again!"

    It has to be said that they had been passionately held back by Liu Zilang on their way out of Pecado. Back then. the wheels of their minibus had been taken out by him...

    Now that they were in Los Leones, that kid was still following them like a vengeful ghost.

    The tired expression on Gao Yunyang's face was swept away. He looked around him and immediately knew what was going on.

    That kid was using a noise-suppressed weapon!

    Li Muqiu, who had been knocked out earlier, had crawled to Gao Yunyang's end of the car. There was no follow-up shot to kill him.

    This proved that his location was safe.

    Li Muqiu breathed a sigh of relief that he had survived the ordeal. He waited for Gao Yunyang to revive him.

    Gao Yunyang did not immediately do so. Instead, he opened his backpack and saw three items: A molotov cocktail, a stun grenade, and a frag grenade.

    He turned to ask Li Muqiu, to which the latter replied negatively.

    Gao Yunyang felt a little salty...

    It would have been great if they had a smoke grenade!

    However, it was impossible for them to look for one at such a time!

    He pondered about the situation for a little longer as he watched Li Muqiu's health gradually decrease.

    He decided to take a gamble. What was the worst that could happen? Death, perhaps. However, it was nothing more than an entertaining, casual exhibition match.


    'He can't hit me when I'm in this position, right?"

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