663 Flying Chicken!

    "Vic isn't running yet?"

    On the commentary platform, Lord Rong asked with some astonishment as he saw Liu Zilang still standing on the second-floor balcony, watching the battle in the distance unfold.

    Next to him, Su Changming and Ruo Feng looked at each other, both not knowing what to say of it.

    Even the live audience and stream viewers were full of question marks as they looked at the scene on the tournament screen.

    "Wow! There are only twenty seconds left on the countdown timer. Is Vic thinking of not outrunning the blue circle?"

    "Why does it feel like this b*stard wants to start an incident again?"

    "Does he have connection problems? It can't be, right?"

    "Even if he's already healed himself earlier, he'll still die if he doesn't run soon!"

    "Don't tell me Vic wants to eat chicken butt?"


    The live audience and stream viewers could not accept that Liu Zilang's demeanor had become the total opposite of the brave warrior that had stormed a building with just a shotgun a short while ago.

    On the commentary platform, Su Changming's gaze was fixed on the tournament screen. As far as he knew, Liu Zilang, the player, was not one to be content with winning just a chicken butt, so there had to be a reason why he was still staying outside of the safe zone.

    'Unless... he is waiting for an opportunity?'


    To a certain extent, Su Changming had hit the nail on the head.

    In the match, the two players from team Knights had drawn the fire of their opponents in the safe zone. Thus, the other players had taken the chance to make their move.

    However, an opportunity like this might not be an actual opportunity at all.

    When the two players from team Gold and the lone wolf Ninja seized the opportunity, the team comprising of Shroud and Chocotaco pointed their guns at them and sprayed at whoever dared to move!

    As for Karl and his teammate Azure, who had taken out team Knights together with team Navi, they soon turned on each other too.


    Tut tut tut~!

    Muzzles flashed, and gunfire was heard everywhere!

    The number of survivors in the safe zone reduced by a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

    When the countdown timer struck zero, the blue radioactive web that encircled the play area started moving toward its center, engulfing the last 'oasis' on this desert map.

    At this moment, only four players remained in the safe zone. They were Shroud and Chocotaco, and Karl and Ninja.

    Including Liu Zilang, who was the final player outside of the safe zone, there were only five players left on the battlefield.

    However, this was only the beginning.

    This safe zone had no terrain to provide cover, so the four players within it did not maintain the peace for too long and quickly started to fight each other.

    In the blink of an eye, another player fell.

    On the commentary platform.

    "It's Ninja! The lone wolf Ninja was dealt with by Shroud and Chocotaco's combined offense!"

    "So the situation in the final circle is now a 2v1, with Shroud and Chocotaco working together. However, there are still four people on the battlefield! Who's the other... Oh! It's Vic!"

    "Oh my god! Hasn't Vic entered the safe zone yet?"

    The caster's camera had been focused on the intense battle earlier, and everyone had ignored Liu Zilang until the commentary did a headcount of the survivors at this crucial moment.

    The caster's camera then instantly cut to Liu Zilang.

    A man with an ink-green sniper rifle slung across his back was desperately running away from the shrinking blue circle. Almost half of his body was immersed in the radioactive blue web.

    In the next moment, he abruptly stopped!

    Then, he stretched out his right arm. The ink-green sniper was already in his hands!

    Scope in!

    Take aim!


    In a flash, a sniper bullet was launched from its chamber!


    The sound of a bullet piercing a helmet was heard. A system notification appeared on the top right corner of the screen.

    "4AM-Vic knocked out Chocotaco by headshot with AWM!"

    Liu Zilang's sudden appearance had stunned the three people in the final safe zone.

    Even if Liu Zilang was wielding a noise-suppressed AWM, the distances between the players was not far, and the players in the safe zone could roughly discern Liu Zilang's position.

    They were shocked! Was someone not in the safe zone yet?

    The first player to discover Liu Zilang's position was not Shroud, Chocotaco's teammate.

    It was Karl, on the other side!

    A split second later, he lifted the AK in his hands!


    The muzzle of the AK spat out tongues of fire, and bullets rushed through the air like rain.

    Liu Zilang was currently pulling the bolt action on his AWM, loading the final Magnum bullet into the gun's chamber.

    He did not have the power to fight back at that moment.

    Fortunately, there was a reverse slope outside of the safe zone.

    Without giving any regard to the blue circle, Liu Zilang immediately ducked behind it and lay prone.

    Karl raised an eyebrow as he saw this. He immediately lowered his line of fire as countless bullets tore into the slope in front of Liu Zilang, causing sand and debris to fly everywhere!

    Fortunately, the slope was nearby, and his reflexes were fast enough to dodge this fatal wave of bullets from Karl!

    However, his position was not in the safe zone, which meant that this hiding spot was only temporary.

    At the same time, Shroud, who was on the other side of the safe zone, had also discovered Liu Zilang's position.

    He did not choose to revive Chocotaco who had suffered a headshot from Liu Zilang. Even though an extra teammate meant a stronger team, to revive one's teammate at this time was nonetheless a sure way to perish.

    Shroud immediately went into high-alert. Liu Zilang was closer to him than Karl was, and he needed to eliminate this threat first!

    In a standoff like this, their best means of offense were frag grenades and other throwables.

    On the tournament screen, Liu Zilang had swapped into a frag grenade. One second later, Karl did the same!

    Pull the pin!

    Cook it for a while!

    The two players threw their grenades at each other!

    Right after the grenade left Liu Zilang's hand, he swapped into his AWM, even though there was a grenade heading his way and he was starting to take circle damage!

    It was obvious that he had given up on running!

    Truth be told, with Shroud and Karl aiming their guns at him, running from the blue circle was an impossibility.

    Under God's perspective of the caster's camera, Liu Zilang's AWM seemed to be pointing at Karl.

    Shroud saw that Liu Zilang did not heal himself, and instead scoped in with his sniper while taking circle damage. Then, he took the opportunity and stood up from the other side of the safe zone!

    However, at the moment that Shroud scoped in, Liu Zilang turned the 8x scope crosshair that was previously aiming at Karl onto him. It was as if he had a premonition!

    With the flick of a finger, the crosshair was locked on to Shroud's head.



    The rifle had only started firing when it abruptly stopped, interrupted by the thunderous sound of a sniper!

    The grenades exploded one after another. Liu Zilang was thrown into the air from the impact of the grenade that exploded behind him!

    However, while his body was flying, the screen abruptly froze.

    A row of yellow characters appeared on the screen!

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

    At that instant, the live audience and stream viewers looked thunderstruck. They could only stare agape at the tournament screen, unable to say a word.

    Was this chicken dinner so delicious that it could make you fly?

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