717 Often Imitated, Never Surpassed!

    Get up and fight?

    Liu Zilang would have had to have water in his brain if he was going to attempt to do so with only bare fists!

    Death was not scary in the game, but that did not mean he should actively look for it.

    Splash splash!

    Liu Zilang flailed his arms and legs, swimming with all his might in the river.

    He was trying to shake off his pursuer who was on the river bank.

    However, Maxiz0r had a heart of steel. Shotgun in hand, he had no intention of going anywhere else.

    Liu Zilang looked at the falling oxygen level in his lungs and felt soreness in his heart...

    It has to be mentioned that the river was only a narrow tributary.

    Even if he were to go up the other riverbank, he would still be in range of Maxiz0r's shotgun!

    If he was unlucky, he would die on the spot. In that sense, his options were limited.


    Another shot came from the riverbank!

    The muzzle of Maxiz0r's shotgun flashed. The lead shot created waves on the river surface.

    S1897 warning ⚠️!

    It has to be mentioned that in the current patch of the game, bullets could not penetrate water.

    Liu Zilang did not cower when he was fired at. Instead, he was overjoyed!

    While his opponent was reloading, he surfaced from the water and took a deep breath of fresh air...

    Maxiz0r was frustrated when he saw this. He immediately fired another shell after reloading!

    Liu Zilang grasped the perfect timing to dive into the water again. He could not afford to take in another breath of air.

    Naturally, Maxiz0r missed again.

    The fresh supply of oxygen made Liu Zilang's brain work again. He tried to recall the terrain around him when he had touched down. Suddenly, he had an idea. He swam his way toward the north.

    On the commentary platform.

    "Such is the unpredictability of life!" Lord Rong lamented and then continued speaking, "Vic is a little unlucky in this match. Getting stuck in a river right after landing..."

    "You did say earlier that he should have just left with the jeep." Su Changming smiled drily and shook his head. "He just had to go look for trouble. I think he's dead meat this time."

    Ruo Feng rubbed his big nose and said quizzically, "But he's swimming to the north. Is he looking for a chance to go ashore?"

    Everyone was puzzled when they heard Ruo Feng's question. It was not a good option for Liu Zilang at that time.

    The caster brought the camera into the sky, allowing everyone to survey the situation from God's perspective.

    On the screen, a person wielding a SCAR-L appeared near a patch of small wooden houses next to the river.

    Apparently, the person was heading toward the riverbank after having heard the sound of gunshots there. Liu Zilang was swimming exactly in that person's direction.

    A secret rendezvous?

    "No! Vic wants to use that person to kill his pursuer!"

    A cry of surprise from the commentary platform!

    "Yup. The person coming over is Mossy from team Gates. If I'm not mistaken, he has been foraging for equipment in the wooden houses next to the water tower west of Yasnaya Polyana."

    "Maxiz0r caused quite a big commotion earlier with his shotgun and has attracted Mossy's attention. I think Vic might succeed in his diversion!"

    Many viewers in the live audience and the live stream channel also began to understand what Vic was trying to do. They were impressed with his 'quick wit'.

    'That f*cker can stir up so much trouble!'

    They got closer and closer to each other.

    The oxygen level in Liu Zilang's lungs turned red once more. He was going to start losing health soon.

    Maxiz0r who was at the river bank had always kept his eyes on Liu Zilang. He licked his lips.

    His hand was firmly on the trigger this time! Once Liu Zilang stuck his head above the water, he would fire immediately.

    In his mind, he could already see the ensuing scene where Liu Zilang's head exploded like a watermelon.

    In reality, before Liu Zilang's head could explode like a watermelon, Maxiz0r spotted a silhouette in the corner of his eye. That silhouette was coming from behind him and was silently aiming at him...

    'Bad news!'

    He swiftly crouched as bullets fell on him like rain!

    Thud thud thud!

    Maxiz0r managed to dodge a fatal headshot but clouds of blood still appeared on his back!

    At the brink of death, Maxiz0r reacted immediately. He took great strides and leaped into the river, sinking to the bottom of it.

    Liu Zilang took the chance to resurface. He took in another breath of fresh air.

    Mossy had a clear picture of the situation at the river. Even though he did not have a magnification scope and could only aim with iron sights, he pulled his line of fire toward Liu Zilang.


    Liu Zilang had not expected his diversion to also cause him trouble. Relinquishing the sweet air he craved so much, he dove into the water again before the bullets arrived.

    In the water, Liu Zilang and Maxiz0r flailed their limbs as they looked at each other...

    The members of the live audience, as well as the live stream viewers, were thrilled when they saw the comedic scene.

    "Bahaha, those two people have become brothers in hardship!"

    "Vic: First time?"

    "Maxiz0r: Sob sob sob, why can't you just let me kill you without all this fuss?"

    The water was not a safe haven for too long. Mossy ran to the edge of the riverbank and pulled out a frag grenade as he cackled devilishly...

    It was not surprising that Mossy had found a grenade during his search. The two players had been engaged with each other for a very long time...


    The safety pin was pulled.

    Mossy looked toward his left and right, as though saying, "Who's my lucky little friend here?"

    After cooking the grenade in his hand for a little while longer, Mossy flung his arm toward his right.

    The audience's eyes bulged. The person on his right was Maxiz0r!



    The grenade hit the water. With an intense flash of light and an earth-shattering explosion, giant waves formed!

    In the blink of an eye, a crate floated up the river's surface...

    "Gates-Mossy killed Vega-Maxiz0r with frag grenade!"

    Mossy had chosen to kill Maxiz0r first this time, not because he favored Liu Zilang.

    It was because he had noticed the shotgun on Maxiz0r's back and decided that he posed a bigger threat compared to Liu Zilang.

    Maxiz0r had never expected his S1897 to make him the 'lucky little friend' who got chosen to be killed. Not to mention, his S1897 had not yet killed anyone...

    Liu Zilang had managed to avert disaster, but he was not off the hook yet.

    As an adult with a sound mind, Mossy realized that he did not have to choose between the two since he could have just killed them both!

    He followed Liu Zilang closely while holding on to his SCAR-L, it was as if he was walking his pet fish.

    The threat Liu Zilang was faced with was a far bigger one than before. The S1897 had to be reloaded after every bullet while the SCAR-L did not.

    As long as his opponent kept his sights on the surface of the water, he stood no chance.

    Mossy also started to feel satisfied.

    'Hey friend, I see that you're running out of air. Why not just surface and let me kill you? I'm in a hurry!'

    After that...

    Liu Zilang kept swimming...

    Mossy kept waiting...

    He started to realize that something was not quite right.

    'This is taking too long!

    'Is that fella secretly a fish?'

    Just as that thought came to his mind, Liu Zilang who was underwater 'separated his body and spirit'.

    His body sunk while his crate floated.

    "4AM-Vic drowned!'

    Rank #89. Better luck next time!

    He rathered die than surrender!

    The corner of Mossy's eye twitched. He was still holding on to his SCAR-L like an idiot.

    Viewers from all around the world became cross-eyed...


    In the international tournament, people had been shot to their deaths, fallen to their deaths, killed by pans and frag grenades...

    Someone was even punched to death. There was never one that had died by drowning...

    Once again, Liu Zilang added an entry to the death records of the international tournament...

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