718 Was I Not Reckless Enough?

    Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

    The words appeared on the big screen onstage. The final gunshot was still ringing in everyone's ears while the live audience erupted in loud cheers.

    The person who had won the chicken dinner in the match...

    It was somewhat unexpected, yet totally reasonable.

    That person was Karl from team SKK.

    It was unexpected because after Liu Zilang had died in the most unimaginable way during the early stages of the match, everyone thought that the strongest contender for the chicken dinner was the person who had lost to his punch in the previous match. Evidently, that was SKK's Satan.

    However, Karl won the chicken dinner instead.

    Karl was the captain of team SKK and it meant that his skills were not to be frowned upon. Therefore, it was reasonable that he won the chicken dinner in the second match.

    As the audience cheered, they felt a hint of melancholiness. It was as if something was lacking in the final circles of the match.

    They soon realized what it was.

    'That guy' who always caused mischief in the final circles of each match had drowned earlier in that match...


    After that was the usual post-match interview.

    Golden-Haired Big Wave asked Karl if he had any unresolved wishes in the match.

    Karl thought for a moment and then said that he felt a little sorry that he was unable to kill the winner of the last match since the latter had drowned...

    The Western audience members loved such ironic twists. They cheered as soon as Karl finished speaking.

    Misaka Mikoto puffed her cheeks and raised her petite fist. She looked at Liu Zilang with her eyes full of confidence as he walked backstage.


    'In the next match...

    'Shifu will beat you, you piece of sh*t!'


    The short break was over in twenty minutes.

    The marshals gathered the competitors backstage to prepare for the final solo tournament match of the day.

    It was also the final match of the entire tournament.

    On Hua Xia's commentary platform.

    Lord Rong glanced at the tournament screen. "Alright, the competitors are almost done with their preparations. We're about to start the third and final match of the day."

    "I think each and every Hua Xia team has delivered satisfactory results in this tournament," Ruo Feng said with delight on his face, "4AM were the champions of the squad tournament, while Vic and Menhera made waves across the international community yesterday..."

    "As for today, ahem..." Su Changming coughed. "Vic's performance in the first solo match today was stellar. However, he was a little too reckless in the second match. A classic example of why you should just stick to convention."

    "That's right. Now, let's take an overall look at today's tournament."

    "After the first two matches of the day, even though Vic managed to score a chicken dinner in the first match, his performance in the second match drew quite a big gap in terms of points. Hence, his total score only puts him in fifth place."

    "The person in first place isn't Karl, but rather Satan who hasn't managed to score a chicken dinner yet."

    "Yup. Satan has not won a chicken dinner today yet. However, he was in the top three in both matches thus far. With a high kill count, it's not unexpected for him to be in first place."

    "Karl isn't lagging too far behind either. He's currently in third place. The score difference for the top three rankings is quite small. He just needs to score a few more kills to catch up."

    "And there's Master Ze in fourth place. It looks like to whom the Solo King title will be given to is still a mystery. All top five contenders stand an equal chance."

    "Vic really needs to take this match seriously though. The top three competitors only differ by tens of points. After that, there's a gap of over a hundred points between third and fourth place. Closing this gap may prove to be quite a challenge."

    "Lord Rong is right. Maybe some viewers might think that a hundred points isn't that huge of a gap. I have to remind you that everyone is doing their best to score points in the tournament. The score gap may widen."

    "That means if Vic wants the champion title, not only will he need to play his best, he will also have to hinder his opponents from scoring. Otherwise, his chicken dinner might end up being in vain."

    "Well, that's the case theoretically. Unless, he can disregard his opponents and score a groundbreaking amount of points to make up for his swift drowning death in the second match..."

    "Heheh, a groundbreaking record score? I think that's not very practical."

    "Rather than hoping for Vic to break records to improve his score, why not pray that his opponents die in the early stages of the match?"


    As the three commentators on the platform continued with their analysis, the competitors finished preparing for the upcoming match.

    An airplane rumbled into view from the horizon. The final solo match of the PUBG California International Invitationals had begun.

    The map the players played on was again Erangel.

    The flight route started from Zharki which was in the northwest corner of the map. It passed through both halves of Georgopol, Ruins, Water Town, grazed past Pochinki, and then finally ended at Sosnovka Military Base. It was a flight route that covered a lot of resource points on the map.

    In the airplane fuselage.

    Liu Zilang glanced at the map. He focused his gaze on a point somewhere in the southern area of the map.

    That place was Sosnovka Island.

    More precisely, it was Sosnovka Military Base on the island. A tier one resource point on the map.

    However, because of that, it was also an intense battlefield.

    After the second match of the day had ended and Liu Zilang had returned to the resting room, Long Shenjue asked him to reflect upon what he did wrong in the match.

    Liu Zilang sat there for twenty minutes before he finally found out the reason why he had such a hard time in the past two matches.

    It was because he had not been reckless enough!

    In the first match, he had jumped at a relatively safe place like Rozhok. He had no fighting spirit from the start. Even the chicken dinner he won in the end lacked in flavor.

    As for the second match... there was nothing to be said about it.

    As the 'Face Value Chicken King', he had somehow been reduced to fighting over a vehicle with someone in the wilderness of Yasnaya Polyana. He then ended up drowning...

    Other than not being reckless enough and not giving in to his primal nature, there was no other reason he could think of as to why he was having such a hard time.

    After reaching such a conclusion, Liu Zilang was determined to land at Sosnovka Military Base in that match!

    If Long Shenjue found out that he had come up with such an idea after nearly half an hour's worth of 'reflection', he might have popped a vein!

    In the match, as the airplane flew southward, the number of people in the fuselage continued to decrease.

    In the blink of an eye, the transport airplane arrived at Sosnovka Military Base, its last stop before it flew off into the horizon.


    The wind blew against Liu Zilang's face as he jumped off the airplane along with seven or eight other players.

    His target this time was none other than Duga Radar Tower that was on the edge of the Military Base!

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