719 Vic Ruined My Life!

    The three commentators were dumbfounded when they saw silhouettes appear in the sky above Sosnovka Military Base. Their mouths opened slightly...

    "Does Vic really want to touch down at Sosnovka Military Base? That's a little too risky. Only outlaws and fugitives dare jump at that location."

    "Yup. We can see that those jumping there are players who ranked quite low in the previous matches. They should be looking to fight to obtain a higher kill count. It's going to be a mess in there later."

    "On the other hand, other than Satan who has jumped at Georgopol, the other players in the top ten have jumped at relatively safe places. I believe they know that intense fights and chain reactions will occur at the tier one resource points."

    "Yup. They're just slightly lower in score, and it doesn't mean that they're worse than their opponents. That's why they avoid fights whenever possible. However, does Vic really want to touch down at the Military Base? I remember that he tried touching down somewhere nearby once."

    "Oh, he's landing at the Military Base alright! And it's Duga Radar Tower too!" Ruo Feng's sudden cry attracted everyone's attention.

    The other two commentators smiled drily as their predictions had been proven wrong.

    The live audience members and live stream viewers had their eyes glued to the screen, they all were wondering how Liu Zilang would die this time.



    'No such thing.'

    That was what Liu Zilang believed even before he had landed on Duga.

    He looted the tower from the top as he made his way to the ground. He then looked at the revolver and crossbow in his hands.

    At that moment...

    He was on the verge of a breakdown...

    The caster had to keep an overall view of the match and did not linger too long on Liu Zilang.

    Nevertheless, in the early stages of a match, Sosnovka Military Base was usually a resource point that had intense skirmishes.

    On the big screen of the tournament.

    The caster happened to capture a battle at C Building No. 2. Pr0phie from the North American team Ghost, wielding an S12K, had attacked AimPR from team T**. The latter was wielding an AK when the former killed him.

    "Strong! Is everyone going to be that daring in this match?"

    "Oh? Isn't Vic also at Sosnovka Military Base? Why haven't we seen any of his kill notifications yet?"

    "Don't tell me he's already dead in the water..."

    "That shouldn't be. Unless... he's playing defensively this time?"


    The commentators started to feel worried when they saw fights erupt in Sosnovka Military Base when Liu Zilang had not done anything yet.

    The caster shifted the camera to Liu Zilang who was at Duga Radar Tower at that time.

    Everyone was stupefied when they saw the equipment in Liu Zilang's hands. Then, they burst out laughing.

    "A revolver and a crossbow! A formidable combination!"

    "I see, so he was unlucky. Don't tell me he's being possessed by the spirits of McCree and Hanzo in this match?"

    The commentators cracked jokes at his expense.

    On the tournament screen, at the C Building near Duga, someone was seen climbing up the spiral staircase.

    Liu Zilang was also running toward the spiral staircase, probably hoping to find better equipment there.

    If he continued pushing forward, he would run into the person climbing up the spiral staircase.

    Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the ID of the person at the spiral staircase!

    That person was none other than Billy King who had been hacked to death by Liu Zilang's sickle in the back alleys of Rozhok in the first match of that day. They were about to meet each other again.

    "Heheh, this must be some sort of twisted fate. Who would've guessed that they would bump into each other again?"

    "I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary though. Billy nearly ate the reverse chicken dinner in the first match thanks to Vic. In the second match, he barely managed to get into the top ten."

    "If he wants to be crowned the Solo King, he'll have to gamble on scoring more kills in this match. Hence, Sosnovka Military Base was the best choice for him."

    "Yup. Come to think of it, Billy's gun skills are definitely in the top ten of the world. He's only in such a sorry state thanks to Vic."

    "Now that they're going to meet again in this match. I think Billy will have the upper hand this time. Vic's equipment does pack a punch, but it seems to be lacking in terms of lethal force.

    While the commentators discussed about the two players, they were about to run into each other in the match.

    Thud thud thud!

    Swish swish swish!

    They had discovered each others' presence at almost the same time. They immediately stopped in their tracks.

    'Someone's here!'

    Liu Zilang dodged to the side and crouched behind a metal pillar. He kept a watchful eye on the entrance to the spiral staircase.

    On the spiral staircase.

    Billy's shoulders bobbed gently as he stood in silence.

    He had chosen to jump at Sosnovka Military Base in the match because, just like Vic, he wanted to score a high kill count to have a shot at winning the Solo King title.

    There was not a single hint of anxiety on his face. Instead, his eyes blazed with a familiar fire.

    One step, two steps...

    Billy held on to the M4 in his hands tightly. At the landing of the staircase, he peeked his head out for a short while before immediately retracting it.

    He was taken aback a little.

    The pillars of the scaffolding could be used as physical cover even though a portion of the player's body would still be seen.

    During his quick split-second glance, he had spotted a giant crossbow behind that person's back.

    'Crossbow warrior?


    Billy licked his lips and his eyes shone with excitement as he lifted the M4 in his hands.

    The next moment, he abruptly stood up at the spiral staircase landing and then fired a stream of bullets at the pillar.

    Tut tut tut~!

    Sparks flew and metal clanked as bullets flew toward Liu Zilang like a rainstorm.

    'Tremble before me!'


    An awkward-sounding gun was suddenly fired. A silhouette flashed behind the pillar. Then, a single arrow was seen flying toward him from behind the pillar.

    By the time Billy could react and pulled his crosshair over there, his opponent had retreated behind the pillar.

    A dangerous splash of red appeared on his shoulders.

    'That gun sound... a revolver!"

    'Crossbow and revolver?'

    'This prey seems interesting..."

    Billy's eyes burned brighter as he looked toward the pillar!

    He retreated to the stairwell landing to apply a bandage to himself. He then popped up again to survey his surroundings with a quick eye before ducking his head down.

    He then realized that the crossbowman behind the pillar had disappeared.

    There was only one possibility. His opponent was wielding it in his hands.

    'Firing with a crossbow?'

    Billy was somewhat eager to test that person's archery skills. However, the crossbow's damage was respectable; it was possible that it would one-hit KO him even though he was at full health.

    Billy did not allow himself to make any mistakes since it was the last match.

    After a short while, a frag grenade appeared in his hands. He sighed dejectedly.

    'I'm sorry!

    'My little darling...'

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