720 The Bow Waxes Like the Full Moon! Part 1


    At the spiral staircase landing.

    Billy pulled the safety pin of a frag grenade.

    The three commentators on the platform were shocked when they saw this.

    "Oh no! Billy is going to throw a grenade!"

    "Vic might be able to fight back if they duel with just guns. A grenade is too much for him!"

    "Oh, wait! Why hasn't Vic started running yet?"

    "There's gunfire everywhere in Sosnovka Military Base. Maybe he didn't hear the sound of the safety pin being pulled?"

    "Hm... that might be possible."

    "Then he's dead for sure! Billy has cooked the grenade in his hand. If he didn't hear the pin earlier, then he'll be caught in the blast!"

    As the commentators spoke, the live stream viewers watched the situation on the battlefield and began to worry.

    Billy counted down in his heart. He lifted his head to see Liu Zilang who had not moved one bit. His lips curled into a sinister grin.

    'Farewell, my friend.'

    He tilted his body backward and then flung the grenade with all his might!

    The grenade traced an arc across the air as it flew toward Liu Zilang.

    Everyone's hearts were hung in suspense high above the air as the grenade flew along its flight path. It was as if cold wind was being blown on their hearts...

    In other words, they had lost hope!

    Under the situation, the only chance for Liu Zilang to survive was for him to jump off the scaffolding of the radar tower.

    That was if his health was still full.

    Earlier, he had taken a bullet from Billy's spray. Evidently, his health was not at its maximum level.

    If he were to wait and only jump at the nick of time, hoping for a minuscule chance of surviving, he would most certainly end up as a corpse.

    The only difference would be he either died by falling or to the grenade. In other words, suicide or homicide.

    On-stage and off-stage, in the arena and outside of the arena, everyone seemed to have seen an angel's halo appear above his head.

    It seemed that he had given up on living too.

    Until he suddenly appeared from behind the pillar and lifted his arms, aiming his crossbow at the grenade that was flying toward him!


    The crossbow bolt emitted a slight sound as it pierced the air. The next moment, a clank was heard!

    Under the bulging eyes of countless viewers from all around the world, Liu Zilang's crossbow bolt hit the flying grenade!

    The immense force the crossbow bolt carried collided with the grenade, and it caused the grenade to fly back toward the stairwell!

    'What the hell is that?'

    Billy who was already preparing to loot his crate saw the grenade flying back at him. All of a sudden. his mind turned blank...

    The most horrific and painful thing in the world might have been watching a grenade grow in size in one's field of vision.

    Not to mention if that grenade was originally cooked and thrown by yourself.

    In other words, no one other than Billy was clearer about when the grenade would detonate.

    As the grenade flew closer and closer to him, he could feel the destructive aura it carried.

    Billy was all but too clear that there was no hope of him running away.

    Still, in dire situations like such, one had to make a choice no matter its consequences.

    On the edge of life and death!

    One word appeared in Billy's mind.


    On the big screen, under the caster's camera, Billy climbed upward a few steps and then vaulted over the railing at the top of the stairs.

    He was taking a gamble with his life!

    However, once Billy's body was on the railings and his body teetered at the edge of the platform, he looked down to see the vertical drop distance. Then, he looked again at his health bar that had been slightly brought up by a bandage earlier...

    A gust of cold wind blew past the platform.

    He suddenly realized something!


    'I'm committing suicide!'

    Billy felt like an idiot when he thought of it. He tried to clamber back onto the platform.

    Being a rifler, even in death, he would rather face his enemy!

    That was Billy's pride as a rifler!

    He did not want to die by falling. The thought of it alone was unbearable.

    However, his decision to jump off the tower, like many other things in the world, was irreversible.

    Before Billy could return to the safety of the platform, an immense explosion appeared behind him!

    Evidently, it was his own grenade that had been deflected by Liu Zilang's crossbow bolt. The powerful shockwave pushed Billy over the edge of the platform like a pair of 'helping hands'!


    On the big screen on the stage, Billy fell forward over the platform and then spun wildly in the air before landing on the ground with a splat.

    "SKK-Billy died from falling!"

    The eyelids of everyone in the live audience and live stream channel twitched when they saw this horrific scene.

    They were then reminded of Liu Zilang's almost-legendary maneuver of shooting at the grenade with a crossbow. They collectively sucked in breaths of cold air.

    "LOLOLOL, that's too much of a showoff!"

    "I really wonder what he was before he became a professional player. His reflexes are unmatched!"

    "I don't even know how he thought of shooting at the grenade with his crossbow."

    "I feel sorry for Billy King. This is the third match and he was killed in two by a sickle and a crossbow. It seems like he'll always meet a bad end if he meets Vic."

    "Billy: Vic owes me the Solo King title!"


    In the game, Liu Zilang saw from behind the pillar that the grenade he had hit with his crossbow bolt had killed his opponent.

    He let out a long sigh of relief, and a smile gradually appeared on his face.

    It seemed as if he possessed lightning reflexes and superhuman composure judging from his maneuver. However, it was merely a subconscious reaction of his out of muscle memory, being in such a dire situation.

    Sometimes, he would have some weird ideas shoot up his mind as well. That was why he could execute such fancy techniques that he was afraid of after executing them.

    He looked at Billy's crate on the ground and felt sore.

    'Why couldn't you have just stood there and died? Why did you jump? Won't that increase the difficulty for me to loot your crate?"

    Liu Zilang heard the sounds of gunfire beginning to spread beyond the Military Base and recalled the equipment carried by his opponent earlier. He thought that his opponent did not have any equipment that was worth his time.

    Hence, he was not in a rush to loot his opponent's crate. He might as well search the building for better items.

    The spiral staircase near the C Building seemed to have been searched by Billy. He did not believe that his opponent would have left anything behind for him.

    He quickly made his way back along the spiral staircase to the left of the scaffolding, hoping that luck would be on his side.

    It has to be mentioned that having such an intense fight on the scaffolding of the Radar Tower, he had been painted as a big and obvious target.

    Liu Zilang had not even taken two steps before he was targeted by someone from the A Building in the south.

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