721 The Bow Waxes Like the Full Moon! Part 2


    The sharp ring of a gunshot was heard!

    At the same time when Liu Zilang heard the gunshot, a sniper bullet grazed past his nose.


    He was given the shock of his life, and he swiftly ran behind the pillar.

    "Hiss! Who's that guy? That was a pretty accurate shot!"

    "That's right. Vic nearly died right there."

    "Oh, it looks like it's Jembty from team Faze. He's pretty scary!"

    "Oh, Jembty is waiting for him! He has an 8x scope too!"

    "Then that's even worse news for Vic. His health level is low, and he does not have any armor on him."

    "That's right. Even if the bullet misses his head, he might still die if it hits his body."

    "Vic has been pretty unlucky from the get-go."

    "Heheh, that kid is just unlucky. Have you seen him being lucky at the start of any match?"

    Lord Rong and Ruo Feng tried not to laugh out loud when they heard Su Changming's words. They thought about it for a while and realized that what he said was true.

    Meanwhile, the live stream viewers did not hold back their mirth. They recalled all the matches that had took place that day.

    In the first match, Liu Zilang had landed on the same building with someone else in Rozhok.

    His opponent had managed to find a shotgun while he only managed to find a sickle.

    The second match was even worse. He could not even find a weapon and had to hide in the river before drowning to an early grave.

    Liu Zilang was considered lucky this time compared to the previous matches.

    At least he had a crossbow and a revolver.

    With such contrasting results in the previous matches, it was up to him to turn the tides once more.


    In the match, Liu Zilang stayed behind the pillar as he looked for his opponent.

    Soon after, he found out that the opponent who had shot at him was at the front entrance of the A Building in the south.

    'Why the f*ck are you aiming at me from so far away!' He was quite sore about it.

    Seeing how his opponent was not going to let him go, he felt a tantrum rise inside of him.

    'What's so great about your sniper?'

    He unhesitatingly lifted his crossbow.

    Pull and load!


    The vibration of the bowstring released a soft noise.

    A crossbow bolt glided across the sky like a rainbow. The caster immediately locked onto the bolt, while the live audience widened their eyes!

    One had to know that Liu Zilang was adept with the crossbow. Even Bai Shaobin, one of 'Asia's Top Three Sniper Gods', had lost his life to one of his bolts. Everyone had a lot of hope in him.


    Something seemed to have hit the steel door in front of the A Building. A spark was produced.

    Did he miss?

    He missed!

    "That distance..." On the commentary platform, Su Changming's arms were crossed in front of him as he shook his head. "... is quite a long shot for a crossbow."

    Lord Rong nodded. "Yup. The arrow drop is somewhat compensated for with the fact that his opponent is on lower ground. However, the problem is that Vic doesn't even have any magnification scopes on him."

    "So this 'sniper duel' is quite an unfair fight. Not only does Jembty have a Kar98K, but it's also attached with an 8x scope. I think Vic should just look for an opportunity to run away," Ruo Feng said as he rubbed his nose.


    At the front entrance of the A Building.

    Jembty saw the spark on the door and was shocked.

    He then saw that a crossbow bolt was stuck to the frame of the door and the corner of his eye twitched!

    As a professional sniper, Jembty did not let his guard down.

    He had experienced using the crossbow and knew that its damage output was greater than even the AWM.

    If his opponent somehow struck the jackpot and the bolt hit his head, he would be killed immediately.

    Jembty swiftly retreated behind the door for his own safety.

    On Duga Radar Tower.

    Liu Zilang did not expect his opponent to play so cautiously.

    His shot earlier was not a warning shot, and he had really missed his target.

    It was not like he had the assistance of an aimbot anyway. He still missed shots at times.

    Furthermore, the crossbow was an unpredictable weapon when it came to long-range battles. Not only was its vertical drop terrible, but its bolt speed was also slow.

    Most of the time, hitting a target at long range was not about how lucky one was, but rather how unlucky the opponent was.

    Liu Zilang was delighted after seeing that his opponent had been cowed by his shot. It seemed like his opponent considered himself to be unlucky.

    Seeing this, he immediately dashed out from behind the pillar toward the spiral staircase on his left.

    He had not taken more than two steps when bullets grazed past his ears!

    Liu Zilang had another shock!

    He picked up a frag grenade near the entrance to the stairs and then swiftly retreated behind the pillar once more.

    He could feel the veins on his forehead bulging. From the sound of the gunshots, he could tell that the source of the bullets was not from the A Building.

    They were from the rooftop of the C Building No. 2.

    That meant that Liu Zilang was being aimed at by two people at the same time.

    Upon seeing this scene, the live stream viewers began to give up hope on Liu Zilang...

    They had given up all hope.

    One opponent was fairly tough to handle but not totally unmanageable. However, facing two opponents in different locations, Liu Zilang would find it hard to find cover.

    The pillars on Duga Radar Tower were slim.

    It could only block one line of fire at a time. If both players shot simultaneously, there was nowhere for him to hide.

    On the commentary platform.

    "Oh! The person shooting from the rooftop of C Building No. 2 is Pr0phie who has just killed AimPR. He might have been attracted by Jembty's gunfire and happened to see Vic when he reached the rooftop."

    "So once Jembty from the A building starts shooting, there will be nowhere for Vic to hide."

    "I think Vic's best bet now is to just make a run for it. He might still survive if he's lucky. At the very least, it would be better than staying there and getting shot at. He's too obvious a target on the radar tower. Who knows if someone else might spot him there too."

    "Oh? Wait a second. Someone seems to be sneaking up on Pr0phie at C Building No. 2!"

    "It's the Taiwanese player W1nner from team AHQ! Hua Xia is one big family! Is our Taiwanese friend going to extend a helping hand?"

    "Oh! W1nner is climbing up the side stairs of C Building No. 2. If he can kill off Pr0phie, that will relieve some pressure off Vic."

    As the commentators spoke, the tournament screen was split into two.

    On the left side was Liu Zilang on Duga Radar Tower, while on the right was the situation at the C Building No. 2.

    The first person to make a move was not W1nner.

    Instead, it was Liu Zilang who was on the radar tower.

    Still hiding behind the pillar, a frag grenade appeared in his hands. Without cooking it, he jumped and flung it toward the A Building.

    The instant the grenade left his hand, he swiftly pulled out his revolver.

    Everyone was dumbfounded!

    What was he trying to do?

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