722 The Bow Waxes Like the Full Moon! Part 3

    It has to be said that one could not adjust their viewing angle in an FPP tournament.

    That meant that when Jembty retreated behind the front entrance of the A Building to evade Liu Zilang's line of fire, he could no longer see Liu Zilang from where he stood.

    Hence, Jembty had missed the part where Liu Zilang was seen tossing a grenade from Duga toward his direction.

    He heard Liu Zilang's revolver being fired. He was taken aback for a while, but his lips then curled into a gleeful smile. It was similar to how Billy did.

    'A crossbow and a revolver?

    'He must be an interesting fellow.'

    Jembty lifted his Kar98K. His opponent wanted to 'duel snipers' using his revolver. It was not a fair fight, but Jembty was glad to rise to the challenge.

    'Let me tell you the true meaning of sniping!'

    During the brief pause that the revolver had stopped firing, Jembty appeared from behind the front entrance and aimed his gun toward Duga Radar Tower!

    However, when he scoped into his 8x scope and aimed upward, the pupils of his eyes constricted!

    He saw a black dot in his 8x scope, and it was getting bigger... and bigger...

    'What the hell is that?'

    Confused, the first thought that came to his mind was...

    'Since when were revolver rounds so big?


    Jembty furrowed his brows when that thought came to his mind.

    'It doesn't look like a bullet...'

    The next moment, Jembty's whole body trembled!

    He finally thought of something!

    'Oh sh*t!'

    Jembty's scalp went numb. Like an unleashed mad dog, he dashed behind the entrance once more.

    Meanwhile, the caster was tracking the flight path of the frag grenade.

    "Oh my god! Vic is trying for a long-range goal!"

    "Hm... I think it would've been possible for him to throw the grenade to the A Building from Duga if he did an overhand throw."

    "That's true. I've tried that before. I can't say much about its accuracy though."

    "This height... this angle... I think there's a chance!"

    Just as the commentary platform finished speaking, on the big screen of the tournament, the grenade that had been thrown by Liu Zilang was seen drawing the character 'C' in the air as it then sailed right through the door frame!


    The entire arena erupted in cheers!

    In the A Building.

    After Jembty had run behind the door, he heard a clank behind him!

    'It... came in?'

    He immediately felt like crap!


    'The grenade won't explode that soon, right?'

    Like a drowning person grasping onto a straw, he dashed toward a corner in the hallway.

    At that instant, an earth-shattering boom was heard behind him. Then, a ball of fire expanded rapidly!

    The grenade exploded violently!

    Before Jembty could breathe a sigh of relief, a powerful shockwave pushed him from the back. He was sent flying forward, and his head rammed into a wall. Then, he slid down weakly...

    "4AM-Vic killed Faze-Jembty with frag grenade!"

    1 Kill!


    The live audience members and live stream viewers reacted with surprise when they saw the ultra-long-range air-to-ground attack!

    "F*ck me upside down! How did he score at that distance?"

    "That's not a frag grenade, that's a homing missile!"

    "I submit! That's the Incarnation of Thor for you!"

    "The clincher was using a revolver to lure Jembty out. I believe Jembty's feeling like an idiot now."

    "Jembty: Everyone, please click on the Report button! Not only does that guy's bullets expand, they explode too!"

    "Exploding bullets LOLOLOL"


    While everyone was busy chatting about the kill, another kill notification appeared on the tournament screen.

    "AHQ-W1nner killed Ghost-Pr0phie with UMP9!"

    While Pr0phie was tap-firing at Liu Zilang from C Building No. 2, W1nner had silently snuck up on him from the side stairs in the south.

    His ambush had managed to kill Pr0phie before the latter could react.

    On Duga Radar Tower.

    Liu Zilang immediately noticed the movements at C Building No. 2. He noticed that Pr0phie, who had been aiming at him with a rifle, had been killed off in an ambush. He felt relieved in his heart.

    'Serves you right!'

    At this time, Liu Zilang noticed that the person who had killed Pr0phie had climbed up the side stairs. He suddenly had an idea.

    Without hesitating any further, he unarmed his revolver and instead pulled out the crossbow that was slung on his back. Everyone was taken aback and had the same thought in their minds.

    'That fellow... is he going to punish the corpse?'

    As if subconsciously... all the live stream viewers suddenly remembered a Sniper God whose surname was 'Bai'.

    Everyone thought that it was most likely the case, and they saw that Liu Zilang's gaze was like an animal's...

    "Please, this is an international tournament! Vic should be aware of its implications!"

    "Implications? Hah! I, Vic, explain to no one!"

    "Bahaha, I believe Nighthawk will share a moment of empathy with Pr0phie when he watches this scene!"


    As everyone had expected, under the caster camera, Liu Zilang adjusted the crosshair of his crossbow for a bit and then pulled the trigger. A crossbow bolt glided across the air like a rainbow!



    The crossbow bolt traced a parabola across the air. At such a distance, the viewers could see the bolt's significant drop.

    It has to be mentioned that the altitude and angle of elevation had been precisely taken into account and corrected by Liu Zilang, displaying his keen sense of control and intuition as an elite sniper!

    Everyone felt a little emotional.

    'Look at you, still such a showoff even when punishing a corpse!'

    Just as the caster unbound the camera from the bolt and pulled the camera into the air, everyone was shocked by what happened next!

    Before the crossbow bolt arrived at the opposite building.

    W1nner, who had ambushed Pr0phie earlier, arrived at the scene. He jogged toward the crate next to a corpse in the middle of the rooftop.

    'Wait a minute... that's...'

    In a flash, everyone seemed to have been struck by lightning!

    "Oh my god! So that was Vic's plan all along!" Lord Rong cried in surprise on the commentary platform!

    'That can't be!' The viewers from all around the world had also realized what he was doing!

    Liu Zilang was not punishing the corpse!

    It was the ultimate judgment from heaven!

    Everyone's eyes bulged as they watched in horror. The crossbow bolt and W1nner converged on the corpse that was on the rooftop of C Building No. 2...

    Then, the two objects combined into a single one, like fatigue and a pillow.

    W1nner had just crouched next to the crate when...

    He heard a splat next to his ear as a crossbow bolt entered the base of his skull!

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