723 Goldmine in My Backyard? Sorry!

"4AM-Vic killed AHQ-W1nner by headshot with crossbow!"

2 Kills!

'You can do that?'

Viewers from all around the world could only stare with their mouths agape at the unprecedented maneuver. They did not know how to feel about it...

"Oh my god! Aren't they quite the cooperative pair!"

"So you're telling me that was a preemptive shot?"

"That had to be scripted! How much did they pay you, W1nner?"

"Enough talk for now. Have some more veggies, I'll save a drumstick for you for dinner."[1]

"And another braised egg for you! It isn't easy for W1nner to put up such a show. Let the Taiwanese player know that we care about him too."

"It's not so much that Vic was accurate when he made his shot, but rather W1nner was accurate in receiving it."

On the stage, confusion was written all over W1nner's face. He saw his character on screen fall head-first to the floor with a crossbow bolt in the base of his skull. He could feel a gust of cold wind blow across his heart.

'Where... did that crossbow bolt come from?'

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang who was on Duga Radar Tower saw that his improvised plan had worked. He was thrilled that he had killed his target with a single crossbow-bolt.

'That's fate!'

He swiftly unarmed his crossbow and then looted his way down along the left spiral staircase. He then headed toward the crates.

Despite his shabby appearance, his entire body emanated the positive aura of a newly-minted tycoon.

He did not look like he had stumbled upon a goldmine in his backyard, but rather, he had built a backyard in his goldmine.

Starting from Billy's crate which he had left behind when he fell to his death, he went around looting the crates scattered throughout the area. At the end of it all, he ended up with a brand new set of equipment.

He had a set of shiny black level three gear and a level three backpack that was bursting at its seams with various consumables.

An M16 in his left hand, a crossbow in his right, and a revolver strapped to his thigh.


Liu Zilang still kept the crossbow after a round of looting. He was not a superstitious person. However, he was rather sentimental.

The crossbow had a special meaning to him in the match.

First, it had deflected the grenade on Duga. It had turned the situation around and saved his life.

Then, it was a long-range shot that hit the bullseye. It allowed him to pick up his current set of equipment without much trouble.

Whether coming from a sentimental point of view or a practical one, Liu Zilang felt like he would never throw away the crossbow.

'Unless an AWM comes along my way.


'With a noise suppressor too.'


On the commentary platform.

"Alright, we can see the first circle appearing on the map."

"It's an interesting circle. It happens to include both the east and west bridges. From what it looks like now... I can't tell if it's going to be an island circle."

"That's right. Judging by the flight route earlier this match, the players on both Sosnovka Island and in the northern mainland won't have to escape so hastily."

"There aren't many people left on Sosnovka Island. Including Vic, there are three people. The other two are Timid, the rifler from team Savage, and Drainys who's from team Avangar."

"And then there's Novorepnoye. Only two people touched down there earlier, one of them is in town while the other is near the containers. They haven't bumped into each other yet, and I guess a fight won't break out any time soon."

"If that's the case, I guess we'll see more fights and dead people in the northern mainland once the circle starts shrinking."

"Yup. They're moving from a wider area to a smaller area near the sea. There should be a lot of friction along the way."


As time passed, five minute before the first circle started shrinking.

The situation on the battlefield was just as predicted. The players who moved southward from the northern mainland bumped into other players. Fights began to break out.

The 'dark forest' theory of survival throughout the PUBG solo tournament was amplified once gunfire was heard.

Many players flocked toward the source of the gunfire and joined the battle. It then evolved into a 'meat grinder' level battle...

By the end of the first circle, the densely populated player icons on the map had become a little sparser.

Sixty-eight people were left on the battlefield.

In the two matches earlier that day, the number of survivors before and after the first circle had finished shrinking remained about the same. The number of players in the match at hand was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Heheh, now we're seeing an obvious trend. The circle is a mainland circle that's next to the sea."

"Yup. The second safe zone is located between the east and west bridges. There's a patch of sea south of the safe zone too. It could be a transitory zone for people coming over from Sosnovka Island.

"That's right. I'm more amazed that the three people in Sosnovka Military Base are still alive. It's a rare occurrence considering that Vic is involved."

"Heheh. I think Vic exposed his identity while fighting earlier. The other two people might deliberately be avoiding him."

"That's possible. Remember Vic's two kills earlier?"

"One was by a grenade, the other was by a crossbow. What's wrong with that?"

"That does it then. Anyone who has heard of Vic's name wouldn't want to run into his sights. The better option is to save oneself for a future battle."

"I guess that makes sense. I wouldn't be able to beat him if it were me."

"There are four people left on Sosnovka Island. One of the two people at Novorepnoye has departed by speedboat after looting the area. He has just gone ashore near the east bridge.

"There's only a little more than a minute left before the circle shrinks. It seems like the four people on the island are caught in a standoff near the east bridge. Would they consider going into the sea?"

While the commentators analyzed the situation on the battlefield, the caster seemed to have noticed something and quickly shifted the camera over to the east bridge.

A collective cry was heard once the situation at the east bridge was shown on the tournament screen!

At one end of the east bridge, a small yellow car was seen driving straight toward a 'snake-dancing' person near the railings of the bridge.

Between that person and the little yellow car was a buggy. It was aflame for taking too much damage!

The person sitting on the buggy swapped to its back seat.

He knelt on top of the buggy and then pulled out his rifle, shooting as though he were the turret on top of an armored tank.

Everyone became alert after seeing the intense battle scene!

They were shocked once they took a closer look at that person's ID!

That person running along the railing was none other than "4AM-Vic" Liu Zilang.

With a vehicle on both sides of him, he lifted his M16, undaunted by enemy fire. He then swiftly retaliated with a volley of bullets!

Dragons made of fire danced upon the muzzle of his gun.

As his bullets flew, the buggy closed on to him!


[1] This refers to a Chinese saying, "to collect one's lunchbox" as a euphemism for dying. The idiom comes from show business, where a movie extra will 'collect their lunchbox' once their role is killed off.

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