2769 Acquaintance

    The young man in embroidered robes was from the intermediate-rank Cloudy Rock Celestial Kingdom. He was from a powerful clan in the capital of Cloudy Rock Celestial Kingdom and was fairly close to the Sixth Prince of the Cloudy Rock Celestial Kingdom. The young man had seen the images from the Floating Image Pearl that Nangong Li, the young master of the Nangong clan that was a third-rate clan, had shown the sixth prince.

    Although quite some time had passed, the young man could not forget the peerless beauty he had seen in the Floating Mirror Image. The beauty had a pair of delicate brows that complimented her big bright eyes. The thin white robes she wore hinted at her perfect figure. She was cold countenance like an immortal fairy. Her features were flawless. All in all, it seemed as though God had personally sculpted her. His heart had raced too fast when he saw her. However, he knew he had no chance with the girl since the sixth prince was intent on obtaining her.

    'At that time, I remember seeing the purple-clad young man as well. He looks identical to the man I saw earlier. That man earlier is also wearing a purple robe. Moreover, a white-clad woman was standing next to him as well. However, I couldn't see her face since it's concealed by a hat and a veil. Regardless, her figure was similar to the woman in the Floating Mirror Image... She must be the beauty that the sixth prince has been searching all over the Cloudy Rock Celestial Kingdom for! What a coincidence! The sixth prince is here as well... He will definitely reward me if I tell him about it!' The young man's eyes brightened as he thought about this.

    The Cloudy Rock Celestial Kingdom was an intermediate-rank celestial kingdom so they only had to bring 30 participants to join Wasteland Grand Contest. The Emperor of the Cloudy Rock Celestial Kingdom had brought along his 30 most outstanding powerhouses who were younger than 100 years old. Apart from that, the emperor brought his personal guards, his princes, and some of the more powerful Mansion under his rule. The sixth prince was, naturally, present as well.

    Although Duan Ling Tian was suspicious about the young man who was dressed in embroidered robes, he did not dwell on it. He was quick to forget the matter. He continued accompanying Huan'er as he and Long Fei Yin strolled around the streets of Tai Yi City.

    All of a sudden, Long Fei Yun sent a Voice Transmission to Duan Ling Tian. "Brother Duan, since the Left Guardian of Tai Yi Celestial Sect, Tie Tai He, left, did he come looking for you again?".

    "No." Duan Ling Tian shook his head. Initially, he had expected Tie Tia He to send him the necessary ingredients as quickly as he could so he could refine the prominent Celestial Pill, the Overarching Heaven Pill. Strangely, although the Wasteland Grand Contest was about to commence, Tie Tai He had yet to contact him.

    'That's strange...' Long Fei Yun said in confusion. If he were Tie Tai He, he would definitely send all the ingredients needed to refine Overarching Heaven Pills before Duan Ling Tian joined the Martial Dragon Celestial Sect.

    "Maybe he's just busy," Duan Ling Tian replied.

    "Well, that's the only explanation for now." Long Fei Yun nodded.

    As soon as Long Fei Yun finished speaking, Duan Ling Tian and his attention was caught by a discussion in their surroundings.

    "Hey! Did you hear? Tie Tai He, the Left Guardian of Tai Yi Celestial Sect, has successfully broken through and became a Seven Stars Celestial Duke a few days ago! The Tai Yi Celestial Sect currently has three Seven Star Celestial Dukes."

    Both Duan Ling Tian and Long Fei Yun looked at each other simultaneously, realization dawned on them immediately.

    "I didn't expect this. Seems like Tie Tai He had gone into closed-door cultivation and successfully became a Seven Star Celestial Duke recently!" Long Fei Yun said with a sigh.

    'Seven Stars Celestial Duke...' Duan Ling Tian who was always calm could not help but feel a wave of emotions when he heard the news. Tie Tai He whom he had met through a twist of fate had become a Seven Star Celestial Duke from a Six Combination Celestial Duke. Although a Seven Star Celestial Duke was only a level higher than a Six Combination Celestial Duke, the difference between their strengths was like a huge chasm. Previously, the were only two Seven Star Celestial Dukes in the Tai Yi Sect, they were the sect leader and the supreme elder. However, with Tie Tai He's recent breakthrough, the Tai Yi Sect currently had three Seven Star Celestial Dukes. This meant an increase in the Tai Yi Sect's strength as well.

    "Prior to this, the Tai Yi Celestial Sect were already slightly stronger than the Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect and the Martial Dragon Celestial Sect since they possess a King Grade Celestial Weapon... Now that they have gained another Seven Star Celestial Duke, there's no doubt it's stronger than the other two Celestial Sects!"

    "Looks like the situation in the Wasteland will be changing soon... The Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect and the Martial Dragon Celestial Sect won't just stay idle."

    "The Three Major Celestial Sects of the Wasteland's strength has always been almost the same. Now that the Tai Yi Celestial Sect has another Seven Stars Celestial Duke, the other two Celestial Sects are going to fear the Tai Yi Celestial Sect."

    "I think the Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect and Martial Dragon Celestial Sect might form an alliance in the future to suppress the Tai Yi Celestial Sect... Otherwise, it won't be difficult for the Tai Yi Celestial Sect to dominate the Wasteland in the future!"

    The people on the street discussed this fervently.

    However, it did not matter to Duan Ling Tian that Tie Tai He had become a Seven Star Celestial Duke. The Martial Dragon Celestial Sect, vast Wasteland, and Spirit Overarching Heaven was just a stepping stone for him to go to the Divine Offering Land.

    'Even Long Fei Yun, the Thirteenth Prince of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom, hasn't heard of the Divine Offering Land. I'll need to leave the Wasteland and travel to obtain information on the Divine Offering Land.'

    Previously, Duan Ling Tian had asked Long Fei Yun about the Divine Offering Land. However, Long Fei Yun knew nothing at all. Long Fei Yun had even spoken to knowledgeable people in the Imperial palace about it, but it yielded no results as well. Although they pored through many ancient books, there was no mention of the Divine Offering Land.
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