3632 The Ten Stars Students’ Dormitory

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    Duan Ling Tian followed Tong Gu Yue and flew deeper into the Hidden Fog Academy.

    During the journey, Tong Gu Yue said, Students are prohibited from flying in the academy unless theyre with a teacher. Those who break the rules will be punished. Then, he laughed before he said, Of course, newcomers will be given a chance and will only be warned for the first transgression.

    Duan Ling Tian nodded.

    Tong Gu Yue showed Duan Ling Tian around the Hidden Fog Academy. As they were flying, Duan Ling Tian saw a group of people who had come to participate in the recruitment. There were fewer than 10 people who were taking the Nine Stars assessment. Most of the people who came for the recruitment were mostly younger than 1,000 years old and were here to take part in the One Star assessment.

    If Duan Ling Tian did not use the Bone Aging Pill, he would have to take the One Star assessment as well. After all, he was not even 700 years old yet. However, if he showed his strength, he could still become a Ten Stars student. After all, age was not important; what was important was ones strength and talent. However, a student who was not even 700 years old passing the Ten Stars assessment would definitely stir up a huge commotion. Let alone the Hidden Fog Academy, even the Hidden Fog Sect would be shocked by it. Even the emperor-rank forces would not be able to remain indifferent. After all, someone who was not even 1,000 years old but possessed such strength was unprecedented in emperor-rank forces. Geniuses like that could only be found in supreme forces; these geniuses would be given the best resources and raised as prodigies of the forces.

    Thats the dormitory for One Star and Two Stars students, Tong Gu Yue said as he showed Duan Ling Tian the accommodations of students below Ten Stars students. The students were placed in different buildings that were built close to each other.

    After pointing out a few buildings in the vicinity of the student dormitories, Tong Gu Yue said, Ill bring you to the Registration Department first before I bring you to the dormitory for Ten Stars students. That dormitory has the best cultivation environment in the Hidden Fog Academy. There are also various places where you can comprehend the laws. However, to secure a spot, one has to be quite strong. The stronger you are, the longer you can stay to comprehend the laws. Ill explain more to you later when I show you the place.

    With Tong Gu Yues help, Duan Ling Tian quickly completed the registration and obtained his uniform. The emblem on his uniform had ten stars, indicating his rank.

    Ten Stars students dormitory is quite close to the dean and teachers residence, where the core of the Spirit Gathering Formation is located. For this reason, Ten Stars students enjoy the same rich Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy as the staff. Apart from that, Ten Stars students will also be given divine rocks occasionally. The academy will also post missions. Those who complete the missions will be rewarded with divine rocks as well. During exams, students also will be rewarded with divine pills, divine fruits, and divine facts if they perform outstandingly.

    With Tong Gu Yues explanation, Duan Ling Tians knowledge of Ten Stars students of the Hidden Fog Academy increased.

    Weve arrived.

    Shortly after Tong Gu Yue led Duan Ling Tian through a thick fog, Duan Ling Tian saw an area filled with many courtyards. Five spacious courtyards were located in the center, surrounded by rings of courtyards that expanded outward. The further away from the center, the more courtyards there were. Clearly, the Ten Stars students dormitory were these clusters of courtyard.

    The center courtyards are the cultivation grounds of the dean and teachers of the Hidden Fog Academy. The 75 courtyards that circled the five center courtyards are the courtyards for Ten Stars students. As you can see, the courtyards closest to center courtyards have the richest Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy, and the farthest courtyards have the thinnest Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy. The courtyards are divided into four grades: nominal, primitive, mediocre, and prominent. Ten Stars students will receive different numbers of divine rocks depending on the grade of the courtyards they live in. This is to promote healthy competition between the students, Tong Gu Yue explained. Then, he sighed before he continued to say, However, the better courtyards have been occupied by students with powerful backgrounds since a while ago. Although they might be weaker, the stronger students didnt dares to contend with them; they were afraid of provoking the students with good backgrounds. In the beginning, there were still a few bold students who dared to compete for the better courtyards. However, the students with powerful backgrounds would make life difficult for them after they join the Hidden Fog Sect. Most of these students with powerful backgrounds have connections in the Hidden Fog Sect, after all. For this reason, no one dare to compete for a better courtyard. This is considered a trivial matter so the Hidden Fog Action naturally doesnt do anything about it.

    A hint of helplessness could be seen on Tong Gu Yues face as he continued to say, 20 years ago, the dean announced that those who are treated unfairly should step forward and speak to him. However, the students have gotten used to such treatment that they were no longer bothered. Moreover, with no new blood coming in, their morale dropped even lower.

    With these words, Duan Ling Tian could naturally tell Tong Gu Yue hoped he would be the person to shake things up among the Ten Stars students.

    There are five prominent-grade courtyards, 10 mediocre-grade courtyards, and 20 primitive-grade courtyards, which are fully occupied now. There are 37 Ten Stars students now, and two of them are staying in the nominal-grade courtyard. Since youre a newcomer, youll be assigned to a nominal-grade courtyard first. Youre free to challenge anyone from the primitive-grade courtyards after notifying the academy. A notice will be sent to the courtyard and the occupant has to respond to your challenge within a month. Otherwise, the occupant will be evicted and moved to the nominal-grade courtyard. You can only challenge occupants in higher-grade courtyards in ascending order.

    After such a long time, Duan Ling Tian was no stranger to these rules. Many other places had such similar rules, after all.

    Where do I go to inform the academy of my intention to challenge another student? Duan Ling Tian asked.

    See that building over there? Tong Gu Yue pointed at a building located outside the area of the Ten Stars students dormitory. Thats where Ten Stars students go for everything. You issue challenges here and collect divine rocks and rewards here among other things. All you need to do is show your identity token.

    Duan Ling Tian, I hope you occupy a prominent-grade courtyard soon! Dont worry. The dean is a man of his words, Tong Gu Yue said after sending Duan Ling Tian to a nominal-grade courtyard. He wanted to motivate Duan Ling Tian and hoped Duan Ling Tian would not be intimidated by the students with powerful backgrounds. Following that, he left.

    Duan Ling Tian knew the dean would only take action if there was irrefutable evidence. Otherwise, even if the dean was the Vice Sect Leader of the Hidden Fog Sect, it would be difficult for him to take action against inner disciples or elders of the sect with whom the students had connections. This was also the reason that no one stepped forward despite the deans announcement 20 years ago.

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    The gates creaked loudly when Duan Ling Tian pushed them open. Motes of duties floated in the air. Clearly, the courtyard had been unoccupied for a long time.

    Duan Ling Tian raised his hand and unleashed a wave of Divine Energy that swept through the courtyard and the house. In just a moment, the courtyard and house were spotless.

    Just as he stepped into the house, a voice rang in the air.

    Are you the newcomer?

    A person appeared at the entrance of Duan Ling Tians courtyard. Based on the ten stars on his emblem, he was clearly a Ten Stars student as well..
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