1235 Sword Dao

    Chapter 1235: Sword Dao

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    'Martial Emperor Han Bing knew a little bit about the Three Lives Rebirth Technique... It was said that the Rebirth Martial Emperor would reborn every 10,000 years! When he reborn to his third life and achieved Martial Emperor Stage, that would mean he cultivated the Three Lives Rebirth Technique to its peak,' Those were the information recorded in the handbook passed down by the ancestor of You Han Valley.

    'Calculating the time... It should be time the Rebirth Martial Emperor reborn to his third life now. As soon as he cultivated to Martial Emperor Stage in this life, he would cultivate the complete Three Lives Rebirth Technique!' Martial Emperor You Han's heart jolted intensely again as she thought about this.

    Rebirth Martial Emperor was born 20,000 years ago and went through three lives just to cultivate the Three Lives Rebirth Technique to its peak.

    How powerful was this technique exactly?

    One must know that Rebirth Martial Emperor defeated Martial Emperor Han Bing who cultivated Han Bing's Divine Sword Technique during his first life.

    One could imagine how powerful the Rebirth Martial Emperor's ability was.

    'Seems like the Han Bing's Divine Sword Technique that this girl cultivated is been passed down to her by the Rebirth Martial Emperor in his third life,' Martial Emperor You Han looked at Ke'er and speculated.

    Ke'er who was being stared by Martial Emperor You Han became anxious as Martial Emperor You Han did not speak for a long time.

    No matter what, the person standing before her was a Martial Emperor powerhouse, a mighty being on the Cloud Continent.

    "Who passed down Han Bing's Divine Sword Technique to you?" Finally, Martial Emperor You Han snapped back to reality and asked such a question as soon as she spoke.

    "It's... It's Young Master who passed it down to me," Ke'er took a deep breath and said slowly.

    "Young Master?" Martial Emperor You Han raised her eyebrows.

    "He's me and Sister Ke'er's fiance," Noticing the uneasiness in Ke'er, Li Fei answered the question for her.

    "Fiance?" Martial Emperor You Han's eyes lit up subtly and her heart jolted when she heard that, 'Seems like... Rebirth Martial Emperor has yet to mature in his third life.'

    'According to the handbook that our You Han Valley ancestor passed down, Martial Emperor Han Bing mentioned about this in the voice transmission jade slip she left behind... Apart from a powerful martial artist, the Rebirth Martial Emperor's also a remarkable Alchemist!'

    'The usual Alchemist would reach their peak at Grade One! But Rebirth Martial Emperor was something else where he became Quasi-Royal Grade Alchemist and even Royal Grade Alchemist which is higher than Grade One Alchemist.'

    'It was said that the Royal Grade Healing Medicinal Pills that Rebirth Martial Emperor refined could revive a dead person and regenerate flesh on bones!'

    "Also, since Rebirth Martial Emperor had lived two lives, he must have left behind many good stuff for his third life...' There was a fleeting greed that flashed through deep in Martial Emperor You Han's eyes as she thought to this point.

    Subsequently, she looked at Ke'er when she snapped back to her senses, "I would like to take you as my direct disciple... Are you willing to do that?"

    Although she had no idea why the Rebirth Martial Emperor would have his fiances here at You Han Valley as he lived his third life, it was only natural for her to use them since they were here.

    'Rebirth Martial Emperor... The stuff that you left behind from your two lives for your third life would all be mine!' Martial Emperor You Han thought to herself.

    "I can be your direct disciple... But you must take Sister Fei'er as your direct disciple too," Ke'er's eyes lit up when she heard what Martial Emperor You Han said. She then looked at Li Fei next to her and said to Martial Emperor You Han.

    Xu Rong who stood aside frowned.

    It was forgivable for this ungrateful girl to name her condition earlier but how dare she bargain with her master, the majestic Martial Emperor You Han now?

    "You've my word," Xu Rong who thought her master would be mad was caught by surprise. Not only her master was not mad, she agreed to the condition Ke'er named directly.

    "Thank you Master Martial Emperor," Ke'er's eyes lit up when she heard that and expressed her gratitude immediately.

    "Thank you Master Martial Emperor," Li Fei followed.

    "Why are you still calling me Master Martial Emperor?" Martial Emperor You Han smiled lightly and asked intentionally.

    "Master," All of the sudden, Ke'er and Li Fei snapped back to their senses and bowed at Martial Emperor You Han respectfully.

    They were overjoyed at the moment.

    They had no idea a giant web of scheme was casted at them and their fiance...

    Time was passing by quick, a month passed just like that.

    It was only a month before the selection test to recruit Martial Emperor's disciples and followers would take place at Ling Xuan Peak.

    Half way along the mountain on the side of Ling Xuan Peak was a long staircase which separated the two stone platforms completely.

    The staircase was like a moat that divided the two stone platforms into two different worlds.

    There was an exquisite loft standing on top the stone platform above.

    The loft was surrounded by Heaven and Earth Origin Energy that seemed to be materialized. It was the best environment for cultivation, it was an environment that would attract envy of others.

    On the other hand, apart from the cracked ground like a giant spider web, the stone platform below had cottages on top of it filled with stench that could not be gotten rid of.


    A silhouette appeared out of thin air at the loft on top without knowing when. It was a purple silhouette.

    It was Duan Ling Tian who was in closed-door cultivation for two months.

    "I've got one month left," Duan Ling Tian mumbled softly and subsequently leaped into the air.

    In a blink of an eyes, he left where he was. He had never been stopped from the beginning until the end.

    Naturally, it was not because Qiao Zhong and the other Martial Emperor's disciple was unaware of Duan Ling Tian leaving. Although they knew, they did not plan to stop him.

    Their inability to stop Duan Ling Tian because of his ability aside, they knew that with his ability, he would definitely stay for the selection test to recruit Martial Emperor's disciples and followers organized by Ling Xuan Peak since that was the reason why he was here.

    Naturally, Duan Ling Tian did not change his plan.

    He was just going away temporarily, he wanted to take a breather.

    As he leaped into the air, he performed the movement martial skill Dragon Soaring The Nine Heavens. He looked like he had turned into a Divine Dragon himself and flew away along the peak of Ling Xuan Peak. He was quick.

    Duan Ling Tian saw many Martial Emperor's disciples along the way but nobody noticed him.

    Not long later, he arrived at the peak of Ling Xuan Peak.

    The peak was surrounded by cloud and mist. As he walked in, very soon Duan Ling Tian heard gusts of clear sword whistling sound, 'Is there someone practising sword in there?'

    Duan Ling Tian proceeded to walk in with suspicion.

    Very soon, he realized someone was practising sword in the peak of Ling Xuan Peak.

    The person did not use Origin Energy when he practised sword, neither did he use any Profundities. He was controlling a Spirit Sword entirely on Spiritual Energy, which was similar to the Nine-Tribulation Sword Control Technique that Duan Ling Tian cultivated.

    'Inscription Master?" Duan Ling Tian speculated as he realized the person was controlling his sword with Spiritual Energy. Due to that, he did not use his Spiritual Energy to detect the person's cultivation base.

    It was easy for the person to find out that Duan Ling Tian was using his Spiritual Energy to check on him since he was an Inscription Master.

    Checking on someone's cultivation base was rude.

    The person who controlled his sword with Spiritual Energy was a young and tall man in azure clad. His clad moved along with the wind, he looked elegant and chic.

    As his back was facing Duan Ling Tian, he could not see his face clearly.

    One must admit that the young man had deep comprehension on Sword Dao where the old Duan Ling Tian would admit defeat.

    However, Duan Ling Tian could not help to shake his head now.

    "What? Do you think you can do better than me?" Suddenly, a voice came to Duan Ling Tian's ears. It gave him a scare which made him snapped back to his senses completely.

    He realized that the young man whose back was facing him all this time noticed him without knowing when. He was speaking to him.

    As he spoke, the young man turned around to show his face.

    He was a young man who looked around thirty. He had straight eyebrows and big eyes, he was handsome. He stood there as if he had turned into a sharp sword that was ready to shoot up to the sky anytime.

    "Do you think you were doing great?" Duan Ling Tian who snapped back to his senses asked back while feeling amused.

    The technique the young man before him performed by controlling his sword with Spiritual Energy was much better than the Nine-Tribulation Sword Control Technique that he used to perform. However, it was not worth mentioning to him now.

    As he comprehended the Sword Dao that had been sitting in his head throughout the time, he had a great elevation on the Sword Dao comprehension.

    "Actions speak louder than words," The young man said.

    Duan Ling Tian glanced lightly at the young man and without further delay, a three foot long blade appeared in his hand as he lifted his arm. It was his Quasi-Royal Grade Spirit Sword.

    Subsequently, instead of dividing the Quasi-Royal Grade Spirit Sword into nine, he controlled it with Spiritual Energy directly. It was moving on its own in the air, it was getting faster and faster.

    He had completely showcased the Sword Dao comprehension that he comprehended earlier.

    The young man stood aside while his expression was changing gradually. He did not care less initially but he was now surprised.

    "Who exactly is this? There's such outstanding person in Ling Xuan Peak?" The young man mumbled softly.

    Very soon, the young man's eyes became a little idle.

    He had completely immersed himself in the purple-clad young man's movement. To be exact, he was immersed in the Spirit Sword that was moving around the purple-clad young man's body.

    After all, the purple-clad young man did not move a bit. He stood there without moving at all.

    The young man's eyes changed from idle to lost and subsequently, he came to a realization. His expression was changing every second.

    "Wow, you can do that?"

    "Amazing! Amazing!"


    As time passed by, the only feeling the young man had for the purple-clad young man before him on his Sword Dao comprehension was admiration. He felt ashamed of himself.

    "What's your name?" As the purple-clad young man recalled his Spiritual Energy and gotten the Spirit Sword back to his hand, the young man could not help to ask curiously.

    "Duan Ling Tian," Duan Ling Tian replied slowly.

    "Duan Ling Tian? Are you Ling Xuan Peak Martial Emperor's disciple?" The young man asked again.

    "No," Duan Ling Tian shook his head, "I'm here to take part in the selection test to recruit Martial Emperor's disciples and followers that's happening a month later."
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