1296 Demon Emperor Man Wu

    The voice filled with admiration was from Martial Emperor Ling Xuan, Yang Hui.

    Martial Emperor Qing Xuan?

    When Duan Ling Tian's gaze landed on the young scholar again, he suddenly realized the opponent was not the Third Island Master of Hidden Fog Island.

    However, someone whom Yang Hui admired could not be as simple as he appeared to be.

    It should be noted that even when Yang Hui faced Martial Emperor Lei Ming or Martial Emperor You Han, he did not reveal such an expression.

    He could see that Yang Hui truly admired Martial Emperor Qing Xuan from the bottom of his heart.

    However, there was one thing that Duan Ling Tian was not privy to.

    Even the word 'Xuan' from Yang Hui's honorific title, Ling Xuan, was taken from Martial Emperor Qing Xuan's honorific title.

    Ling Xuan and Qing Xuan only differed in one word. It represented Yang Hui's admiration for Martial Emperor Qing Xuan.

    "Greetings, Lord Qing Xuan."

    Shortly after, Duan Ling Tian witnessed a shocking scene. He saw that most of Cloud Continent's Martial Emperor powerhouses, including Yang Hui, Martial Emperor Ling Xuan, bowed and greeted the young scholar.

    Even Martial Emperor Lei Ming and Martial Emperor You Han were no exception. They also bowed at the young scholar.

    This scene shocked a lot of people.

    "This Martial Emperor Qing Xuan... Who's he exactly?" Their hearts were shocked.

    Naturally, there were some who had heard of Martial Emperor Qing Xuan. "Martial Emperor Qing Xuan is the no.1 Martial Emperor on Cloud Continent! He represents the peak of humanity on Cloud Continent."

    The no.1 Martial Emperor on Cloud Continent?

    Many people were shocked again as someone introduced Martial Emperor Qing Xuan.

    "It turns out that he's the no.1 Martial Emperor on Cloud Continent, Martial Emperor Qing Xuan... I've heard some of Cloud Continent's Martial Emperor powerhouses mentioned him before. His cultivation base is above the Seventh Level Martial Emperor Stage," a Hidden Fog Island's martial artist said.

    "Seventh Level Martial Emperor Stage? Does that mean he's comparable to our Hidden Fog Island's Third Island Master?" Many of the Hidden Fog Island's martial artists asked in surprise.

    There was a rumor on the Hidden Fog Island that all three Island Masters were above the Seventh Level Martial Emperor Stage. Their strength was truly profound.

    "I really can't tell... A seemingly weak young scholar is actually Cloud Continent's no.1 Martial Emperor," a group of Hidden Fog Island martial artists was whispering among themselves. Their faces were filled with shock.

    'No.1 among all the Martial Emperors?'

    When Duan Ling Tian heard the whisperings around him, his eyes widened in shock as he stared at the young scholar, Martial Emperor Qing Xuan, who was smiling at all the Martial Emperor powerhouses.

    'This Martial Emperor Qing Xuan is the no.1 Martial Emperor on Cloud Continent? Does that mean his current status on Cloud Continent is equivalent to the Rebirth Martial Emperor 20,000 years ago?' Duan Ling Tian felt astonished in his heart.

    "Haha... Qing Xuan, you came early." Before Duan Ling Tian regained his senses, a hearty laughter that sounded like a resonating bell came from afar. It was as loud as thunder.

    Many of the Hidden Fog Island's martial artists with lower cultivation base instantly changed their expressions. Some even ruptured their eardrums, blood spilling out of their ears.


    When the laughter that sounded like a resonating bell stopped, a gust of strong wind blew past.

    A figure appeared in front of everyone. It was a burly man with a curly beard who wore a bronze armor.

    His face was grim, his hips were as strong as a bear, and his back was as supple as a tiger. He stood there like an iron tower and gave off a sense of oppression. Those with lower cultivation base found it hard to breathe.

    After the burly man with a curly beard's appearance, ten more people appeared behind him. Three of them stood slightly to the front while the remaining seven stood behind. It distinctively showed their identities and statuses.

    "Man Wu." Martial Emperor Qing Xuan nodded in greeting at the burly man with a curly beard.

    The burly man with a curly beard who was known as Man Wu said bluntly, "Qing Xuan, I lost to you three years ago... I think I've improved a lot during this three years. When will we battle again? I still want to defeat you and redeem myself."

    After he spoke, the group who had just learned about Martial Emperor Qing Xuan, including Duan Ling Tian, could still maintain their composure. However, the others were stunned.

    The shock was apparent on the faces of the other Martial Emperor powerhouses and Demon Emperor powerhouses, including Yang Hui, Martial Emperor Lei Ming, Martial Emperor You Han, and Martial Emperor Qiu Li, who had known about Martial Emperor Qing Xuan's background.

    "Demon Emperor Man Wu! The no.1 Demon Emperor on Cloud Continent... He lost to Lord Qing Xuan three years ago?" Many people were shocked.

    Even the ten people standing behind Demon Emperor Man Wu looked shocked. It was obvious this was the first time Demon Emperor Man Wu had spoken about it.

    'It seems that only Martial Emperor Qing Xuan and Demon Emperor Man Wu knew about it... However, Demon Emperor Man Wu seemed to be a genuine person since he could speak about it so candidly in front of so many people.'

    After a while, Duan Ling Tian understood the situation.

    "Man Wu, I merely won by a small margin in that battle three years ago... If you want to fight again, I'm more than willing to oblige. However, it'll have to wait until the Hidden Fog Martial Competition is over."

    Martial Emperor Qing Xuan was still smiling even when faced with Demon Emperor Man Wu's challenge.

    "Alright!" Demon Emperor Man Wu nodded quickly before he and his ten disciples stood to the side.

    "Lord Man Wu."

    "Lord Man Wu."


    At this time, the Demon Emperor powerhouses from Cloud Continent bowed toward Demon Emperor Man Wu.

    Demon Emperor Man Wu's status among the demons on Cloud Continent was equivalent to the status of Martial Emperor Qing Xuan among the humans on Cloud Continent.

    A Martial Emperor powerhouse from Cloud Continent who came to cultivate on the Hidden Fog Island exclaimed, "I didn't think Lord Qing Xuan had defeated Demon Emperor Man Wu three years ago... Does that means Lord Qing Xuan is more than the no.1 Martial Emperor on Cloud Continent, he's actually the no.1 person on Cloud Continent right now?"

    No.1 on Cloud Continent!

    For a time, not only did the group of people from Cloud Continent looked at Qing Xuan in admiration, but even the people from Hidden Fog Island looked at Qing Xuan in admiration.

    'This Martial Emperor Qing Xuan is really lowkey... Even the five people behind him didn't know he had defeated Demon Emperor Man Wu.' Duan Ling Tian had long noticed the shocked expression on the faces of the five Martial Emperor powerhouses standing behind Martial Emperor Qing Xuan. It was obvious they were shocked by this revelation as well.

    At this time, apart from the ten people from Lost Stone Forest who left with Martial Emperor Shi Qi, almost everyone from Cloud Continent who came to participate in the Hidden Fog Martial Competition was here.

    "Now, we just have to wait for the Third Island Master... The Hidden Fog Martial Competition will officially begin once the Third Island Master arrives," many Hidden Fog Island's martial artists said.

    "It seems that our Hidden Fog Island's core disciples haven't arrived yet." Someone seemed to have noticed this.

    "There are quite a number of inner island disciples and outer island disciples who came to watch... But we haven't seen any of the core disciples."

    The Hidden Fog Island's disciples were separated into three groups. They were the core disciples, inner island disciples, and outer island disciples. They could be identified by the Order Token that they carried around on their waists.

    There were a lot of inner island disciples and outer island disciple, but none of the core disciples could be seen.

    "They're here!" Someone yelled before the sound of wind whistling in the distance was heard.

    Along with the sound of wind whistling, a few figures traveling at lightning-speed appeared.

    In just a blink of an eye, the figures arrived.

    All these people had one thing in common. All of them had an Order Token on their waists that was carved with the word 'Core'.

    It was obvious they were the Hidden Fog Island's core disciples.

    One of the core disciples' eyes lit up as though he had discovered something.


    Following that, he arrived before the group of people from You Han Valley and looked at Martial Emperor You Han. He said with a smile, "Senior You Han."

    "Young Master Chen," Martial Emperor You Han said. She was extremely courteous when she spoke to that Hidden Fog Island's core disciple.

    This was because he had another shocking identity. Apart from being a Hidden Fog Island's core disciple, he was also the only son of the Second Island Master. Moreover, the Second Island Master only had him when he was old. As such, the love the Second Island Master of Hidden Fog Island had for his son was very obvious.

    "Senior You Han... Where are the two Junior Sisters?" The person who stood in front of Martial Emperor You Han was Hidden Fog Island's core disciple, Chen Zhi. Among the Hidden Fog Island's core disciples, Chen Zhi might not be the strongest, but he was definitely the most lecherous.

    Ever since Chen Zhi discovered that You Han Valley had two extremely beautiful female disciples, he had lusted after them.

    As for the fiancé of the two female disciples, he was not bothered about it. In his opinion, he could just kill him.

    When Chen Zhi spoke, he began to search for the women behind Martial Emperor You Han. However, there were only eight people standing behind her, and all of them looked mediocre to him. They did not interest him at all.

    "Young Master Chen, I'm afraid I can't fulfill the promise I made that day." Martial Emperor You Han sighed.

    Chen Zhi's expression changed dramatically. "Senior You Han, what do you mean? Are you regretting your decision?"

    Back then, Chen Zhi had immediately gone to Martial Emperor You Han and asked for their hands in marriage once he heard there were two extremely beautiful women under Martial Emperor You Han. Martial Emperor You Han had made him a promise, but now, she was saying she could not fulfill the promise?

    "I don't regret it... My disciples got carried away and ran away with a boy from Ling Xuan Peak. They had deserted You Han Valley. I can no longer decide these things for them." As Martial Emperor You Han spoke, she looked at the people from Ling Xuan Peak.

    Chen Zhi followed Martial Emperor You Han's line of sight.

    With one look, he was dumbstruck.


    There were such beauties in this world?

    Two graceful figures appeared before Chen Zhi's eyes. He was completely stupefied.

    One of the women wore a lavender blouse. She had long, flowing hair and a jade belt wrapped around her slim waist. Although her slender legs were covered, it could not hide her peerless beauty. Her almost perfect face, in particular, was dazzling. A pair of curved eyebrows, expressive eyes, tall and straight nose, and a cherry-like mouth...

    All of it attracted Chen Zhi.
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