1441 Earth Rankings’ Powerhouses

    Even a Five-clawed Divine Dragon had very limited blood essence in the body. There was only a total of ten drops.

    Before this, Di Jue, the Five-clawed Golden Dragon, had already ignited one blood essence to cast the Innate Secret Tactic exclusive to Five-clawed Golden Dragons. Only then was he able to overpower the three Four-clawed Divine Dragons.

    If it was not for the appearance of the dragon clan's Enforcement Elder, Elder Xue, the three Four-clawed Divine Dragons would have died.

    "Di Jue, are you threatening me?" Elder Xue's voice was filled with rage.

    Although he dreaded going against Di Jue who was willing to ignite his blood essence to cast the Innate Secret Tactic, he was not afraid at all. However, if Di Jue really ignited all his blood essence in his body, he would become a sinner in the dragon clan.

    Di Jue was one of the two Five-clawed Golden Dragons in the dragon clan.

    The other Five-clawed Golden Dragon was the current Clan Leader of the dragon clan.

    If there was no accident, Di Jue would become the next Clan Leader after a few thousand years.

    If Di Jue died, it would be a loss to the dragon clan.

    Currently, apart from him, Di Jue, and the Clan Leader of the dragon clan, there were another five Five-clawed Divine Dragons in the clan... Now that Di Yong, Di Jue's son, had died, it meant another Five-clawed Divine Dragon would be born soon.

    However, it was uncertain if that Five-clawed Divine Dragon would be a Five-clawed Golden Dragon or not.

    Even if it was, it would not be able to grow up in time to become the successor of the current Clan Leader.

    "Elder Xue, you can take my words as a threat... No matter what, I won't go to the Enforcement Hall today!" Di Jue replied resolutely, "You only have two choices. You either bring my dead body with you or let me avenge my son. After I've avenged him, I'll go to the Enforcement Hall to receive my punishment! At that time, if you want to add the crime of me trying to escape punishment, I'll admit to it as well!"

    "How long do you need?" Elder Xue asked. It was obvious he had decided to take a step back.

    He had no other option apart from that.

    He believed that even if the Clan Leader of the dragon clan was here, he would have done the same.

    Di Jue was not an ordinary Five-clawed Divine Dragon, he carried the duty of leading the dragon clan in the future.

    "I have no idea." Di Jue was not surprised that Elder Xue decided to take a step back. It was because he was confident about this that he had used his life to threaten Elder Xue.

    "Hurmph! I'll give you 100 years... After 100 years, no matter if you've avenged your son or not, you must be at the Enforcement Hall! If you don't show up, I'll capture you personally!" Elder Xue snorted coldly. His eyes gleamed as two streaks of red light shot out. It solidified as it flew toward Di Jue.

    Di Jue did not dodge, he allowed the sharp ray to enter his body.

    He knew Elder Xue was leaving a mark in his body. No matter where he went, Elder Xue would be able to find him using this mark.

    "100 years is more than enough." Di Jue nodded his head in reply.

    If he still could not find the killer of his son and avenge his son after 100 years, he would be too embarrassed to continue living in this world.

    "Elder Xue, I'll take my leave first." After bidding farewell to Elder Xue, Di Jue's true form emitted another ray of dazzling gold light before he transformed into a golden-robed middle-aged man. This was his human form.

    He did not stay any longer. Instead, he disappeared in the horizon as he transformed into a golden ray of light.

    Currently, he only had one thought in his mind, and that was to find his son's murderer and slaughter him and his clan!

    Currently, he was heading to the southern district of Dao Martial Saint Land.

    After Di Jue left, a huge ancient figure emerged in the sky near the Five-clawed Blood Dragon.

    "Clan Leader!" The Five-clawed Blood Dragon lowered his huge head in front of this old man with a big built. "I let Di Jue go. Please punish me, Clan Leader!"

    "I've already learned about the ins and outs of the matter. You've done nothing wrong, why would I punish you?" The old man with a big built was the Clan Leader of the dragon clan. He looked at the direction where Di Jue was headed and muttered, "With Di Jue's personality, if we don't let him go, he would've really killed himself since he had said so. It's because of his personality that we kept quiet for so many years even though we suspected his son, Di Yong was still alive and merely prohibited him from leaving."

    When the Clan Leader of the dragon clan reached the end of his sentence, he sighed. "For so many years, we've sent many people to investigate, both openly and secretly, but we still couldn't find Di Yong... This is enough to prove that Di Jue had hidden him well. However, he was still killed by someone in the end. Perhaps, this is his destiny. Even if our dragon clan didn't take any action, he still did not survive," the Clan Leader of the dragon clan added.

    "Now that the Five-clawed Devil Dragon is dead, the crisis the dragon clan faced is now gone." Elder Xue heaved a sigh of relief as well.

    Duan Ling Tian was unaware that currently, an extremely strong Five-clawed Golden Dragon had left the Dao Martial Saint Land in rage and was heading to the south, straight to the Half Moon Island of the Overseas Saint Island.

    The Half Moon Island was the island that Di Yong, the Five-clawed Devil Dragon, had ruled previously.

    Currently, it had become the Ling Tian Sect.

    At this moment, Duan Ling Tian was cultivating in the outer court of a seventh-rate force in the Dao Martial Saint Land, the Moon Illumination Sect. He was trying to break through to the Perfection Mortal Shedding Stage.

    "Huh? Isn't that Senior Brother Feng?" Near the independent courtyards in the outer court, many outer court disciples attention were focused on a green-clad young man who was walking to an independent courtyard.

    Almost all the outer court disciples knew to whom the independent courtyard belonged to.

    An outer court disciple who had entered the sect more than a month ago lived right there.

    The green-clad young man was also well-known in the outer court.

    He was ranked 5th in the Moon Illumination Sect's outer court. Moreover, he was at the peak of the Paramount Mortal Shedding Stage and also a reputable powerhouse in the Nine Sect Alliances.

    This was because he was one of the few people from the Moon Illumination Sect who was in the Earth Ranking.

    The Earth Ranking was a list ranking the most outstanding Martial and Dao Cultivators at the Mortal Shedding Stage in the Nine Sect Alliances. Those who were ranked there were remarkable Mortal Shedding Stage powerhouses.

    Even the weakest among them possessed strength that was on par with Martial and Dao Cultivators at the Early Saint Rudiment Stage.

    The strongest one could even defeat Martial and Dao Cultivators at the Early Saint Rudiment Stage.

    The green-clad young man was called Feng Fan. Apart from ranking 5th in the Moon Illumination Sect's outer court, he was also ranked 99th in the Earth Ranking... There was a total of 100 people in the Earth Ranking.

    Although Feng Fan was at the bottom of the Earth Ranking, one must not forget what the Earth Ranking was. It was a ranking of all the remarkable Mortal Shedding Stage powerhouses in the Nine Sect Alliances.

    It was undoubtedly a great honor to enter the ranking.

    There were many Martial and Dao Cultivators in the Nine Sect Alliances that regretted not being able to enter the Earth Ranking when they broke through to the Early Saint Rudiment Stage.

    Feng Fan had an ordinary appearance with a medium built. He would not have stood out in a crowd at all.

    Currently, he had arrived in front of an independent courtyard. In the next instant, under the watchful eyes of the others, a thin paper appeared when he raised his hand.


    When he raised his hand, the thin paper flew out and wedged itself in the crack between the door and the frame of the door. It fluttered for while before it finally stilled.

    "T-That's a duel invitation?" Many outer court disciple could not help but gasp when they saw this.

    "I can't believe even Senior Brother Feng Fan could not endure it and is trying to challenge Senior Brother Duan Ling Tian."

    "Senior Brother Duan Ling Tian's performance is just too amazing! Not only did he single-handedly overpower Senior Brother Ceng Zhi, but he even managed to defeat Senior Brother Lin Fu in just two moves... Many of our brothers said his strength is sufficient for him to enter the top ten in the outer court."

    "Even if he enters top 10, he still won't be a match for Senior Brother Feng Fan, right?"

    "Of course! It's impossible! Senior Brother Feng Fan is a reputable powerhouse in the Earth Ranking. He's one of the top Martial Cultivators at the Mortal Shedding Stage in the Nine Sect Alliances."

    "Six months ago, Senior Brother Feng Fan had a battle with a Senior Brother at the Early Saint Rudiment Stage from the inner court. The match ended in a draw! In some ways, his strength has already surpassed the strength of those at the peak of the Paramount Mortal Shedding Stage."

    "Senior Brother Duan Ling Tian can overpower his enemy but so can Senior Brother Feng Fan! Due to this reason, I vote for Senior Brother Feng Fan this time."


    A group of outer court disciples discussed frantically. Most of them were confident that Feng Fan would win while a small number were slightly hopeful Duan Ling Tian would win.

    This was not due to their confidence in Duan Ling Tian's strength. Instead, it was because of his previous two performances.

    In their opinion, Duan Ling Tian was someone who excelled at creating miracles.

    An outer court disciple came from afar. After hearing the discussion of this group of outer court disciples, he chimed in unhappily, "Huh? You guys are talking about it already? I saw Senior Brother Feng Fan went to look for Elder Huang, and I thought I was the only one who knew he was going to issue a duel invitation."

    "Tsk! Senior Brother Feng Fan has already issued the duel invitation! We even saw it with our own eyes." Many people looked at him disdainfully.

    "Wait a minute, you said you saw Senior Brother Feng Fan looking for Elder Huang? Are you sure he looked for Elder Huang to place his thumbprint on the duel invitation?" an outer court disciple said solemnly at this moment.

    This outer court disciple was here since the beginning.

    "Of course!" The outer court disciple nodded and said confidently, "I personally saw Elder Huang placed his fingerprint on the duel invitation in Senior Brother Feng Fan's hand. I'm definitely not mistaken!"

    "But, when I went past Elder Qiu's place earlier, I saw Senior Brother Feng Fan had gone to look for him as well. Moreover, he had also asked him to place a fingerprint on the duel invitation," the other outer court disciple said with a frown.

    "Are you sure?"

    "I saw it with my own eyes!"

    "Don't tell me Senior Brother Feng Fan is going to issue two duel invitations?"

    "Well, if he wants to issue two duel invitations, there's no need for him to look for two different elders right? Both duel invitations can have the same fingerprint anyway."

    The moment their discussion reached here, it suddenly came to halt without any warning.

    "C-Could it be... the duel invitation Senior Brother Feng Fan issued i-is..."

    Soon after, the group of outer court disciples gazed at each other, at a loss. They could see the shock in each other eyes as they all came to a conclusion.

    Death Duel invitation!
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