1516 Su Qi’s Death! Wang Tao Showed Up!

    At this moment, Liu Huan realized Su Qi had laid out his plan since a long time ago. The poison in his body did not just form in a day and a night.

    "Liu Huan, the gruel I made is quite delicious, right? Haha... C-Cough... C-Cough..." Su Qi who was caught by Fang Hui laughed loudly as Liu Huan stared at him coldly. As he laughed, his face turned even paler, and he began to cough up blood.

    At the same time, the vitality of Su Qi's body had also begun to disappear. It was apparent he was on the verge of death.

    "Gruel? I see, I see... Looks like you've never sincerely regarded me as your master since the beginning! And to think that I actually treated you so nicely. In the end, you actually want to harm me! Unfilial disciple! Unfilial disciple!" Liu Huan finally pieced the puzzle together. His face had turned extremely green now.

    "Sincerely?" Upon hearing that, Su Qi mocked him emotionally, "I, Su Qi, only recognize one person as my master in my entire life, and it isn't you, Liu Huan! How funny is it that you thought you could make me submit to you? If it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to nurse my grudge and take revenge for my Master, I wouldn't pretend to be your disciple. However, it's unfortunate that I still fell a step short... If I have a few more months, I'm confident the poison would erupt and cause your death!" Su Qi's face was filled with regret when he spoke to the end of his sentence.

    Liu Huan was a Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage powerhouse, no ordinary poison would be able to kill him.

    Due to this reason, he had used a slow-acting poison he came across on the Mortal Continent. It was tasteless and colorless, completely unnoticeable.

    This kind of poison was not usually poisonous. It was only poisonous when combined with another drug. At that time, it would release its powerful poison.

    The needle that had pierced Liu Huan's body and taken him by surprise had been dipped with the drug to activate the release of the poison that had been lying dormant in his body.

    "Master, quickly leave! Seize this chance and leave now while Liu Huan doesn't dare to move recklessly since he needs to focus on getting rid of the poison..." Su Qi urged Fang Hui as he looked at him.

    He knew very well about the poison he had made.

    Currently, Liu Huan was only left with enough strength to protect himself. If he moved his body, the poison inside his body would definitely enter his organs. At that time, even God would not be able to save him. It would take him at least one to two hours to suppress the poison in his body.

    One or two hours were more than enough time for his master, Fang Hui, to escape.

    "Su Qi!" Fang Hui's face was filled with emotions, and his eyes were brimming with tears.

    A man would not easily shed tears unless he was deeply hurt!

    The moment he discovered Su Qi did not really betray him, the sense of loss in his heart had vanished without a trace, leaving only happiness behind when he realized his judgment had been correct after all.

    This disciple who had been by his side the longest still regarded him as his only master.

    "Master, go now!" Su Qi urged. He knew now was not the time to get sentimental.

    "Isn't he poisoned? I'll kill him immediately!" Fang Hui did not intend to leave. His eyes flashed coldly as he glared at Liu Huan who was currently focused on expelling the poison from his body.

    "Master, although he doesn't dare to move his body recklessly, he still has enough strength to protect himself... Go! Go now!" Su Qi kept urging him. He was stirred up, and he spat out another few mouthfuls of blood, causing his injuries to worsen.

    "Alright, I'll go!" Although he was unwilling, Fang Hui knew Su Qi would not deceive him. He clenched his teeth, preparing to bring Su Qi along with him.

    However, right at this moment...

    "Hahahaha..." A burst of vigorous laughter resonated in the air in the surroundings.

    Whether it was Fang Hui or Su Qi, horror dawned on both of them when they heard the laughter.

    In the distance, Liu Huan was still hovering in the air as he laughed loudly. His face did not even have a hint of green anymore.

    In fact, Liu Huan appeared to be brimming with spirit as he hovered in the air. How did that look like someone who had just been poisoned?

    "Impossible! Impossible!" Upon seeing this, Su Qi's body began to tremble violently as he kept shaking his head. His face was filled with disbelief and shock. It was apparent he did not expect this at all.

    "Nothing's impossible!" Liu Huan smirked. "I'm originally a Saint Refinement Master who focuses on refining medicine. Despite the fact that I've stopped for many years, I've swallowed the blood and flesh of the Thousand Poison Beast when I was young... Ever since then, my resistance to poison has always been great even though I'm not immune to all poison.  The poison you fed me is indeed remarkable, and it's even undetectable... Unfortunately, it doesn't pose much of a threat to me."

    Liu Huan's every word seemed to hit Su Qi directly in his soul. It caused his face to turn even paler, and a hint of despair could be seen in his eyes.

    "Since both of you master and disciple are so dedicated to each other, I'll send you both to hell together!" As Liu Huan's gaze turned cold, his body moved. It seemed as though he had turned into a hurricane before Fang Hui and Su Qi's eyes.

    "Master, I still want to be your disciple if there's a next life!" Su Qi shouted loudly before he charged at Liu Huan with the last of his strength.

    He wanted to use the last of his energy to protect his master. He would go to his grave without any regrets.

    "You're just like a mantis trying to block a chariot!" Liu Huan smirked. With a lift of his hand, vast rolling energy caused Su Qi to erupt into a bloody mist that covered the entire sky.

    The bloody mist drifted all over the place. Not even a drop of blood touch Liu Huan, but some landed on Fang Hui's face.

    Fang Hui's heart was as cold as ice when the smell of blood wafted to him. Even his soul had begun to tremble violently. "Su Qi, Su Qi..."

    "Liu Huan, DIE!"  Fang Hui shouted without any warning.

    The True Energy in his Qi Sea surged out unreservedly. It was as though he had decided to fight Liu Huan until the end.

    However, just the gigantic saber Liu Huan consolidated from his True Energy Consolidated Weapon technique was more than enough to block Fang Hui's menacing attack.

    "Fang Hui, perhaps you were able to fight me when we were young, but right now, you're no different from an ant in my eyes!" Liu Huan said domineeringly as he glared at Fang Hui.

    "That's right, my strength can't compare to yours... However, the disciples I accepted are superior to yours." Fang Hui laughed again even though he was on the verge of death as a figure flashed in his mind. It was a young man who was always dressed in purple. That young man was his hope.

    Duan Ling Tian!

    "Fang Hui, I told you earlier that I won't let you die a fast and painless death... I'll torture you until your last breath!" Liu Huan's gaze turned even colder when he heard Fang Hui's words. He stalked toward Fang Hui like a hunter hunting his prey at a speed that was neither hurried nor slow.

    Every time he took a step, it was as though a gigantic hammer is hitting Fang Hui's chest.

    Suddenly, Liu Huan raised a hand and charged at Fang Hui as fast as lightning.

    At this critical moment, a sharp sword ray suddenly pierced through the sky and swept past the space between Liu Huan and Fang Hui. Liu Huan who was taken by surprise instantly withdrew his hand.

    "Who's that?!" The moment Liu Huan noticed the threat from the sword ray, horror dawned on his face.

    "Haha... Elder Liu Huan, it seems like it has been quite some years since we last met, right?" A burst of laughter rang in the sky, followed by the appearance of a middle-aged man with a strong build.

    The middle-aged man wore flowing grey clothes, and he held a sword in his hand.

    Frowning, Liu Huan studied the middle-aged man for a moment before asking in a deep voice, "You're... W-Wang Tao?"

    "Looks like you still remember me, Elder Liu Huan." Wang Tao smiled.

    "Hurmp! Wang Tao! I can't believe that after so many years of not seeing each other, you've also made a breakthrough to the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage... However, do you think you alone will be able to stop me?" Liu Huan snorted with disdain.

    Liu Huan remembered the person standing before him. It was none other than an inner court deacon in the Moon Illumination Sect.

    However, it did not cross his mind that they would meet at this place.

    Just the fact that Wang Tao was able to pierce through his 100-meter radius territory without alerting him was enough for him to guess the level of his cultivation base. There was no doubt he was also at the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage. Even so, he did not fear Wang Tao.

    He did not fear a Martial Cultivator who had just broken through to the Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage recently.

    "Well then, I guess we'll have to see before we know if I can stop you or not." Wang Tao smiled nonchalantly. His face was so calm as though he did not find Liu Huan worthy at all.

    "Deacon Wang?" At this moment, Fang Hui finally regained his senses. He was shocked when he saw the silhouette with a strong build. He did not expect this person would appear at such a moment. It was obvious he was trying to protect him.

    Wang Tao was the youngest inner court deacon in the history of Moon Illumination Sect. Apart from that, he was also a Sword Cultivator.

    However, due to his eccentric and unsociable temperament, he rarely interacted with the others so his fame was not widespread.

    Based on Liu Huan's words, it seemed like Deacon Wang had already become a Paramount Saint Rudiment Stage powerhouse?

    "Good! Very good!" Upon hearing Wang Tao's words, Liu Huan was so enraged that he laughed instead. "Wang Tao, I want to know why you are protecting him. As far as I know, there's no relationship between you and him, right?"

    "Elder Liu Huan, there's no need for you know of my intention. I'm protecting him because I was asked to by someone," Wang Tao replied nonchalantly.

    "The person who can make you protect him i-is... E-Elder Bai Li?" The moment Liu Huan thought of this, horror dawned on his face. A hint of dread began to surface in his eyes.

    However, Wang Ba did not respond to him. He merely stared at him quietly as though he was waiting for him to make the first move.

    "Hurmph!" Liu Huan's expression changed before he finally clenched his teeth and decided to leave.

    However, before he left, he threatened, "Wang Tao, there's enmity between you and me now!"

    He decided to leave after thinking about it thoroughly. He was afraid his visit here to kill Fang Hui would spread.

    Due to this reason, he even used his True Energy Consolidated Territory to envelop a radius of 100 meters to conceal himself so that nobody would notice him.

    This was because he knew if anyone witnessed him killing Fang Hui, it would enrage Elder Bai Li. Elder Bai Li might not care about Fang Hui's death, but he definitely cared about Duan Ling Tian's joy and anger.

    He had nothing to fear if nobody knew he was the one who killed Fang Hui. Even if Duan Ling Tian suspected him, he was not worried about Elder Bai Li making a move if there was no concrete proof.
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