1842 You’re Not Qualified!

    In the Azure Cloud Mansion, some of the high-ranking officials were famous due to their strength. This included Tong Zhong, one of the Centurions in the Black Armored Army!

    Apart from being the strongest person after the Captain of the Black Armored Army, he was also the strongest person below the Exemplary Saint Stage in the Azure Cloud Mansion and the entire Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land! All these were widely acknowledged by the people.

    Not only that, but he had even made an announcement asking for whoever below the Exemplary Saint Stage in the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land who was unconvinced of this to challenge him!

    No matter who it was, they would become the strongest person below the Exemplary Saint Stage in the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land if they could defeat him!

    Although many people below the Exemplary Saint Stage came to challenge him in the Azure Cloud Mansion, none of them won at all!

    In the Lower Province of the Dao Martial Saint Land, Tong Zhong was also known as the Legend of the Divine Saint Stage!

    In the world of the Divine Saint Stage, he was a legend. Based on that, one could imagine how strong he was!

    "Lord Centurion!" After Tong Zhong appeared, the nine Black Armored Guards led by Decurion Liu Quan appeared as well and bowed politely.

    If one paid attention, one could see that the nine people led by Liu Quan was looking at Tong Zhong with a hint of reverence in their eyes.

    In the Black Armored Army, their Captain who was also the Commander of the Black Armored Army, was a powerhouse from the older generation. For this reason, they only revered the Commander from afar.

    However, other than revering Tong Zhong, all these young Centurions idolized him!

    In the several hundreds of years of history in the Azure Cloud Mansion, Tong Zhong's innate talent was only inferior to their Lord Mansion Master!

    Tong Zhong was only in his early thirties this year!

    Although Zhao Deng felt afraid in front of Tong Zhong, he managed to conceal it and feign anger as he asked in his deep voice, "Centurion Tong Zhong, what're you trying to do?"

    He would not even be able to fight against an ordinary powerhouse at the peak of the Divine Saint Stage, let alone Tong Zhong who was invincible among all the Divine Saint Stage powerhouses.

    His cultivation base was currently only at the Mastery Divine Saint Stage!

    Tong Zhong's originally cold face turned even colder.

    "What am I trying to do?" Tong Zhong asked upon hearing Zhao Deng's words. Meanwhile, the temperature in the surrounding seemed to drop by a few degrees.

    "It's a blessing that Lord Mansion Master wants to personally welcome you. I'm giving you two options. One, you can die here. Two, you can follow me back to the Central Main Hall!" Tong Zhong's tone turned colder as time went by that it sent shivers up people's spines.

    Upon hearing Tong Zhong's words, Zhao Deng's expressions turned grave as he said, "Tong Zhong, I'm the Vice Mansion Master of the Mystical Sky Mansion! If you dare to touch me, the Mystical Sky Mansion won't let you go!"

    At this moment, Zhao Deng had no choice but to use the Mystical Sky Mansion as his shield.

    Unfortunately, Tong Zhong did not seem to care about the Mystical Sky Mansion. His icy voice continued to say, "I'll give you a span of three breaths to make your choice. If you still haven't made a choice in a span of three breaths, I'll take it that you're choosing the former option. Currently, the span of one breath has gone by!"

    Horror dawned on Zhao Deng's face when he discovered it was futile even when he used the Mystical Sky Mansion's name. It seemed as though he was grasping at straws as he said, "My father is Zhao Jin, the Guardian of the Mystical Sky Mansion! He's at the Exemplary Saint Stage!"

    When Zhao Deng saw using the Mystical Sky Mansion's name did not work, he switched to using his father's name instead.

    "One more breath left!" However, it seemed as though Tong Zhong did not hear him as he continued to count down in his cold voice.

    Only the span of one breath was left! Colors drained from Zhao Deng's face, and he finally accepted his fate. "I'll follow you to the Azure Cloud Mansion's Main Mansion's Central Main Hall!"

    There was no way he could resist in front of Tong Zhong at all. If he wanted to live, he could only compromise.

    The nine Black Armored Guards led by Liu Quan looked at Zhao Deng in disdain when they saw him obediently following Tong Zhong.

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    "This Vice Mansion Master of Mystical Sky Mansion, Zhao Deng, is really a disgrace to the Mystical Sky Mansion! In front of Lord Centurion Tong, he gave up in less than the span of three breaths!"

    "I really wonder how Zhao Deng became a Vice Mansion Master in the Mystical Sky Mansion in the first place... Don't they have anyone else in the Mystical Sky Mansion?"

    "I heard that Zhao Deng's father is one of the two great Guardians of the Mystical Sky Mansion. I guess it must be due to nepotism that he managed to become a Vice Mansion Master!"

    "I see."

    At this moment, Zhao Deng had not left very far with Tong Zhong. Due to this reason, he, naturally, heard the nine Black Armored Guards' discussion that was filled with disdain.

    Was it not said that the Azure Cloud Mansion's Black Armored Army was highly disciplined and taciturn?

    Why were their words so mean then?

    At this moment, Zhao Deng seemed to have forgotten how arrogant he had acted earlier when faced with the nine Black Armored Guards!


    In the Central Main Hall of the Azure Cloud Mansion's Main Mansion.

    "Enter!" Tong Zhong glanced coldly at Zhao Deng. After Zhao Deng obediently entered the Central Main Hall, Tong Zhong moved to stand at the great entrance of the Central Main Hall like a fearsome god guarding the door.

    Who was inside the Central Main Hall that Tong Zhong, the Black Armored Army's Centurion, had to personally guard the door?

    As soon as Zhao Deng entered, he saw a person. Moreover, it was someone he knew.

    "Gu Li?" In the large Central Main Hall, other than Zhao Deng who had just entered, only Gu Li was inside.

    "Vice Mansion Master Zhao, why are you here?" Gu Li frowned when he saw Zhao Deng.

    Based on Gu Li's expression, it was obvious he did not know Zhao Deng would show up.

    Zhao Deng did not answer him. What could he say anyway? He could not just say that he had followed him here, could he?

    However, Gu Li was not an idiot. He very quickly guessed the reason behind Zhao Deng's presence. "Y-You followed me?"

    "I only want to know where Ling Tian is! The direction you were headed after leaving the Mystical Sky Mansion is the same with the direction that he went in previously! Do you dare to say you're not here for him?" When Zhao Deng spoke of Ling Tian, he became irritated.

    If it was not for that guy, his son would not have died!

    If it was not for that guy, he would not have followed Gu Li and be trapped in the Azure Cloud Mansion now!

    Not only that, but until now, he still did not know what the intention of the Mansion Master of the Azure Cloud Mansion was.

    How did he know he would come to the Azure Cloud Mansion?

    Why did he want to welcome him personally?

    Gu Li felt delighted when he saw how Zhao Deng still dared to be so daring even in the Azure Cloud Mansion. This was his junior brother's territory. Meanwhile, he did not bother to conceal anything and admitted to his intention of coming here. "That's right! I'm here to look for Junior Brother Ling Tian!"

    "In that case, why can't I follow you?" Zhao Deng smirked. "However, it really didn't cross my mind that your father, Gu Ci Yun, actually knows a high-ranking official from the Azure Cloud Mansion. I'm sure that person must have a high position in the Azure Cloud Mansion since they're willing to hide Ling Tian for your father!"

    When Zhao Deng spoke, he had a knowing expression on his face as though he had already figured everything out.

    When Zhao Deng saw Gu Li did not reply even after a long time, he assumed that he had guessed correctly. "Why aren't you talking? Are you speechless because I figured everything out?"

    At this moment, Zhao Deng seemed to have forgotten the reason he was here. Otherwise, he would not have said such words.

    Which Azure Cloud Mansion's high-ranking official would dare to bring their personal guest to the Central Main Hall?

    The Central Main Hall was the place where the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion welcomed his guests!

    Moreover, Gu Li did not respond because he was shocked by Zhao Deng's words.

    However, he finally remembered something. Zhao Deng was unaware of his junior brother's true identity.

    "Yes, you've figured it all out! I'm completely speechless!" Gu Li nodded his head in assent when faced with Zhao Deng's arrogance. Gu Li had a 'You're right!' expression outwardly. However, inwardly, he was scolding Zhao Deng for being an idiot.

    Zhao Deng no longer acted arrogantly since it seems like Gu Li was acting sensible this time. For this reason, he felt something was amiss.

    The current Gu Li was completely different from the Gu Li he knew!

    Was Gu Li someone who would compromise this easily?

    Naturally, not!

    At this instant, Zhao Deng calmed down again. After he had calmed down, he began to remember where he was.

    "The Central Main Hall of the Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion is where the group of high-ranking officials gather for meetings. It's also a place for the Mansion Master to welcome his guests! Gu Li, don't tell me you're also..."

    Just as Zhao Deng was about to ask Gu Li if he was also invited here by the Mansion Master of the Azure Cloud Mansion as well, a voice resonated from outside in a timely manner.

    Zhao Deng was no stranger to this voice.

    "Vice Mansion Master Zhao, it has been such a long time since we last saw each other!" As the sound resonated, a figure also walked into the Central Main Hall.

    The person who came in was none other than Duan Ling Tian!

    "Junior Brother Ling Tian!" Now that he had finally seen Duan Ling Tian, an expression of joy appeared on Gu Li's face immediately as he went to greet him.

    "Senior Brother Gu Li, you're finally here!" Duan Ling Tian laughed out loud when faced with Gu Li who enthusiastically greeted him.

    "Ling Tian!" When Duan Ling Tian and Gu Li were finally reunited, Zhao Deng's solemn voice interrupted them. "I can't believe you're alive! Tell me! Who killed my son that day?" Zhao Deng asked in an interrogative tone.

    Duan Ling Tian nodded at Gu Li before looking at Zhao Deng once again. Smiling nonchalantly, he said, "Vice Mansion Master Zhao, do you even need to ask? Naturally, it was me who killed your son!"

    "You? You're not qualified!" Upon hearing Duan Ling Tian's words, not only was Zhao Deng not angry, but he had a derisive expression on his face instead.

    His son, Zhao Ji, was at the Early Divine Saint Stage!

    How could he possibly be killed by Duan Ling Tian!

    "What? Vice Mansion Master Zhao, do you think even though your son is an Early Divine Saint Stage Devil Cultivator, I wouldn't be able to kill him?" Duan Ling Tian asked with a smile and narrowed eyes.

    Early Divine Saint Stage Devil Cultivator!

    Before Zhao Deng could reply, Gu Li was taken back. Zhao Ji was an Early Divine Saint Stage Devil Cultivator?

    Based on his knowledge, Zhao Ji seemed to be an Intermediate Refined Saint Stage Martial Cultivator two years ago.

    Even if he made a breakthrough, he was supposed to be a Mastery Refined Saint Stage Martial Cultivator!
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