1905 Duan Ling Tian’s Turn

    Duan Ling Tian did not dare to have high hopes because he felt that his achievements were all thanks to the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda. It was not that he was being pessimistic. The time flow on the third level of the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda was shockingly slow. Five days inside equaled to only a day outside. Just by relying on that alone, his cultivation speed was five times faster than those who were at his level.

    Duan Ling Tian took a deep breath before he shifted his eyes to the four people who were currently being assessed. He watched as they placed their hands on the Spiritual Pearls hovering in front of the Black Turtle Sanctum's Bronze Flame Elders.

    It took about ten breaths before the Spiritual Pearls began to react.

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Three of the Spiritual Pearls glowed with yellow light.


    The final Spiritual Pearl glowed with orange light.

    'That's really magical.' Duan Ling Tian was slightly amazed. He did not think the small Spiritual Pearls would be able to reveal the rank of one's Innate Spiritual Root. Moreover, he could also sense the complex formations inside the Spiritual Pearls. The Spiritual Pearls might appear ordinary, but the formations inside were extraordinarily complex.


    Following that, the four Bronze Flame Elders from Black Turtle Sanctum began recording the names of the participants and the results of their innate talent assessment.

    One of the Bronze Flame Elders looked at the old man who had an orange Innate Spiritual Root and said indifferently, "Your Innate Spiritual Root is merely an orange Innate Spiritual Root... If you haven't reached the Quintessential Saint Stage, it'll be impossible for you to pass the strength assessment."

    "Orange Spiritual Root..." The old man had a bitter expression on his face. It was obvious he had just learned his Innate Spiritual Root was an orange Spiritual Root.

    "Orange Spiritual Roots... It's impossible to reach the Quintessential Saint Stage unless he had a fortuitous encounter!"

    At the same time, those who had not been assessed shook their heads.

    The old man who learned that he merely had an orange Innate Spiritual Root bowed respectfully at the Bronze Flame Elders and turned around to leave. It seemed like he was aware of his own strength. His back looked gaunt and sad from afar.

    "I hope that my Spiritual Root isn't an orange Spiritual Root..." Many people muttered to themselves. They were afraid their Innate Spiritual Roots would also be an orange Spiritual Root. It was hard to tell what rank one's Innate Spiritual Root was just by looking at one's strength.

    For example, people with orange and yellow Spiritual Roots would cultivate at almost the same speed before they reached the Divine Saint Stage. The difference would grow bigger once they had broken through to the Divine Saint Stage.

    People with yellow Spiritual Roots would be able to break through to the Exemplary Saint Stage easily and had a good chance of breaking through to the Quintessential Saint Stage.

    On the other hand, for people with orange Innate Spiritual Roots, entering the Divine Saint Stage would be their limit. They might stand a chance in breaking through to the Exemplary Saint Stage, but it would be almost impossible for them to break through to the Quintessential Saint Stage.

    "Your Innate Spiritual Root is yellow, if your cultivation base is not at the Exemplary Saint Stage, I recommend you to try again next time. Naturally, you can continue, but be prepared to get injured."

    The same phrase was repeated by the other three Bronze Flame Elders to the three people with yellow Innate Spiritual Roots.

    Three of them nodded. In the end, two of them stayed on while one of them left.

    The person who had left was only at the Mastery Divine Saint Stage. His chance of passing the strength assessment was really low. He had only come because he wanted to see if his Innate Spiritual Root was green. If he had a green Innate Spiritual Root, he would not have to participate in the strength assessment.

    The principle of the assessment from the Fire Worship Sect's Four Symbol Sanctum prioritized those who had a high innate talent.

    For example, a person with green Spiritual Root would qualify as a disciple as long as their cultivation base was at the Divine Saint Stage. This was because people with green Spiritual Roots would certainly break through to the Quintessential Saint Stage and had a high chance of breaking through to the Saint Celestial Stage.

    If such talented people were properly nurtured, they would certainly grow to become the Fire Worship Sect's pillars of strength.

    As for those with Innate Spiritual Roots that were ranked higher than green Innate Spiritual Roots, they were completely exempted from the strength assessment and might even stand a chance to become a disciple of a Golden Flame Elder.

    On Dao Martial Saint Land, there was an old folk song about how people who possessed green Spiritual Roots could certainly break through to the Saint Celestial Stage as long as they did not die young!

    After the first group of four people left, another four people stepped forward. Four people were assessed in each round.

    As time passed, some people who found out they possessed orange Innate Spiritual Roots left the place in low spirits.

    Most people possessed yellow Innate Spiritual Roots and most of them stayed to take part in the strength assessment. Only a small group of people left because they knew they were not strong enough to pass the strength assessment.

    More than a hundred people had left before the innate talent assessment had ended. There were less than a thousand people left on the scene.

    "Green Spiritual Root!"

    Just like earlier, four people stepped forward to have their innate talent assessed. When one of them put his hand on the Spiritual Pearl, it began to glow with a green light. It instantly caught everyone's attention.

    It was a middle-aged man whose complexion was as smooth as jade. He was dressed in a scholarly fashion. He was obviously stunned when he found out he possessed a green Innate Spiritual Root. He looked delighted when he finally regained his senses.

    "It turns out to be a green Spiritual Root!"

    "Almost 400 people have been assessed, but only one person possesses the green Innate Spiritual Root so far. As long as those with green Spiritual Roots have a cultivation base at the Divine Saint Stage, the strength assessment would be a mere formality."

    "Green Innate Spiritual Root... I hope mine is also a green Innate Spiritual Root. Otherwise, it would be difficult for me to join the Fire Worship Sect with my cultivation base at the peak of the Divine Saint Stage."


    People whispered among themselves as they looked at the middle-aged man who dressed like a scholar with a hint of envy and jealousy in their eyes.

    The Bronze Flame Elder looked at the middle-aged man who was dressed like a scholar and asked with a smile, "What's your cultivation base?"

    The Bronze Flame Elder also possessed a green Innate Spiritual Root.

    As long as the middle-aged man before him joined the Fire Worship Sect, he would be able to rise to the ranks of a Bronze Flame Elder like him sooner or later. For this reason, he treated the middle-aged man as an equal.

    "Early Exemplary Saint Stage," the middle-aged man replied with a smile after he regained his senses.

    "He's at the Early Exemplary Saint Stage!"

    "With his cultivation base and innate talent, it's certain he'll be able to join the Fire Worship Sect! If he breaks through to the Quintessential Saint Stage, he might even obtain the pass to enter the Fire Worship Sect's Saint Land.

    "The assessment today will merely be a formality to him. With his innate talent, there will be many Silver Flame Elders who will want to accept him as a direct disciple."

    Most people felt envious and jealous when they looked at the middle-aged man.

    'After assessing 400 people, only one person possesses a green Innate Spiritual Root... It seems very likely that I possess a yellow Innate Spiritual Root! I can only hope it's not an orange Innate Spiritual Root,' Duan Ling Tian thought to himself. There was a hint of envy in Duan Ling Tian's eyes as well when he looked at the middle-aged man standing in the distance.

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    When he was on Cloud Continent, he had consumed the 10,000 Years Stalactite Milk that raised his innate talent greatly to the point where he had the highest innate talent on Cloud Continent.

    However, he was only the strongest on the Mortal Continents! Having the highest innate talent on the Mortal Continents meant nothing in the Dao Martial Saint Land.

    Perhaps, the middle-aged man who was dressed like a scholar brought luck with him because, after a few more rounds of assessment, they discovered another person who possessed the green Innate Spiritual Root.

    "The second person with a green Spiritual Root!"

    Everyone's attention, including Duan Ling Tian, shifted to the person who possessed a green Innate Spiritual Root.

    It was a young man who had an ordinary appearance. He would not have stood out in a crowd. He also looked as though he was unaware he possessed a green Innate Spiritual Root. He was visibly stunned for a quite a while. He only regained his senses when the Bronze Flame Elder standing in front of him spoke to him. He began to shout excitedly. He seemed more excited than the middle-aged man who was dressed like a scholar.

    However, no one thought anything of his overexcitement. In fact, they thought it was normal. If they were in his shoes, they might have been even more excited.

    "Peng Hui, congratulations!"  The young man's companion congratulated him. At the same time, he did not forget to say proudly to the people around him, "This green Innate Spiritual Root prodigy is my brother! Initially, I didn't think he'll be able to pass the assessment since he's only at the Intermediate Divine Saint Stage... I didn't expect him to possess a green Innate Spiritual Root!"

    Intermediate Divine Saint Stage cultivator with a green Spiritual Root...

    He was certainly qualified to become a disciple of the Fire Worship Sect!

    The people in the surrounding finally understood his excitement. If he did not possess a green Innate Spiritual Root, he would have come here in vain. It was like he had won the lottery when they discovered he possessed a green Innate Spiritual Root!

    'I really hope I'm as lucky as him.' Many people who were present and who were at the Divine Saint Stage silently prayed.

    As time passed, they discovered several more people who possessed green Innate Spiritual Roots. Meanwhile, many who were aware of their own strength also left on their own accord.

    Soon after, it was Duan Ling Tian's turn.

    When Duan Ling Tian and three other people stepped forward to face the Bronze Flame Elders, the entire place fell silent immediately. Everyone's attention was focused on Duan Ling Tian.

    Duan Ling Tian had left a lasting impression on them from yesterday's Death Duel!
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