2032 The Enforcement Hall

    The Enforcement Hall was located in a mountain, north of the Fire Worship Sect's Saint Island. Due to its special status, very few people would come here.

    The Enforcement Hall was separated into three halls. There were the Main Hall, the Punishment Hall, and the Prison Hall.

    The Main Hall was used to store dossiers, accepting complaints, and managing the Enforcement Hall.

    The Punishment Hall, just like its name, was the place where the Enforcement Hall carried out punishments for Fire Worship Sect's elders and disciples who violated the rules.

    At that time, after Wei He, the great direct disciple of the Black Turtle Sanctum's First Silver Flame Elder Li An, was found to have slandered the Black Turtle Sanctum's Enforcement Elder for abusing his power, indirectly violating the sanctity of the Enforcement Hall, he was sentenced to death in the Punishment Hall.

    The Punishment Hall had all sorts of terrifying instruments of torture as well. They were much more horrifying than other ordinary punishment instruments. Many of the instruments would make one wish one was better off dead.

    As for the Prison Hall, it was the place where the Fire Worship Sect's elders and disciples who had violated the rules were imprisoned.

    Those who were locked up were usually those who had committed serious crimes. For the reason that their crimes would need the final verdict from the Sect Leader, they were temporarily locked up here.

    Ke'er, Duan Si Ling, Ke'er and Duan Ling Tian's daughter, and Ke'er's twin sister, Gan Ru Yan, were locked up here.


    At this moment, a figure could be seen making his way into the Enforcement Hall's Main Hall.

    "Elder Dong Lin." The few Enforcement Hall's elders who had just flown out of the Main Hall automatically greeted the figure with a smile when they saw him.

    This person was none other than Dong Lin who had just returned from the Central Square's Fire Remuneration Palace.

    Before Dong Lin came here, he had gone to a few other places to inquire about Duan Ling Tian to gain a deeper understanding of him. After he had gotten the information he wanted, he returned in a haste to the Main Hall where the dossiers were stored to look up Duan Ling Tian's record.

    Currently, news of Dong Lin's plan being foiled in the Central Square's Fire Remuneration Palace had already reached the Enforcement Hall. However, it had not reached the Main Hall.

    Due to this reason, the few Enforcement Hall's elders coming out of the Main Hall had yet to learn of the incident. That was why they were able to act naturally when faced with Dong Lin.

    Although Dong Lin was also an Enforcement Hall's Bronze Flame Elder just like them, due to the reason his father was the Enforcement Hall's Vice Hall Master, they were polite to him even if they did not fawn over him. Dong Lin's father was their immediate superior after all!


    However, Dong Lin merely ignored their greetings. Without slowing down, he descended from the sky and entered the Enforcement Hall's Main Hall.

    "What's going on with Elder Dong Lin? Why is he in such a hurry?"

    "That's right! Although he usually wouldn't greet us when we greet him, he would usually spare us a glance or a nod!"

    "Let him be. This kid's temper has always been a mystery. Just let him be."

    Based on these few Enforcement Hall's elders' words, it was obvious they did not have a good impression of Dong Lin. They were only polite to Dong Lin because he had an extraordinary background. Moreover, his father was their immediate superior.

    When the few Enforcement Hall's elders had flown quite a distance, another Enforcement Hall's elder flew toward them and said joyfully, "Hey, did you hear about it? Our Enforcement Hall's Elder Dong Lin apologized to a true disciple in the Central Square's Fire Remuneration Palace!"

    This Enforcement Hall's elder was also a Bronze Flame Elder so these few people were familiar with him.


    "Elder Dong Lin apologized to a true disciple? This is a joke, right?!"

    "With his temper, people usually have to apologize to him. To think he apologized to someone else, a true disciple no less. I don't believe it!"

    The few Enforcement Hall's elders who had just left the Main Hall looked at each other and shook their heads, expressing their disbelief.

    "Well, you better believe it. Everyone's talking about this!" The Enforcement Hall's elder who just arrived said as he shook his head.

    The few Enforcement Hall's elders began to feel curious and quickly urged the other elder. "What actually happened? Tell us!"

    "Well, it's like this..." The Enforcement Hall's elder began to disclose everything he knew.

    The Fire Remuneration Palace, Duan Ling Tian, Dong Lin, and the assignment from the Enforcement Hall. The conversation revolved around these few topics.

    "Dong Lin actually abused his power and banned Duan Ling Tian from serving in the Enforcement Hall? Isn't he afraid Lord Hall Master would be angry with him?"

    "That's right! Although his father is a Vice Hall Master, his father wouldn't be able to do anything if the Hall Master gets angry!"

    "He's smart. He found a valid excuse. Even if Lord Hall Master finds out about this, he might not blame him!"

    "It's unfortunate his excuse was found to be invalid. Who said Duan Ling Tian only has a yellow Innate Spiritual Root? He publicly revealed his blue Innate Spiritual Root, figuratively slapping Dong Lin!"

    "No wonder his expression is grim! As it turns out, he was just humiliated in the Fire Remuneration Palace!"

    The few Enforcement Hall's elders recalled how Dong Lin did not even bother with them when they greeted him.

    "However, I can't believe that apart from being extremely talented in comprehending Divine Abilities, Duan Ling Tian has a high innate talent as well. The instant the eighth prodigy of the Fire Worship Sect appeared, his strength is enough for him to be ranked in the top five among all the prodigies!"

    "Duan Ling Tian really never fails to surprise everyone with he everything that he does!"

    "You're right!  He's been shocking everyone since he entered the sect! This time, he even gave a good slap to that good-for-nothing kid from our Enforcement Hall! How ruthless!"

    "Based on this news, it seems like he'll be coming to the Enforcement Hall tomorrow? We'll finally be able to meet this popular prodigy who has recently arrived in our Fire Worship Sect!"

    "I'm looking forward to meeting him!"

    A hint of curiosity could be seen in the few Enforcement Hall's elders' eyes when they spoke about Duan Ling Tian. They wondered how the person who had shocked the Fire Worship Sect continuously since his arrival looked like!


    In the Main Hall of the Enforcement Hall.

    The moment Dong Lin entered, he headed straight to where the dossiers were stored.

    The dossiers were very important to the Enforcement Hall. For this reason, a Silver Flame Elder would be stationed next to the place where the dossiers were stored.

    "Elder Dong Lin?" Today, a middle-aged Silver Flame Elder was on duty in the side palace where the dossiers were stored. When he saw Dong Lin coming over in a rush, he was puzzled. "You're..."

    "I want to look at the dossier regarding the death of Wei He, the Saint Land elder!" Dong Lin said demandingly. He seemed to have forgotten the person on duty was a Silver Flame Elder.

    As expected, after hearing the demanding way Dong Lin had spoken, the Silver Flame Elder's expression turned solemn immediately. He said coldly, "Elder Dong Lin, I don't remember where the dossier you're looking for is kept. I think it's better if you look for it yourself!"

    Although Dong Lin's father was the Enforcement Hall's Vice Hall Master and his direct superior, he was still a Silver Flame Elder no matter what. He had his pride. Naturally, he would not let a Bronze Flame Elder like Dong Lin trample on his pride. Even if he risked offending the Vice Hall Master of the Enforcement Hall, he was not willing to throw away his pride.

    "Elder Lin Tong, I'm sorry. I was too anxious. I've offended you earlier. Please forgive me." Dong Lin finalized realized his mistake when he heard the Silver Flame Elder's words. Dissatisfaction filled his heart as he forced himself to apologize.

    What a joke!

    The dossiers in the side palace of the Main Hall had been around since a long time ago. If he had to look for it on his own, he might not be able to find it even after spending three days and three nights searching for it.

    In order to have a look at the dossier as he quickly as he could, Dong Ling outwardly apologized. However, deep inside, he began to hate he Silver Flame Elder, Lin Tong.

    Lin Tong's solemn expression eased away when he heard Dong Lin's apology. After that, he searched for the dossier regarding Wei He's death and handed it over to Dong Lin when he found it.

    "Elder Lin Tong, please also look for the dossier regarding Duan Ling Tian killing the Vermilion Bird Sanctum's disciples, Yuan Hong and Yuan Kuang. I'd like to read it," Dong Lin said as he forced himself to smile.

    It was apparent that Lin Tong was a person who preferred a soft rather than a forceful approach. Seeing how polite Dong Lin was, he instantly looked for the dossier Dong Lin had requested for.

    Soon after, Dong Lin was reading the two dossiers. From the dossiers, Dong Lin saw the record regarding Duan Ling Tian's Innate Spiritual Root being blue!

    Dong Lin's expression turned grave immediately. As it turned out, the Enforcement Hall had already known Duan Ling Tian possessed a blue Innate Spiritual Root. However, since he had just returned to the sect, he was unaware of this matter.

    'This time, Chen Peng has really gotten me into trouble! I hope Lord Hall Master won't investigate this matter further when he learns I've taken the initiative to apologize to Duan Ling Tian...' Dong Ling prayed inwardly.


    Duan Ling Tian was, naturally, unaware of what was happening in the Enforcement Hall. After leaving the Fire Remuneration Palace and the Central Square, he returned to his residence.

    He was overwhelmed by the fact that he would be going to the Enforcement Hall tomorrow. For this reason, he did not cultivate nor comprehend his Divine Abilities for a long time after he had entered the fourth level of the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda.
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