2292 The Convergence Area of the Tribulation Clouds

    Duan Ling Tian could feel Shi Nan Feng's gaze on him and he turned to look at Shi Nan Feng and saw the killing intent in Shi Nan Feng's eyes. "He must be the Palace Master of Great Spirit Palace."

    Shi Nan Feng smirked when he saw Duan Ling Tian turning back to look at him. He thought Duan Ling Tian was trying to escape. "Trying to escape?"

    Shi Nan Feng had assumed Duan Ling Tian was trying to escape because he thought Duan Ling Tian must be intimidated by him and Yuwen Hao Chen who was about to become an Eminent Celestial in the next few days. With the threat of an Eminent Celestial looming over Duan Ling Tian, he did not think Duan Ling Tian would be so bold as to continue staying in the Wandering Saint Palace.

    Duan Ling Tian did not bother with Shi Nan Feng as he brought Ke'er, Duan Si Ling, and Gan Ru Yan away. "Let's go!" Peng Lai followed closely behind when he heard Duan Ling Tian's words.

    After flying for a while, Peng Lai lifted his head to see where they were going. He was shocked when he saw the Tribulation Clouds looming ahead. "Th-this... I-isn't this the direction of Lord Palace Master's residence?" He had thought his master was going to bring them out of the Wandering Saint Palace. It was completely out of his expectation that his master would bring them directly to the Palace Master's residence. He was completely dumbfounded.

    In fact, Peng Lai was not the only one who was baffled.

    "What's he trying to do? Is he seeking death?" Shi Nan Feng, the Palace Master of Great Spirit Palace, did not expect this at all. He had expected Duan Ling Tian to try and leave after all.

    Duan Ling Tian continued to make his way to the center of the Wandering Saint Palace's estate. It was where Yuwen Hao Chen's residence was located.

    "Eh? Isn't that man Vice Palace Master Duan from the Wandering Saint Palace?" Meanwhile, the people from the other Palaces and six Halls had also discovered Duan Ling Tian and his companions.

    "What are you talking about? What Vice Palace Master Duan? He's the Young Mansion Master of Azure Cloud Mansion!" "Hmm? Where's he going? It seems like he's heading to the center of the estate!"

    "Why isn't he trying to escape?"

    "Maybe he can't find the way."

    "How's that possible? He's been in the palace for three years now. Even if he spent most of his time cultivating, how could he not know the way out of the estate?"


    Duan Ling Tian's action did not only confuse Peng Lai and Shi Nan Feng, but it confused the others from the Three Palaces and Six Halls as well. None of them knew what Duan Ling Tian intended to do.

    The elders from Wandering Saint Palace were also confused by Duan Ling Tian's action.

    "Isn't he heading toward Lord Palace Master's residence?"

    "Maybe he plans to surrender so Lord Palace Master won't kill him?"

    However, they were not convinced Duan Ling Tian was going to surrender. It brought them back to the same questions they had earlier; What was Duan Ling Tian trying to do? Where did he plan to go?

    I can feel the Sun Force getting more and more restless the closer I get to the area where the Tribulation Clouds are converging. It feels like something in the center of the convergence area is attracting it!' Duan Ling Tian thought to himself as he brought his wife, daughter, and sister-in-law with him. 'Moreover, I can feel my comprehension of heaven and earth slowly deepening without any signs of stopping at all! It might be slow but the improvement is continuous... I'm certain my comprehension of heaven and earth now far surpasses all those who have broken through to the Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage a few years ago. Not only that, but I can feel my comprehension rate getting faster as I get closer and closer to the area where the Tribulation Clouds are converging!'

    This was the reason why Duan Ling Tian had brought his companions to the center of the Wandering Saint Palace's estate. He knew going to that place would benefit him, and his comprehension time of heaven and earth supported his theory.

    Duan Ling Tian thought to himself, 'What if I use the Sun Force with my current comprehension of heaven and earth..." He quickly lifted his hand and a majestic and oppressive force shot out, making the void shake. 'Indeed. It has gotten stronger!1 He could clearly sense the faint connection between the Sun Force and the Tribulation Clouds. "The connection is so faint because I haven't fully comprehended heaven and earth yet... When Yuwen Hao Chen used his Saint Origin three years ago, it had resonated strongly with heaven and earth. The force of his Saint Origin is extremely strong!' Duan Ling Tian could still vividly remember the incident from three years ago. His attack was easily blocked by Yuwen Hao Chen as though he was a child swinging around a toy sword. Moreover, Yuwen Hao Chen had sent his sword flying back to him with an extremely strong force. It had thoroughly shocked him at that time. He could feel how terrifying powerhouses at the Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage who had comprehended heaven and earth were.

    Naturally, at that time, Yuwen Hao Chen had almost completely comprehended heaven and earth. Otherwise, he would not have been able to attract the Celestial Ascension Tribulation after only three years!

    Although one would need a chance to attract the Celestial Ascension Tribulation, one would not obtain such a chance if one did not comprehend heaven and earth to a certain degree!

    During the time it took me to travel here from my mansion, my comprehension of heaven and earth has improved so much!' Duan Ling Tian felt excited when he sensed the connection between his Sun Saint Origin and heaven and earth.

    All this while, Duan Ling Tian had completely ignored Shi Nan Feng who was trailing after him. This was because he knew Shi Nan Feng would not dare to recklessly attack him as long as he remained inside the Wandering Saint Palace. Shi Nan Feng was even more unlikely to attack him now that Yuwen Hao Chen was just a step away from becoming an Eminent Celestial.

    Duan Ling Tian had completely grasped the situation he was in. Although he was wary of Yuwen Hao Chen, he wanted to find out why his Sun Force was so restless. He wanted to find out what was in the center of the convergence area that attracted his Sun Force. Moreover, he had an incredibly strong feeling that he would benefit from going over there.

    The Sun Force came from Elder Huo who's from the Devata Realm. Therefore, it's much stronger than other forces in the mundane realm... As I get closer and closer to the area where the Tribulation Clouds are converging, not only does my Sun Force get more restless, but my comprehension of heaven and earth is improving faster and faster as well. It'll certainly be beneficial for me to go there.'

    Duan Ling Tian had already weighed the pros and cons of going to the area where the Tribulation Clouds were converging. He was not a fool after all. This was not an impetuous decision he made. After all, he had his wife and daughter with him. He had to ensure their safety.

    At this moment, Gan Ru Yan said exasperatedly, "What do you think you're doing? Why are you going to the Palace Master's residence? Please don't drag Ke'er and Si Ling down with you if you plan to die!" She had been trying to hold back her words for a while now. She could no longer keep quiet as they went closer and closer to Yuwen Hao Chen's residence.

    Ke'er quickly comforted her sister and said, "Sister, I believe Brother Tian has his reason for doing this... Please don't worry." Based on her words, one could see her complete trust in Duan Ling Tian.

    Duan Si Ling nodded as she chimed in, "That's right, auntie. Daddy wouldn't harm us."

    Gan Ru Yan was rendered speechless by her sister and her niece's responses.

    Duan Ling Tian only glanced at Gan Ru Yan indifferently and did not bother with replying to her.

    Based on my current ability, I'm certainly not a match for Shi Nan Feng and Yuwen Hao Chen if I don't use the Devilseal Tablet... Even then, I'm not completely certain I'll be able to kill them with the Devilseal Tablet! If I can't kill them, there's no difference if I choose to escape now or head to Yuwen Hao Chen's residence. We'll still be in danger regardless. I might as well follow the Sun Force and head to the area where the Tribulation Clouds are converging. I have a feeling I will benefit from it...'
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