2434 The Celestial Technique, the Destructive Celestial Thunder!

    "Hm?" After Duan Ling Tian, Han Xue Nai, and Zhang Yi passed through the seventh challenge in the heaven-rank treasure vault that was left behind by Li Bai, the Green Lotus Sword Celestial, they heard the sound of wind whistling in the air.

    In just a blink of an eye, three of them were surrounded by dozens of people.

    "Zhang Yi?" One of the people who surrounded them cried out in surprise. "I didn't expect you to be so lucky to come across a heaven-rank treasure vault by Li Bai, the Green Lotus Sword Celestial!"

    The person who had spoken to Zhang Yi was a young man dressed in white robes with silver edges. When he spoke to Zhang Yi, he had spoken arrogantly and condescendingly as though he was an emperor talking down to his subjects.

    "Zhang Yun Fei!" Zhang Yi's expression changed drastically. It was obvious he did not expect to see the young man here.  "You... Why are you here?"

    "Why can't I be here?" The white-clad young man known as Zhang Yun Fei chuckled. "What? Aren't you happy to see me? I heard that the Celestial Sword in here was obtained by someone called Zhang Yi," he said condescendingly, "Before I came, I thought it was someone else who had managed to obtain the Celestial Sword. After all, a loser like you couldn't have possibly obtained it. To my surprise, it's actually you!"

    At this point, Zhang Yun Fei's eyes flashed coldly as he said, "Zhang Yi, hand the Celestial Sword over!"

    After Zhang Yun Fei spoke, many of the people with him who were impatient began to express their opinions.

    "Zhang Yun Fei! Even if you want the Celestial Sword, you can't have it!"

    "Everyone here wants that sword. If you want that sword, then, you'll have to fight for it!"

    When Zhang Yun Fei heard their words, he scoffed. Then, he said coldly, "Do you think you can stop me? Seeking death!"


    As soon as Zhang Yun Fei finished speaking, a loud explosion reverberated in the air as a vast energy surged out of his body. Apart from Saint Origin, there was a stronger force contained in his energy.

    "Celestial Origin Energy?"

    "He's an Eminent Celestial!"

    Most people's expressions changed when they sensed Zhang Yun Fei's energy.

    However, there were a few people who remained unafraid.

    "So what if you're an Eminent Celestial? Do you think you're the only Eminent Celestial in here?"

    Both of the Eminent Celestials quickly released their Celestial Origin Energy that was mixed with Saint Origin as well, displaying their strength.

    'Two Eminent Celestials?' Zhang Yun Fei did not expect to see two Eminent Celestials in here. He was slightly surprised.

    "What? Are you afraid?" The two Eminent Celestials sneered.

    "Afraid?" Zhang Yun Fei laughed. "I hope you're not ordinary Eminent Celestials. Otherwise, you'll be killed within two breaths!" He did not seem worried at all. In fact, he seemed extremely confident.

    The two Eminent Celestials exchanged a look of surprise. Both of them had the same thought in their minds. 'Zhang Yun Fei is probably stronger than a Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial. Otherwise, how can he remain so confident?'

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    An earth-shattering explosion sounded out of nowhere at this moment.

    Zhang Yun Fei wielded his Thunder Sword and sent his Celestial Origin Energy that was mixed Saint Origin into it. Clouds began to form above him as he waved his sword around. In the midst of the cloud, purple and white light flashed intermittently, brightening the underground palace. This light, naturally, came from the bolts of lightning.

    "Destructive Thunder Celestial!" Zhang Yun Fei cried out.

    Zhang Yi's expression changed dramatically when he saw this. He exclaimed in shock, "H-he has mastered this Celestial Technique!"

    "Celestial Technique?" Duan Ling Tian's eyes widened when he heard Zhang Yi's words.  He had heard Elder Huo speaking about Celestial Supreme Techniques previously. It was similar to the martial tactics in the mundane realms and could be used alongside Divine Abilities. One would only be able to master Celestial Supreme Techniques once one had become an Eminent Celestial since Celestial Supreme Techniques required the Celestial Origin Energy. At that time, Elder Huo had a Celestial Supreme Technique but could not teach it to him since he was far from becoming an Eminent Celestial.

    "Celestial Technique?!" The two Eminent Celestials exclaimed in unison. They knew if an Eminent Celestial had mastered a Celestial Supreme Technique, his strength would be stronger than a Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial. Their survival instinct kicked in immediately.

    "B-brother, I don't dare to take that sword. Y-you can have it!"

    "Brother, I don't want that sword as well. I'll take my leave!"

    The two Eminent Celestials expressed their stance and prepared to leave this place as soon as they could when Zhang Yun Fei's voice rang in the air. "It's too late!"

    Zhang Fei's Celestial Origin Energy that was mixed with Saint Origin surged out of his body again, causing the earth to shake.

    Duan Ling Tian narrowed his eyes as he thought to himself, 'It's similar to an assist-type Divine Ability!' He could clearly sense the Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy in the underground palace had been absorbed by Zhang Yun Fei. Although it was nowhere near as powerful as his Elementary Devouring Tactic, it was still much more powerful than ordinary assist-type Divine Ability. He speculated inwardly, 'It seems like Zhang Yu Fei's strength is comparable to a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial.'


    As the two Eminent Celestials tried to escape, two bolts of purple lightning struck them. The light from the lightning was so blinding that most people had a difficult time seeing.

    When the light finally faded away, the two Eminent Celestials had already disappeared.

    Upon seeing this, the people broke out in a commotion immediately.

    "Please! Spare our lives, sir! Please!"

    "We're foolish for not recognizing your strength! Please spare our lives!"

    How could they not beg for their lives? The two Eminent Celestials who were stronger than them had been turned into nothing in just a blink of an eye! How could they resist? Some of them even fell to their knees as they begged for their lives.

    Zhang Yun Fei scoffed. It was clear that he did not intend to spare their lives as he waved his hand.


    In just a blink of an eye, numerous bolts of lightning struck the ground. It felt as though its power was enough to destroy the entire world! The dozens of people in the underground palace had, thus, disappeared as well.

    At this moment, Duan Ling Tian asked Zhang Yi, "Is he the Eminent Celestial from the Celestial Masters Sect whom you previously mentioned? The one who's stronger than a Five Tribulation Bodiless Celestial?"

    "No." Zhang Yi shook his head. "The person I mentioned is Zhang Yun Teng, Zhang Yun Fei's brother. Before he entered the Beyond Heaven Secret Zone, Zhang Yun Fei's strength was only comparable to a Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial powers. However, that's only my assumption since I didn't know he had mastered the Celestial Masters Sect's Destructive Thunder Celestial!"

    Zhang Yi continued to say, "In fact, Zhang Yun Teng gained strength comparable to Five Tribulation Bodiless Celestial due to this Celestial Technique, the Destructive Celestial Thunder, a Divine Ability from a Devata Realm, and Celestial Supreme Treasure."

    Duan Lingtian nodded before he said, "This means if Zhang Yun Fei obtains your Celestial Sword, his strength will be comparable to Zhang Yun Teng?"

    "Yes," Zhang Yi said with a bitter smile on his face.

    "Zhang Yun Teng's Celestial Supreme Treasure should've been given to him by the Celestial Masters Sect, right? Since Zhang Yun Fei has mastered the Destructive Celestial Thunder, won't your sect give him a Celestial Supreme Treasure as well?" Duan Lingtian asked.

    "No." Zhang Yi shook his head. "We only have two Celestial Supreme Treasures in our sect. One will be given to the most talented and strongest disciple while the other will be kept in the sect. Unless something happened to his brother, it's unlikely he'll obtain a Celestial Supreme Treasure from our sect."

    "I see." Duan Ling Tian finally understood why Zhang Yun Fei was looking at Zhang Yi like a hungry wolf looking at its prey.
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