2726 The Thirteenth Prince

    "Brother, regarding the matter where my brash cousin has offended you, as her elder cousin, I apologize on her behalf. I hope you won't take it to heart and that you'll forgive her," Long Xiang Yun said with a smile.

    "Fourth Prince, you're being too polite. In any case, my junior sister and I had only wasted some time regarding that matter. There's no need to mention it." Duan Ling Tian smiled faintly.

    "I'm glad you think that way. Please do visit me in the palace when you have the time," Long Xiang Yun said before he handed Duan Ling Tian a token. The token was an entry token to enter and exit the Imperial Palace of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom.

    "Sure." Duan Ling Tian kept the token even though he had no intention of visiting Long Xiang Yun in the palace. He had no intention of forming any kind of relationship with Long Xiang Yun after all. Although Long Xiang Yun seemed as though he had bought his act, he could see Long Xiang Yun was still skeptical. He knew Long Xiang Yun was playing it safe and did not openly offend him because Long Xiang Yun still had not verified his background. Otherwise, Long Xiang Yun would not have been so courteous. He thought to himself, 'Indeed, the Fourth Prince deserves to be the leading candidate to inherit the throne of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom. Not only is he wise, but he also has forbearance. In any case, it's good that he won't recklessly attack me without thoroughly confirming my background. He might even warn the Zhou clan to not recklessly make a move.'

    Finally, Long Xiang Yun rose to his feet. He smiled amiably as he said, "Brother, I've something else to attend to so I'll take my leave. I hope to see you in the palace. At that time, we can drink until we're drunk!"

    "Sure." Duan Ling Tian nodded, but he did not rise to his feet.

    However, Long Xiang Yun did not seem to take offense. He beckoned Zhou Shu Dong and the old man to leave. He did not even deign to speak to the innkeeper of the Fleeting Time Inn.

    After Long Xiang Yun left with his two companions, the middle-aged innkeeper of the Fleeting Time Inn immediately apologized. "Sir, I'm Wang Peng, the innkeeper of the Fleeting Time Inn. I apologize for being unable to stop the fourth prince from looking for you." Although he was not completely certain if the young man before him had an extraordinary background, based on how bold the young man had acted in front of the Fourth Prince of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom, it was better to play it safe and apologize. After all, even the fourth prince was courteous to the young man. For this reason, he decided it was better to treat the young man as though he came from a formidable sect.

    "Hm." Duan Ling Tian nodded indifferently. Without sparing another glance at Wang Peng, he entered his room before shutting the door.

    Naturally, Wang Peng was not angered. The young man's behavior was only normal if he really came from a formidable force.

    "Take good care of this guest." Wang Peng reminded Cheng'er, the servant girl.

    "Yes," Cheng'er replied. After Wang Peng left, she glanced at the room where Duan Ling Tian had just entered. It was also the room where Huan'er was cultivating. A hint of shock and amazement could be seen in her eyes. She did not expect the guests she was serving would be treated with such courtesy by the Fourth Prince of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom. After all, the fourth prince was one of the three most brilliant princes in the kingdom and one of the Emperor's two most beloved sons. She could not help but feel the guests she was serving were extremely extraordinary.


    Meanwhile, after returning to the palace, Long Xiang Yun, the Fourth Prince of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom, solemnly warned Zhou Shu Dong. "Dong'er, don't provoke that man anymore."

    "Cousin, you believe his words?" Zhou Shu Dong asked.

    "Not completely. However, it's better to be safe than sorry. It'd be fine for me to kill him if he's just putting on a front. However, on the off chance that he's not pretending, killing him would only lead to more troubles. Unless we can confirm his background, it's better not to provoke him. I've probed his strength earlier, there's no doubt he's a Great Overarching Golden Celestial and younger than 100 years old. Unless he had some extremely fortuitous encounter, it's likely that he's from a formidable force that's no weaker than the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom's Imperial family!" Long Xiang Yun said in a low voice.

    There were about 20 princes in the Imperial family of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom. Since Long Xiang Yun was able to stand out among the princes, it was obvious he was not a simple person. He would not attack Duan Ling Tian unless he was completely certain there would be no repercussion. Based on this, one could see how intelligent he was.

    Zhou Shu Dong remained silent when she heard Long Xiang Yun's words.

    "Dong'er, I'm not trying to scare you. However, unless we can verify his background, I don't think it's wise for me or the Zhou clan to act rashly," Long Xiang Yun continued to say, "For the time being, we can only confirm that he's not a citizen of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom. According to him, he comes from a sect outside the Wasteland. For this reason, it'll be difficult for me, the Imperial family, and the Zhou clan to verify his words... Unless..." He trailed off mid-sentence.

    "Unless what?" Zhou Shu Dong asked with a hint of urgency.

    "Unless you ask your third elder sister to verify his words through the Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect. After all, the Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect is one of the three largest Celestial Sects in the Wasteland. Their information network is definitely superior to the Zhou clan and the Imperial family," Long Xiang Yun said.

    "Third elder sister?" Zhou Shu Dong's eyes lit up for a moment but they soon dimmed. "She... she left the Wasteland with her master a few years ago."

    "I heard she has returned last month." Long Xiang Yun smiled.

    "Third elder sister returned last month?" Zhou Shu Dong's eyes lit up again like two dazzling stars. "Then, I'll look for her now!"

    Zhou Shu Dong's third elder sister was one of the daughters of the Clan Leader of the Zhou clan. The clan leader had four children; two sons and two daughters. Zhou Shu Dong was the youngest of the clan leader's children. The third child of the Zhou clan was known as the Third Miss of the Zhou clan. She was also the pride of the Zhou clan and the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom. She was a rarely seen talent who appeared once in 1,000 years. Due to her talent, she successfully joined the Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect and became the last disciple of the sect's former sect leader. Since the current sect leader was also a disciple of the former sect leader, she was also the junior sister of the current sect leader. The current Sect Leader of the Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect doted on her as well.


    In the Imperial family of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom, there were three outstanding princes. However, only two were loved by the emperor. Hence, most people thought the two princes had the highest chances of ascending the throne.

    The reason the remaining outstanding prince was not favored by the emperor was due to his mysterious and complicated birth. The emperor was not certain if this prince was his biological son. For this reason, the emperor treated this prince differently from the other princes regardless if he was just as outstanding as the emperor's two favored sons, the fourth prince and the seventh prince. This prince was the thirteenth prince, Long Fei Yun.


    In the Thirteenth Prince's Imperial residence that was located in the palace, a handsome young man dressed in a white robe with gold trimmings could be seen sitting in a pavilion in a courtyard that was surrounded by flowers and lush greeneries. As he looked at a middle-aged man standing outside of the pavilion, he muttered to himself, "He claims to be from a sect located outside the Wasteland, and he's younger than 100 years old. His junior sister is strong enough to effortlessly kill the Zhou clan's elder who was an earth-rank Great Overarching Golden Celestial."

    Suddenly, the handsome young man lifted his head, revealing his fair and handsome face, as he looked at the middle-aged man standing outside the pavilion. He asked, "Even fourth brother is wary of him and doesn't dare to act rashly?" The handsome young man's skin was so fair that it was akin to a woman's skin. However, his features were masculine. The contrast only served to make him more charming and unforgettable.

    "Yes, Your Royal Highness, the Thirteenth Prince," the middle-aged man, who was standing outside the pavilion, replied respectfully.

    If Duan Ling Tian were present, he would be able to recognize the middle-aged man. He was none other than Wang Peng, the innkeeper of the Fleeting Time Inn!

    Wang Peng continued to say, "That guest also told my subordinate that he plans to participate in the Nian clan's auction that will be held in five days."

    "He's interested in such a small-scale auction?" The thirteenth prince was puzzled.

    "Well, I'm not sure..." Wang Peng said.

    "Make the arrangement... I want to meet this mysterious man who's able to scare my fourth brother with just a few words," the thirteenth prince ordered.

    "Yes, Your Royal Highness," Wang Peng replied reverently.

    "You may leave," the thirteenth prince said.

    Wang Peng retreated and left the Thirteenth Prince's Imperial residence before returning to the Fleeting Time Inn.
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