Chapter 49: Living In Tian Luo Hotel

    Chapter 49: Living In Tian Luo Hotel

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    Rao Zhou was already industrialized. Logically, Chang Luo should have been more heavily industrialized and should possess more advanced technology. However, Mo Wuji felt a greater atmosphere of culture over technology in Chang Luo. The buildings and halls made Mo Wuji feel like he was taken back in history.

    The shophouses reminded Mo Wuji of some historical shophouses. Furthermore, all of these shophouses were grand and beautiful.

    Mo Wuji needed to find living accommodations as soon as possible. With the coming Spring Immortal's Gate Conference, living accommodations would be quickly snapped up. If he took his time, he might actually end up sleeping on the streets.

    Mo Wuji's premonition was right; he went through at least a dozen hotels, but he did not manage to find a room.

    Just as Mo Wuji was ready to lower his standards, he saw three huge words: "Tian Luo Hotel".

    Tian Luo Hotel may not be in the most crowded part of the city, but it was definitely not remote. Furthermore, the exterior of Tian Luo Hotel looked a lot better than the dozen inns he previously went through.

    Mo Wuji guessed that this kind of hotel probably would not have any rooms. Still, he entered the hotel with a "Maybe" attitude. At that moment, a woman hurriedly walked out the hotel with her head lowered. As she walked out, she brushed her shoulders against Mo Wuji. Even though it was just a mere brushing of shoulders, Mo Wuji could see that she had a perfect figure. She was definitely a beautiful woman.

    Looking at the luxurious entrance hall, Mo Wuji felt like he was back in a six-star hotel on Earth. As Mo Wuji entered the hotel, a pretty girl bowed and greeted him, "Are you looking for a place to stay or a particular person?"

    "I'm looking for a place to stay. Are there any rooms?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    The girl said with a smile, "Our ordinary and VIP rooms have all been booked. However, we still have a Superior Class room. The person living in that room just left. If you want it, you would need to pay two full months of accommodation costs..."

    Mo Wuji suddenly recalled the woman who hastily left the hotel as he was entering. If she was the one who vacated the hotel room, then his luck was really too good.

    "How much does it cost for two months?" Mo Wuji did not wait for the girl to finish and he immediately interrupted.

    The girl maintained her smile and she calmly said, "As it is period of the Spring Immortal's Gate, our rooms are priced ten times higher. Our Superior Class rooms would cost 10 thousand gold coins per month. So it would be 20 thousand gold coins for two months."

    Mo Wuji exhaled a breath of cold air. The price wasn't high; it was outrageously high.

    If he did not earn money from his sale of penicillin, he would not even be able to set an eye on the room.

    "Here's 20 thousand gold coins. I will be living for two months," Despite the outrageously high prices, Mo Wuji gritted his teeth and did not hesitate to take out two bank notes worth 10 thousand gold coins each.

    He did not have the rights to participate in the Spring Immortal's Gate. However, the Spring Immortal's Gate was still a once in a lifetime of opportunity for Mo Wuji. Besides looking for geniuses, the sects would also be taking in service disciples. If it was revealed that he had spiritual roots, he might even be taken in as an outer disciple.

    Even being a service disciple of a big sect would be useful for his cultivation.

    Just like how students aiming to enter Peking University would stay near the university, Mo Wuji wanted to be near the venue for the Spring Immortal's Gate if wanted to join a sect.

    During this period, he would have a good rest and maintain a good body condition. He could easily find ways to earn his money back but he could not easily find such an opportunity. If he left the hotel now to find cheaper alternatives, he might end up with nowhere to live in.

    Furthermore, this hotel looked extremely grand and prestigious. He might actually meet some immortal masters during his stay here.

    The pretty girl did not expect Mo Wuji to take out the 20 thousand gold coins, Besides immortal masters, only royalty or the extremely rich could afford to stay here. Judging Mo Wuji's ordinary looking appearance, he did not look like someone who could afford to stay in this hotel. Previously, she maintained her smile simply out of courtesy.

    "Is there any problem?" Seeing the girl's blank look, Mo Wuji hurried and asked. With such a tight supply of rooms, it would naturally be better to enter one as soon as possible.

    "Oh, nothing's wrong. Please wait as I check you in," The girl immediately returned to her senses and she respectfully helped Mo Wuji go through the formalities.

    In just a few minutes, Mo Wuji got the room key and the occupant identity card. He was staying in room 0182, which was on the third floor.

    "Are there still any rooms?" Just as Mo Wuji got his key, an anxious voice called out.

    It was a young girl speaking. She had thick eyebrows and big eyes, which made her look extremely stoic. Unfortunately, her stoicism caused her to lose much of her woman's charm. By her side, was a young man with a sword on his back.

    "I am extremely sorry. The last room has been booked by this friend over here," the receptionist politely replied.

    When the young girl heard those words, she immediately turned to Mo Wuji, "Give me your key. I will give you double the fee."

    "I'm just in need for rest, so I cannot give you my room. Sorry," Naturally, Mo Wuji would not give up on his plans for the sake of some gold coins.

    "Triple." The thick browed girl wrinkled her brows. After sizing Mo Wuji up, she decided to increase the price. After offering this price, she immediately added, "Kid, be contented. Don't be too greedy and cause trouble for yourself."

    "Little girl, may I ask what's the price for one night in your best room here?" Mo Wuji disliked people who tried to solve their problems using money. Furthermore, she even tried to threaten him. Unfortunately for her, Mo Wuji was not a person who was scared of threats.

    Hearing Mo Wuji call her 'Little girl', the receptionist blushed as she replied, "The best room is the Immortal Master Room. It costs 10 thousand gold coins a night..."

    "Ok, I will take the best Immortal Master Room. You can give them my room for free." Mo Wuji waved his hand and said arrogantly.

    The receptionist answered apologetically, "I am extremely sorry. We don't have any more Immortal Master Rooms."

    "Oh, since that's the case, I will stop trolling," Mo Wuji turned to look at the thick browed girl. He laughed at her as he walked up the steps.

    The receptionist did not understand what Mo Wuji meant by 'trolling', but she could tell that Mo Wuji was not happy with the thick browed girl.

    "A mere mortal dares to be so arrogant? I will definitely teach him a lesson," The thick browed girl finally understood that Mo Wuji must have been ridiculing her.

    By her side, the young man honestly said, "Junior apprentice sister, since there are no more rooms, let's just find another hotel. Furthermore, we secretly slipped out. If we made too much trouble and the house finds out..."

    Seemingly awoken by the words of the honest young man, the thick browed girl hatefully said, "That kid... He better not fall into my hands. If not he will understand the power of the Heavenly Aria Palace. Let's go!"

    Seeing the two walk out, the receptionist seemed to recall something as her face revealed an expression of fear. She subconsciously looked in the direction of Mo Wuji's room, and prayed for him silently in her heart.
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