Chapter 55: Channel Opening Stage Level 1

    Chapter 55: Channel Opening Stage Level 1

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    After an unknown amount of time, Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. He felt as though his cultivation had met with a bottleneck, without any way of breaking through. It was written in , once spiritual energy fills the body through the spirit channels, the first level would be complete. Mo Wuji could feel his entire body filled with spiritual energy, it's just that he used his meridians instead of spirit channels.

    Was this Channel Opening Stage Level 1? Mo Wuji examined his hands in shock. He could smell a hint of rancidity.

    Mo Wuji immediately understood that this was the smell of the body's expelled impurities.

    He had really reached Channel Opening Stage Level 1 and he just met with his first bottleneck. However, Mo Wuji was clear why he met this bottleneck; it wasn't because he couldn't cultivate, but because he had progressed too fast! All three of his open meridians were filled, resulting in this bottleneck.

    Cultivators would need to open more spirit channels to overcome this bottleneck and continue their progress. For him, he would need to concoct more channel opening solution and find a lightning source to open more meridians. More meridians would mean more progress.

    "Haha..." Mo Wuji laughed heartily. Cultivation did not amount to much; it was so simple! He felt hungry but he wasn't that hungry till he couldn't move. He had probably cultivated for a day. In a single day, he actually reached Channel Opening Level 1. What other thing could bring him that much joy?

    Mo Wuji rushed to the washroom to wash off all the impurities. After putting on a clean set of clothes, his entire body felt refreshed. At this moment, he felt like he could eat an entire cow. Even though he was hungry, he also felt relaxed both in body and spirit.

    He merely took a few light steps but he could travel a great distance. Perhaps this was the 'lightened steps' which Han Ning mentioned. His body felt light and nimble.

    Even though his methods were different from conventional cultivators, Mo Wuji decided to step on this cultivation path.

    The  truly deserved its illustrious name. Now, even if someone offered him a higher grade cultivation manual for the , Mo Wuji would not agree.

    Wait... Why did people treat this  as trash when it actually could help him produce such 'Immortal' results?

    Could it be due to the fact that he had opened meridians and not spirit channels? What was the exact difference between meridians and spirit channels?

    Mo Wuji could not understand so he simply put it at the back of his mind. He might not understand the theory behind it now, but who says he wouldn't understand it in the future?

    As he was about to open the door, Mo Wuji was sure that Shen Lian would ask him why he was cooped up in his room for so long. However, Mo Wuji did not expect that Shen Lian wasn't even outside. Mo Wuji brushed his nose embarrassedly, chiding himself for thinking too much.

    There was still more than a month to the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference. He would need to purchase ingredients and concoct channel opening solutions before that happens.

    Even though he only had mortal roots, he could cultivate, and at a fast pace at that. Having three open meridians was really too lacking. If he wanted to progress faster, he would need to open more meridians.

    "You're leaving?" Just as Mo Wuji was about to leave, Shen Lian opened the door from the room on the right.

    Mo Wuji must have been cultivating for a day or two. Shen Lian couldn't have been cultivating for the same time, right?

    "Yes, I'm going out to buy some ingredients..." Mo Wuji suddenly came to the realisation that he would also need to purchase some drug refining equipment, which would cost quite a bit of money. Furthermore, things would naturally be more expensive in Chang Luo than Cheng Yu.

    "Do you have money to lend me? I will definitely return you the leftovers." As this was a matter regarding his cultivation, there was no reason why he needed to be shy about borrowing money.

    Shen Lian stared at Mo Wuji, "Didn't you reject the money I offered you for the room?"

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "Naturally, I won't ask for that money. It's just that I'm buying ingredients now, and I'm afraid that I might not have enough gold. If there's money I did not spend, I will definitely return it to you."

    Suddenly, Shen Lian's face turned red as she stuttered, "About that... I don't have any money right now. But I will get some when the Spring Immortal's Gate opens."

    Mo Wuji's eyes widened as he looked at Shen Lian, "You don't have money? Didn't you offer to pay rent previously? Were you lying to me?"

    The blush on Shen Lian's face extended down to her neck and she said awkwardly, "I taught you the important fundamentals of cultivation. That should be more than enough to pay for the rent."

    Mo Wuji understood that this lady here was simply speaking empty words when she offered to pay rent. If he really did ask for it, she would probably come up with some other excuse.

    Knowing that her lie had been seen through, Shen Lian lowered her head and said, "It's because I ran out of money that I had to move out. I..."

    Shen Lian was speaking the truth. She returned to the hotel knowing that this suite had two rooms. She wanted to negotiate with the current guest. When the Spring Immortal's Gate opens, she would be able to repay him twofold.

    Seeing Mo Wuji's frustration with cultivation, she put in great efforts to teach him the basics of cultivation. If Mo Wuji had a conscience, he would not pursue for the rent.

    What happened in reality was actually in accordance with her expectations; Mo Wuji did not ask for rent, and was even extremely grateful to her. How could she expect that Mo Wuji would actually ask to borrow some money? If she knew that would happen, she would definitely not open her room door.

    But she had no other choice, she could no longer bear the hunger.

    "Gu Gu..." Shen Lian's stomach rumbled loudly. Mo Wuji subconsciously looked downwards.

    Shen Lian's entire face swelled a bright, rosy red. She had not eaten ever since she entered she first entered this suite. She had been paying close attention Mo Wuji's door. The moment it opened, Mo Wuji would definitely be leaving to have a meal, and she would hop on for a free meal.

    "You don't even have enough money for a meal?" Mo Wuji patted his forehead speechlessly. This was his first time meeting a woman who did not even have enough to eat. It would seem normal if her circumstances were like his and Yan'Er's. But she was someone who previously stayed in this grand Tian Luo Hotel. She was definitely not someone poor, she probably spent all her money unknowingly.

    Shen Lian became more awkward, but she raised her head in a straightforward manner. "That's right. I don't have anymore money, and I was just intending to follow you for a meal. If you are willing to lend me money, I would answer any questions you have on cultivation "

    Mo Wuji answered weakly, "Let's go... let's go and eat." He was intending to borrow money from Shen Lian, but now he was the one lending her money. He was even treating her to a meal. What logic was that? You truly cannot judge a person by her cover.


    "Rest assured. I will pay you back twofold." As the two left Tian Luo Hotel, Shen Lian noticed Mo Wuji looking a little frustrated. She thought that Mo Wuji was still worried about the money so she took the initiative to console him.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "Don't worry, this is just small money."

    What he was worried about was the concoction of the channel opening solution. More importantly, he was also concerned about where he could find a place to force open his meridians. After all, his meridians required lightning to open.

    "You look like you have something on your mind?" Shen Lian asked curiously.

    Mo Wuji was too lazy to answer her; pointing towards a nearby restaurant, he said, "Let's eat here. I still have something to do afterwards."
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