Chapter 57: Always Friends

    Chapter 57: Always Friends

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    The sales assistant quickly brought over a set of drug refining equipment. Mo Wuji had seen such equipment countless times before. In fact, he had been among the few who used the most premier equipments back on Earth.

    The moment the Eternal Evergreen was brought over, Mo Wuji could tell that it was good stuff; it was far better than the trashy equipment back in Cheng Yu. Even though its features were not the same as those on Earth, Mo Wuji actually felt that it was more suitable for refining drugs.

    "Your Eternal Evergreen has arrived. It looks quite advanced," Shen Ling spoke in a disapproving tone.

    It would be fine if Mo Wuji had a lot of money. However, she knew that Mo Wuji did not have that much money. As a person who was not wealthy, not only was he staying in a grand suite which cost 10 thousand gold per month, he even spent 370 thousand on useless drug refining equipment. It was simply preposterous!

    She did not believe that Mo Wuji would be successful, albeit in drug or pill refining. Not everyone could be a drug refiner; one needed knowledge as well as talent to be one.

    Mo Wuji thoroughly checked through his equipment and said casually, "I already have the Immortal Mortal Technique. I should call this equipment: Basic Drug Refining Kit. If not, people would get jealous."

    Shen Lian almost laughed out loud. This drug refining equipment and that Basics to Cultivation would call for jealousy?

    "Sister Shen Lian, can you help me bring this equipment back to the hotel? I still need to get some ingredients."

    Mo Wuji saw Shen Lian's face revealing an unhappy expression and he did not continue talking. He hurriedly took out a one thousand gold note and said, "If I return late, Sister Lian can take this and have a good meal. You don't have to wait for me."

    Shen Lian did not even have money for a meal. When Mo Wuji took the note out, she immediately snatched it and kept it. The reason she followed Mo Wuji was to find a chance to borrow money from him. She couldn't have been waiting and following him for meals all the time, right?

    One thousand gold was enough to last her for some time.

    After sending Shen Lian off, Mo Wuji started exploring and shopping for ingredients.

    Chang Luo was the royal empire of Xing Han Empire. As long as you had money, there was nothing you couldn't buy in Chang Luo.

    At the end of the day, Mo Wuji returned to Tian Luo Hotel with a huge bag. He purchased enough ingredients to brew 50 batches of the channel opening solution.

    The price of the ingredients he required wasn't high, so he bought as much as he could. For instance, for lingzhi fungi, he tried to purchase those above 200 years old.

    For lingzhi, anything below a thousand years in age would not be considered a spiritual ingredient. Furthermore, a thousand year lingzhi itself was graded as a low grade spiritual ingredient, and wouldn't cost much.

    Additionally, he bought a whole pile of dried rations. The worst thing that could happen while refining drugs is interruptions and disruptions in refining. Thus, it would be quite some time before he would actually leave his room.

    When he returned to the suite, he did not see Shen Lian. Shen Lian had put his equipment in the living room.

    Mo Wuji did not need to know much about Shen Lian to know that she must be from great origins. Naturally, Mo Wuji would not try to find out what she was doing or intended to do.

    Returning to his room, Mo Wuji immediately started the concoction of the channel opening solution.

    Mo Wuji had concocted tens of batches of channel opening solution before. Thus, it was as simple as flipping his palm to him.

    For a few consecutive days, Mo Wuji did not leave his room. Shen Lian could smell herbal smells emanating from Mo Wuji's room and knew that he was refining drugs. As a cultivator, she knew that it was taboo to disturb others whether it was in cultivation or drug refining. Furthermore, she was not familiar with Mo Wuji, so she wasn't really concerned about what went on throughout the night in Mo Wuji's room.

    After every three days, Mo Wuji would take a break and go out for a stroll before returning to his work. In such a manner, Mo Wuji spent approximately 20 days to finish all 50 batches of his ingredients.

    In these 20 days, he lost a lot of weight. With 50 batches of ingredients, he managed to concoct 46 bottles of channel opening solution.

    If he was not doing it in a hurry, he would not have wasted any of the ingredients.

    When he came out again, he still did not see Shen Lian. Spring Immortal's Gate was opening in the coming few days. Mo Wuji had to grab all the time he could to find a lightning source to force open his meridians. It was not entirely impossible to find a lightning source here. Chang Luo was near the sea, so he might actually be able to find some Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles.

    However, Mo Wuji did not dare to find the lightning crocodiles alone. It took him so much to finally cultivate; he wasn't going to simply send himself to die.

    Perhaps he could look around Chang Luo, and maybe find a team to hunt for lightning crocodiles.


    "Wuji..." As Mo Wuji was about to enter the Chang Luo Union gate, a familiar voice called out to him.

    "Zhenyi, why are with Bu'Er?" Mo Wuji was pleasantly surprised, but before he continued, he stopped abruptly and asked, "Bu'Er, who hit you?"

    A whole half of Ding Bu'Er's face was swollen; a red palm mark was still visible on his face.

    "This is not the right place to talk. Let's enter the union first," Yuan Zhenyi said and dragged Ding Bu'Er and Mo Wuji into the union.

    "What happened?" Mo Wuji did not even sit down as he stared at Ding Bu'Er and asked.

    Ding Bu'Er was not as carefree and generous as Yuan Zhenyi but he was still a good friend. Furthermore, if not for his calls back in the Thunder Fog Forest, Mo Wuji might not end up where he was today.

    Ding Bu'Er waved his fist angrily and said, " It was Cao Hao. If I ever have the ability in the future, I will definitely trample that b*stard's head right under my feet..."

    Ding Bu'Er did not continue; he knew he was merely talking nonsense. Cao Hao was a genius with impressive spiritual roots, unlike him, who only had mortal roots. How could a person without spiritual roots compete against Cao Hao? Talking about trampling Cao Hao was just an attempt to vent his frustrations.

    Mo Wuji said calmly, "You can take your time and talk."

    Yuan Zhenyi helped Ding Bu'Er to tell his story, "Ding Bu'Er was always following beside Han Ning. When they reached Chang Luo, Cao Hao brought an immortal master to meet Han Ning, specially for the Two-leaved Fire Grass. The Two-leaved Fire Grass was particularly important to the immortal master. After accepting the grass from Han Ning, he immediately took out a wooden plaque and passed it to Han Ning, accepting her as an outer disciple in his sect."

    At this moment, Mo Wuji finally understood why Han Ning was desperately looking for the Two-leaved Fire Grass. Looks like that woman had already made plans; even if she did not get selected during the Spring Immortal's Gate, she could still be an outer disciple. It was not a bad plan.

    "The immortal master's surname was Lu. After he kept the two strains of Two-leaved Fire Grass, it was seemingly not enough, and he continued to ask Han Ning where she found it..."

    Yuan Zhenyi stopped here as Ding Bu'Er interrupted and said, "This was when I spoke too much, and blurted that you were the one who found it. When the immortal master asked where you managed to find it, Han Ning told him that you found the grass growing by a lake on the outskirts of the Thunder Fog Forest. The immortal master did not continue speaking and immediately took off. However, I did not expect that Cao Hao would start hitting me the moment he left. He pushed me to the ground and started kicking me..."

    "Han Ning did not say anything?" Mo Wuji asked solemnly.

    Ding Bu'Er shook his head, "No. After Cao Hao was done with me, Han Ning came over and told me that she no longer needed me. I was not a fool. I know when I have been abandoned. I did not have anywhere to stay so I went to find Brother Zhenyi."

    Mo Wuji stood up, patted Ding Bu'Er's shoulder and consoled him, "Don't worry. One day, I will help you take your revenge."

    Ding Bu'Er's words had downplayed Han Ning's efforts in finding the Two-leaved Fire Grass. Naturally, she would be unhappy. With her self-serving attitude, it was expected that she chased Dong Bu'Er away.

    Yuan Zhenyi also stood up, "Wuji, my matter in Chang Luo has also been settled. I'm not going to be participating in the Spring Immortal's Gate. Instead, I will leave Chang Luo to pursue the path of martial arts. How about you and Ding Bu'Er?"

    "Martial arts? Is this because you don't have spiritual roots?" Mo Wuji was actually prepared to share the matter of the channel opening solution with Yuan Zhenyi and Ding Bu'Er.

    Yuan Zhenyi shook his head and lifted his head up towards the grand ceiling. "Even if I have spiritual roots, I would still choose to pursue the martial arts. I already had this determination before I reached Chang Luo. Now that I am set on my path, maybe we might meet again someday; maybe we might never meet again. Wuji, Bu'Er, this is where we'll bid farewell. Whether we see each other in the future of not, we will always be friends."

    Finishing his speech, Yuan Zhenyi turned and walked out the Union. Before Mo Wuji could even say anything, he was already a distance away. As Mo Wuji and Ding Bu'Er walked out the Union, they could faintly hear him singing from afar, "... Today we bid farewell. Maybe we'll meet someday. Even if we don't meet. We'll always be friends..."
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