Chapter 58: Setting out to sea

    Chapter 58: Setting out to sea

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    "Brother Zhenyi is indeed a carefree person..." Ding Bu'Er said as he sighed after the backview of Yuan Zhenyi disappeared.

    "Bu'Er, I'm going to hunt for some 6-footed Lightning Crocodiles by the beach. Why don't you stay over at my place and wait for me to return, then we shall head over to the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference together?" Mo Wuji offered his home to Diner Bu'er guessing that he would have no other place to stay after leaving Han Ning.

    Ding Bu'Er looked shockingly at Mo Wuji, "Wuji, you do know how strong and powerful those lightning crocodiles are right? Why would you be so eager to die?"

    Mo Wuji looked in the direction that Yuan Zhenyi had headed and said in a deep voice, "Zhenyi has his own dreams to chase and so do I. Even without spiritual roots, I have to carve out a path for myself. You should know that I am quite resistant to lightning and have killed two lightning crocodiles previously. I know it's dangerous but it is a choice that I've made. If I do not make it back alive, you are free to do whatever you want."

    Ding Bu'Er clenched his fist as he felt more regret instead of shock. How could he just idle around when both Yuan Zhenyi and Mo Wuji had such ambitions of their own?

    "Wuji, I will follow you. If you manage to hunt down a Lightning Crocodile, I will even go to the extent of helping you retrieve valuable material from it," Ding Bu'Er made up his mind very quickly.

    Rather than being treated like a dog with no respect, he might as well live a life of danger and die without any regrets. Wait, who could guarantee that they would die anyway?

    "Why don't the both of you join us to hunt for lightning crocodiles?" A tall brawny man said with a coarse voice.

    This fellow with a huge waist is definitely over two metres tall. Behind this tall brawny man was a much skinnier and shorter man as well as a woman with neat short hair.

    "Are the three of you planning to hunt for lightning crocodiles too?" Mo Wuji asked skeptically because he did not believe there was such a coincidence.

    The tall brawny man said while laughing, "You do not have to worry. We are not out to hunt for lightning crocodiles. We crossed paths with a lot of lightning crocodiles on the way to our destination so we could be of use to each other."

    "May I ask what are you people searching for?" Mo Wuji asked bluntly because he felt that it was important to know each other's intent if they were going to help each other.

    "This is nothing worth hiding from you. We are going to search for the eggs of a Winged Sea Leopard. The price of these eggs are bound to skyrocket as the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference draws closer. If we are fortunate, we could use these eggs to become a service disciple in a sect. In fact, if look around you, you'll notice that most of these teams are out to search for the eggs of a Winged Sea Leopard."

    "What kind of sea beast is this?" Mo Wuji was very confused about these demons.

    The tall brawny man replied, "Ha, if I did not hear that you managed to kill two lightning crocodiles, I would have doubted your strength. The Winged Sea Leopard is not a sea beast. It is a lesser demon and its greatest ability is flying. Many cultivators choose the Winged Sea Leopard as their mode of transport because as long as you have their eggs, they are very easy to tame. Furthermore, the Winged Sea Leopard can travel on land and water. There are still some wild Winged Sea Leopards hidden along the beach of Chang Luo. The combat effectiveness of the Winged Sea Leopard is not that strong as compared to the lightning crocodiles but the frustrating thing is that these Wing Sea Leopards usually choose to stay in areas with lightning crocodiles around. Lightning crocodiles are very good at long ranged attacks and their lightning attacks are especially hard to block against."

    Mo Wuji believed his words but he was still unable to figure out the reason why they wanted to team up with Ding Bu'Er and himself. Even though he mentioned that he managed to kill two lightning crocodiles, who knew what methods he used? How could the three of them be so easily convinced that they were strong enough?

    However, Mo Wuji did not think he had anything to lose by teaming up with them hence answered, "Alright, I agree to team up with you under one condition. If we are under attack by too many lightning crocodiles, everyone has to help out. In addition, we would love to have some of the eggs if we managed to collect more."

    "I like it, that's a deal. My name is Ji Guang and these are my companions, Gao Juan and Sun Liyan. Do you need time to prepare? We can leave right away if you're ready."

    Mo Wuji hurried to reply, "Why don't we leave now? I have nothing much to prepare. How long will the trip be?"

    Ji Guang replied, "We will take at most a day to reach the Seven-angled Sea. We should be able to find the eggs in a couple of days if we're lucky. If not, we'll not be able to find it even after the Spring Immortal's Gate Conference starts. However, do not worry because the three of us want to visit the conference as well so we will not waste our time there for too long."


    There were rumours were Chang Luo City got its name because it is a city located near Chang Luo sea, thus it is also known as Seaside city. Chang Luo sea is vast and boundless with numerous danger sites. The danger site closest to Chang Luo City would be the Seven-angled Sea.

    The Seven-angled Sea consists of seven continuous sea canyons forming a small sea in between. It is the closest to Chang Luo where the Winged Sea Leopards are most commonly spotted. In recent years, the number of Winged Sea Leopards captured have been increasing. Therefore, we do not see many of the Winged Sea Leopards in Seven-angled Sea anymore. To capture a Winged Sea Leopard, we might have to set out to sea for nearly a day.

    Mo Wuji and his team left before the sun set and reached the Seven-angled Sea in the morning.

    "There are indeed quite a lot of people here," Mo Wuji could notice a large number of beast carriages and even some flying beast carriages parked here.

    Ji Guang said cautiously, "Everyone please be careful because most of the people here come for the eggs of the Winged Sea Leopard. We should try our best to avoid getting close to the people here as many of them live off robbing others of the eggs that they managed to collect. It looks like we have to set out to sea to look for these eggs."

    "We have to take a boat right? To set out to sea. Will we be heading out on a boat with a lot of people?" A puzzled DIng Bu'Er questioned Ji Guang.

    The quiet Gao Juan sneered at Ding Bu'Er and said, "If a lot of us set out to sea together, how would we have the opportunity to capture the eggs?"

    Ji Guang added, "Even though there is a boat rental shop nearby, I did not intent on renting a boat. We brought something of our own."

    Ji Guang then took out a big parcel from his bag which Mo Wuji had been wondering what was inside for some time now.

    "What is this?" DIng Bu'Er could not help but ask.

    Mo Wuji could tell it is an inflatable rubber dinghy. However, he was sure it was not as simple as a normal rubber dinghy.

    "This is an inflatable rubber dinghy," Ji Guang pulled out a cap and the rubber dinghy started to inflate itself. In a few seconds, the rubber dinghy stretched out to seven metres long and three metres wide.

    "This is very convenient," Ding Bu'Er said surprisingly.

    Mo Wuji kept quiet because he knew that this thing could be very risky. Once they set out to sea with this and met any demonic beasts, this thing could sink in one bite. This was not his main worry. His main worry is that there are no motor on board this dinghy. How are we going to move this?

    Ji Guang took out four paddles from another bag, "Except for Brother Mo, all four of us take one and with our speed, we should be able to reach our destination before the sun sets. This region should only have lightning crocodiles and not any other demonic beasts."

    After he finished his words, his eyes fell on Mo Wuji and said,"Brother Mo, you are capable of resisting against lightning attacks. If we were attacked by the lightning crocodiles, please help block the attacks. If the four of us row at our full might, as long as we go past the region, the lightning crocodiles would not follow us.

    Mo Wuji finally understood why he was asked to join their team even though they could tell that both Ding Bu'Er and himself were not strong. By getting Ding Bu'Er and himself in their team, they got themselves a person to help row the dinghy and a person to tank and resists the lightning attacks from the Six-footed Lightning Crocodiles.
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