Chapter 72: Rejection

    Chapter 72: Rejection

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    Even though Mo Wuji could see that Pill Master Shi did not extract the ingredients cleanly, he was not qualified to judge. He, himself, did not even know how to purify a pill. Purifying a pill was a cumbersome and complicated process. Mo Wuji was still in the elementary stage of learning the features and compatibility of the various spiritual ingredients; he had not touched on purifying spiritual ingredients.

    Furthermore, purifying spiritual ingredients was a practiced skill. With his current position, it was practically impossible for him to learn the skill.

    Another hour passed and Mo Wuji could gradually smell a faint pill fragrance. The look of excitement on Pill Master Shi's face became more and more animated. He could feel that his luck today was better than usual.

    At this moment, Pill Master Shi threw down the spatula in his hands and reduced the fire within the pill furnace. However, his two hands were still constantly patting the exterior of the pill furnace. Mo Wuji could seemingly see a few pills rolling within the furnace.

    "Kacha!" Mo Wuji saw Pill Master Shi push the handle beside the pill furnace with one hand and slap the pill furnace with his other. Six green pills with a red tinge emerged and flew into a jade vase.

    "Hahahaha..." Seeing the six pills fly out, Pill Master Shi laughed out heartily. The excitement and satisfaction in his eyes could not be concealed.

    To be honest, Mo Wuji felt a little disappointed. Even though he was not able to do what Pill Master Shi just did, he really could not feel any sort of admiration from Pill Master Shi's technique and process. Besides the initial action where Pill Master Shi expelled the dust and dirt from the pill furnace which looked a little handsome, the rest of the process really did not call for admiration.

    He did not see the fabled hand and pill techniques; he only saw a spatula. He did not see the fabled pill fires; he only saw the Earth Fire. He did not see the fabled pill harvesting; he only saw some pills being slapped out of the furnace.

    "Tier 3 spiritual pill... I finally concocted a Tier 3 spiritual pill, and it's a Channel Solidifying Pill. I, Shi Jun, am finally a Tier 3 Pill Refiner. Master, you said that I'm not talented enough to advance to be a Tier 3 Pill Refiner, but today, I did it..." Pill Master Shi grasped the jade vase agitatedly.

    Mo Wuji sighed; must he be so excited?

    This fella's master wasn't wrong. With his pill refining techniques and qualifications, it was indeed very difficult for him to advance to a Tier 3 Pill Refiner. Mo Wuji was not an actual pill refiner but he could tell that this Pill Master Shi's potential was limited.

    Diligence could make up for several innate inadequacies. But for some professions, painstaking diligence without talent would not result in success. For example, botanist research back on Earth was one such profession. It was a profession which required some intuition.

    "You were right. You really are a lucky star. To concoct this Channel Solidifying Pill, I went through 11 failures. It was really a good decision to allow you into the pill lab. I really succeeded and became a Tier 3 Pill Refiner," Shi Jun spoke with great fervor and excitement, using 'really' a total of three times.

    Mo Wuji sneered in his heart, Look at your appearance... Not only is your name inappropriate [1], your own evaluation of your pill concocting standard is also crappy. I don't believe that you would be able to concoct the same batch of Channel Solidifying Pill again. Just be honest and remain as a Tier 2 Pill Refiner. Tier 3 Pill Refiner? You really think too much of yourself.

    Previously, Mo Wuji thought that this Pill Master Shi only failed seven times; he did not expect this fella to actually fail 11 times. If he did not help this fella, this 12th attempt would also have resulted in a failure.

    "Congratulations Pill Master Shi. Junior will now take his leave." Mo Wuji was not interested on staying and listening to this fella boast.

    Shi Jun suddenly called out, "There's no hurry to leave. What's your name?"

    "Junior's name is Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji hurried to reply even though he felt that this Shi Jun would not have a bright future. He was clear that, in the sect, the difference between Shi Jun and him was like the difference between the bright moon in the sky and a tiny firefly. Shi Jun was not a person he could offend.

    Shi Jun nodded his head in satisfaction, "You're not bad. In the future, you can follow me and deliver ingredients to me."

    Mo Wuji cursed in his heart. Shi Jun might as well as him to kill himself. With Shi Jun's pill concocting ability, he would fail 11 times for every ten attempts just to concoct a Tier 3 spiritual pill.

    "Senior, junior is Pharmacy 19's service disciple. It would not be convenient for me to follow you. I hope that you can understand," Mo Wuji did not hesitate to reject Shi Jun.

    Shi Jun stared at Mo Wuji in disbelief. How rare was this opportunity? If it was some other service disciple, he would have long kneeled on the ground and kowtowed in gratitude. However, not only wasn't Mo Wuji thankful for the opportunity, he even rejected it.

    "Did I hear it wrongly? Do you know what you just said? Do you know what you will missing out on?" Shi Jun recovered from his daze and asked puzzledly.

    Mo Wuji clearly knew the reason. Following a mediocre refiner like Shi Jun, it would be abnormal for him to actually have a future. He would rather stay here and dispense medicinal ingredients and learn the methods of other pill refiners. Follow Shi Jun and learn how to stir fry vegetables? Mo Wuji really wasn't interested.

    After confirming that Mo Wuji was not willing to be his personal runner, Shi Jun snorted and threw Mo Wuji a jade vase before leaving angrily. A service disciple rejecting him had thoroughly infuriated him. However, he did promise Mo Wuji some rewards and there was no point losing his reputation over a small service disciple.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji would not reject Shi Jun's rewards. After all, he deserved it. He was the one who purchased the Water Velvet Vine with his own money, and if not for the Water Velvet Vine, Shi Jun attempt would probably have ended in another failure.

    Looking at the vase in his hands, Mo Wuji was satisfied. Even if the pill inside was worthless, at least the jade vase had some value. Even his treasured channel opening solution wasn't stored in a jade vase but a typical glass bottle.

    The jade vase was labeled 'Energy Condensing Pill'. This pill was useful for cultivators at the initial levels of the Channel Opening Stage; it would help increase their cultivation speed. However, Mo Wuji did not feel that this pill would be useful to him. It was enough for him to absorb the Heaven and Earth's spiritual energy, there was no need for this Energy Condensing Pill.

    Mo Wuji really did not mind Shi Jun's anger. After keeping his pills, he went back to research on his wordless pill manual.

    Even though Shi Jun's technique looked cr*ppy in Mo Wuji's eyes, Mo Wuji still learnt several things from him. Mo Wuji's next stage would be learning how to purify spiritual ingredients. Purifying spiritual ingredients and learning the characteristics of spiritual ingredients are different; purifying spiritual ingredients required actual practice. Mo Wuji would need to purchase some low grade spiritual ingredients and learn through practice.

    However, he did not have much gold coins on him. The cheapest spiritual ingredients would already cost at least 10 gold coins. The better ones could cost 10 to even 100 thousand gold coins. The even better ones couldn't even be bought with gold coins, but had to be purchased with spirit stones.

    Mo Wuji had only heard of spirit stones as a currency. He had never seen one before, much less use it. He even heard that spirit stones had uses beyond currency; it could act as an energy source for cultivation. It contained denser and purer spiritual energy compared to the spiritual energy from the surroundings, and it was easier to absorb this spiritual energy.

    To purify ingredients, besides a practiced hand, one would also require a high grade pill furnace. Mo Wuji couldn't even afford to buy spiritual ingredients, much less pill furnaces.

    Looking at the sleeping Yan'Er, Mo Wuji decided to look for Wu Kai for help. He needed to find someone to take care of Yan'Er. Then, he could go and search for spiritual ingredients instead of purchasing them.

    [1] The Jun () in Shi Jun's name means handsome.
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