Chapter 89: The Brutes That Came Knocking On Our Door

    Chapter 89: The Brutes That Came Knocking On Our Door

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    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, congratulations. I don't really have much to give you as an congratulatory gift, so these spiritual herbs will do." Yan Qianyin took out a parcel and passed it to Mo Wuji.

    "Thank you senior apprentice sister Yan." Mo Wuji hurriedly received the parcel. This was the exact bag that he had asked Yan Qianyin to help him safekeep. There were the pills that he had refined, the broken sword, and the skill transfer crystal ball. With the parcel in hand, he could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Yan Qianyin could openly say that she was giving him spiritual ingredients, which undoubtedly were from the Formless Blade Mountain. However, he dared not even bring a single pill out. This was the difference in ability, level, and position between them.

    "Pill Master Mo, if you have any requests, just approach the Pill Refiner's Hall to bring them up." Gu Ran warmly approached Mo Wuji, and treated him with exceptional respect. Mo Wuji's impression of Gu Ran was quite good. But he knew that while this sect head of the Formless Blade Sect was rather decent, the sect head's main objective of treating him this nicely was to encourage him to toil harder for the sect, and refine many pills in the future.

    Mo Wuji thanked the sect head once again, "Thank you sect head for your concern, I will retire to my accommodation now as I am quite tired." Although he was now a guest pill refiner, the Formless Blade Sect definitely had many things to discuss that would be of no concern to a guest pill refiner. So he left as soon as possible, knowing his place.


    In his heart, Mo Wuji was very anxious to see Yan'Er after being separated from her for a month. He did not know her current condition, hence returning to the Blood Lotus Lake as fast as possible after bidding the various elders farewell.

    "Young master Mo, you're back." Xiong Xiuzhu welcomed Mo Wuji with a deep bow. She had picked up Yan'Er's habit for calling him young master.

    "Yan'Er is still doing fine right?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked

    Xiong Xiuzhu quickly followed up with a nod, "Miss Yan'Er is doing very well, here she is right now..."

    As Xiong Xiuzhu was speaking, Mo Wuji saw Yan'Er holding the earthly yellow egg that he brought back from the Seven Edged Sea. Step by step she walked closer towards the Blood Lotus Lake. Perhaps because the egg was given to her by Mo Wuji, it was not simply a toy to her, but something he entrusted her with. And perhaps it was also a natural sense of closeness that made Yan'Er cutely stand at Mo Wuji's side when she arrived.

    Upon observing that colour which had returned to Yan'Er's face, and that her body had developed significantly, he felt even more satisfied with Xiong Xiuzhu's care, as this showed that she looked after Yan'Er very well.

    "You did a good job," Mo Wuji praised her satisfactorily.

    This elicited a quick bow from Xiong Xiuzhu, "Thank you Young Master for taking me in, I've been doing much better here than before. Please drink a cup of water first young master." These words that came from Xiong Xiuzhu's mouth were no lies, her complexion had become much fairer and her hands were not as calloused as a month before. She immediately went to pour a cup of water for Mo Wuji to welcome his return.

    "Haha, how shameless can you get, a mere service disciple calling himself Young Master..."

    "Bang!" The cup in Xiong Xiuzhu's hands fell to the ground once she heard this voice. Mo Wuji could even see her shadow slightly trembling, then retracting to his back. It was apparent how fearful she was of this voice's owner.

    Lifting his head, Mo Wuji saw two men strolling over along the edge of the Blood Lotus Lake. One of them he knew very well: Deacon of the service disciples, Wu Kai. Wu Kai seemed to be giving advice to the other guy non-stop, but he received no form of response.

    When Wu Kai finally noticed Mo Wuji's presence, he quickly took a few steps forward to speak to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, so you've returned."

    Someone like Wu Kai was not in the position to be privy of information like the transfer formation of the Formless Blade Mountain glitching out, so all he knew was that Mo Wuji earned the favour of Pill Master Shi and became his ingredients boy.

    A light nod from Mo Wuji followed, before he turned his gaze towards the man that insulted him. This man had a typical triangular set of eyes, with decent looks. But those eyes made his appearance worse on so many levels. "A service disciple dares call himself Young Master after getting acquainted with Wu Kai. Heh, if that's the case then I'll be calling myself king." The triangle eyed man followed up with another sentence, seeing that Mo Wuji had no response.

    With Xiong Xiuzhu's previous response, Mo Wuji could roughly guess who this guy was. If he didn't guess wrongly, this triangle eyed man should be the one who broke Tao Ao's legs.

    "Brother Mo, this guy is a disciple related to the Fire Sword Summit Lord, Cang Wenbin." Wu Kai quickly explained, fearing that Mo Wuji would shoot his mouth off and offend the triangle eyed guy.

    Even though Mo Wuji was favoured by Pill Master Shi, but compared to Cang Wenbin, he was still slightly inferior. After all, he was just an ingredient boy, so no matter what happened, Pill Master Shi would not risk it all by confronting the Fire Sword Summit Lord.

    After speaking to Mo Wuji, Wu Kai swiftly turned around to explain to the triangle eyed man, "Master Cang, this is Mo Wuji. He's greatly favoured by Pill Master Shi and is currently working under Pill Master Shi." The intention behind these words was to let Cang Wenbin have some fear, and restrain himself a little.

    "Oh, so you're actually an ingredient boy." Cang Wenbin sarcastically remarked, before his face turned black, "A lowly ingredient boy should just screw off to one side. I'm not here for you today."

    Cang Wenbin was likely here as Mo Wuji had taken in Xiong Xiuzhu and her husband, and he was very unhappy about it. But this fact puzzled Mo Wuji. Logically speaking, even if Mr and Mrs Tao Ao did offend Cang Wenbin, he should not have continued to bother himself with people of their level after breaking Tao Ao's legs. However, not only did he still care about it, he also chased them to the Blood Lotus Lake.

    "Master Cang, we've already passed you those things, Tao Ao's two legs were also shattered by you for being too talkative, so please I beg you, let us go." Xiong Xiuzhu collapsed onto the ground kneeling.

    Cang Wenbin's expression immediately changed, "Those things, what things? What would an outer disciple of an Earth Sect want from a mere servicemaid?"

    To this, Xiong Xiuzhu slammed her head against the ground, repeatedly saying, "Sorry master, I made that up. Please forgive me."

    "Ok, I'll forgive you, as long as you bring that broken legged bugger that you call your husband with you and follow me." Cang Wenbin snorted, and a fierce look flashed through his triangle shaped eyes.

    Through his recent research, his gut feeling told him that the things that he took from Xiong Xiuzhu were not ordinary, hence the idea of erasing anyone who knew about it from the face of the earth crept into his head. Once she heard that he wanted her to leave with him, Xiong Xiuzhu felt weak all over. If she left with him it was very likely that she would die, but she also knew that Mo Wuji would be implicated if she remained here.

    "Yes Master, we'll leave with you immediately..." Xiong Xiuzhu replied with a faltering voice.

    "Wait up." Mo Wuji did not bother about anything that Cang Wenbin did, but only stepped in when Xiong Xiuzhu was about to leave. "Miss Xiong, you're now a guest of mine, so how could you just leave like that? Also, when I was not around, did this triangle eyed guy come to harass you before?"

    "He...he..." Xiong Xiuzhu's teeth chattered in fear, not knowing how to reply Mo Wuji at all. In reality, when Mo Wuji was away, Cang Wenbin had dropped by once, but for some reason he was chased away before he could say anything.

    "Die you!" Cang Wenbin swung his hand towards Mo Wuji's face.

    With a small sidestep and a snap of his wrist, Mo Wuji threw a slap out, which hit squarely on Cang Wenbin's face. Although Cang Wenbin had spirit roots, they were of poor quality. All he did was ride on the name of his senior uncle to barely scrape through to Channel Opening Level 2. Even if he had his guard up for Mo Wuji's counter attack, he would still not be able to avoid that slap. What's more he didn't guard against it at all.

    The slap connected perfectly with his face, and while his head deformed and twisted to one side, multiple teeth and a spray of blood flew out of his mouth. The momentum of Mo Wuji's hand then threw him far away.

    Wu Kai was stunned. Mo Wuji actually slapped Cang Wenbin with such force that he blasted off. He even made Cang Wenbin lose a few teeth. Things didn't look good...
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