Chapter 96: Yan Qianyins Motive

    Chapter 96: Yan Qianyin's Motive

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    "Take another look." Seeing Mo Wuji's look of blankness, Yan Qianyin pointed towards the mottled sword hilt once more.

    Mo Wuji did not understand what Yan Qianyin wanted; he extended his hand to feel the sword hilt before asking in 'shock', "Senior apprentice sister Yan, don't tell me that this is the other half of the broken sword? Did senior apprentice sister Yan bring this over as a gift for me, so that I can make the two halves whole?"

    Yan Qianyin answered awkwardly, "This is indeed the Hanging Sword Cliff's other half of the Fallen Tune Sword. It's just that after obtaining the Fallen Tune Sword Art, I want this Fallen Tune Sword. The sect head has already allowed me to retrieve the sword hilt, and I'm here now to shamelessly ask junior apprentice brother for the other half."

    Yan Qianyin felt a little uncomfortable; compared to Mo Wuji's help and compromises, her help did not count much.

    Firstly, her life was saved by Mo Wuji. Secondly, she broke her own agreement with Mo Wuji so that she would have yield absolute advantages. Lastly, she was the one who offered to give Mo Wuji the broken sword blade. Now, she's going back on her words by asking Mo Wuji for it.

    Mo Wuji did not reply her immediately; he felt that there was something weird with Yan Qianyin's words. Logically, if Yan Qianyin wanted the Fallen Tune Sword because she had obtained its corresponding sword art, she would have asked him for back at Formless Blade Mountain. She did not need to wait for an entire month to ask him for it. There could only be one possible explanation: She discovered a secret from Mo Luoqu's skill transfer crystal ball.

    Conversely, this set Mo Wuji at ease; this meant that Yan Qianyin wasn't here to investigate about his previous heist at the Hanging Sword Cliff.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, I know this is a little too much. To reimburse you, I am willing to offer three Tier 3 pill formulas as well as some spiritual herbs for those pills. These will be the resources for your advancement to a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner. How's that?" Yan Qianyin asked sincerely.

    Mo Wuji slowly contemplated. The Fallen Tune Sword was useless to him; the real value of the sword was the Revolving Star Passage Technique which he already took out. Thus, he could fully accept Yan Qianyin's conditions.

    It seems like Yan Qianyin knew about the secret of the Fallen Tune Sword. She used an excuse of practising the sword art with the actual sword; naturally, it was because she didn't want Mo Wuji to think that something weird was going on. Well, this was human nature. If it was him, he also wouldn't have talked about it directly.

    "Since senior apprentice sister Yan values the Fallen Tune Sword highly, I will gladly give it to you. Actually, there's also one thing I would need senior apprentice sister's help in..."

    "Please speak." Hearing Mo Wuji willingly offer the Fallen Tune Sword, Yan Qianyin was elated.

    "Senior apprentice sister Yan, I have this family member who needs help. Because of some reason, her spiritual roots had dispersed, her spirit channels were torn apart, and her memory was wiped out. I wonder if senior apprentice sister Yan can take a look if she could be cured?" Ever since Mo Wuji was acquainted with Yan Qianyin, he had always wanted her help to examine Yan'Er.

    According to Shen Lian, Yan Qianyin should not be able to cure Yan'Er. However, her origins were not simple, and she might actually find a way.

    "Where is she?" Yan Qianyin replied.

    "Yan'Er, come over for a short while," Mo Wuji eagerly stood up, walked towards the door and called out.

    Yan'Er was alone by the lake. After hearing Mo Wuji's call, she immediately stood up and walked into the house.

    Yan Qianyin also stood up and walked to Yan'Er's side, extending her hand to grab Yan'Er's wrists. In a single breath's time, the colour of Yan Qianyin's face changed, "Her spiritual roots were forcefully robbed? Who would do such a venomous act?"

    Mo Wuji shook his head and did not offer an explanation; he only asked, "Senior apprentice sister Yan, is there any way to help her?"

    It wasn't that he did not believe in Yan Qianyin; even if he trusted Yan Qianyin, she would not have any ways to help him seek revenge. However, if this information were to leak out, it would only lead to death. Furthermore, this sort of vengeance required Mo Wuji to personally seek it.

    Yan Qianyin sunk into her thoughts for a good while, before muttering, "Maybe my grandmaster has a way..."

    Thereafter, she shook head. Even her master might not be able to find her grandmaster, much less Yan Qianyin herself.

    Mo Wuji also went silent; he had heard Yan Qianyin mention about her grandmaster before, this was akin to seeing flowers through a mist.

    "Oh right, there's someone else who can save her..."

    "Who is it?" Without waiting for Yan Qianyin to finish, Mo Wuji anxiously interrupted her words.

    "Heaven Seeking Palace's Granny Linglong. Some say that she's infinitely close to being a Heavenly Pill Refiner. However, my master once told me that Granny Linglong is actually the sole Heavenly Pill Refiner from the Lost Continent," Yan Qianyin said with strong emotions; ostensibly, she was genuinely trying to help Mo Wuji find a solution.

    "Lost Continent?" Mo Wuji did hear about the Heaven Seeking Palace before; it was the place where the Seventh Sword Summit Lord, Ju Qijian, went off too. However, he had never heard of the Lost Continent before.

    Yan Qianyin explained, "Actually our five empires are collectively called the Lost Continent. The reason for this name is because our land has been abandoned by the heavenly laws, and our experts have never been able to advance past the First Heaven of the Heaven Realm. That's why countless experts want to leave this Lost Continent and enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain, so that they can attain higher realms."

    Mo Wuji clenched his fists tightly, he definitely needed to find Granny Linglong to help him. With his current improvement pace, how long would it take for him to be able to cure Yan'Er? What if even after ten years, he still wasn't able to save Yan'Er?

    Yan Qianyin seemed to read Mo Wuji's mind as she said hesitantly, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, even though Granny Linglong might be able to cure her, she might not necessarily help you. Even the experts from the Heaven Seeking Palace might not able to get Granny Linglong to help concoct pills for them. Furthermore, if I'm not wrong, Yan'Er would not live for more than another three years."

    "What?" Mo Wuji stood up agitatedly. Even though he was a Tier 2 pill refiner, he could not determine Yan'Er's remaining life span.

    If Yan Qianyin wasn't lying to him, then Shen Lian must have been the one who lied to him. Perhaps Shen Lian wanted to comfort him so that he would not be overly anxious, but her words nearly killed Yan'Er. If he knew that Yan'Er only had less than three years left, how could he cultivate and progress at some a stable and gradual pace?

    "She really only has three years left. Let's take a step back and talk. Even if you go to the Heaven Seeking Palace and get to meet Granny Linglong, and I guess that there's a 99% chance that you wouldn't even be able to see her, it would still be a wasted effort. In reality, travelling at your current speed from the Formless Blade Sect to the Heaven Seeking Palace will take two to three years. And that's if you don't meet with any delays."

    Yan Qianyin's words were like a bucket of cold water poured over Mo Wuji's head. Mo Wuji's hands and feet were icy cold, he was completely clueless on what he could do.

    No one could understand the place Yan'Er had in his heart. After being plotted against by Xia Ruoyin, Mo Wuji came into this world with nothing at all. Yan'Er was willing to exchange her life for his, placing this young master above everything else, allowing him to feel the feelings of affection between human beings. He had never felt that before, and now that he did, he knew that he had to cherish it.

    "Actually there's another way: the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition which will take place half a year from now. When the Five Elements Desolate Domain opens, Granny Linglong would definitely personally enter to gather spiritual herbs. Maybe you might have a chance to see Granny Linglong." Seeing Mo Wuji's listless expression, Yan Qianyin tried to console him.

    Mo Wuji suddenly pulled out two rolls of thin silk and passed them to Yan Qianyin before bowing to her, "Senior apprentice sister Yan, these two silk pieces contain the secrets of the Fallen Tune Sword. I would like to request senior apprentice sister Yan for something."
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