Chapter 97: She Saved Your Life

    Chapter 97: She Saved Your Life

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    "You know why I'm looking for the Fallen Tune Sword, and even found the secrets from within?" Yan Qianyin made sense of the situation and asked awkwardly. If she could find out about the Fallen Tune Sword's secret from the skill transfer crystal ball, Mo Wuji could have too. However, she did not know that Mo Wuji found the Fallen Tune Sword's secret by chance and he hadn't even used the Invisible Sword skill transfer crystal ball.

    Mo Wuji did not hide anything, "Yes. There's a skill within the Fallen Tune Sword, it's called the Revolving Star Passage Technique."

    Yan Qianyin opened the thin silk and naturally found the Revolving Star Passage Technique. By the side, Mo Wuji was still speaking, "This skill is missing one of the word manuals - The Yi Stage. Now this skill belongs to senior apprentice sister Yan. I only ask for senior apprentice sister Yan to bring me along for the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition. Even if it turns out to be unsuccessful, I want to try or I will never be at ease for the rest of my life."

    He could obtain another skill in the future but Yan'Er needed to be cured immediately. Moreover, he had already recorded every single word and every single cultivation image of the Revolving Star Passage Technique.

    Yan Qianyin rolled the scroll up, looked at Mo Wuji and asked, "May I know what's your relationship with Yan'Er?"

    With one look at the skill, Yan Qianyin could tell that it was far from normal. It was not as though Mo Wuji could not cultivate; being able to give this skill up demonstrated how important Yan'Er was in his heart.

    "Yan'Er used to be my servant..." At this point, there was nothing left to hide; Mo Wuji briefly narrated his and Yan'Er's story in Raozhou.

    Despite knowing that the Mo Clan has fallen, Yan'Er did not leave Mo Wuji. Instead, she was willing to starve for him, so much so that she ended up thin and emaciated. She toiled hard at night just so she could earn money to satisfy Mo Wuji's dream of being a king. Yan Qianyin's eyes could not help but fall on Yan'Er. It was enough that she was a loyal servant, but she even starved herself just to fulfil her young master's unreasonable desires. Yan Qianyin truly never saw a servant like Yan'Er before.

    After Yan'Er knew that her spiritual roots were extremely good, she did not ask to cultivate, but asked if she could transfer her spiritual roots over to her young master. This was something never seen before. After all, this was akin to giving up her opportunity to become an immortal.

    Who could expect that her words would actually become reality. It's just that her spiritual roots weren't transferred to her young master but someone else. Fortunately, the transfer failed. If it was actually successful, she would die in the spot and she would not be here right now.

    Even though she lost her memories and mental state, she could still remember her young master. This kind of person was definitely worth saving.

    "I can take you to the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition. If you can advance to a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner, you can even personally take part in the competition. However, I still need to remind you, even if you meet Granny Linglong, she would not help you," Yan Qianyin sighed. She was an Earth Pill Refiner, and she better understood the temperaments of pill refiners. Even if Mo Wuji was resolute and firm, the chances of Granny Linglong helping was close to zero.

    Mo Wuji decisively said, "I have to try."

    Yan Qianyin did not continue persuading him, but picked up the silk in her hand and said, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, did you dig the hole at the Hanging Sword Cliff? You picked the Lotus Sword Summit also for this reason right?"

    Mo Wuji's heart trembled and he immediately thought of denying it. However, he knew that since Yan Qianyin already knew so much, there was no point in doing so. He honestly and simply said, "Yes senior apprentice sister Yan, I did indeed go to the Hanging Sword Cliff. How did you know?"

    Yan Qianyin laughed faintly, "Because I personally retrieved this sword hilt from the Hanging Sword Cliff. Your hole even helped me."

    With that, Yan Qianyin looked at Yan'Er, "She saved your life."

    "Ahh..." Mo Wuji looked at Yan Qianyin in confusion. However, he immediately made sense of the situation. When he opened the hilt to retrieve the silk, he left behind traces. Yan Qianyin was not an idiot, she could definitely discover those traces on the hilt. Furthermore, Mo Wuji moved to the Lotus Sword Summit and there was a newly dug hole at the Hanging Sword Cliff, she could easily guess that he was the one who removed what was in the sword hilt.

    If he did not give the silk scrolls up for Yan'Er, and when Yan Qianyin discovers that the Fallen Tune Sword's secret had already been removed, she would not treat him so nicely. That was why Yan Qianyin said that Yan'Er saved Mo Wuji's life.

    "Senior apprentice sister Yan, if I did not pass you the scrolls and you discovered it, you would kill me?" Mo Wuji secretly heaved a sigh of relief and he casually asked. However, he had interacted with Yan Qianyin, and he did not believe she would kill him because of this. From the looks of it, she would at the very most force him to hand the thing over.

    Yan Qianyin shook her head and explained, "I wouldn't have killed you, but the sect head would."

    "The sect head knows about the secret?" Mo Wuji asked on shock. If the sect head knows about it, Mo Wuji might still be executed even though he had already handed the Revolving Star Passage Technique over.

    Yan Qianyin replied, "If the sect head didn't know about the Fallen Tune Sword's secret, do you think he would have allowed me to take the sword hilt? If you didn't hand over the skill, I would definitely have guessed that you were the one who took it. When that happens, I would have been very disappointed with you, and I wouldn't have helped you hide the truth.

    Even if I didn't say anything, the sect head would have doubts over why I didn't take out the Fallen Tune Sword's secret. He would definitely send people to investigate the location of the sword hilt and see the hole you dug. By then, don't you think he'll start questioning me? I just need to confess that I wasn't the one who dug it, and that it was already there when I came to retrieve the sword hilt. What do you think will happen next?"

    Cold sweat trickled down Mo Wuji's back; Yan Qianyin was completely right. If he lied to Yan Qianyin and he did not offer the Revolving Star Passage Technique, why would Yan Qianyin cover up for him? Even if Yan Qianyin didn't say anything about what happened at the Hanging Sword Cliff or the Formless Blade Mountain, the sect head would still have been able to found links to him. After all, Mo Wuji moved to the Lotus Sword Summit and the hole at the Hanging Sword Cliff were dug at around the same time. That was too close to be considered a coincidence. So Yan Qianyin was completely right to have said that Yan'Er saved his life.

    Yan Qianyin kept the silk scrolls, "Junior apprentice brother Mo, you saved my life before and now you are being so honest with me. I, Yan Qianyin, am not an ungrateful person. I can't give you this Revolving Star Passage Technique as the sect head also wants to see it. But if you meet any problems, I will try to help you. Also, it's very possible that this Revolving Star Passage Technique is not a skill. It doesn't matter if you have already memorised the contents, but this matter cannot be leaked."

    "If this is not a skill, then what is it?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked. He really did memorise the contents on the two silk scrolls.

    Yan Qianyin answered, "It could even be a sacred art. However, my cultivation is too low and I am not very well-read, so I'm not too sure..."

    "The guy surnamed Mo, do you think you're very incredible now that you're a guest pill refiner? This senior only needs one slap to squash you..." A hoarse and loud voice outside the house interrupted Yan Qianyin's sentence. It was followed by a raging tornado which sped towards Mo Wuji's house.

    Yan Qianyin, who was talking to Mo Wuji, took a step forward, and also sent a wave out.

    "Hong!" The clash of the two forces directly destroyed the exterior of Mo Wuji's house. Mo Wuji hurried out to see Yan Qianyin facing a ferocious looking man. The space between the two of them seemed to have been plowed, looking extremely messy and disorderly.
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