Chapter 98: The Immortal Training Tower

    Chapter 98: The Immortal Training Tower

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    "Pill Master Yan, why are you here too? You've advanced into the first stage of the Earth Realm, the Yuan Dan Stage?" The hideously muscular man stared at Yan Qianyin with a surprised look on his face.

    To become an Earth Pill Refiner at such a young age was already a frightening accomplishment, but to enter the first stage of the Earth Realm too? He was already in the 7th level of the Yuan Dan Stage, but how many years did he take to get there? By the time he entered the Yuan Dan Stage, he was already much older than Yan Qianyin.

    Yan Qianyin casually replied, "Whether I'm in the Yuan Dan Stage or not is not important. I'm actually quite curious, as lord of a sword summit, why would Summit Lord Cang forcibly come to the Lotus Sword Summit to destroy Pill Master Mo's home?" While Cang Qianxing did not acknowledge Mo Wuji, he could not afford to act without restraint in front of Yan Qianyin. Even before she stepped into the Yuan Dan Stage, she was the top ranked existence below the Formless Blade Sect Head, and now that she was in the Yuan Dan Stage, her position was not something that the Fire Sword Summit Lord could compare to.

    "Since you want to know why, let me enlighten you. This man took advantage of his position of a guest pill refiner to bully others. My nephew found some materials for smithing and intended to give them to me, but somehow he caught wind of this. In the end, not only did he give my nephew a good beating, but he also snatched away the smithing materials." Although Cang Qianxing did not outrank Yan Qianyin, but he believed that in front of the truth, she would not dare to overly protect Mo Wuji.

    "Thank you young master, thank you Pill Master Yan, my husband Tao Ao can now walk again thanks to you." Just as the final word left Cang Qianxing's mouth, Xiong Xiuzhu assisted Tao Ao to walk over from afar, with a voice shaking from emotion. If she was not helping Tao Ao to stand, she would have fallen to her knees by then.

    Yan Qianyin took advantage of this, asking Xiong Xiuzhu, "This is the Fire Sword Summit Lord, please explain how your husband's leg got broken and the current situation to him. Summit Lord Cang claims that Pill Master Mo snatched Cang Wenbin's smithing materials, a steel pole, and is here to settle this debt with Pill Master Mo."

    Xiong Xiuzhu understood what was going on immediately, and quickly clarified, "No, it's not like that. The steel pole is a family heirloom of mine..."

    Once Cang Qianxing heard that Cang Wenbin broke Tao Ao's legs, and that the steel pole was stolen from Xiong Xiuzhu by Cang Wenbin, how could he not understand what was going on?

    A livid expression appeared on his face, though not because he had wronged Mo Wuji. If Yan Qianyin was not present, even if he knew that Cang Wenbin was being unreasonable, he would still carry on to destroy Mo Wuji's house, and take the steel pole away by force. But now he was furious that Cang Wenbin actually wanted to manipulate him to teach Mo Wuji a lesson. Turning around, he saw Cang Wenbin with a face as white as a sheet. No questions were needed to confirm that Xiong Xiuzhu was not lying.

    With one leap, Cang Qianxing landed in front of Cang Wenbin. His giant palm lifted into the air, and swept down onto Cang Wenbin's recently recovered face, which had once again become bloody after the single slap.

    After the slap, Cang Qianxing did not speak any further. Extending his strides, all traces of him left the summit in seconds. Since Cang Qianxing had left, Cang Wenbin dared not make any noise, and stumbled off the summit as fast as he could.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. If Yan Qianyin was not here today, he would definitely have been humiliated by Cang Qianxing. "One day," he swore, "I'll go to the Fire Sword Summit to teach this cunning old man a lesson."

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, you have to be wary of Cang Qianxing in the future. This guy will definitely settle this grudge someday. Even though he won't dare to make a move against you openly, but he'll make your life difficult somehow. If I guess correctly, he should be at Yuan Dan Stage Level 7. I've just entered the Yuan Dan Stage and cannot stand up to him yet." Yan Qianyin warned Mo Wuji in a serious tone the moment Cang Qianxing left.

    Without this reminder, Mo Wuji would also have known that he could not afford to offend someone like Cang Qianxing. But even though he did not do so this time, Cang Qianxing still came knocking on his door. He couldn't deflect these bullets even if he wanted to.

    "Senior apprentice sister Yan, do you know where there's something like a lightning lake nearby?" Mo Wuji's desire to become stronger lit up again in his heart, and he had to find a lightning source to open new meridians.

    Yan Qianyin gazed at Mo Wuji with a puzzled look, "Why are you looking for lightning lakes? Do you have lightning affinity spiritual roots?" She totally did not believe that Mo Wuji had lightning affinity spiritual roots, as those with unique spiritual roots were all top tier geniuses. In general, most unique affinity spiritual roots were of supreme grade, and even the worst of them were high grade spirit roots.

    Mo Wuji clarified, "Actually, I have a technique that allows me to strengthen my body by immersing myself in lightning, so I wanted to find somewhere suitable to train with it."

    So this was the case, Yan Qianyin nodded her head. No wonder Mo Wuji survived the malfunction in the transfer formation. His body had been forged by lightning.

    This explanation cleared any suspicion that Yan Qianyin had. In reality, there were many techniques that used wing, lightning, fire, ice, and other methods to strengthen the body. So it was not unusual for Mo Wuji to obtain a lightning affinity body strengthening technique.

    "At the Fringe City there's a gigantic training facility, called the Fringe City Immortal Training Tower. You can go there to rent a cultivation room. Not only are there lightning tempering rooms, but also five elements tempering rooms, ice tempering rooms, etc." Yan Qianyin replied.

    As someone that did not understand much about the world of cultivators, Mo Wuji's jaw dropped when he heard that there were specialised lightning rooms for cultivation, before asking excitedly, "Such a place exists?"

    A smile emerged on Yan Qianyin's face, "This sort of facility isn't actually anything special, as long as you have spirit stones, you could also go to locations with spiritual energy as dense as on the Formless Blade Sect Head's Summit. Fringe City is a city of cultivation where many major sects cross paths, so try not to stir up any trouble while you're there. The Fringe City Immortal Training Tower is very famous. It was made in the image of the Heaven Seeking Palace Training Tower, and out of all of the towers that mimic the Heaven Seeking Palace Training Tower, the one at Fringe City is the best."

    "Senior apprentice sister Yan, thank you for the recommendation. I intend to go to Fringe City to train for a period of time, and would like Yan'Er to stay with you for a few days, is that possible?" Since Cang Qianxing had suddenly barged to his house, Mo Wuji became more cautious. If not for his insufficient strength and the inconvenience of bringing someone around, he would have kept Yan'Er by his side.

    Yan Qianyin replied, "Sure, no problem. The place that I live in is very spacious, so why don't you let the XIong Ziuzhu couple come over too, since someone has to take care of Yan'Er anyway." When Xiong Xiuzhu, who had been waiting to thank Yan Qianyin, heard this, her knees immediately hit the ground, followed by cries of gratitude.

    With her hand gesturing for Xiong Xiuzhu to get up, Yan Qianyin said to Mo Wuji, "My suggestion for you is to take up some pill refining jobs of the sect, this will be beneficial for your growth."


    After handing over Yan'Er, Xiong Xiuzhu, and Tao Ao to Yan Qianyin, Mo Wuji began preparing for his trip to Fringe City. He did not really take note of Yan Qianyin's suggestion to take up pill refining jobs. The main priority was to increase his strength, and the first step was to open new meridians.

    There were flying beast carriages flying from the Formless Blade Sect to Fringe City, but those required spirit stones for payment. So Mo Wuji went to collect his guest pill refiner pay, which added up to a total of over a hundred spirit stones. After paying for a seat on the flying beast carriage, he was left with only a hundred spirit stones. Mo Wuji dared not use these stones for cultivation. He had to save them up for the Immortal Training Tower, which used spirit stones instead of gold coins as their currency.
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