Chapter 111: The Power of Spiritual Will

    Chapter 111: The Power of Spiritual Will

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    Mo Wuji's choice was ultimately the Transcending Mortality Pill. The Transcending Mortality Pill was very valuable and the refining difficulty was only considered to be average among all the other Tier 3 spiritual pills. Mo Wuji felt it was the best to use such medicine to study about Tier 3 spiritual pills.

    After igniting the earth fire as well as cleaning the furnace, Mo Wuji sent the different herbs into the furnace. The first step was to purify the spiritual herbs. He could do this very well even when he was at Channel Opening Stage Level 4. Presently, he was much more comfortable and familiar with this and he finished purifying all the herbs in about half an hour.

    Only up till now could Mo Wuji truly feel his own improvement. Back then he required so much more effort to purify a Tier 3 spiritual herb as compared to now.

    Now that he had advanced to Channel Opening Stage Level 7, purification of the Tier 3 spiritual herbs were as easy as writing. The process was smooth without any hiccups. Mo Wuji was sure that his purification of the Tier 3 spiritual herbs had now exceeded the 90% purification level.

    After getting the dregs out of the furnace, Mo Wuji made use of both the hand techniques as well as elementary energy to constantly churn the medicinal essences in the furnace. He had begun fusing the medicinal essences.

    For many pill refiners, this was the hardest step. The first time Mo Wuji tried to concoct the Transcending Mortality Pill, he failed at the fusion step too. In fact, before he could even start fusing the medicinal essences, the essences had already dispersed.

    Previously, Mo Wuji was unable to control the spiritual nature of the medicinal essences. However, it was made easier this time round because of his hand techniques.

    Another half an hour passed by as Mo Wuji's hand techniques became much smoother. Every movement was matched perfectly with his elementary energy in the furnace.

    Step by step, Mo Wuji did not face any difficulty.

    After an hour, there was the scent of pills coming out from the pill furnace. Mo Wuji became even more focused as his hand techniques were constantly at work within the furnace. Very soon, he began collecting the pills.

    After another 10 minutes, 12 logan-like cream coloured pills were brought out by Mo Wuji and kept in a jade bottle prepared long ago.

    Mo Wuji took out a pill to sniff and observed it for half a day before heaving a long sigh and putting it back into the bottle.

    He succeeded in concocting his first batch of Tier 3 Mortal Spirit Pills after advancing to Channel Opening Stage Level 7. This meant that Mo Wuji would be a Tier 3 pill refiner from this moment onwards.

    In less than half a year, Mo Wuji progressed from a normal drug refiner to a Tier 3 pill refiner. Not even Yan Qianyin's grandmaster was so impressive right? Furthermore, he had no spiritual roots to begin with. Only he knew how difficult it was to get to where he was. Yan Qianyin's grandmaster was definitely way ahead of him in terms of cultivation level. Moreover, Mo Wuji was sure he had a mentor to guide him and had no need to source for his own cultivation resource like Mo Wuji.

    At the thought of this, Mo Wuji was feeling a little proud of himself for being slightly more capable than Yan Qianyin's grandmaster.

    However, Mo Wuji threw this thought away very quickly as he took out the spiritual herbs of Spirit Strengthening Pill.

    Advancing to become a Tier 3 pill refiner might be important but concocting the Spirit Strengthening Pill was just as important. He could be able to possess spiritual will if he was able to get hold of the Spirit Strengthening Pill. With the power of spiritual will, this meant that he could easily put his pill technique to good effect. With the pill technique, who knows if he might even be able to concoct a Earth grade Tier 4 pill?

    Mo Wuji could close his eyes and still handled the Tier 1 and 2 spiritual herbs well. Even though he could also easily handle the Tier 3 spiritual herbs, he was still very cautious in placing the Icy Soul Grass, Leafless Fog Rattan, Green Frost Fruit, Little Freedom Flower, Round-whisked Wind Fruit as well as the other Tier 3 spiritual herbs neatly at one side.

    As the earth fire was ignited again, Mo Wuji cleaned the pill furnace thoroughly a few more times.

    As stalks of spiritual herbs were sent into the furnace, Mo Wuji managed to remove the dregs using the hand techniques combined with the earth fire.

    To ensure success, Mo Wuji got rid of the dregs a few times. He only started the fusion of the medicinal essences when he had no other way to get rid of anymore dregs.

    Two hours passed and Mo Wuji was still fusing the medicinal essences.

    Although both were Tier 3 spiritual pills, the Spirit Strengthening Pill was much tougher to concoct than the Transcending Mortality Pill. Mo Wuji even suspected that this Spirit Strengthening Pill might be a Tier 4 spiritual pill which only an Earth Pill Refiner would be able to concoct. Unfortunately, he was only at Channel Opening Stage Level 7. Even if he managed to concoct the Spirit Transcending Pill, he could forget about concocting this Spirit Strengthening Pill.

    "Peng!" A depressing explosion occurred and then black smoke emerged from Mo Wuji's furnace. The burnt smell of the medicinal essences spreaded across the room as Mo Wuji was shocked for a moment. Just as he thought this furnace of Spirit Strengthening Pill was about to succeed, it exploded.

    Calming his nerves, Mo Wuji recalled carefully as to what caused his failure.

    It seemed like the problem occurred after he was done fusing the medicinal essences, more specifically, before he was about to condense the pill. He felt something was wrong during this step and soon after, this batch had to be scrapped.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji took out the second set of spiritual herbs meant for the Spirit Strengthening Pill.

    Mo Wuji started fusing the medicinal essences again soon after he removed the dregs.

    Mo Wuji did not dare to make a mistake as he cautiously went through all these steps. After a few hours, Mo Wuji started splitting and condensing the pills. The furnace produced the scent of completed pills. Even though it was only the scent of the Spirit Strengthening Pill, Mo Wuji felt much more energetic smelling it as if his whole brain was cleansed thoroughly.

    As the scent became stronger, Mo Wuji did not dare pause his hand techniques in the furnace. Cautiously, he retrieved 12 freshly concocted crystal clear pills and placed them in the jade bottle.

    After extinguishing the earth fire, Mo Wuji heaved a long sigh of relief as he finally managed to concoct the Spirit Strengthening Pill. Even though it was not the best batch that he could concoct, it was after all his first batch of Spirit Strengthening Pill. Therefore, he was confident he would definitely able to produce higher quality pills in the future.

    After pouring the pills out, Mo Wuji stared for a long time before popping one into his mouth.

    The pill disappeared very quickly after he ate it. Soon after, Mo Wuji could feel a heating sensation lingering at his eyebrows area.

    Without realising how long it had been, Mo Wuji opened his eyes to realise his cultivation base had increased by a little. More importantly, he could feel that his perception of everything around him had become a lot clearer. Mo Wuji had a faintly discernible feeling as though he could distinctly feel things that were not within his range of vision.

    Mo Wuji kept his excitement in check as it was not too far away from what he expected. This should be what the spiritual will was about: to be able to feel things which the naked eye could not see or even use this power to change and affect things he could feel. Mo Wuji swallowed yet another Spirit Strengthening Pill as he continued to use his Immortal Mortal Technique to enhance his own spiritual will.

    Pharmacy 19 used to be a place to refine pills. Presently, it belonged solely to Mo Wuji to cultivate. Just as Mo Wuji was about to put another Spirit Strengthening Pill into his mouth, he realised that he had already finished all 12 of them. Not only that, he had consumed quite a few Inedia Pills too.

    How long have I been cultivating? Mo Wuji stood up all of a sudden. He threw this thought away in the next moment and he could very clearly sense his own spiritual will. He felt that he could even control some objects with his spiritual will.

    It was similar to that time when he used his strong willpower to direct the lightning bolt to open his meridian. Currently, he was capable of easily using his spiritual will to direct the lightning bolt to the clogged meridians without using cultivation methods to undergo spiritual energy circulation.

    What would happen if I were to use spiritual will when refining pills? His pill technique lacked the use of spiritual will. Every time he refined pill, he had to work so hard to control the process through his willpower. Furthermore, when he only used his willpower, the success rate was way too low.

    The moment he thought of this, he immediately ignited the earth fire to continue refining his Spirit Strengthening Pill.

    As Mo Wuji sent the third batch of Spirit Strengthening Pill into the furnace, his speed increased. He realised that even without using the spiritual will, after he possessed it, his pill refinement technique became a lot smoother. On top of that, his thought process was much clearer than before.

    Purifying and fusing the medicinal essences were now a piece of cake. Mo Wuji only used one third of the time he used previously to start separating and then condensing the pills.

    When he was about to condense the pills, Mo Wuji started executing the pill technique. This was his first time using his spiritual will to execute the the pill technique. Originally, the medicinal essences in the furnace were slowly forming into pills. After the pill technique, the speed at which the pills were being formed increased tremendously. Furthermore, the pills which were shaped were compressed even more. The pill became smaller and the orange colour was even more vibrant.

    After a stick of incense finished, Mo Wuji decided to use the pill retrieval technique. This time round, there was no need for him to slap the furnace itself as 12 Spirit Strengthening Pills were brought out easily with his technique into the jade bottle.

    Mo Wuji grabbed the jade bottle excitedly as he knew previously that the success rate for using pill techniques to concoct pills would increase by several folds. Only because using pill techniques required too much energy and the fact that it was usually unsuccessful that he gave up using pill techniques. Now that he managed to use spiritual will, it was indeed easier to use the pill techniques. Not only was it easier, the colour was upgraded to a whole new level. The time taken was also halved from the previous attempt.

    Moreover, he only started using the pill techniques when he was condensing the pills. If he used it from the very beginning, the speed might have been quicker and the colour might be better too.

    Mo Wuji's prediction was not wrong. Mo Wuji used the pill technique for the whole process of concocting the fourth batch of pills. This time, not only did the time taken reduced to half, the colour of the pills concocted improved to yet another level.

    The only uncomfortable thing was that his head was feeling dizzy. However, Mo Wuji did not mind because he knew it was probably due to overexertion of his spiritual will.

    After swallowing yet another Spirit Strengthening Pill, Mo Wuji closed his eyes and started meditating. Spirit Strengthening Pill was only capable of increasing the power of spiritual will, not restore the loss of spiritual will. Because of his rest, Mo Wuji restored his spiritual will too. After this heavy consumption, Mo Wuji realised that his spiritual will increased again.

    With the spiritual will, he could now control the pill techniques. Mo Wuji would never need to worry anymore as he could easily concoct Spirit Strengthening Pill in the shortest duration possible.
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