Chapter 119: Immediate Reversal

    Chapter 119: Immediate Reversal

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    After seeing Mu Ying's appeal, Mo Wuji did not continue to write out the Treasured Blood Lotus. Now that Mu Ying was interested in the only thing he had on his hands, he would simply find Mu Ying to exchange afterwards.

    "Pill Master Mo..." At this moment, a surprised voice sounded beside Mo Wuji's ears.

    Mo Wuji turned his head around to see Yan Qianyin walking over. Beside Yan Qianyin was Pill Master Ju whom he did not wish to see.

    "Junior apprentice brother Mo, I was so worried for you. I am finally relieved to be able to see you here," Yan Qianyin said with a lot of agitation.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Thank you senior apprentice sister Yan. My luck seemed to be not bad as I managed to escape death once."

    Yan Qianyin said apologetically, "I am sorry, junior apprentice brother Mo, for being the reason you ended up in danger."

    Mo Wuji did knew that Yan Qianyin could not be blamed for this matter. This was because she did not know that he killed Meng Baoyu and hence, caught off guard by the Second Elder.

    "Senior apprentice sister Yan, you can't be blamed for this matter. Moreover, everything is over already," Mo Wuji shook his hand as he said this.

    "Humph! A person of bad character like you will end in the hands of Elder Xu eventually," Pill Master Ju saw Mo Wuji and was feeling extremely unpleased.

    Mo Wuji frowned and ask, "Senior apprentice sister? Who is this fella?"

    Yan Qianyin gave a slight smile and replied as if she did not realised Mo Wuji already recognise Pill Master Ju, "This is Formless Blade Sect's Pill Master Ju Feiyang, a Peak Tier 3 pill refiner."

    Mo Wuji laughed coldly, "From the way he speaks, I still thought he was a Heavenly pill refiner or one of the pill lord from one of the five big empires. In other words, which root of spring onion are you?"

    At the Formless Blade Sect, Mo Wuji had already nursed enough grievance. Furthermore, they were no longer at the Formless Blade Sect.

    Ju Feiyang's face turned so ugly that he had to control his tone and calmed himself down when he realised where they were currently at, "Indeed, I am neither a Heavenly pill refiner nor any spring onion. However, I, Ju Feiyang, will never murder a brother from the same sect..."

    The argument between Mo Wuji and Ju Feiyang from the start had already attracted people's attention. Now that Ju Feiyang mentioned about killing your own sect's brother, it drew almost every onlookers' attention. Even Mu Ying, who only just collected his Pine Pulse revealed an expression of disgust. Killing people from the same sect, how bad a character must you have?

    Yan Qianyin wished to help Mo Wuji refute but had no idea how to help him. She guessed that Mo Wuji really did kill Meng Boyu but given her understanding of Mo Wuji, she knew that he must have had his reasons for doing so.

    Mo Wuji used his eyes to sweep across Ju Feiyang coldly. You are still not on par to debate with me. You have no idea how many forums and world genius expert medical debates I have attended in my previous life so why would I be scared of a lowly Ju Feiyang who only knew how to concoct pills? I am not afraid of competing with you in terms of concocting pills and even more so debating.

    At the same time, he knew he had to change Mu Ying's impression of him in the shortest possible time. Other people could feel disgusted with him for all he care but not Mu Ying.

    "Fellow pill refiners, before I explain myself, let me tell everyone a story. There was a highly respected mister and he accepted several disciples. There was a disciple called Yan and because this disciple did not like to talk or socialise, the other disciples did not like him."

    Because Mo Wuji started by wanting to say a story for everyone therefore, the entire hall quietened down. Mo Wuji's deep voice in this quiet hall made him sound even more convincing.

    "Famine hit everyone hard this year therefore, this mister and his disciples had to survive on congee every single day. To show their respect, the disciples will always offer the thickest portion of the porridge to the mister. One day as per usual, Yan served a bowl of congee to the mister. However, some dirt landed on the congee on his way to the mister. Yan used a ladle to remove the congee with the dirt on it and felt that it would be a waste to throw it away therefore putting this spoonful of congee into his mouth.

    This whole process was witnessed very clearly by the mister as well as another disciple of his. The only difference was that the disciple did not witness the part where the dirt landed on the congee. He went to tell the mister that Yan secretly ate some of his congee. All the disciples despised Yan which made the mister sighed and thought to himself: sometimes what you see may not be the full story.

    My friends, if what you see with your own eyes may not even be true, how true could words from one person be?"

    Mu Ying slightly pondered a little before apologising to Mo Wuji, "Previously, I jumped into conclusions way too quickly and felt disgusted with you without actually judge the situation rationally."

    Mo Wuji hurried to say, "Senior apprentice sister Mu cannot be blamed for this. Anyone who heard about someone killing a brother from the same sect would have felt the same way."

    Ju Feiyang's face turned gloomy as he did not expect Mo Wuji to be able to simply use a story to turn the tides in his favour even before he started debating.

    "Since this was the case, I guess Pill Master Mo did not murder his fellow sect colleague," Mu Ying hurried to add on.

    Mo Wuji scanned the surrounding before saying, "Fellow pill refiners, I was previously a guest pill refiner from the Formless Blade Sect. Before leaving the Formless Blade Sect, I did murder a Tier 2 pill refiner of the sect. His name was Meng Boyu."

    The entire square quietened down as all the pill refiners listened to Mo Wuji expecting him to refute the fact that he killed a sect colleague. However, nobody expected him to admit his act and it seemed as though Pill Master Ju did not accuse him."

    Because of the story Mo Wuji told everyone, nobody stood up to question him. All the pill refiners knew that there was still a second part of the story.

    Mo Wuji continued, "I managed to become a Tier 2 pill refiner due to many fortunate events and was therefore, invited to become a guest pill refiner at the Formless Blade Sect. I was staying by the Blood Lotus Lake and then moved to the Lotus Sword Summit. As the spiritual energy were lacking at both places, nobody wanted to compete with me for the location.

    The majority of the pill refiners nodded their head as they agreed with how the story was flowing. From what they heard, they believed that a Tier 2 pill refiner especially a guest pill refiner would indeed not be allocated too good a place to stay. "A few months ago, I had a steward who managed to dig up a Treasured Blood Lotus from the Blood Lotus Lake..."

    Mo Wuji attracted everybody's attention back again with this sentence. Mu Ying's eyes lit up as she stared at Mo Wuji. The number of Treasured Blood Lotus were getting lesser by the year and even if there was a few, it would usually be defective as well. Now that she needed a Treasured Blood Lotus, she would obviously pay her fullest attention to Mo Wuji's words.

    Even Yan Qianyin was staring at Mo Wuji intensely. She did not expect that the root cause of this story was a Treasured Blood Lotus.

    "At this moment, Meng Boyu arrived at the Blood Lotus Lake and naturally saw the Treasured Blood Lotus. He was envious and wanted to snatch it away. My steward was obviously not willing to let go of the Treasured Blood Lotus and ended up being badly wounded by Meng Boyu. I reached in the nick of time just as Meng Boyu was about to kill him. Attempting to steal my things, murder my man and even murder me in my territory. Fellow pill refiners, what would you have done if you were in my place?"

    "If I were you, I would have smashed his head into pieces," Just as Mo Wuji ended his sentence, Zhen Shaoru said in his roughest voice. This fella was looking all around for Mo Wuji after he finished eating his spirit fruits.

    "Pill Master Mo, do you know where is the Treasured Blood Lotus now?"

    At this juncture in time, nobody cared about Meng Boyu or how loud Zhen Shaoru was. Everyone only wanted to know where the Treasured Blood Lotus was now.

    With so many people asking, Mu Ying hurried to inquire about it as well, "Pill Master Mo, is the Treasured Blood Lotus still around?"

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart and thought to himself: Indeed, nothing else matters other than the Treasured Blood Lotus.

    "Mo Wuji, don't you think a service disciple like you can say anything you want now that Meng Boyu is dead?" Ju Feiyang was raging as he saw Mo Wuji controlling the the whole crowd and could even possessed the Treasured Blood Lotus.

    If he knew that Mo Wuji found a Treasured Blood Lotus at the Blood Lotus Lake, Ju Feiyang would never have let Mo Wuji go even if Yan Qianyin intervened. To be able to find a Treasured Blood Lotus, it was an opportunity that came by only once a few hundred years. However, it was all too late now that Mo Wuji got away with the Treasured Blood Lotus.

    "Pill Master Ju, even if you have something against Pill Master Mo, you should not be calling him a service disciple," an unpleasant pill refiner from the crowd shouted.

    Ju Feiyang replied coldly, "He was recruited as a service disciple from the start at the Formless Blade Sect. It was only because he got lucky that he could end up becoming a pill refiner."

    Mu Ying hurried to ask, "Pill Master Mo, your name is Mo Wuji. I wonder if you are related to the drug refiner Mo who developed the Mo Drug?"

    Mo Wuji replied, "Thank you senior apprentice Mu for the flattery compliments. I am indeed the drug refiner who publicly released the penicillin formula. I originated from a royal family but my family was destroyed when the throne was overturned and the king was assassinated. As for my pill Dao, I inherited my pill Dao from my ancestors too."

    At where they were, Mo Wuji did not need to hold back in the things he said as even if Situ Qian was right in front of him, he would still dare to say this.

    Zhen Shaoru shouted in an instant, "There are people snatching a small throne? Which birdman is it? Tell me and I will knock down his eggs. How about the monarch of that country? Was he an idiot?"

    A monarch of a country would definitely not mean much in Zhen Shaoru's eyes.

    Nobody bothered about the words of Zhen Shaoru because of the compliments Mu Ying gave Mo Wuji. Now that everyone knew that Mo Wuji was the one who gave out the formula of such an incredible drugs, their impression of Mo Wuji improved tremendously.

    "So you are drug refiner Mo, Mu Ying want to thank you on behalf of the numerous mortals who benefited from your contribution," Mu Ying bowed slightly after finishing her sentence.

    Mo Wuji hurried to reject her bow and then took out a box of Treasured Blood Lotus, "Senior apprentice sister Mu, I do not have much spiritual stones with me therefore, I would like to use the Treasured Blood Lotus to exchange for a few spiritual herbs. However, I do not know the value of the Treasured Blood Lotus hence, I was not sure if I could exchange for a..."

    Mu Ying grabbed the jade box that Mo Wuji passed over and opened it in an instant. A crystal-like ruby coloured Treasure Blood Lotus lied inside the jade box, emitting a faint fragrance.

    Every pill refiner sighed out loud as they witnessed this. Mu Ying saw the Treasured Blood Lotus and immediately said, "This is almost a hundred years old Treasured Blood Lotus and it is worth a lot. I had not seen such an old Treasured Blood Lotus for many years already. The only pity was that there was no longer the lotus root which would decrease the value of the Treasured Blood Lotus tremendously."

    Mo Wuji regretted immediately after he heard what Mu Ying said. He did not regret the fact that he extracted the root but he regretted the fact that he made one big mistake. He thought that the Treasured Blood Lotus which Fei Bingzhu nurtured would be worth the same as the one he was holding in his hands. However, after hearing Mu Ying, he realised that the number of years old a Treasured Blood Lotus made a difference too.

    The pity was that he used up almost all of the older Treasured Blood Lotus already.
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