Chapter 127: The End of the Five Elements Pill Competition

    Chapter 127: The End of the Five Elements Pill Competition

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    "Dang dang dang!" After another half an hour, the gong rang thrice and the time for concocting pills was up.

    A few pill refiners who were close to finishing the concoction their pills were distracted by the sound of the gong and the pills within the furnace exploded, disintegrating to a pile of waste.

    10 service disciples had already started collecting the jade vases. For every jade vase that they collected, they would place a sign by the side of the furnace indicating the name of the pill that the pill refiner had concocted.

    As Mo Wuji's jade vase was taken away, the sign beside his furnace indicated Facial Restoration Pill.

    Mo Wuji scanned through all four directions before realising that out of the hundred plus pill refiners, he seemed like the only one who chose the Facial Restoration Pill.

    Most of the pill refiners chose to concoct a Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pill and out of the few who chose a Tier 3 Mortal Pills, they chose the Phaseless Pill or the Bone Tempering Pill.

    Mo Wuji guessed that these two Tier 3 Mortal Pills must be worth a lot if not there would not be so many people choosing it.

    Those who saw Mo Wuji's choice of pill to concoct went speechless. In the world of cultivation, the Facial Restoration Pill was one of the most worthless pill. If it was the Facial Retention Pill, more people might choose it. A pill like the Facial Restoration Pill was not only worthless, it was also not easy to concoct.

    Only Yan Qianyin knew Mo Wuji's true purpose of choosing the Facial Restoration Pill.

    Soon, all the jade vases were collected and placed on the table of the five judges. The five judges started taking turns to open the jade vases check on the colour and the quality of each pill.

    After another hour, Pill Master Ming Ning stood up and that was when everyone knew that the results of the third round was out.

    Pill Master Ming Ning said in a very refreshing tone, "After three rounds of exciting and intense competition, the Five Elements Pill Competition has come to an end. The names of the top 100 pill refiners are out. When I announce the names, those who were called out please come up to the stage to receive the bracelet which will allow you to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain."

    The top 10 in the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition would also receive a reward but nobody really cared about the reward at this point in time. Everyone was concerned about the namelist. Compared to the chance of entering the Five Elements Desolate Domain, these rewards really meant nothing.

    "The first number is Pill Master 37 with 261 points, second is Pill Master 9 with 257 points, third is Pill Master 2 with 256 points, fourth is Pill Master 113..." Pill Master Ming Ning called out all 10 pill refiners in one breath before pausing for a while.

    Number 632 was not reported yet but Mo Wuji was not too concerned as this was still within his expectations. Even though he managed to concoct a perfect batch of Tier 3 mortal pills, he clearly knew the difference in value of a Tier 3 Mortal Pill and a Tier 4 Earth Pill hence he knew that the third round would definitely pull his score down.

    Zhang Ding was the first person that received the award from Pill Master Ming Ning therefore, he knew that fella must be Pill Master 37.

    "Congratulations on coming in first in this year's competition and welcome to my Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda," Pill Master Ming Ning said with a genial smile.

    This scene made a lot of people on the square very envious. Most of them wanted to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain so that they could find some top quality spiritual object which could earn them a place in the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    Before he even enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he had already received the good grace of a Tier 6 pill refiner and a personal invitation to the Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda. Who wouldn't want such a great honour?

    Mo Wuji thought to himself: This fella really received both fame and benefits. Not only did he come in first, receiving such generous rewards and slots to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain. He even got an invitation to the Heaven Seeking Palace Pill Pagoda.

    "Many thanks Senior Ming Ning, the Heaven Seeking Palace was always a place a junior like myself admires a lot, and to be able to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace is my greatest honour," Zhang Ding received the award very formally and then retreated out of the round altar.

    Mo Wuji expected Mu Ying, not Zhang Ding, to win the first place. What surprised Mo Wuji even more was that Mu Ying did not even win second place.

    Pill Master 9, who came in second place, was a man with yellow hair. He did not talk much, only saying thanks after receiving the award from Pill Master Ming Ning before leaving.

    Third placing was won by Pill Master 2, who was Mu Ying. Even though Mo Wuji could not see any disappointment on Mu Ying's face, he knew that Mu Ying was probably not feeling too pleased about it.

    As the god's favoured one and the one all the elders expected great things from, it was such a disgrace that Mu Yung did not win the competition. Furthermore, she did not even get second place. This was not just a disgrace to herself but also to the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    More and more numbers were read out and more batches of young pill refiners took turns to walk up the round altar to receive their awards.

    When almost 50 numbers were read out, Mo Wuji started to worry as he expected his number to appear soon. Unless Pill Master Ming Ning was lying previously about his top 10 position in the earlier two rounds.

    It was as if Mo Wuji's worry was heard because at that moment, he heard Pill Master Ming Ning's touching voice, "...50th place goes to Pill Master 632 with 201 points..."

    Mo Wuji rushed out of his seat as if it was a classical conditioning. His name was finally called and he had gotten the 50th place. This would mean that he won 51 placings to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain. Regardless, he would not need so many placings.

    "Congratulations junior apprentice Brother Mo. Don't get too excited on stage," Yan Qianyin congratulated Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji finally calmed down and hurried to reply, "Thank you senior apprentice sister Yan. You do not have to worry, no matter how many placings you want, I have it here."

    These extra placings were of no use for Mo Wuji therefore he did not mind giving some to help Yan Qianyin.

    "Haha..." Zhen Shaoke from far away waved his fist in the air as he really did not misjudged Mo Wuji. Not only that, it was a big harvest for him. He knew what kind of person Mo Wuji was and he knew that Mo Wuji was definitely not a heartless person. He believed that Mo Wuji would give him some of the placings and with the placings, he would be able to draw over the support of more elders in Nine Moons Pill House.

    "Big brother, is this even surprising? With Wuji's top quality pill concoction techniques, it would be more surprising if he did not win any placings. You're exaggerating this," An unhappy Zhen Shaoru muttered by the side.

    The usually polite Zhen Shaoke could not help but shout, "What do you know?"

    As Zhen Shaoru was about to reply, the smiling Second House Master walked over, "Shaoke, Shaoru, you are both here. This time around, Shaoke has really contributed a lot to Nine Moons Pill House and your Pill Master 632 was really not bad. Oh right, let's hold a welcome ceremony for him after the award ceremony."

    Zhen Shaoru was just about to rage when Zhen Shaoke stopped him and said, "I don't agree with Second House Master because the placings that Wuji won have nothing to do with my Nine Moons Pill House. I promised him that he would have full control over the placings that he won and he need not give any to the Nine Moons Pill House."

    Second House Master face turned serious, "How could you do this? This is after all my reward for participating in the pill competition."

    Zhen Shaoru felt enraged and shouted at the Second House Master, "Stop bullsh*tting old hag, these placings obviously belongs to my older brother. I heard it with my own ears that you said if big brother was to win some placings, it will have nothing to do with the Nine Moons Pill House. How can you go back on your word? Just how smelly can your mouth get?"

    Second House Master's face became solemn and her tone turned cold, "Shaoke, I know Shaoru lacked proper teaching since he was young but don't you think he crossed the line in being this rude to a senior?"

    Zhen Shaoke cupped his fist with another hand, "Second House Master, please forgive him as my younger brother has always been this straightforward."

    Second House Master shook her hand and said, "Forget it, we should discuss about the placings for the Five Elements Desolate Domain."

    Zhen Shaoke said with an indifferent tone, "House Master Cheng, I've said it before. I have no say in who the placings go to."

    After this sentence, Zhen Shaoke lifted his hand to signal for Second House Master to not say anything as he continued, "Even if I have a say in this, I am still the Young House Master of the Nine Moons Pill House after all. I need not consult or discuss with anybody for the things that I do."

    Zhen Shaoke said the last sentence with a lot more seriousness and the Second House Master blanked out as she did not expect Zhen Shaoke to become so much more unyielding.

    Before she managed to react, Zhen Shaoke already brought Zhen Shaoru away. It was only then that she remembered that she was only the Second House Master. The real house master of the Nine Moons Pill House was the Old House Master and before she became the Old House Master, Zhen Shaoke was the true heir of Nine Moons Pill House. The reason why Zhen Shaoke could become so unyielding was because he now had the placings to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain which was capable of helping him garner more support.


    Concurrently, the black bearded elder beside Qu Wan'Er sighed and said, "This young man called Mo Wuji has quite a bit of willpower. A Tier 3 mortal pill refiner actually managed to make it into the top 50. His future would have been so bright if his spiritual roots were not of such low quality."

    Qu Wan'Er did not reply as she already knew what her master was about to say.

    Indeed, the black bearded elder sighed again before continuing, "Wan'Er, arrange to meet him later no matter what. Furthermore, try to meet him as early as possible. If he had the say of who to give the placings to, a lot of people will snatch for it. If you were to go late, even if he wants to give you, he might not have enough. Even though he was representing pill house, having won these placings, he should be able to have a little authority over who he wants to give his placings to."

    "Yes Master," Qu Wan'Er said in a low voice. She did not want to do this but she knew she had no other choice. Up till now, no one from the Heavenly Temple made it yet and it was likely that they might only be 80th placed or worse. If this was the case, it would be really hard for her to even be distributed one placing.

    "Congratulations on winning the 50th place in the Five Elements Pill Competition, may I know your name?" Pill Master Ming Ning passed Mo Wuji a golden silk bag filled with 51 bracelets as she casually asked.

    "Thank you senior Ming Ning, junior's name is Mo Wuji," Mo Wuji took the golden silk bag with a lot of excitement as this signified the success of his first step.

    "Mo Wuji, not bad at all. I see you are no longer that young, why are you only at Channel Opening Stage? Are your spiritual roots poor?" Pill Master Ming Ning nodded as she asked again.

    Mo Wuji felt very grateful as he came up with nine other people but Pill Master Ming Ning only spoke this much when it was his turn. It was clear that Pill Master Ming Ning regarded him with special respect.

    "Indeed, I have low quality spiritual roots and only fortunately managed to cultivate a lightning attributed flesh hardening technique which was why I have the chance to even be standing down here," Mo Wuji replied respectfully.

    Pill Master Ming Ning's face showed flashes of disappointment but understood what was going on at the same time. This was why his hand was not damaged and was capable of nurturing a lightning attribute Flower of the True Gods.

    "Great, do not give up on your own dreams. Please head down first," Pill Master Ming Ning wanted to accept Mo Wuji as her disciple but changed her mind when she found out about his spiritual roots.

    No matter how talented one was in pill concoction, having low quality spiritual roots meant that the talent will go to waste.
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