Chapter 131: One Dao House Auction

    Chapter 131: One Dao House Auction

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    People heading to the Five Elements Desolate Domain were clear of one thing, even though there were more than a thousand placings to enter the desolate domain, the value of each playing could not be underestimated. Each and every one of those placings were invaluable, and sects definitely wouldn't put them up for sale. A few people had to depend heavily on their relations in order to obtain a placing, and they were still need to offer up a large fortune for it.

    To think that the One Dao House's final auction would actually release 20 Five Elements Desolate Domain jade bracelets out for sale.

    These were placings for the Five Elements Desolate Domain, so who would be willing to sell them? But this was precisely what was happening now.

    Cultivators heading to the Five Elements Desolate Domain were all admiring the One Dao House's capabilities, and at the same time, finding any means to enter the auction.

    As Mo Wuji walked to the entrance of the One Dao House auction venue, he was in utter disbelief. The entire entrance was flooded with people, and many were still finding ways to purchase tickets to enter the auction. Unfortunately, there weren't any scalpers, so they naturally couldn't get any tickets.

    Don't tell me all this people are here for the 20 Five Elements Desolate Domain placings? With so many people, not even 2000 placings are enough ah, much less 20?

    Mo Wuji suddenly felt as though he had always been underestimating the value of the Five Elements Desolate Domain bracelet, or more accurately, the value of Five Elements Desolate Domain. It looks like besides looking for the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal, he needed to use this opportunity to improve his foundations in cultivation.

    "Stop, the auction is starting soon. Those without tickets are to leave immediately." As Mo Wuji was walking into the entrance, he was stopped by two cultivators.

    Mo Wuji raised the jade token which Lu Peng gave him, "I have this, so there shouldn't be any problems right?"

    Seeing the jade token in Mo Wuji's hand, one of the cultivators hastily said, "Of course there's no problem. Esteemed guest, please follow me."

    Not bad. Mo Wuji kept the jade token and followed the cultivator into the auction venue. Once inside, Mo Wuji got a bigger shock. The number of people outside was inundating, but the number inside wasn't few either; it was a huge patch of black.

    The cultivator brought Mo Wuji to the second floor, into box 76. This was when he said, "Esteemed guest, please enter. If you need anything, you can just call for help."

    As Mo Wuji entered, he found that not only was the space not small, the box had a view encompassing the entire lower hall. After the cultivator left, Mo Wuji closed his box door and sighed at this amazing Lu Peng had given him. In this auction where obtaining tickets itself was onerous, Mo Wuji could actually get a box, it was simply a luxury.

    Besides two chairs within the box, there was even a small bed for rest. In front of the chairs, there was a table. On the table there was a light board. Mo Wuji was no longer a stranger in this world, he knew that this light board should be some sort of transfer array. By the side of the light board, there was a red lever which was labelled 'Anonymous Purchase'.

    Without the need for explanations, Mo Wuji already knew the purpose of the level: it should be used to purchase things without revealing the buyer's name. Mo Wuji did not hesitate to pull the red lever down. Regardless of what he was going to buy, it would be best to remain anonymous.

    Mo Wuji sat down and calmly awaited the start of the auction.

    He did not wait for long, in less than an incense's time, a clear, crisp gong sounded from the auction venue. After this crisp gone, the various sounds of discussion in the hall disappeared as everyone quietened down. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, preparing themselves to purchase the things they needed during this auction.

    A cylindrical crystal altar, around 3 metres wide, rose from the ground. On the top of the crystal altar, there was a big screen which could be seen from all directions.

    This One Dao House was truly rich and powerful; under impromptu conditions, they managed to host such a grand auction.

    At this moment, a middle-aged man walked up the crystal altar. He clasped his fists towards the crowd in all directions before saying loudly, "The Five Elements Desolate Domain will soon be opened. I believe that all the geniuses entering the desolate domain would wish to have more self-protection treasures, and our One Dao House Auction is specially here to provide that service. I am One Dao House's Bin Shiqi, and I will be the host for this auction. Besides the 20 Five Elements Desolate Domain bracelets which all of you already know about, there are even more mystical treasures awaiting you.

    Time is if the essence, so I will stop with the chitchat and begin the auction. The first item is a set of poison antidote pills; there are a total of 12 pills in the set, and they are all Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills. The starting price is 300 Xuan grade spirit stones, and price increments are no lower than 20."

    As Bin Shiqi's speech entered, the price of the set of poison antidote pills rose rapidly. Soon, it rushed to 500 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    Mo Wuji could not help but acknowledge the reason why pill refiners were so rich. This poison antidote pills were the most ordinary of Tier 4 pills, but they were worth so much. Even though this set of pills might be useful against the poison fog in the desolate domain, Mo Wuji did not have any intentions of buying it. He was a pill refiner himself, so why would he purchase the pills concocted by others?

    As for poison antidote pills, he had at least three kinds of them in his storage bag.

    Ultimately, the set of poison antidote pills were purchased with 630 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    After the first transaction ended, a lady brought a jade tray out onto the altar. Bin Shiqi picked up something extremely small from the tray and raised it up, "This is a low grade spiritual item: self-disguising mask. The starting price is 3,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, and increments are no less than 100. Let the bids begin."

    Mo Wuji secretly cursed, Spiritual equipment are actually so expensive?

    A low grade spiritual equipment like a self-disguising mask was priced at 3,000 Xuan grade spirit stones. Moreover, this was just the starting price; the final price would be a lot higher. Being a smith really had bright prospects ah, it seemed to have a better future as compared to pill refining.

    Mo Wuji sighed in his heart. Despite this, he still did not intend to learn smithing. He was primarily able to concoct pills because of his previous occupation as a botanist and biologist. Later on, he was also got lucky when Shen Lian gave him the wordless pill manual. He might not have as much luck when it comes to smithing.

    However, this self-disguise mask aroused Mo Wuji's interest. His cultivation was too low; with this self-disguising mask, it would help make things safer. However, it was really a pity that its price was so high. Mo Wuji was momentarily hesitating over whether to purchase it.

    When the price of the self-disguising mask rose to 6,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, Mo Wuji gave up all hopes on bidding. He also knew how to simply disguise himself; although it wasn't at a master-level, it was not at a level where he needed to spend 6,000 Xuan grade spirit stones just to do it.

    The mask was eventually purchased anonymously for 8,700 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    The third item for action was another low grade spiritual equipment, a long saber. The starting price was already over 3,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, and Mo Wuji had no interests in it.

    The fourth was another set of pills...

    Following which, the fifth, the sixth... all the way to the 11th item were put out for sale, but they weren't things Mo Wuji wanted.

    "Next, we have the Tier 5 Ice Burst Talisman. Although this talisman can only be used once, it would be enough to handle any opponent under the True Lake Stage. Even against a True Lake Stage cultivator, you might even be able to give him a run for his money. This talisman's starting price is 4,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, each increment is no less than 100..."

    Bin Shiqi's words made Mo Wuji lament deeply; he truly wanted this talisman, but he only had a total of 10,000 Xuan grade spirit stones. In a split moment, the price of the talisman rose to 6,000 Xuan grade spirit stones. As Mo Wuji thought about how the jade token's overdraft function, and as he was reminded about his measly cultivation, he decided to purchase this talisman.

    "7,300 Xuan grade spirit stones," Mo Wuji wrote this price on the bid quotation card. Immediately, the price rose to 7,500.

    "9,000 Xuan grade spirit stones," Mo Wuji directly raised the price by 1,500. His cultivation was weak, and he could not do without such self-protecting means.

    This price seemed a bit excessive. After all, the Ice Burst Talisman was only for a one-time use.

    Bin Shiqi's voice sounded, "Someone anonymous offered 9,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, are there any higher offers? 9,000, going once..."

    Mo Wuji focused his attention worriedly onto the screen; if someone offered more than 9,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, he would have to give up. After all, this was just the beginning. He couldn't spend all 10,000 Xuan grade spirit stones he had on him on just this talisman, right?

    "9,000 going thrice, deal closed." After Bin Shiqi shouted those last two words, Mo Wuji could finally heave a sigh of relief.

    Immediately, a line of words appeared on Mo Wuji's light board: Please place 9,000 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    Mo Wuji had never taken part in high class auctions, but he had heard of them. Seeing this line of words, he knew that the light board was truly a small scale transfer array.

    While Mo Wuji knew that his token could overdraft funds, doing so would no longer make him anonymous. Luckily, he had enough spirit stones on him.

    Mo Wuji placed 900 Earth grade spirit stones on the light board, and in the split of an eye, the 900 spirit stones disappeared under the envelope of faint light. At the same time, a jade box appeared on the light board.

    Mo Wuji opened the jade box; there was truly a talisman within. Strong spiritual energy circulated around the talisman, and there even seemed to be rows of lines intersecting on the talisman. A forceful aura of the ice affinity emanated from the talisman; although it hadn't been activated, Mo Wuji could still feel chilling waves surging over.

    Those 900 Earth grade spirit stones truly did not go to waste. If he were to meet with danger in the Five Elements Desolate Domain, this thing could safe his life.

    "Next, we'll be selling what all of you have been waiting for... one Five Elements Desolate Domain bracelet..."

    Bin Shiqi's voice sounded into his room, and Mo Wuji hurried to keep his Ice Burst Talisman. The Five Elements Desolate Domain talisman was his item, he naturally needed to pay attention to it's price. The higher it could go for, the more things he could buy later.

    "... Five Elements Desolate Domain bracelets start at 100,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, increments are no less than 1,000 Xuan grade spirit stones..."

    Hearing the price, Mo Wuji let out a breath of cold air. No wonder why Zhen Shaoke told him that his 1,000 Earth grade spirit stones was already a really low price. Here, the starting price was 100,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, and it was merely the starting price. This was far too brutal.
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