Chapter 132: Threatened

    Chapter 132: Threatened

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    "150,000 Xuan grade spirit stones!" It was right after Bin Shiqi's words that someone else shouted a higher bid.

    The auction sale allowed people to keep quiet and write their quoted price and then flashed it on the bidding screen. Similarly, it did not restrict people from shouting their bids out to increase one's imposing manner.

    Right after this cultivator shouted 150,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, the venue momentarily went quiet. The previous price was 100,000 and an increase of 50,000 spirit stones was indeed brutal.

    "160,000 Xuan grade spirit stones..." After Bin Shiqi's call, someone else finally raised his bid. Perhaps he felt embarrassed if he were to raise his bid by a little, so he raised it by 10,000 spirit stones.

    "300,000 Xuan grade spirit stones!" The person who shouted was the same cultivator who had raised the bid by 50,000 spirit stones the previous time. This time, he shouted with more passion and raised his bid by 140,000 spirit stones.

    One could imagine that if there was anyone willing to raise the bid again, he would definitely raise it to 400,000 spirit stones without hesitation.

    The quotation of 300,000 spirit stones shook many people. Maybe it was not the amount itself that shook people but the increase in price. For something only worth 100,000, an increase of 160,000 spirit stones in one call was really unbelievable even if it was a representative for a sect to auction for a bracelet. How badly must one want the bracelet?

    One could imagine that if someone was to increase the bid yet again, this fight would definitely cause both sides to suffer.

    "Someone has bidded 300,000 spirit stones, are there any higher bids? If there aren't any, this Five Elements Desolate Domain's bracelet will belong to this friend here. 300,000 Xuan grade spirit stones calling once... calling twice... calling thrice... deal!" After the word 'deal' was shouted, Bin Shiqi put down the wooden gavel as the first Five Elements bracelet had finally been sold.

    Mo Wuji sighed, if one bracelet could sell for 300,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, how many could 20 bracelets sell for? Without question, he would really strike it big this time round.

    "What we will be auctioning now will be an incomplete magic skill as there is only one style in it. The pity is that this one is not complete, hence we do not know the grade it belongs to. However, based on our experience, this is at least Earth grade elite tier and above..."

    This announcement was greeted with cheers from the crowd because as long as it is Earth grade and above, it was a treasure. Even if it was incomplete, it would still attract countless of people to fight for it. One had to know that even a Treasured Mortal Grade technique was rare, so what more of a Earth Grade magic skill. However, the incompleteness of this magic skill was too ridiculous because if there was only one style and was incomplete, how were people going to fight for it?

    Mo Wuji predicted that even the price of this incomplete skill would not be too low as he had never seen a skill or technique that was Earth grade. Even if the magic skill was of a top grade, Mo Wuji did not intend to make a move. He believed he had seen the world here at the auction sale. He knew that for a real treasure, not even a few hundred thousand or a figure with a few more zeros behind would be considered a lot. Spirit stones had to be used sparingly and not splurged. But this Five Elements Pill Competition was not something you see day to day, so who knew what the future would bring?

    "This incomplete magic skill is called Seven Style Lightning Sky. Its minimum bid is 50,000 Xuan grade spirit stones and each increment must not be less than a 1,000 Xuan grade spirit stones. The auction shall begin now," Bin Shiqi's voice sounded out from the auction stage.

    Mo Wuji was not intending on purchasing the skill but immediately changed his mind the moment he heard it was the Seven Style Lightning Sky. He did not consider himself to have any skills at all as the Revolving Star Passage Technique could not really be called a skill. Invisible Sword might be a sword art but he had not really practiced it yet. If it was any other incomplete skill, he would definitely not care or purchase it. His body had accumulated lightning sources and therefore, a lightning affinity magic skill could be very important to him.

    This was the magic skill that he wanted.

    "52,000 Xuan grade spirit stones," Mo Wuji was the first to bid.

    "80,000 Xuan grade spirit stones!" The moment Mo Wuji placed his bid, a rough voice sounded across the entire scene afterwhich the bidding screen displayed 80,000 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    Even if it was the complete Seven Style Lightning Sky, 800,000 would not be enough. However, for an incomplete lightning affinity skill which only contained one style, a bid of 50,000 Xuan grade spirit stones was not considered low while 80,000 was far too ridiculous.

    Therefore, when this bid was out, nobody else dared to increase it except for Mo Wuji.

    This increment of 28,000 Xuan grade spirit stones might have scared others but definitely not Mo Wuji. There were three types of people who would increase the bid like that. The first type would be a poor person who did not have this much spirit stones to begin with and his only intention would be to scare the rest. The second type would be a very wealthy person who could not be bothered to haggle over every penny. The third type would be a person who longed for the item very badly. From what Mo Wuji saw, the person who increased 140,000 in one bid for the bracelet previously should be the third type.

    "80,000 Xuan grade spirit stones calling once... 90,000 Xuan grade spirit stones! Someone there has increased the bid yet again," Bin Shiqi only called out once before a person increased his bid to 90,000 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    "150,000 Xuan grade spirit stones," That same rough voice increased the bid once again and this time his tone was a bit more aggressive. The increment of 60,000 was to indicate his unhappiness towards Mo Wuji's bid.

    "160,000 Xuan grade spirit stones," Mo Wuji would not budge at all because when he found something useful to him and he had enough spirit stones with him, why should he let someone else have it?

    "My friend, are you sure you want to go against my Yu Lin Lightning Clan? This lightning skill is only useful for my lightning clan so I hope this friend here will go easy on us and we will be really appreciative. If you have to go against us then we are bound to meet again..."

    Before this rough voiced man could finish his sentence, Bin Shiqi interrupted, "We, One Dao House's auction do not allow any form of threatening. If you were to continue, I will have to invite you out."

    The man seemed to realise how powerful One Dao House was and as he had said what he needed to say, he casually shouted "170,000 Xuan grade spirit stones."

    Mo Wuji could not believe there were still people like him. An auction was supposedly a place where people compete with each other and it was very normal to outbid each other to win the auction. In fact, every time this fella increases his bid, it is in hundreds of thousand and he dare say I'm going against his lightning clan? Is his lightning clan even impressive because I have not heard of it before.

    "171,000 Xuan grade spirit stones," Mo Wuji increased his bid without any hesitation as he was bidding anonymously with nothing to be afraid of. Since you claimed that I'm going against your lightning clan, I will not have mercy and I shall increase by a thousand each time.

    "Heh, you have guts," The guy with the rough voice did not continue increasing his bid as it seemed like he reached his limit.

    Bin Shiqi called out three times but still nobody increased the bid. Therefore, the Seven Style Lightning Sky belonged to Mo Wuji now.

    Mo Wuji realised that he did not carry so many spirit stones with him only after Bin Shiqi said 'deal'. He bidded anonymously so what should he do if he did not have enough spirit stones?

    At the same moment, he saw the light board on the table in front of him lighting up as it showed "Deal is above 100,000 Xuan grade spirit stones, please complete the transaction at the back of the auction place before leaving the venue." Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief.

    In no time, Mo Wuji understood the reason for doing so. If he were to transfer all 170,000 Xuan grade spirit stones via the light board, it would take about one hour to do so.

    Nobody bothered about the insignificant man who threatened Mo Wuji during the auction. This was a common scene in many auctions and such tactics were used often.

    As the auctions continued, Mo Wuji did not make his move anymore as he saw that most of the items were either medicinal pills or attack type magic treasures.

    The most intense auctions belonged to those that were offering the Five Elements Desolate Domain's bracelets. Every single bracelet resulted in a fierce competition and the prices were all above 400,000 Xuan grade spirit stones. Most auctions ended when the bid went above 500,000 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    Mo Wuji could not help but admire the first person who bought the bracelet. This fella increased his bid so ridiculously that it frightened the others and he ended up purchasing the bracelet for only 300,000 spirit stones.

    "The next item on our auction will be a map and it depicts the way around a specific area in the Five Elements Desolate Domain. Other than a stalk of Flower of the True Gods, this area also has more valuable treasures than the Flower of the True Gods. Back then, it was only because the cultivator who found it was not strong enough to retrieve it..."

    Once Bin Shiqi talked about this, the entire venue became extremely lively. This auctioned item made people even more excited than the bracelets did.

    Why did a lot of people desire to have the bracelets? Isn't it to find the Flower of the True Gods? Many sects have spent tremendous efforts to train their disciples to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain for the Flower of the True Gods too. Try imagining an expert at the Nihility God Stage advancing to the True God Stage and how much it could help the sect to improve their position.

    Now that the location of the Flower of the True Gods was to be auctioned, how could people not be interested? Furthermore, there was not only the Flower of the True Gods but something even more valuable than it too.

    There was a little excitement in Bin Shiqi's voice too as he raised his tone and said, "I believe that this item here has made everyone here crazily excited as it is indeed one of our secret treasures of the night. This map has about 80 to 90% credibility as the person who brought this map over swore upon his soul. The starting bid for this map would be 200,000 Xuan grade spirit stones and each increase has to be at least 100,000 spirit stones."

    Mo Wuji sighed as he realised how this spirit stones were easily spent. Just a map alone would cost a few hundred thousand spirit stones. He really should use his spirit stones more cautiously.

    As for this map, Mo Wuji had no intention to join in the bid. This was because he was not interested in the Flower of the True Gods and more importantly, he knew there was definitely more than one copy of this map.

    If that person could sell this map to One Dao House, this meant that he could also have sold it to the others. As long as there was more than one copy, even for those who owned the map and found the place, there would be a life and death battle to fight for the Flower of the True Gods there. Given his level of cultivation, even if he won the map, he would not dare to go locate it.

    Mo Wuji was not interested in the map even though a lot of people were. Very quickly, the price increased to 300,000 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    This map was eventually sold for 460,000 Xuan grade spirit stones.

    Bin Shiqi was very satisfied with this price before he took out a pitch black item from a jaded plate held by a woman and said, "The next item we are going to auction for is a very precious treasure. It was something that I have personally longed for and I believe everyone would want it as much too..."

    Even Mo Wuji was intrigued by Bin Shiqi's words because for the whole of today, this was the first time Bin Shiqi used the word 'longed for' .
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