Chapter 137: Ive Wanted To Destroy You For A Long Time

    Chapter 137: I've Wanted To Destroy You For A Long Time

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    Dong Lun saw Mo Wuji activating his talisman and laughed coldly in his heart. A mere Channel Opening Stage ant dared to plot against him. It was as Mo Wuji had thought, he dared to retreat in Mo Wuji's direction precisely because he didn't put Mo Wuji in his eyes at all.

    Even though he was injured, and even if he stood still and let Mo Wuji attack him once, he wouldn't even furrow his brows. However, Mo Wuji truly plotted against him so naturally he wouldn't sit still. He had already nursed a lot of grievances from the other man's relentless attacks.

    Dong Lun's elemental energy surged to deal with Mo Wuji. However, at the very next moment, Dong Lun's face changed; his movements were slowed incredibly and an freezing icy energy permeated in the surroundings. This icy energy was rapidly freezing the surrounding space in place.

    Not good. This was not a talisman he could ever hope of defending against. Dong Lun's heart started racing rapidly and he no longer dared to reserve his energy. He madly activated his elemental energy to escape from this icy cold field.

    Unfortunately, he had already lost the opportunity. If he tried his best at the very first moment, perhaps he might a chance of escaping. Now, he was completely unable to evade the attack of the Ice Burst Talisman.

    "Ka ka..." In a mere few seconds, Dong Lun was frozen in place. Like an insect stuck in amber, he was unable to extricate himself.

    Mo Wuji exerted all his energy and swung the Tian Ji Pole. Before his attack could land on Dong Lun, it was also frozen by the Ice Burst Talisman.

    The astonished Mo Wuji hurried to retreat backwards. Luckily, the talisman had yet to fully act against him. There was a layer of frost which formed on his entire body, but he was still able to break free.

    This Ice Burst Talisman sure is impressive. But if there was another of such a Talisman, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't buy it. Even though it was powerful, it would even attack its owner.

    You could say that if not for the coincidence that Dong Lun had chosen to stagger towards him, joined by Dong Lun's extreme underestimation of him, his Ice Burst Talisman would not have been effectively put to use.

    If he chose to openly exhibit his Ice Burst Talisman, in the time taken to activate the talisman and for the talisman to burst out, Dong Lun would have already ran far away. Even if Dong Lun was stupid, he wouldn't idly wait for Mo Wuji's talisman to activate before running away.

    Furthermore, this talisman was bonded to him and could only be activated by him. If he did not have spiritual will, he also wouldn't have been able to activate the talisman.

    No wonder why this thing was only worth a few thousand Xuan grade spirit stones. Bin Shiqi touted it well, but this was truly a rubbish talisman.

    Dong Lun glared hatefully at Mo Wuji within the ice. He knew that if this talisman were to explode, his body would follow it and explode into bits and pieces.

    Dong Lun completely couldn't understand how a Channel Opening Stage cultivator like Mo Wuji could activity activate the Ice Burst Talisman. Not only could he activate it, he could even do it in such a short time. This was simply impossible. Furthermore, Dong Lun was sure that his judgement was right; Mo Wuji was a Channel Opening Stage cultivator.

    "I've wanted to destroy you for a long time, and you actually sent yourself over into my hands today. You don't have to worry about being alone when you die. One day, I will go to the Supreme Sword City and raze it to the ground. I will not leave a single member of your Dong Clan alive." Mo Wuji didn't even bother waiting the frost off his body; he walked in front of Dong Lun said in a ecstatic manner.

    He was truly very happy. Ever since Yan'Er had suffered under the Supreme Sword City, he had always felt suffocated. Today, he could finally take a proper breath.

    Even though his Mo Clan's prefecture had been robbed away, that was not something he had experienced personally. Moreover, he did not have much feelings towards the Mo Clan and even viewed it with little affection. On the other hand, Yan'Er had treated him so well, and was stolen right from his side and was thrown to die in the Supreme Sword City. How could he let it go?

    Dong Lun could hear Mo Wuji's words and his two eyes turned red with rage and hatred. Unfortunately, he could not even say a single word.

    "Peng!" The interior of the Ice Burst Talisman let out a bursting sound. Dong Lun's body was blasted into juice by the explosion; trials of blood mixed in with the ice, staining the ice blood red.

    Before he died, Dong Lun didn't even know the deep enmity he had with Mo Wuji. He didn't even believe that his death was related to the spiritual roots transfer. For many years, the Supreme Sword City's Dong Clan had killed countless geniuses for their supreme spiritual roots. If each of their families came to seek revenge, even 10 000 Dong Clans would not be enough to appease them.

    Mo Wuji walked over, picked up the Tian Ji Pole and gave it a quick shake; the frost on the pole immediately disappeared. After the Ice Burst Talisman had lost its effects, the frost also turned into the most ordinary of frost.

    It was a great pity that Dong Lun's belongings exploded together with him. If not, that fella definitely would have no lack of good items.

    "This friend is so capable to actually kill Dong Lun... Ke Ke... Thanks for helping me seek revenge..." Seeing Mo Wuji turned his head over, the man heavily injured by Dong Lun stuttered as blood flowed out the corner of his mouth.

    "You're really quite resilient," Mo Wuji responded coldly as he sat by the side. He was waiting for the other party to slowly die.

    Seeing this fella still trying to gain his favour despite nearing death, it's definitely not going to be for something good. If this fella survived, then when they leave the Five Elements Desolate Domain, it would be Mo Wuji's turn to die. You wouldn't even need to wait to leave the desolate domain, as long this fella's injuries heal, then Mo Wuji would definitely die. It's just that Mo Wuji had no enmity with this fella, so he was unwilling to immediately end his life.

    "I'm the Heaven Demon Sect's Zheng Hefei. If this friend is willing to help me once... I, Zheng Hefei, hereby swear..."

    Without waiting for the other party to finish, Mo Wuji directly interrupted Zheng Hefei's words, "One, I can't save you. Two, I still want to live for a few more years."

    Zheng Hefei coughed unceasingly and did not continue to plead for Mo Wuji to save him. Perhaps he knew that Mo Wuji's words were true. With his current condition, even a Tier 5 Earth Pill Refiner might not be able to save him.

    "If you tell me why Dong Lun was chasing after you, then perhaps I might give you a proper burial and your corpse will not get devoured by demonic beasts. I'm sure you have heard this before, if your corpse gets eaten by demonic beasts, it would be hard for you to reincarnate." Seeing Zheng Hefei remaining silent, Mo Wuji took the initiative to talk. Regarding the difficulty reincarnating, it was all a story which he fabricated.

    He had a bit of interest in the place which Dong Lun and Zheng Hefei found. The Five Elements Desolate Domain truly had good stuff, he bad personally seen it.

    Zheng Hefei constantly coughed out fresh blood, Mo Wuji did not mind and continued to wait quietly. Previously when he said that he couldn't save Zheng Hefei was indeed words of truth. With his current capabilities, he truly couldn't rescue Zheng Hefei from his current predicament.

    "OK... I'll tell you... But if you ever have the opportunity... You must definitely pass the jade flute in my storage bag to my Heaven Demon Sect's junior apprentice sister Yang Yingping. Tell her that I have already met my end in Five Elements Desolate Domain..." Zheng Hefei had already put in a lot of his effort to say all of that.

    "I agree. In the future when I think that I'm powerful enough, I can help you with that," Mo Wuji said lightly. Before he had the capability, he would not even think of helping Zheng Hefei.

    He didn't think that this Zheng Hefei would be such an emotional person, to think about his lover right before he died.

    Even though he understood the meaning of Mo Wuji's words, Zheng Hefei did not bother arguing as he continued to stutter, "... From here, walk in the North-east direction for a day's time... You can see an ice mountain... There..."

    Before finishing this sentence, Zheng Hefei's head cocked to the side, his breathing stopped completely.

    Dead? Mo Wuji cautiously walked over and felt his pulse. Zheng Hefei was truly dead. He casually retrieved the storage bad from Zheng Hefei's waist. Thereafter, he dug a pit and buried Zheng Hefei within it.

    As for Dong Lun's meat juice, Mo Wuji couldn't be bothered to deal with it.

    After keeping his Tian Ji Pole, Mo Wuji ascertained the north-east direction before unhurriedly running over. His cultivation was low, so if he met an expert like Zheng Hefei and Dong Lun, he would undoubtedly die. Thus on his journey, Mo Wuji was extremely careful.

    One day later, Mo Wuji stopped. He did not see an ice mountain, but he did see a Lightning Leopard.

    The Lightning Leopard was like the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile, it attacked using lightning. Unlike the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile, the Lightning Leopard attacked primarily with electroballs while the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile mainly used lightning bolts.

    The Lightning Leopard also had another characteristic: It was extremely fast.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji stopped for the lightning to open his meridians. His cultivation had reached the peak of the Channel Opening Stage Level 8 and had met with a bottleneck. For a typical cultivator who met with a bottle, perhaps they might use a spiritual will to advance into Channel Opening Stage Level 9. Thereafter, cultivate for a few more years before using pills to enter Spirit Building.

    If not for Mo Wuji having huge ambitions, he could easily use this method to advance into Spirit Building. He had opened 61 meridians and was completely capable of cultivating into the Spirit Building Stage.

    Now that Mo Wuji could open his meridians, he naturally would not dig his own grave with such a method. He had long decided that his target would be the maximum possible number of meridians. If he was outside, he could use the lightning tempering room to perforate his meridians. Now in the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he was simply unable to find a proper lightning source. Now that he spotted a Lightning Leopard, how could Mo Wuji let it go? He was not going to let the Lightning Leopard attack him like the Six-footed Lightning Crocodile. That would be unrealistic and unsuitable.

    The Lightning Leopard attacked using electroballs which would not be suitable for Mo Wuji to open his meridians. The reason why Mo Wuji blocked this Lightning Leopard was because there would definitely be a lightning source where this Lightning Leopard lived.

    Only places like the Thunder Fog Forest's lightning lakes would be suitable for the Lightning Leopard to cultivate. Now that a Lightning Leopard appeared, there would definitely be a lightning source.

    Even though the Lightning Leopard was a Class 2 demonic beast, which an ordinary Channel Opening Stage cultivator could never hope to beat, under the provocation of Mo Wuji's spiritual will, it immediately ran away.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation was low, but his spiritual will was strong. He could use his spiritual will to pressure the Lightning Leopard and intimidate it. Demonic beasts were extremely sensitive to aura and power. The moment Mo Wuji's spiritual will came bounding over, the Lightning Leopard subconsciously took a few steps back and knew that Mo Wuji was not an easy opponent.

    The demonic beast's fighting spirit suppressed its urge to run away as it shot an electroball towards Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was least afraid of lightning attacks. He raised the Tian Ji Pole and swung it towards the electroball.

    "Hong!" The electroball split apart into tens of electric arcs which landed on Mo Wuji's body.
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