Chapter 146: Body Constructing Pill and Body Constructing Grass

    Chapter 146: Body Constructing Pill and Body Constructing Grass

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    While Mo Wuji left the ice mountain as fast as he could, he realised he was lost.

    There was less than a month to the set timing for leaving Five Elements Desolate Domain, and he did not have a bracelet. Thus it was now a priority for him to obtain one somehow.

    As for being lost, Mo Wiji was not worried. Over five thousand people had entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain, so he couldn't believe that not a single one would bump into him in the remaining month.

    But his greatest regret was that he did not manage to harvest many spiritual herbs, other than a few purple lotuses and lotus flowers. This was especially saddening since Five Elements Desolate Domain was reputed to have countless top tier spiritual herbs in it.

    This was because since his first day in the Five Elements Desolate Domain, Mo Wuji had been either rushing around, or spending almost two months in the ice mountain. There was simply no chance for him to search for spiritual herbs. In fact, he did not even know which direction to go to search for them.

    Feeling the density of spiritual energy around him, Mo Wuji chose to move in the direction where spiritual energy was denser.

    It was three days of sprinting before he stopped. Finally, a cultivator appeared in sight. Although intercepting strangers was still very dangerous for someone with his level of cultivation, he had no choice. This was all for him to find his way out.

    "What business do you have?" The cultivator saw Mo Wuji suddenly appear, and with a flick of his wrist, a half moon sword jumped into his hands. At the same time, he monitored Mo Wuji cautiously and asked.

    This cultivator's face was yellowish, and exuded a dangerous aura. Mo Wuji quickly bowed respectfully, "My friend, because I've lost my bracelet, so could I ask which direction is the way back? If you also intend to go back to the starting point, would you mind travelling with me?"

    This man had some blood stains on him, hence while Mo Wuji was asking for directions, he still kept his guard up.

    "Aren't you Pill Refiner 632 from the Five Elements Pill Competition?" The yellow faced man asked after observing Mo Wuji once more, seemingly more agitated this time.

    "Yes, I am Pill Refiner 632, who obtained 50th place by a stroke of luck and entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain." Mo Wuji did not deny it. Since this guy could recognise him, that meant that he had also saw his whole competition proceedings.

    Upon hearing that Mo Wuji was indeed Pill Refiner 632, the yellow faced cultivator heaved a sigh of relief and kept the half moon blade. Returning a respectful bow, he spoke, "I am Yu Zhi, a rogue cultivator. It's my pleasure to meet Pill Master Mo."

    He was aware of Mo Wuji's cultivation level, because Pill Master Ming Ning had announced this information. Mo Wuji was only at the Channel Opening Stage. Even if Mo Wuji had entered the Spirit Building Stage, it would not pose a threat to him at all, as he was already at Spirit Building Stage Level 9. Moreover, from his visual analysis of Mo Wuji, Yu Zhi could see that his cultivation level was not very high.

    A strong cultivator would definitely be unlike Mo Wuji, who had an ordinary aura surrounding him, without any spiritual ripples or disturbances. "So brother Yu is like me, also a rogue cultivator." Mo Wuji said with a smile. But deep inside, he was puzzled. Why would someone like Yu Zhi, whose cultivation was much greater than his, treat a Channel Opening Stage cultivator like him so courteously? Since Yu Zhi knew that he was Pill Refiner 632, this meant that his low cultivation was no longer a secret.

    "Ah, so Pill Master Mo is a rogue cultivator too." Yu Zhi was pleasantly surprised, as he found something in common with Mo Wuji.

    This guy must want to make friends with me badly. Mo Wuji was certain of this, otherwise Yu Zhi would not have been so exaggerative. After all, Mo Wuji simply asked for directions.

    "Pill Master Mo, why don't you join me..." Yu Zhi agreed to Mo Wuji's request, but followed up after some hesitation, "But can I check if you can concoct Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills?"

    Mo Wuji paused for a moment, then replied, "I've not really concocted many Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills, but I believe that after some time, I will be able to make them with a 100 percent success rate."

    Indeed, Mo Wuji did not concoct any Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills, because all the few batches that he attempted had ended up in failure. At that point in time, he had never successfully produced a single Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pill.

    As for his claim of being able to concoct Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills, Mo Wuji was worried that Yu Zhi would request for some Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills to be made. But if he claimed that he could not do so, Yu Zhi would disregard him immediately and things would be very bad.

    It took him three days to meet Yu Zhi, hence if Yu Zhi left, he was unsure how long it would be before he could meet the next cultivator. On top of that, he did not know if the next cultivator would entertain him for so long. Who knew, perhaps the next guy would not bother speaking a single word, but just eliminate him.

    However, he was not bragging when he said he would be able to concoct Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills without failure soon. His current level of strength was many times greater than the last time he concocted Earth Spiritual Pills, and his spiritual will had levelled up too. Even if he did not have spiritual will techniques, it was not difficult to feel that his spiritual will was at least two levels higher than before.

    If he could not concoct Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills at his current state, then the number of young pill refiners that could would definitely be very few. But in reality, he had seen young Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiners in the hundreds during the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition. Of course in an area as large as the five great empires, with a few hundred Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiners thrown in, each of them would still be very valuable existences. Despite that, this reflected the fact that Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiners were not really that rare.

    "I would like to request for Pill Master Mo to concoct a batch of Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills, please don't turn me down..." Once he heard that Mo Wuji could soon concoct Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills, Yu Zhi's knees immediately hit the ground, and spoke while choking back tears.

    This state was completely different from the rugged demeanor that Mo Wuji encountered initially. "Brother Yu, please rise, making Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills isn't something that amazing, why do you have to go so far?" Mo Wuji quickly pulled Yu Zhi back on his feet. Now he understood why Yu Zhi treated him so politely, it was to ask something of him.

    But with Yu Zhi's strength and cultivation, he did not have to resort to such means for a batch of Tier 4 Earth Spiritual Pills right? However rare Tier 4 Earth Pill Refiners were, he should at least be able to find a couple. There were already hundreds of them present at the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition.

    Yu Zhi took in a deep breath, and answered with a sad tone, "My wife was wounded by some people, and everyday between 3 - 5pm she coughs up blood non-stop. If I didn't give her countless blood recovering spiritual drugs to consume, she would have already..."

    Speaking till this point, the image of his wife suffering appeared in his mind, and Yu Zhi could not carry on.

    Mo Wuji instantly understood the situation, and responded with the question, "Brother Yu, your wife's Day Paving Channel was severely damaged by others right? Such a serious injury. If it is so, giving your wife blood recovering drugs is akin to using poison to quench her thirst."

    The Day Paving Channel was one of the spirit channels in the human body. Once it is severely damaged, the person will vomit blood in the evening daily. After a prolonged period of time, the Day Paving Channel will become completely useless. When that happens, other spirit channels around it will begin to shrivel up, and the person will eventually shrivel up and die.

    While a person will cough up blood every day after his Day Paving Channel is damaged, but he must not consume blood recovery drugs, as the more one takes, the more the Day Paving Channel dries up.

    This was what Mo Wuji had read about in the wordless pill manual. What he read about was not the Day Paving Channel, but the Tier 4 Earth Spirit Pill, Body Constructing Pill. The Body Constructing Pill is a Tier 4 Earth Spirit Pill that he knew was more valuable than even Tier 5 Earth Spiritual Pills, mainly due to the rarity of its main ingredient, the Body Constructing Herb.

    The Body Constructing Pill can heal severe damage to various spirit channels, hence to a cultivator, this type of pill could be one of the most precious. Not only were its ingredients expensive, the pill formula was rare too. The number of Body Constructing Pills in the market now was far and few between, and even if a few pills turned up occasionally, they would be quickly snatched up.

    The only way to repair a severely damaged Day Paving Channel was to use the Body Constructing Pill.

    "Pill Master Mo is spot on, my wife's Day Paving Channel was severely damaged by others. I know that having her consume blood recovery items is actually bad for her, but there's no other way. If I did not do that, then she... she would have...would have already..." Yu Zhi was on the verge of tears. One could see how much he loved his wife.

    "You want me to concoct Body Constructing Pills?" Mo Wuji saw the state Yu Zhi was in, and did not beat around the bush any more.

    Yu Zhi fell to his knees once more, this time not only on one knee, but one both, "Pill Master Mo, if you are able to concoct Body Constructing Pills for me, I, Yu Zhi, am willing to be your slave for the rest of my life."

    WIth a sigh, Mo Wuji replied, "I can't help you concoct the Body Constructing Pill..." Hearing this, Yu Zhi could not mask the disappointment in his eyes. He slowly stood up, and finally spoke after remaining silent for a long time, "I'm just dreaming of the impossible. I've begged many pill refiners before, and they either did not have the spiritual herbs, or didn't have the pill formula..."

    Shaking his head, Yu Zhi spoke no further. His plea to Mo Wuji was not made in the heat of the moment. Since the Five Elements Desolate Domain Pill Competition ended, he had been searching for Mo Wuji, but to no avail. From his perspective, for a Channel Opening Stage cultivator like Mo Wuji to be able to emerge victorious out of so many Earth Pill Refiners, even placing in the top 10 for two rounds, this meant that Mo Wuji must have an impressive master. So even if Mo Wuji could not help him concoct the pills, his master would be able to.

    Thinking of Yan'Er, Mo Wuji could empathise with Yu Zhi, so he replied impatiently, "Brother Yu, I can obtain the pill formula and other spiritual herbs, but as for the Body Constructing Grass..."

    A large stack of spiritual herbs got pulled out of Yu Zhi's bag and into his hands, and Mo Wuji's jaw dropped when he saw the stack. The pile was made of rare spiritual herbs. Even the lowest quality one was a Tier 3 spiritual herb. There were too many Tier 4 and Tier 5 spiritual herbs, and even a few stalks of Tier 6 spiritual herbs were present.

    Sky Ginseng, Treasured Blazing Fruit, Red Sun Leaf...

    Various types of spiritual herbs, all mixed together messily.

    Mo Wuji took in a breath of cold air. He did not see a single stalk of spiritual herb since he entered this place. Did this guy rob a spiritual herb garden?
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