Chapter 147: The Fight for Lingzhi

    Chapter 147: The Fight for Lingzhi

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    "Pill Master Mo, I will place these three stalks of Body Constructing Grass here..." Seeing how Mo Wuji was still staring at the spiritual herbs, Yu Zhi grabbed the three jade boxes.

    Mo Wuji ceased looking at the bunch of spiritual herbs on the floor as he said to Yu Zhi, "Brother Yu, even with these spiritual herbs, we still lack a few other herbs to be able to concoct the Body Constructing Pill. However, I am confident I can purchase it outside as the herbs that are lacking are not hard to find..."

    The truth was that Mo Wuji saw a few spiritual herbs that got him really excited, specifically the Sky Ginseng and the 10,000 Year Old Longyan Grass. One must know that these were what he urgently needed. Both the Sky Ginseng and Dark Yellow Ginseng had homologous attributes and belonged to the same type of ginseng. However, the difference was that the Sky Ginseng was a Tier 4 spiritual herb. To use this to replace the Dark Yellow Ginseng, it would definitely increase the quality of his channel opening solution by more than 10 folds.

    These were the top grade herbs which he needed to concoct the channel opening solution and they were all well placed in front of him. Including the 100,000 Years Old Pine Pulse and the Purple Lotus Silk which he had with him, he only lacked one top grade Lingzhi.

    As for a higher purity fire crystal, the pity was that even though he had seen a few before, he was not fast enough to retrieve them before the others did. Even without a higher purity fire crystal, he had an even more impressive fire crystal body. The fire crystal body that he managed to take from the earth fire crater would definitely be better than a normal fire crystal.

    "Pill Master Mo, would it be better if the herbs were fresher?" Yu Zhi suddenly asked an irrelevant question having heard what Mo Wuji said.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Of course it is only natural that the fresher the herbs, the more effective the concocted pills would be. However, it would not be easy to find very fresh herbs. These spiritual herbs that you dug up not too long ago are already considered fresh even though they were not kept well."

    Mo Wuji did not have much knowledge about the storage of spiritual herbs. He only knew that he could purchase some jade boxes from departmental stores which were designed to be able to keep these herbs fresh. Other than this, he knew that he could also turned these fresh spiritual herbs into dried spiritual herbs to keep it for a longer period of time. Even though it might reduce the quality of the spiritual herbs, it would not make much of a difference for a top grade pill refiner.

    Now that Mo Wuji came in touch with the Array Dao, he need not purchase these jade boxes from departmental stores anymore as he could simply refine his own jade box.

    "Brother Yu, do not worry because I promise I will definitely find means to help you concoct the Body Constructing Pill. I may not have the pill formula now but I will get it somehow. You have some herbs that I'm rather interested in, I wonder if you would be willing to spare me some?" Mo Wuji could not help but asked.

    The channel opening solution was way too important to him. The moment he left this place, it would be extremely difficult to even find herbs of the same grade, let alone the same freshness.

    Yu Zhi swept all the herbs towards Mo Wuji together with all the three jade boxes before saying, "Pill Master Mo, these are all yours as I only plead that you help me concoct a batch of Body Constructing Pills. No, there's no need for a batch of pills, I just need three pills. Actually, even one pill would suffice."

    Mo Wuji looked suspiciously at Yu Zhi, "Brother Yu, do you really trust me that much?"

    Yu Zhi smiled as he said, "I believe Pill Master Mo is someone worthy of my trust."

    In fact, Yu Zhi was feeling extremely helpless as he had approached countless of pill refiners for help to concoct the Body Constructing Pills. He had almost exhausted his entire fortune that was left behind by his ancestors but was still nowhere near getting his hands on that pill. Many pill refiners could not even be bothered to meet him.

    Mo Wuji was not only the first and only one to agree to help, he even promised to be able to concoct this Body Constructing Pills. Therefore, he had no other choice but to have faith in Mo Wuji. He made up his mind to follow Mo Wuji from now onwards till he successfully concocted the pills.

    As a matter of fact, Yu Zhi had more than three stalks of Body Constructing Grass. He managed to retrieve a total of six stalks but kept three stalks with himself just in case. Compared to the other spiritual herbs needed for the Body Constructing Pill, the Body Constructing Grass was the rarest of them all. He had already spent all his wealth to purchase a bracelet to enter the Five Elements Desolate Domain just so that he could search for the Body Constructing Grass.

    Ironically, Yu Zhi's bracelet was sold to him by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji saw through Yu Zhi's thoughts as he hurried to say, "Hold on for a while."

    Mo Wuji ran to the foot of a hill not more than 10 meters away as soon as he finished his sentence. He took out a big bag and his Tian Ji Pole from his storage bag before turning and shouting, "I only have one backpack and I cannot fit all these spiritual herbs into it now..."

    He did not dare to reveal his entire storage bag as he knew that it contained too many things that people coveted for. Without mentioning the rest, just the two Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystals alone would be highly sought after.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to finish his sentence, Yu Zhi took out a storage bag out of nowhere, "Pill Master Mo, this storage bag is for you to keep all the rest of the spiritual herbs."

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji looked hesitantly at Yu Zhi as he was surprised at how much Yu Zhi was willing to give up just for him to concoct the pills.

    Furthermore, it was not as if Mo Wuji was giving him the pill formula itself.

    "If Pill Master Mo is capable of helping me concoct the Body Constructing Pills, a mere storage bag would mean nothing at all," Yu Zhi said with a lot of conviction.

    Mo Wuji saw another storage bag at Yu Zhi's waist area and he could immediately tell that it was probably stolen from the blood stains on his body.

    "Alright, I will accept it then. Thank you very much," Mo Wuji did not question any further as he was confident that he could help Yu Zhi concoct the Body Constructing Pills.

    Only after seeing Mo Wuji kept the storage bag did Yu Zhi continued to speak, "Pill Master Mo, the reason why I asked you whether the freshness of the herbs matter was because I am aware of a place where there are tonnes of fresh spiritual herbs."

    After hearing this, Mo Wuji looked surprisingly at Yu Zhi, "Hurry, bring me over."

    Yu Zhi might not be interested in the fresh spiritual herbs after finding the Body Constructing Grass but Mo Wuji was not the same. Mo Wuji was after all still a pill refiner and he still lacked a top grade Lingzhi for his channel opening solution.

    "Pill Master Mo, please follow me this way," Yu Zhi answered without any hesitation.

    Mo Wuji kept all the spiritual herbs on the floor into his storage bag and then attached his storage bag to his waist before following Yu Zhi to backtrack in the direction he came from.


    Three days later, Yu Zhi and Mo Wuji arrived within the depth of a gorge. Mo Wuji saw many corpses lying all around the area, making the whole place a complete mess.

    "Back then, people found a gigantic herbal garden here which resulted in a huge fight to claim the spiritual herbs. I risked my life to snatch some of the spiritual herbs too and this was also where I found the Body Constructing Grass. I've also heard that there is another herbal garden deeper inside this gorge," Yu Zhi pointed at the depth of the gorge as he was talking.

    "What are we waiting for? Let's go," Mo Wuji said without any shred of hesitation. He did not yearn for many top grade spiritual herbs as all he wanted was the Lingzhi. Even a 10,000 Year Old Lingzhi was only classified as a Tier 4 spiritual herb therefore, he did not believe anybody would start a huge fight for just one stalk of Lingzhi.

    As the two continued to explore deeper into the gorge, they saw yet another ground of complete mess after walking for half an hour. There were even residues of a few spiritual herbs that were destroyed and in fact, they did not see any corpse at all.

    Mo Wuji was speechless but he was glad that there was no other pill refiner around. If a pill refiner saw so many spiritual herbs destroyed to pieces like this, who knows how much blood he would cough out?

    As they continued walking forward, there were many more places where fights over spiritual herbs had very evidently occurred.

    "It seems like this gorge was a place of spiritual herbs production..." Mo Wuji stopped at this moment as he saw the two sides of the gorge.

    Yu Zhi noticed the change in Mo Wuji's expression and said almost instantaneously, "It was rumoured that there are spiritual veins under the two sides of the gorge which was also the reason why so many top grade spiritual herbs are able to survive and grow here."

    Mo Wuji suddenly came to his senses as he clearly felt the increase in concentration of spiritual energy in the air when he stepped into this region. If not for the spiritual herbs growing all around the gorge, Mo Wuji guessed that this two sided gorge would have been dug up by people.

    "Honghonghong!" Sounds of explosions could be heard as dazzling lights from magic treasures constantly shot up to the sky. Very soon, sounds of magic treasures colliding as well as grunts could be heard.

    "It is just ahead of us," Yu Zhi sped up as he said this.

    Mo Wuji followed closely behind as the duo saw about 10 cultivators fighting for a spiritual herb the moment they turned past a corner of the gorge.

    Even as Mo Wuji and Yu Zhi arrived, nobody stopped their fight for the spiritual herb.

    "Pill Master Mo, what was the spiritual herb that you wanted? I will go fight for it..." Yu Zhi stood beside Mo Wuji as he had already drawn his half moon blade.

    "It is that stalk of Lingzhi..." The moment Mo Wuji arrived, his eyes fell on the stalk of a meter tall Lingzhi. As his spiritual will sensed the tall Lingzhi, he could tell that it was at least 100,000 years old.

    In the world of cultivation, Lingzhi was not worth a lot which was why up till now, nobody was fighting for it. This was however, something Mo Wuji dreamt of having. As he was saying this, he threw his entire body forward as he had to get this stalk of Lingzhi no matter what.

    "Scram..." Just as Mo Wuji was beside the Lingzhi, an angered voice thundered across as a huge scissors opened up ready to cut Mo Wuji's waist simultaneously.

    Mo Wuji did want to test his own strength as well as how much stronger could a Spirit Building Stage cultivator actually be as he dodged the attack and swung out his Tian Ji pole with all his might.

    Strictly speaking, this was the first time Mo Wuji used his Tian Ji Pole to fight. Previously, he did want to use his Tian Ji pole to smash Dong Lun into pieces but the pity was that his Ice Burst Talisman was too vicious. Before the pole could land on his head, Dong Lun was already frozen to death.

    "Ka!" As the Tian Ji pole collided with the huge scissors, there was an explosion of elemental energy. A tremendous force hit Mo Wuji as he instantly felt as though his chest was struck by an iron hammer.

    The difference in strength was simply too huge. Before he could consolidate his thoughts, the force that was suppressing his Tian Ji Pole suddenly dissipated.

    Mo Wuji was surprised but he did not care what made the opponent's force dissipate. He swallowed a mouth of fresh blood and then fused his attack with even more elemental energy before swinging his Tian Ji pole.

    Just as he was about to launch his counter-attack, Mo Wuji finally realised what made the opponent lose his strength; Yu Zhi's half moon blade was struck on his back, almost disembowelling him.
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