Chapter 150: Granny Linglong

    Chapter 150: Granny Linglong

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    "Wuji, Shaoru..." Just as Mo Wuji exited the doors of Heaven Seeking Palace, he heard Zhen Shaoke's exuberant voice.

    Zhen Shaoke, together with Fei Bingzhu, Tao Ao, Xiong Xiuzhu, and Yan'Er stood at the doors of Heaven Seeking Palace encampment, sandwiched together with the large crowd of cultivators.

    "It seems like your friends are here. I'll see you again soon." Hou Yucheng bade farewell to Mo Wuji and co. courteously.

    While Mo Wuji wanted to invite Hou Yucheng to catch up with him sometime, he thought of Yan'Er's condition and he no longer had the mood to do so. Yan'Er had automatically walked to his side, and her hand naturally wrapped around Mo Wuji's own.

    "Senior Mo, I knew that nothing would happen to you." Fei Bingzhu clasped his fist, before going forward to greet Mo Wuji.

    Tao Ao and Xiong Xiuzhu also came forth to greet him. They had been equally worried about Mo Wuji after he entered the Five Elements Desolate Domain. If anything happened to him, they would have no future either.

    "Shaoke, let me introduce you, this is Yu Zhi..." Even though Mo Wuji was very depressed as he did not obtain the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystals, he still took the initiative to introduce Yu Zhi.

    After Zhen Shaoke briefly got to know Yu Zhi, he sensed that Mo Wuji was not in a good mood. He guessed that Mo Wuji did not find the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal, "Come on, let's talk after we go back."


    Three months without seeing Mo Wuji, Yan'Er seemed to be inseparable with him. Thankfully Zhen Shaoke could read the situation well, and entertained Yu Zhi, allowing Mo Wuji to spend time with Yan'Er.

    Mo Wuji spoke with Yan'Er for half a day, then had a private meal with her before she left with Xiong Xiuzhu. During this time, Yu Zhi waited for Mo Wuji in a room that Zhen Shaoke arranged for him, but only then did he realise that while Mo Wuji was a rogue cultivator, Mo Wuji's network of friends was distinctly wider than his own. Whether it was Hou Yucheng, or Zhen Shaoke, they were people that Yu Zhi had completely no access to.

    At this point, Yu Zhi could only hope that Mo Wuji would stand by his words, and help him concoct the Body Constructing Pill.

    "Brother Yu, you're aware that I have to make a request to Granny Linglong. Even though I didn't manage to obtain the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal, but I will have to meet her. If I don't resolve this issue, I really will not be in the mood to help you refine pills. But be assured that after I've met with Granny Linglong, regardless of the outcome, I will fulfil my promise, and help you make a batch of Body Constructing Pills." Mo Wuji directly said to Yu Zhi after helping Yan'Er settle down.

    Without making arrangements for Yan'Er's issue, he really could not calmly refine pills. After the trip to the Five Elements Desolate Domain, he obtained neither the Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal, nor the Flower of the True Gods. His hope for Granny Linglong helping him just fell to the lowest.

    "Pill Master Mo, please carry on with your plans first. I've waited for years already, these few more days mean nothing." Yu Zhi respectfully answered.

    After speaking to Yu Zhi, Mo Wuji returned to his room. He took out one of the ice flowers and placed it into the storage bag that Yu Zhi gave him, and hid his own storage bag in his room. Thereafter, he left to find Fei Bingzhu. He instructed Fei Bingzhu that before he returned, no one was allowed to enter his room.

    With all these settled, Mo Wuji brought Yan'Er to the Heaven Seeking Palace encampment with great uncertainty hanging over him.


    In the largest room of Heaven Seeking Palace's temporary pill pagoda, a woman in brown clothes sat in front of a giant pill furnace, deep in thought. The fire within the pill furnace was burning fervently. At the door of the room, two nearly identical ingredient girls sat.

    "Has it been a day since Five Elements Desolate Domain closed?" The brown clothed woman suddenly looked up and asked.

    The two girls by the door bowed and replied in unison, "Yes Granny."

    "Has there been anyone that's come here looking for me?" The brown clothed woman followed up with another question.

    "Not as of now." Both girls responded together again.

    The brown clothed woman seemed rather frustrated, and she threw another stalk of spiritual herb into the pill furnace, before sinking back deep in thought. The spiritual herb soon gave off a charred smell, but the woman did not seem to notice.

    After some time, the brown clothed woman raised her head abruptly, and said, "If anyone comes to look for me, let him come in immediately."

    "Yes Granny." Both girls replied at the same time.

    The brown clothed woman threw another stalk of spiritual herb into the pill furnace, and carried on in deep thought again.


    Mo Wuji did not know what Granny Linglong was thinking, so he dared not bring Yan'Er to find her straight away. Instead, he headed for Mu Ying first. But the disappointing thing was that, Mu Ying was not at the Heaven Seeking Palace encampment.

    As Mo Wuji was about to man up to find Granny Linglong, he finally met someone he knew: Zuo Shaoyi. Beside her, there was a woman that looked similar to her, possibly even slightly prettier than her. Mo Wuji could guess that that was Zuo Shaoyi's sister.

    Zuo Shaoyi had previously visited him with Mu Ying, just that he looked very wild back then, and frightened her away.

    As Mo Wuji's current appearance was very different from his hellish appearance then, Zuo Shaoyi could not recognise him immediately.

    "Mo Wuji humbly greets senior Zuo..." Mo Wuji quickly bowed respectfully and greeted.

    "You are?" Zuo Shaoyi stared at Mo Wuji for some time before finally realising who was in front of her, "I remember you, you're that Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner Mo Wuji that stays in the Nine Moons Pill House."

    A smile appeared on Mo Wuji's face, and he replied, "Yes, that's me."

    Zuo Shaoyi furrowed her brows, "Why are you here?"

    To this, Mo Wuji answered, "Last time I almost went astray while cultivating, and neglected Senior Mu and Senior Zuo. I'm here to make up for my past mistake."

    Zuo Shaoyi waved him off, "There's no need to make amends, Senior Mu is not around, and I'm about to go out too." With that, Zuo Shaoyi pulled the woman beside her, and left. Mo Wuji frantically called out, "Senior Zuo, I need a favour from you..."

    Zuo Shaoyi's expression immediately turned cold, "Mo Wuji, I am not related to you in any way, so there's no reason for me to help you. I'm also busy with other things and have to leave now." After saying her piece, Zuo Shaoyi did not bother to care about Mo Wuji anymore. She pulled the woman beside her and left swiftly.

    Not only couldn't he get Zuo Shaoyi's help to bring him to Granny Linglong, neither could he get her to point him in the right direction.


    "Shaoyi, he's that capable young pill refiner that senior apprentice sister Mu was talking about? The person you wanted to introduce to me?" Once they were some distance away, Zuo Shaoying asked.

    Zuo Shaoyi restlessly responded, "Yes that's him, someone with low grade spiritual roots. I never kept my hopes up for him, but he actually almost went astray in cultivation at his house. If you only you could see the situation for yourself, he was practically no different from a dead man. Who knew how he lucked out, and advanced to become a Tier 3 Mortal Pill Refiner. Elder sister, this time it's my fault, I almost sabotaged you. You saw that guy? He never spoke a word to me before but he's actually asking me for a favour on our first encounter. This kind of guy is really..."

    Zuo Shaoying remained quiet for awhile, before replying, "Shaoyi, actually I think that he's not that bad a person. I'm quite untalented too..." Her tone had a tinge of loneliness in it. Compared to Zuo Shaoyi, she felt that she was closer to someone with no talent like Mo Wuji. She could empathise with Mo Wuji prostrating himself before her sister, and his helpless greeting of her. Even in front of her powerful and talented sister, she did not really have the right to speak.

    In reality, she did not truly understand Mo Wuji's intention behind those actions. If it were for himself, even if it were the Dean of Heaven Seeking Palace before him, Mo Wuji would not have prostrated himself before him, much less an Zuo Shaoyi, an inner disciple.

    "Elder sister, this time I can confirm that you will be able to join the outer sect of Heaven Seeking Palace, because I obtained something good. Once you join Heaven Seeking Palace, you'll be able to meet all sorts of handsome hunks. Let's go." Zuo Shaoyi said from the side.


    "Brother, may I inquire where Granny Linglong stays?" After Zuo Shaoyi left, Mo Wuji waited for awhile, before finally catching a male disciple to question.

    This male disciple surprisingly did not mind, and pointed out the general direction for Mo Wuji, then taking his leave hurriedly.

    Mo Wuji responded with a word of thanks, and quickly brought Yan'Er along. He was worried that Granny Linglong was also going to leave this place, because she was here in search for spiritual herbs. A full day had passed since the Five Elements Desolate Domain closed, so if someone had obtained an Immeasurable Soul-forging Crystal, he might have come knocking at her door already. Once Granny Linglong left this place, it would be near impossible for Mo Wuji to meet her anymore.

    When the four words "Heaven Seeking Pill Pagoda" appeared before Mo Wuji, he immediately became much more nervous than usual. He had found it. This must be the place that Granny Linglong stays at.

    Below the sign of Heaven Seeking Pill Pagoda, a young girl clothed in red stoof, and Mo Wuji pulled Yan'Er forward to her.

    "Can I ask if Granny Linglong..."

    Before Mo Wuji could finish his sentence, the girl in red interrupted, "Are you here to look for Granny?"

    "Yes I am, I'm here to look for Granny Linglong, because..." Mo Wuji quickly replied.

    "That's enough, just follow me." The girl in red did not even bother listening to Mo Wuji's explanation, and interrupted him once again.

    It's this easy? Mo Wuji was stunned. From what he knew, it should be very difficult to gain an audience with Granny Linglong. Because regardless whether it was Yan Qianyin, Zhen Shaoke, or Hou Yucheng, all did not get their hopes up for his attempt to find Granny Linglong for help.

    Now he did not explain anything, took out nothing but someone was leading him to her? This made Mo Wuji feel so surreal. Perhaps Granny Linglong changed her personality, and Yan Qianyin and co. simply did not know about it.

    Mo Wuji really wronged Yan Qianyin and co. The reason he could meet Granny Linglong so easily was because the people in the Five Elements Desolate Domain had just exited today.

    "Sister Qi, Sister Xiang, these two people are looking for Granny..." The girl in red brought Mo Wuji and Yan'Er in front of a door to a room, then respectfully reported to the two girls in front of the door.

    These are a pair of twins. Mo Wuji thought to himself as he gazed upon these two girls that looked almost identical to one another.

    "Is there someone looking for me? Let them in." Not waiting for either of the girls to speak, a raspy female voice came from within the room.
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