Chapter 156: Heaven Seeking City

    Chapter 156: Heaven Seeking City

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    Mo Wuji only climbed to the eighth step and was ranked bottom out of the 200 over outer disciples. The other fella who was ranked at the bottom with him was a guy called Chao Buheng, who was also a Channel Opening Stage cultivator. Chao Buheng was at the Great Circle of the Channel Opening Stage Level 9 and was only one step away from advancing into the Spirit Building Stage.

    Even though everyone would be staying at the outer sect mountain, there were separations even within the mountain itself. Mo Wuji, Chao Buheng and the 17 others who did not make it to the 10th step were naturally looked down on by the rest who made it. They were made to queue at the back even for their registration to check in to their residence.

    Zhen Shaoru climbed to the 13th step and therefore, was able to stay at the District B. It would simply be impossible to expect Zhen Shaoru to comfort Mo Wuji because of Zhen Shaoru's huge ego and in fact, Zhen Shaoru could barely wait to brag in front of Mo Wuji. When it was time to check in, Zhen Shaoru hurried to the front impatiently to get it over and done with.


    The outer sect mountain was located nearest to the border of the Heaven Seeking Palace of which the spiritual energy in the surrounding was the thinnest and weakest. The good thing was that this mountain was very near to the Heaven Seeking City and it would be very convenient for cultivators who wished to leave the Heaven Seeking Palace for training.

    After completing the registration, Mo Wuji headed over to the mountain to realise that the 200 over disciples were not the only ones staying there. There were already at least over a 1000 cultivators residing there.

    Most of the disciples were allocated to stay in the District A and B of the outer sect mountain. While there were only a few people staying in District C, District D with the thinnest spiritual energy had almost no one staying in it.

    District D was already broad and spacious to begin with, so even though Mo Wuji arrived last, he could still freely pick his own residence.

    Mo Wuji chose a residence with a rather remote courtyard and there was even a pond outside the courtyard. Despite the weaker spiritual energy around this region, the living conditions here could be considered to be wonderful and ideal for Mo Wuji.

    The reason for choosing a residence with a pond was because Fei Bingzhu was still nurturing two Treasured Blood Lotus. He could probably throw them in there to see if the conditions were suitable for the nurturing of these lotuses.

    Mo Wuji loved this place that many people despised. Even though the level of spiritual energy cannot be compared with other places, the spiritual energy here could be considered to be a heaven for cultivation when compared to his previous residence at the Lotus Sword mountain.

    Even the district where nobody wished to stay because of its weak spiritual energy would be considered as a wonderland by an Earth grade sect like the Formless Blade Sect. This proved how great the Heaven Seeking Palace truly was.

    The total number of people residing in District D did not exceed 30 and the number could be further reduced after a period of time. Because of this, everyone in District D was able to choose their own turf.

    After choosing his turf, Mo Wuji placed a simple trigger array in front of his residence. Given his capabilities now, he was only able to design a simple trigger array which was neither capable of defending, attacking nor holding intruders captive. It could only notify Mo Wuji the moment someone entered.

    After fixing up his residence, Mo Wuji was in no hurry to concoct his channel opening solution. Despite having all the ingredients readied, he still needed some orange firestone.

    Whether it was the 100,000 Years Pine Pulse or any Tier 4 spiritual herbs like the Lingzhi and Sky Ginseng, Mo Wuji regarded them as extremely rare herbs. Before concocting the pills, he needed to purify and extract the medicinal essences of the herbs. Other than these, there was an even more important spiritual ingredient called the Purple Lotus Strip.

    Mo Wuji might still be able to purify the other spiritual ingredients with the normal red firestone. However, he had zero confidence in purifying the Purple Lotus Strip with a simple red firestone.

    Furthermore, Mo Wuji decided to pay the Heaven Seeking City a visit as he was still intending to open a pill shop there.


    As he headed towards the Heaven Seeking City, Mo Wuji remembered visiting a cultivation city before. In fact, it was just a fringe city and nothing more. Chang Luo might hold many cultivators but it definitely could not be considered to be a cultivation city.

    If the Fringe City made Mo Wuji feel like it was rich in history, then the Heaven Seeking City made Mo Wuji feel like it was a paradise.

    Mo Wuji believed that this was probably due to the influence of the Heaven Seeking Palace. If there was still a true Heavenly Sect in the entire Lost Continent, then it had to be the Heaven Seeking Palace. Even though he was only an outer disciple of the Heaven Seeking Palace staying in the neglected District D of the outer sect mountain, many genius disciples of the other sects were still very envious of Mo Wuji's status and position.

    After entering the Heaven Seeking City, Mo Wuji was shocked at the hustle and bustle of this city. He was very confident that there was at most only one out of 10,000 people here who would actually be a Heaven Seeking Palace's disciple because there was really far too many people here.

    Every broad street was extended out like arrows without obstruction. People continuosly come and go, crowding out every single shop out there.

    After seeing only a few shops, Mo Wuji knew how difficult it would be to open a new shop here. Without considering the other factors, how much would a shop cost after borrowing the bustle that the Heaven Seeking City naturally provides? It was likely that Zhen Shaoke had not inquire about the cost of setting up a shop here too.

    Mo Wuji shooked his head helplessly as he felt that it would be better to just bring Fei Bingzhu and Co. to stay with him in District D.

    Luo Hai Merchant House. The moment Mo Wuji saw this name, he entered without any shred of hesitation. He did not expect that Luo Hai Merchant House was actually capable enough to open a branch here in the Heaven Seeking City. Furthermore, the Luo Hai Merchant House here in the Heaven Seeking Palace did not look any smaller than the one in Chang Luo.

    Mo Wuji was definitely not unfamiliar with the Luo Hai Merchant House. He bought both his  and drug refining equipments from the Luo Hai Merchant House. Even up till today, he still had the Luo Hai Merchant House's orange contribution card.

    "Friend, may I know what are you looking for?" The moment Mo Wuji stepped into Luo Hai Merchant House, a friendly doorman came forward to welcome him.

    Even though Mo Wuji did not like such an approach to welcome customers, he understood the rationale for doing so because he could tell how competitive every shop in the Heaven Seeking City was due to the large crowd.

    "I wish to take a look at some spiritual herbs' introduction books and I would like to purchase some firestones as well," Mo Wuji answered.

    "Could this senior be a pill refiner?" The doorman suddenly felt the urge to show some respect as he changed his tone and the way he addressed Mo Wuji, "Senior, please follow me."

    Mo Wuji followed the doorman up to the third level. The moment he saw all sorts of different coloured firestones arranged in one line, it was certainly an eye-opener for him.

    Mo Wuji was not interested in the red firestone as he already had a few of them with him. As he took a glance at the price of the orange firestone, he realised that a orange firestone would cost him 1,000 Xuan grade spirit stones. Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief as he was not too stressed out over the pricing of the orange firestone. He had close to 800,000 Earth grade spirit stones with him.

    Mo Wuji landed his sight on the yellow firestone and saw that each cost 100,000 Xuan grade spirit stones which was 100 times the price of an orange firestone. Fortunately, he was still able to afford it.

    Following which, Mo Wuji saw the green firestone which cost 150,000...

    Looking at the price, Mo Wuji still felt relieved. The price of 150,000 Xuan grade spirit stones was still not enough to stress him out and it seemed like he could afford to buy the green firestones...

    In the next moment, Mo Wuji was dumbfounded as he realised that it was not 150,000 Xuan grade spirit stones but 150,000 Earth grade spirit stones.

    If he was to use the few spirit stones he had to buy the green firestone, he would not have much spirit stones left with him. There was even a blue firestone behind the green firestone as Mo Wuji shook his head without having the mood to even check out the price.

    "Senior, have you chosen your firestones?" Seeing how Mo Wuji's sight left the firestone, the doorman at the side hurried to ask.

    Mo Wuji nodded his head, "Give me 10 orange and three yellow firestones. Afterwards, do bring me to look at the book collection for spiritual herbs."

    "Great!" The doorman answered enthusiastically as guessed that only a pill refiner would purchase as many as Mo Wuji did.

    One must know that there were not a lot of pill refiners who would purchase firestones and even if they did, they would only purchase one or two at a time.

    Majority of the pill refiners would choose the earth fire to concoct pills and a good Earth Fire would be of better quality than a green firestone. Also, as compared to the price of a green firestone, the Earth Fire would be like free.

    The doorman brought Mo Wuji to level 4 as level 4 contained all sorts of book collections including martial techniques, magic skills, travel notes, cultivation pointers...

    As long as you want it, you can get it here.

    "Get me a book which has the most complete introduction of spiritual herbs," Mo Wuji swept across a stack of collection before giving up the idea of finding for it himself.

    The doorman struck his own chest as he said, "Senior, do not worry. I am the most familiar with pill manuals here and I will help you find the book which Senior Mo Xue wrote called the ..."

    Why did she has the same surname? Mo Wuji casually asked, "Who is this Senior Mo Xue? Why have I not heard of her before?"

    This time round it was the doorman's turn to be shocked as he did not expect Mo Wuji to not heard of Mo Xue before. He took a while before responding, "Senior Mo Xue was the most benevolent rogue pill refiner of the Lost Continent. She opened up countless of Pill Dao precedents and was a Heavenly Pill Refiner about a thousand years ago. After she became a Heavenly Pill Refiner, she wrote a book called the  before leaving the Lost Continent in search for a higher Pill Dao.

    There were countless of pill refiners and some Heavenly Pill Refiners back in the days of the Lost Continent but Senior Mo Xue was the only one to have left a legacy behind. Afterwards, many sects insisted that the  was a must to learn for Pill Dao and was the most fundamental book of many pill refiners."

    At this moment, the doorman started to suspect if Mo Wuji was actually a pill refiner because he initially thought that Mo Wuji wanted to buy some professional book about spiritual wills. He definitely did not expect Mo Wuji to be looking for a complete introduction on spiritual herbs and the most ridiculous part was that Mo Wuji did not even know who senior Mo Xue was.

    "I want this Mo Xue's  together with the firestones, how much would it be?" Mo Wuji immediately made up his mind as a work of a Heavenly Pill Refiner must be really incredible.

    No matter how suspicious he was, the doorman was very satisfied with Mo Wuji as a customer, "Senior, it would be a total of 301,100 Earth grade spirit stones."

    After paying the spirit stones with his spirit stones card, Mo Wuji no longer had any mood to walk around the Heaven Seeking City, and he used his fastest speed to return to his residence.
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