Chapter 159: You Will Definitely Die

    Chapter 159: You Will Definitely Die

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    Mo Wuji subconsciously turned his head, only to be shocked still. Albeit on Earth or in the entire Lost Continent, Mo Wuji had never seen such a beautiful woman.

    Her completely indifferent expression was unable to conceal her heart pounding facial features and shapely figure. From her two faint, beautiful eyebrows, to her pair of clear eyes, to her jade-like nose, her features were like a perfectly crafted piece of art, with no flaws whatsoever. Her rosy red lips only made her beauty all the more perfect.

    Mo Wuji looked by the side as light shone onto her, reminding him of the Hayaka Fairy.

    A person can be so beautiful?

    "This dao friend, your jade token..." Seeing Mo Wuji's listless expression, the cute girl from the Immortal Training Tower could not help but pull him from his daze. She did not think that Mo Wuji was being disrespectful. After all, she was equally stunned when she first saw senior apprentice sister Shuyin.

    Being stared at by Mo Wuji caused the female cultivator to frown. Mo Wuji awoke from his daze and smiled at her apologetically.

    Thereafter, he received the Lightning Tempering Room jade token and left hurriedly with a simple "thanks". He did not have any ideas towards that female cultivator; he was only inwardly shocked at how a woman could grow to be so beautiful. Even in his imaginations, he could never picture such a gorgeous woman.

    It was like a beautiful, fresh flower, or an enrapturing scenery; after taking a look, your eyes couldn't help but linger.

    "Don't forget that you're going to the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room C..." Seeing Mo Wuji anxiously leaving, the cute attendant could not help but use her unique, soft voice to remind him.

    As the frowning female cultivator heard that reminder, she could not help but ask, "He's going to an intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room?"

    "Yes senior apprentice sister Shuyin," the attendant replied respectfully. Thereafter, she added, "There's still an intermediate grade Ice Tempering Room. May senior apprentice sister Shuyin please hand over your immortal training token to me."

    The beautiful woman, Shuyin, retrieved a jade token and handed it over, "I just need four hours."

    She was still thinking about Mo Wuji, and it wasn't because of his disrespectful gaze. In reality, among all who first set eyes on her, Mo Wuji could be considered one of the most polite. After being enraptured by her looks, he recovered in the shortest time possible and did not carry on with any disrespectful gestures. The real reason why she was thinking about Mo Wuji was because it was simply unbelievable for Mo Wuji to choose the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room.

    The spiritual ripples surrounding Mo Wuji was simply non-existent. Clearly, his spiritual roots were of poor quality. Moreover, she could not sense any ripples of elemental energy from him, nor did he have the aura of a cultivator, indicating his low cultivation. With this, she could roughly deduce that Mo Wuji was in the Channel Opening Stage.

    For a Channel Opening Stage cultivator, going to an elementary grade Lightning Tempering Room was already dangerous. Going to an intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room, wasn't that looking for death?

    This thought only ran through her mind for a short while before she chucked it to the side. She then took her own jade token and rushed into the Immortal Training Tower.


    The intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room was on the 12th floor of the Immortal Training Tower. When Mo Wuji arrived on the 12th floor, he finally understood the difference between an imitation and the original.

    The entire 12th floor was like a small-scale square. At the sides of the square, there were over 20 training rooms. Each of the training room were labelled, such as "Intermediate Grade Wind Tempering Room", "Intermediate Grade Ice Tempering Room", etc.

    However, in this big space, Mo Wuji only saw two to three other people.

    Mo Wuji soon came to realise that the 12th floor contained the intermediate grade training rooms of the unique elemental attributes - Wind, Lightning and Ice. He very quickly found the room he was allocated to: Lightning Tempering Room C.

    As Mo Wuji walked to the doors of Lightning Tempering Room C, he found that it was the same as the Lightning Tempering Room back in Fringe City. At the door, there was a groove for him to insert his jade token.

    Mo Wuji's hand trembled as he slowly pushed the jade token into the groove; he was still a little agitated in his heart. Even though he was sure that his channel opening solution had worked, before he truly opened a few meridians, everything was uncertain.

    If he could really open his 73rd meridian, then it would mean that he might very well open more than 100 meridians.

    In the entire Lost Continent, opening 99 spirit channels would already make you a genius among geniuses, an existence like a phoenix feather or a qilin horn. If he opened 100 meridians, what would that mean?

    "Wait, are you in the Channel Opening Stage?" An extremely sweet voice called out to him.

    Mo Wuji turned to see that breathtaking beauty. Even though it was his second time seeing her, his heart still skipped a beat.

    "Senior apprentice sister? Were you asking me? I am in fact in the Channel Opening Stage." Mo Wuji replied doubtfully.

    He did not know this beauty. Don't tell me my moustache is very "man"? And I attracted the attention of this pretty lady?

    The matchless beauty's reply shattered his fantasies, "If you're in the Channel Opening Stage, entering the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room will definitely kill you."

    With that, the woman couldn't be bothered to talk any further and placed her jade token into the groove of another room.

    Mo Wuji noticed, it was the intermediate grade Ice Tempering Room.

    "Many thanks." Mo Wuji smiled as he inserted his jade token into the door groove. The door to Lightning Tempering Room C slowly opened and Mo Wuji casually walked right in.

    The woman's mouth went agape, and then she shook her head. If not for Mo Wuji choosing the Lightning Tempering Room before her, she might have thought that Mo Wuji was simply putting on an act for her. After all, the number of cultivators who put on a front before her were far too many.

    She had already advised Mo Wuji, but the other party was not willing to heed it. Then there's nothing else she could do. As the intermediate grade Ice Tempering Room opened, she walked in.


    As Mo Wuji entered the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room, he was shocked still by the immense size of the room; it was at least five folds bigger than the one in Fringe City.

    At the wall, there was a series of buttons instead of a lever. These buttons made it look like a modern control room.

    Raw Lightning Trial, Sandblast Lightning Trial, Swamp Lightning Trial, Hallucinogenic Lightning Trial...

    There were various kinds of lightning simulations, and there were also special parameters he could tune, such as the time, the attack sphere, the lightning thickness, etc.

    Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air; no wonder why the price was so steep. From the looks of it, the price wasn't too high, but too low. If this was not for internal use for Heaven Seeking Palace, its price might be 10, or even 100 times higher. Unfortunately, these functions were not of much use to him.

    Mo Wuji chose the Raw Lightning Trial, and set the time at one hour. After all, he did not come to train using the lightning, but to open his meridians. The reason why he set the timing at one hour was because this was his first time in this intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room; he was worried that the power might be too intense, and he might not be able to bear it.

    After setting up, Mo Wuji pressed the start button. Large numbers of lightning bolts descended with an intensity multiple times higher than the one back in Fringe City.

    Even though Mo Wuji was standing at the extreme edge of the room, a few bolts of lightning still struck him. Mo Wuji jumped up in fright. This place was completely different from the one in Fringe City; there was no safe place at all. The moment he initiated the room, lightning bolts started striking everywhere.

    Moreover, the power of the lightning bolts was much, much, much higher than the one in Fringe City. It looks like this room was meant to force cultivators into desperation. But this was not what he wanted ah...

    "Ka ka, Kacha..." Multiple lightning bolts ripped Mo Wuji's clothes apart; some of the stronger ones directly sent Mo Wuji flying and crashing against the wall. Fortunately, he still had his Heaven Crow natural silk armour on him.

    Mo Wuji desperately wanted to press the stop button, but he discovered that there was only a start button; it would only stop when the time ends.

    At this moment, how could Mo Wuji still care about opening his meridians and treating his injuries? The first thing he did was to place his storage bag into his Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour.

    Physical injuries were not important, but if his storage bag got destroyed, he would be screwed.

    Over the past seven days, he purified all his spiritual herbs into 36 bottles of channel opening solution. A small piece of fire jade and a strip of Purple Jade Toad Lotus Strip could could get 12 small bottles of channel opening solution; and he had used 3 of each. But his leftover fire jade and Purple Jade Toad Lotus were waiting inside his storage bag, if it gets destroyed, then what fart solution could he concoct?

    The instant he kept his storage bag, a few thick bolts of lightning landed on him. This time, Mo Wuji did not waste the opportunity and drew the lightning to perforate his new meridian.

    The lightning raged within his meridian, almost causing Mo Wuji to faint in shock. This time around, he had the best possible channel opening solution, and he had the strongest possible lightning. However, under this thick bolt of lightning, the meridian actually only widened by a bit, and did not have a single sign of breaking through.

    As more lightning bolts struck him, Mo Wuji tried his best to draw the lightning into his 73rd meridian. A tearing sensation could be felt and his 73rd meridian expanded. However, that was the end to it; it still did not show any signs of complete opening.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a healing pill and swallowed it, his heart gradually calming down. He was opening his 73rd meridian, not his 7th one. If it was so easy to perforate his 73rd meridian, then wouldn't it be a piece of cake to be a genius?

    Bolt after bolt of lightning landed on him. Even with his Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour, Mo Wuji's body was still riddled with wounds. His bones broke and recovered; they recovered and broke. His entire body was drenched in fresh blood, but in the next instant, that fresh blood would be burnt into some maroon liquid.

    It wasn't clear exactly how many bolts of lightning had been drawn into Mo Wuji's meridian but it finally showed signs of opening. With a final strike of a lightning bolt, his 73rd meridian was completely perforated. A sense of clarity rushed into his mind. Even if his ability remained the same, Mo Wuji still felt a huge change.

    It was also at this same instant that an hour passed. The lightning in the Lightning Tempering Room finally came to a stop.
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