Chapter 160: Cen Shuyins Request

    Chapter 160: Cen Shuyin's Request

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    Mo Wuji clenched his fist as his heavily wounded body fell to the ground. The opening of this meridian brought about a greater change to his body than the 72nd meridian did. However, Mo Wuji was very clear that without opening his 72nd meridian, he would definitely not be able to open his 73rd.

    After resting for about an hour, Mo Wuji drank yet another bottle of channel opening solution as he set the duration to one hour for the lightning quenching.

    If not for his inability to withstand the powerful lightning bolts, Mo Wuji would wish to try the high grade Lightning Tempering Room. Even in the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room, Mo Wuji took about an hour to open up a meridian. If he had chosen the low grade Lightning Tempering Room, it would have been highly unlikely for him to even open one meridian.

    Even though Mo Wuji was more prepared the second time, he still ended up charred black at the end of the hour. As these lightning bolts fell on Mo Wuji's body, other than his front chest and back which were protected by the Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour, the other parts of his body was horrifically wounded.

    If Mo Wuji was not a pill refiner, he would not have lasted an incense worth of time.

    Other cultivators purchased pills to increase their cultivation level while Mo Wuji concocted pills for recovery. Ever since he started cultivating, he had suffered countless of wounds, with each wound being more severe than the previous one. It was through these severe wounds that he could sublimate himself time after time.

    Mo Wuji had no power to resist against the lightning bolts hence, he could only forcefully direct the lightning bolts to open his meridians. He lost his ability to block or avoid the incoming lightning bolts.

    "Plop!" After an hour, Mo Wuji could no longer hold on anymore as he fell to the ground desperately trying to catch his breath.

    Meridian number 74 had finally been successfully opened. After suffering inhumane torture in this Lighting Tempering Room for two hours, he managed to successfully open two meridians.

    Despite wishing to continue, Mo Wuji knew very clearly that his body could not take it anymore. If he were to force himself to continue, he might not be able to keep this small life of his.

    More importantly, he had finished all his healing pills. He needed to purchase a new furnace or make use of the sect's pill refinement lab to concoct a new batch of healing pills.

    After resting for yet another hour. Mo Wuji cleaned himself up very quickly and changed into a fresh set of clothes before opening the door of the Lightning Tempering Room.

    As compared to Mo Wuji's messy hair and face filled with scars, the woman from next door only looked a little pale.

    "Are you okay?" The woman stared surprisingly at Mo Wuji after scanning his entire body with her eyes. She did not think that Mo Wuji was sleeping inside for four hours. From his shabby appearance, she could tell that Mo Wuji had been tempering himself with the lightning bolts.

    As long as one had been to an intermediate Lightning Tempering Room to cultivate before, they would usually stay for minimally half an incense worth of time. The fact that Mo Wuji could come out after half an incense worth of time without sustaining any major injury made her extremely astonished. From what she could recall, there was definitely no Channel Opening Stage cultivator who could survive half an incense worth of time in an intermediate Lightning Tempering Room.

    One must know that she was at Transcending Mortality Stage Level 7 with an ice attribute spiritual root and she could barely hold on for four hours in the Ice Tempering Room. During the four hours, she even had to rest for a full hour.

    Mo Wuji laughed as he nodded to express his gratitude for the senior's reminder before preparing to leave level 12. He was too worn out to even say anything. All he wanted to do now was to rush back to rest and then head out to purchase a new pill furnace or visit the sect's pill refinement lab.

    How could Mo Wuji looked so shabby if he had any lightning affinity body tempering techniques? However, he dare not admit that he had nothing at all because it would not have been possible for him to stay so long in the Lightning Tempering Room without any body tempering techniques.

    "Yes," Mo Wuji gave a simple answer before speeding up his steps.

    "My name is Cen Shuyin, a legacy disciple of the Sword Lake Sect," The woman suddenly reported her name.

    Mo Wuji looked cautiously at this woman as he wondered why a legacy disciple would be so interested to befriend him. All he did was to stay slightly longer in the Lightning Tempering Room. Unless she saw something special on him? He did heard of Sword Lake Sect before because Zuo Shaoyi was from that sect.

    "Uh, my name is Mo Wuji, an outer disciple of the outer mountain," Mo Wuji laughed as he answered. When someone took the initiative to introduce herself first, it meant that she was interested to know more about him hence, Mo Wuji would definitely not ignore her as a form of respect.

    Cen Shuyin was shocked before sizing Mo Wuji up as she simply did not expect Mo Wuji to be an outer disciple. However, she was not surprised to not feel any spiritual aura from Mo Wuji. For a person with poor spiritual roots, it was already very incredible that Mo Wuji could enter the Heaven Seeking Palace.

    She did not continue questioning about Mo Wuji's background as she said with a little awkwardness, "That, can you sell me your lightning affinity body tempering technique? Don't worry, I will offer a good price for you."

    For a cultivator of poor spiritual roots to be able to stay for such long duration in the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room, Mo Wuji must have had a very incredible lightning affinity body tempering technique. Cen Shuyin had always longed for a lightning affinity body tempering technique but the pity was that even though there were many of them in the market, the grade of these techniques were too low.

    "I am really sorry but my technique is not for sale. I will not sell my technique for any amount of money," Mo Wuji said apologetically.

    It was not that his technique was truly not for sale but Mo Wuji did not have any lightning affinity body tempering techniques to begin with so how could he sell it? If he actually had something like that, he would not mind selling it because once he learnt the technique, why would he not sell it for money?

    Cen Shuying revealed a face of disappointment because honestly, she had never pleaded anyone for anything. Therefore, this was actually her first time being rejected without any shred of hesitation.

    The duo walked to the first level of the Immortal Training Tower together and as Mo Wuji was unwilling to sell his lightning affinity body tempering technique, Cen Shuyin had no choice but to give up persuading him and then walked off in a hurry.

    Many cultivators on the first floor of the tower were so shocked that their eyeballs almost dropped out when they saw Mo Wuji walking shoulder to shoulder beside Cen Shuyin. Who on earth was this shabby looking lad? Why does he deserve to walk beside Cen Shuyin?

    Even though nobody stopped Mo Wuji in his tracks to question him, a lot of people took notice of him. They were all curious to know who on earth was Mo Wuji.

    He did not bother about the glares of others as he immediately returned to his residence to start cultivating again. Given his current condition, even if his cultivation level could not be further improved, he could at least speed up his own recovery.

    Two days later, Mo Wuji left his residence heading towards the Heaven Seeking Palace's Pill Refinement Lab.

    The Heaven Seeking Palace's Pill Refinement Lab was divided into three different grades: Low, intermediate and high grade pill refinement labs.

    Because of the high cost of the intermediate grade pill refinement lab coupled with the fact that he did not have any contribution points, Mo Wuji chose the low grade pill refinement lab. He turned all the spiritual herbs he had left into pills and even ended up concocting nine bottles of Tier 4 healing pills.

    The reason why he concocted so many healing pills was so that he could continue opening more meridians in the future. He only dared to cultivate in the intermediate grade Lightning Tempering Room because he knew that he would survive with these healing pills.

    After leaving the pill refinement room, Mo Wuji did not even return to the outer mountain but headed straight to the Immortal Training Tower. Mo Wuji still had 16 hours of training time in his jade token but to prevent any hassle in the future, he handed over 8,000 Earth grade spirit stones to extend his duration by another 80 hours to the dumbfounded female receptionist.

    With a bunch of Tier 3 and 4 healing pills, Mo Wuji was confident that he would not need to waste his time by going back to concoct more pills for another two days every time he opened one or two meridians.

    After arriving at the Immortal Training Tower level 12, Mo Wuji realised that there were more people here today than the previous days. Fortunately, nobody was occupying his Lightning Tempering Room C.

    Mo Wuji inserted his jade token before entering his Lightning Tempering Room once again.

    Shortly after Mo Wuji entered his Lightning Tempering Room, Cen Shuyin reached level 12. She subconsciously noticed that the Lightning Tempering Room C which had been vacant for a few days straight had a jade token on it. She thought to herself that maybe the outer disciple was back here to cultivate.

    When Mo Wuji arrived on level 12, all the other cultivators continued doing whatever they were doing. However, when Cen Shuyin arrived, the whole level 12 quietened down almost instantaneously.

    The pity was that Cen Shuyin did not stay for long as she entered her intermediate grade Ice Tempering Room very swiftly.


    Having been here once, the first thing Mo Wuji did was to remove his shirt and placed them inside the storage bag. He then kept the storage bag into his Heaven Crow Natural Silk Armour before setting the timer to one hour and drinking a bottle of his channel opening solution simultaneously.

    The newly improved channel opening solution was very effective unlike the first few solution he concocted where he had to drink a few bottles to open one meridian. For a solution where fire jade and Purple Jade Toad Lotus were added, he could open one new meridian with every bottle drank.

    After pressing the 'Start Tempering'' button, bolts of lightning appeared. Mo Wuji was simultaneously trying to block himself from getting wounded any further as well as directing the lightning bolts to open his 75th meridian.

    The Lightning Tempering Room stopped exactly after an hour and Mo Wuji opened exactly one meridian in the same hour.

    Mo Wuji set his rest duration to be half an hour and exactly half an hour later, he continued working on his 76th meridian.


    Four hours passed and as Cen Shuyin opened the door of the Ice Tempering Room, she was surprised to see the door of the Lightning Tempering Room C still shut.

    Cen Shuyin slowed down on purpose as she even tidied up her own boots before leaving. However, even when she needed to leave level 12, the Lightning Tempering Room C's door was still shut.

    "Junior apprentice sister Shuyin?" As she reached level one, a handsome cultivator shouted out for Cen Shuyin enthusiastically as he saw her.

    Normally, Cen Shuyin would give a quick greeting before leaving immediately.

    However, Cen Shuyin stopped in her tracks today and even continued conversing with this cultivator.

    This handsome cultivator was so excited his heart started to beat very quickly as Cen Shuyin actually took notice of him today. This made him continue going on about his cultivation result without any respite. He was extremely pleased as he could feel the envious eyes all around him.

    Cen Shuyin did not stop to wait for Mo Wuji but to see how long Mo Wuji could actually last for. This was Mo Wuji's second visit here so if he could last longer than the first time, the only possible reason would be that he truly had an incredible lightning affinity body tempering technique.
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