Chapter 161: Ushering In An Era

    Chapter 161: Ushering In An Era

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    Even though he prepared large sums of healing pills, the wounds on Mo Wuji's body only increased. At the same time, his number of open meridians increased one by one.


    At the instant his 78th meridian opened, multiple lightning bolts landed on him. In his anxiety, Mo Wuji gave up on his Immortal Mortal Technique's circulation technique and tried the Seven Styles Lightning Sky.

    After opening a meridian, he would rest for half an hour. But with so many lightning bolts striking him, wouldn't there be more wounds upon his wounds?

    The Immortal Mortal Technique could help him guide the lightning to strike his meridians, but it was unable to protect him from the lightning, nor could it lessen his injuries. Utilising the Seven Styles Lightning Sky was simply an act of desperation.

    "Kakaka..." Numbers of lightning bolts descended on Mo Wuji's body. To his pleasant surprise, these lightning bolts did not cause much damage. The lightning had all been neutralised and absorbed by the Seven Styles Lightning Sky's first style.

    An hour was up. The Lightning Tempering Room went silent as no more lightning was generated.

    Mo Wuji did not immediately rest as he did previously. Instead, he stared at his own palms in wonder. He unknowingly discovered that the Seven Styles Lightning Sky could absorb the lightning essence from lightning bolts; this was completely different from guiding the lightning to penetrate his meridians.

    Guiding the lightning to open his meridians was using the strength of the lightning to break apart the clogs within the meridian. But what he just did was absorbing the lightning essence from the lightning bolt. All these lightning essence was integrated into his Seven Styles Lightning Sky's first style: Lightning Flash.

    Mo Wuji actively formed a few hand seals and lifted his hand. A few thick bolts of lightning emerged and tore the air apart, its destructive power was ostensibly much higher than before.

    Mo Wuji's heart started pounding faster. He thought that with the rise in his cultivation level, his Lightning Flash would get stronger too. From the looks of it, the Seven Styles Lightning Sky could be cultivated too. Like how typical cultivators absorbed spiritual energy, the Seven Styles Lightning Sky absorbed lightning essence.

    "Hahaha..." As he thought of this, Mo Wuji could not help but laugh out loud.

    How could he not be happy? Previously, he had to use an hour to open a meridian, then rest for half a day, and at the same time, waste countless pills and suffer torturous pain

    Now, he just needed to circulate according to his Immortal Mortal Technique to guide the lightning, and circulate the Seven Styles Lightning Sky at the same time to absorb the excess lightning, increasing his Lightning Flash's destructive power.

    With this method, he would not even need to rest and could endlessly open his meridians.

    Mo Wuji hastily swallowed two healings pills. After resting for a few minutes, he eagerly started another hour of lightning. He wanted to try whether his method would truly work or not.

    Downing a channel opening solution, he started. Thunder clouds covered the ceiling and lightning bolts started descending.

    Mo Wuji maintained a calm state of mind, using his spiritual will, he controlled a portion of the lightning bolts onto himself, and used the Immortal Mortal Technique to circulate the lightning to strike his clogged meridians. At the same time, he used the Lightning Flash circulation technique to absorb the excess lightning which landed on him.

    In just an incense's time, his 79th meridian was fully perforated. At the same time, two to three bolts of lightning landed on his body. These excess bolts were completely absorbed by his Seven Styles Lightning Sky, and were converted into a power source for his Lightning Flash.

    Another hour passed. In this hour, he had already opened his 80th meridian.

    Mo Wuji clenched his fists tightly as he strongly celebrated in his heart. Not only did he find a way to prevent injuries, he even found a way to make his Lightning Flash more powerful.


    She had waited in the tower hall for a whole hour but Mo Wuji did not show any signs of emerging. Not only wasn't Cen Shuyin not disappointed, she was more eager to obtain Mo Wuji's lightning affinity body tempering technique. She apologetically bid farewell to that unceasingly talkative heroic-looking cultivator before turning and leaving the Immortal Training Tower.

    As long as Mo Wuji was in the Heaven Seeking Palace, she would not give up on that lightning quenching technique.


    95th meridian, 96th meridian...

    Ever since he knew the use of the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, Mo Wuji did not rest and continuously opened his meridians. Each time a meridian opened, his entire body would feel more refreshed.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had completely forgotten that he was opening his 97th meridian. One must know that in the entire Lost Continent, a cultivator with 97 spirit channels were as rare as a phoenix feather or a qilin horn.

    "Ka!" In another incense's time, Mo Wuji opened his 97th meridian.

    Downing a bottle of channel opening solution, Mo Wuji guided a lightning bolt into his 98th meridian.

    By this time, except for the lightning which were drawn into his meridians, the rest which landed on his body would be completely absorbed to cultivate his Seven Styles Lightning Sky.

    Without any obstacles, his 98th meridian opened.

    My 99th meridian... By this time, Mo Wuji finally recalled Shen Lian's words: Only an infinitesimal number of geniuses actually open 99 spirit channels. As for those with 100 spirit channels, they were peerless, heaven defying geniuses, and most likely had immortal roots instead of spiritual roots.

    And now, he was going to join their ranks and open his 99th meridian. Even though meridians and spirit channels weren't the same, in Mo Wuji's heart, they were the same. After all, his cultivation potential had never lost to those cultivators with spirit channels. His only weakness was his lack of spiritual roots, as a result, his body did not give off any spiritual ripples.

    But to Mo Wuji, it did not count for nuts. If he was a mortal than so be it. As long as he could cultivate, so what if he was a mortal?

    Cultivators could charge towards immortality as they set off on this cultivation path. But as a mortal, he could do the same. Others had to depend on countless years of legacies and knowledge of cultivation techniques and spirit opening measures. On the other hand, he depended on himself and found ways to open his meridians. Who said that meridians were necessarily weaker than spirit channels?

    If he advertised his cultivation technique, then you could say that Mo Wuji was a pioneer, a pioneer in this era where mortals could cultivate.

    "Bang bang bang... Kakaka..." Ten bolts of lightning landed on Mo Wuji's body.

    This parameter was specifically set by Mo Wuji. Previously, at most four to five lightning bolts would land on him. With both his Immortal Mortal Technique and his Seven Styles Lightning Sky, four to five bolts were far from enough. Thus, he directly adjusted the lightning intensity.

    A portion of these lightning were guided by his Immortal Mortal Technique into his 99th meridian, while the other portion were absorbed with his Seven Styles Lightning Sky.

    With such an intense strike, even Mo Wuji could feel his 99th meridian tearing open. Another ten bolts of lightning descended; Mo Wuji did not rest and guided the lightning to strike his meridian.

    By the fourth cycle, Mo Wuji's 99th meridian was completely perforated.

    An intense desire to fly clouded his mind; his entire body felt light and relaxed. Mo Wuji could not help but roar out loud, expelling the dirty and noxious air from his body.

    Seemingly feeling Mo Wuji's excitement, the Lightning Tempering Room stopped. Mo Wuji's ten hours were up.

    Mo Wuji stood unmoving in the center of the room; his fists were still clenched, and his eyes were filled with confidence and expectation.

    After a while, Mo Wuji sat down. He did not continue to set a time for the Lightning Tempering Room, but retrieved a pile of Earth grade spirit stones and started cultivating.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji had a premonition that he was going to break into a new stage.

    The spiritual energy within the spirit stones was like a whirlpool as it was madly absorbed by Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's Channel Opening Stage Level 9 cultivation was now being raised rapidly.

    "Bang!" A flood of spiritual energy came bounding over. It was like the opening of a dam, his elemental energy were released into a more spacious place.

    Channel Opening Stage Level 10.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes; his entire body surprisingly became more mortal-like. Even though Mo Wuji did not have a master guiding him, he was sure that he had advanced into Channel Opening Stage Level 10, and not Spirit Building Stage Level 1.

    Mo Wuji did not continue cultivating; even if he wanted to, he would not do it here. The prices here were startling; cultivating here for two hours was equivalent to a few hundred Earth grade spirit stones going down the drain.

    Setting the Lightning Tempering Room for another two hours, Mo Wuji continued to open his meridians. Didn't Shen Lian say that there was still a 100th spirit channel? Today, he would open his 100th meridian.

    He drank a bottle of channel opening solution, and the familiar burning sensation comforted him. A new meridian opened, and like before, this meridian only opened to a fixed length before it was clogged.

    "Bang bang bang..." More than ten bolts of lightning descended. This time around, Mo Wuji drew seven to eight of them to strike against his 100th meridian. From his experience, he only needed to do this for another three to four times for his 100th meridian to open completely.

    A searing pain spread from his 100th meridian. However, there was not even a half bit of reaction from the clog in his meridian. Without a target, the lightning started raging within his meridian.

    Even though Mo Wuji had experienced various kinds of pain, the combined strike of seven to eight lightning bolts within his meridian was still unbearable. He instantly collapsed onto the ground and started rolling in pain.

    Luckily, he still had the Seven Styles Lightning Sky, and he immediately utilised it to absorb the lightning.

    The pale white Mo Wuji stared the descending lightning bolts and his mind went blank. This did not make sense ah. His channel opening solution had worked, but why wasn't the clogged portion perforated? Was the lightning bolt not strong enough? But if it wasn't strong enough, the lightning should have struck the clog, instead of raging within his meridian.

    Multiple bolts of lightning descended on Mo Wuji; the pain pulled him back to reality, and Mo Wuji retrieved and downed another bottle of channel opening solution.

    Another dumbfounding scene happened. From his experience, before a meridian was fully opened, consuming the channel opening solution again would only help expand the meridian by a bit.

    But now, his 100th meridian wasn't fully opened and as he drank a bottle of channel opening solution, his 101th meridian appeared.
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