Chapter 163: Elemental Storage Channel

    Chapter 163: Elemental Storage Channel

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    Perhaps because he had never experienced such an incident before, the slap by Mo Wuji on the yellow robed man destroyed his soul causing him to be stunned for a moment. He subconsciously followed Mo Wuji's instructions as he walked over to the side before sitting down. The other yellow robed inner disciples did not dare to step out to speak as they gave way in a hurry.

    These inner disciples might have top grade spiritual roots, but their strength were no match for Mo Wuji. In front of a strong Mo Wuji, nobody dared to step out to say anything at all.

    At this moment, all the disciples had already filled up the seats in the Technique Hall and there were even many people standing at the back. Mo Wuji sat alone in the middle of the first row because nobody dared to sit with him after witnessing how Mo Wuji taught the yellow robed inner disciple a lesson. There was literally empty seats on the left and right of Mo Wuji.

    Those few disciples who had been lectured by Mo Wuji did not dare to return to their seats beside Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji was feeling a little flustered too because all he wanted was a seat, not necessarily the best seat in the first row.

    Just then, a middle aged black moustache man wearing a grey robed entered the Technique Hall. Even without learning how to sense a person's cultivation level, Mo Wuji knew that this black bearded man would be the Elder Dai speaking about spirit channels today. The aura emitted from this man made Mo Wuji realised that this man was clearly a lot stronger than himself.

    The black bearded man stood on the speaker's altar and swept across the hall with his eyes. When he saw that the best row of seats was occupied only by Mo Wuji and noticing that Mo Wuji was probably only an outer disciple, he felt a little surprised.

    Very quickly, his eyes fell on the wall not too far away with a fresh blood stain.

    Mo Wuji was very calm as he was ready to take responsibility if Elder Dai did decide to pursue the matter.

    What Mo Wuji did not expect was that Elder Dai did not even mention anything about it or ask why Mo Wuji sitting alone as he started his talk straightaway: "Cultivators are people who cultivates. During the early days of cultivation, cultivators are always addressed as spiritualists. To become a cultivator, one must have spiritual roots and those without spiritual roots are called mortals who will never be able to cultivate..."

    Mo Wuji's heart disagreed with this claim that the black bearded man made. Mo Wuji did not have any spiritual roots to begin with and now he was sitting here as a cultivator like everyone else here. This was because he avoided the common approach to cultivate with spiritual roots and went on an alternative cultivation path on his own.

    "Those with spiritual roots will naturally be able to cultivate. Of course, there are good and bad spiritual roots of high and low grade. So how do we tell whether a spiritual root is good or bad? High or low grade? The most common method would be a normal spiritual roots test. In fact, this was basically the most fundamental way of testing for spiritual roots and it may not be the most accurate way to judge..."

    Elder Dai's lecture content went from shallow to deep as it went on and Mo Wuji was captivated from the start to the end, paying his fullest attention.

    "I have personally seen a low grade spiritual roots cultivator entering the True God Stage. This was of course due to the many opportunities presented to him. The most accurate way to judge whether a person's spiritual roots are good or bad is not by testing the quality of the spiritual roots but by the number of spirit channels available. For a normal cultivator, he would be considered to be a genius cultivator if he have more than 10 spirit channels when the spirit was first opened. Of course, there are also cultivators who are able to open more than 20 spirit channels when they first open their spirit..."

    As Elder Dai spoke till here, he scanned through the hall before using a warmer tone to speak, "For those who only opened four or five spirit channels when you first open your spirit, do not think that you're incapable just because of this. Opening spirit was only the first step to opening spirit channels, the number of spirit channels that one can open will depend on one's hard work and luck. In the Heaven Seeking Palace, there used to be a senior who only opened three spirit channels initially managing to open more than 90 spirit channels in the end all through his hard work..."

    Voices of discussion burst out in the hall as those attending this lecture were not completely clueless. They knew that a person with average spiritual roots would never be able to open more than 90 spirit channels.

    "Now let me explain the different spirit channels. There are many different spirit channels in a human body: main channel, odd channel, pivot channel, surface channel, skin channel, bone channel, alternative channel..."

    Despite having a decent understanding towards his meridians, Mo Wuji admired Elder Dai's speech a lot as he definitely benefitted a lot from his detailed explanation.

    It was not just Mo Wuji as many other cultivators were paying their fullest attention too as they memorised the names of these spirit channels and its uses by heart.

    Nobody realised how quickly time had passed by.

    "...the Jue Dimension spirit channel is the central spirit channel of the alternative channels. It can not only guide my generation to cultivate our circulation technique..."


    "Alright, today's lecture about spirit channel ends here. If there are disciples who still have any queries, please ask now. Remember, you can only ask questions regarding spirit channels," Everyone was quiet throughout the whole 12 hours lecture until Elder Dai said this sentence. Everyone finally came back to their senses after being exposed to such vast knowledge about spirit channels.

    Mo Wuji felt that everything was worth it now that he was sitting in the first row. He stood up naturally without any hesitation before bowing and asked, "Disciple Mo Wuji wish to inquire more from senior. I've heard that previously, there was someone who was able to open 100 spirit channels. May I ask if this is true?"

    The earlier incident where Mo Wuji violently beat up a few inner disciples was still fresh in everyone's mind. Now that Mo Wuji stood up to ask, none of the many disciples dared to say anything even if they were not happy with Mo Wuji's question.

    Because Mo Wuji asked an idiotic question which served no purpose at all. Who cares about the 100th spirit channel? However, nobody dared to say anything.

    Raising this question was simply wasting an opportunity to ask more questions.

    Dai Zhu grunted before smiling, "Opening 100 spirit channels is not fake. In actual fact, I've heard of a genius senior who managed to open 101 spirit channels."

    Even those who were not happy with Mo Wuji's meaningless question were captivated by Dai Zhu's answer. A genius who opened 101 spirit channels? Who could it be?

    "The spirit channels that I mentioned earlier does not include the 100th spirit channel. The 100th spirit channel is called the elemental storage channel. This spirit channel is capable of storing elemental energy and more specifically, elemental energy that did not belong to the cultivator..."

    There was suddenly an uproar in the hall. Capable of storing elemental energy? This meant that if one were to open his elemental storage channel, he would have one more trump card as compared to the other cultivators. If two people were fighting on par with each other, this extra elemental energy within the spirit channel could be an incredible killing weapon.

    Dai Zhu laughed as he said, "I believe that everyone understood the incredible strength of the elemental storage channel and this was the sole reason that an expert who has opened 100 spirit channels is so much stronger than a normal cultivator. Of course, there are extremely few experts who can open the 100th spirit channel. There used to be one senior who has opened a 100 spirit channels in my Heaven Seeking Palace. I've heard rumours that this senior has already crossed the Five Elements Desolate Domain into the true big world."

    "Senior, may I ask how do one open the 100th spirit channel?" Mo Wuji hurried to ask again.

    The crowd did not believe what they just heard. Mo Wuji asked yet another stupid question.

    Mo Wuji could sense the crowd's frustration but he did not have a choice as he really needed to ask. This concerned his own future because for a person without any mentor, it was not easy to be able to meet Elder Dai Zhu, a senior who did research on spirit channels. He simply could not let such a rare opportunity go to waste.

    For matters like this which could directly affect his future, he would not have any hesitation to ask what he needed to know even if it made the others unhappy. If he cared about other people's opinion, he would not have been sitting in the front row at all. The fact that the 100th spirit channel was named as the elemental storage channel came as a surprise to Mo Wuji. The opening of the 100th spirit channel would definitely serve as an extra hidden trump card.

    Dai Zhu sighed before answering, "It is everything but easy to open the 100th spirit channel. I've heard from others that only those who have reached Channel Opening Stage Level 10 will stand a chance to open the 100th spirit channel. As for the specific method to open the spirit channel, I have not done a proper research on it before. However, you can head down to the Heaven Seeking Palace Ancient Texts Depository for a more detailed explanation of the spirit channels."

    "Senior Dai, I am disciple Chu Zhensheng. After opening 69 spirit channels, I was no longer able to open any more spirit channel. As soon as I force myself to cultivate, this would increase the risk of my cultivation level collapsing. May I ask if there is any other way to solve this problem?" A man sitting behind Mo Wuji sounded out very quickly as he was afraid that Mo Wuji might snatch the opportunity to ask even more questions.

    As soon as the question was asked, the whole hall became silent as it was very evident that this was a question everyone was concerned about.

    If there was one person who was not worried about this, it had to be Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was already thinking about ways to enter the Heaven Seeking Palace Ancient Texts Depository.

    In the end, Mo Wuji made his decision to first visit Yan'Er and then head over to the Ancient Texts Depository to research on ways to open his 100th meridian as well as ways to build his spirit.

    The moment Mo Wuji made his decision, the lecture that Dai Zhu was giving ended. Only after Dai Zhu left then the remaining disciples started to take their leave.

    "Mo Wuji, I will remember you," Mo Wuji turned his head and saw that it was a man in a yellow robe with a face filled with scars who said this in a sharp voice.

    Mo Wuji stopped in his tracks which made the young man took a few steps back subconsciously.

    "Scram, don't be disgusting in front of me. If you dare talk to me in this arrogant tone the next time I see you, I will beat you till you don't recognise your father and mother. "Mo Wuji gave the young man in a yellow robe a glare before shouting at him.

    The yellow robed youth and his fellow friends took a detour to avoid Mo Wuji before hurrying out of the Techniques Hall.

    The other disciples around subconsciously maintained a distance between themselves and Mo Wuji as they hurried out of the hall too.

    Seeing Chao Buheng's hesitant look, Mo Wuji did not call out for him. Mo Wuji knew that Chao Buheng was worried about sticking too close with him and ended up being targeted by the inner disciples whom he offended today.

    Chao Buheng only heaved a sigh of relief after he saw Mo Wuji leaving the hall as he lowered his head feeling a little guilty. In his heart, he was secretly shocked at how terrifyingly strong Mo Wuji was and he was wondering just how such a strong person could only ended up climbing eight steps on the Heaven Seeking Staircase?

    "This person is so strong, who is he?" After Mo Wuji left, many disciples started to discuss about him as they all witnessed how casually Mo Wuji managed to sweep these Channel Opening Stage disciples away without any effort.

    "I suspect that he is already in the Spirit Building Stage."

    "Let's go, this matter will definitely not end like that. This person called Mo Wuji was too reckless and he is bound to regret his actions soon..."


    Mo Wuji did not mind at all even if he knew trouble would come his way after offending them. He definitely harvested a lot from this session as he got the answers for the two questions which were very crucial for him. If there was still another opportunity for such talks in the future, he would still choose to sit in front.
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