Chapter 166: Kill

    Chapter 166: Kill

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    Mo Wuji thought to himself, once I open my 100th meridian, and advanced to Spirit Building Stage, I'll go climb the Heaven Seeking Staircase again. Let's see which step I can reach then.

    The Assignment Hall of Heaven Seeking Palace was much grander than Formless Blade Sect's. There were various arrays displaying different assignments, and their difficulty level and contribution points reward were prominently shown.

    Very quickly Mo Wuji spotted the assignment for the Lost Sky Ruins, which included mining and harvesting many different types of spiritual herbs and ores. There was even an assignment for gathering a map of the Lost Sky Ruins. What puzzled Mo Wuji was that he did not see the Sky Channel Flower mentioned anywhere. Could Cen Shuyin have lied to him in order to get the lightning affinity technique?

    However, Mo Wuji eliminated such a possibility swiftly. What she said was very conclusive, and didn't seem like something made up on the spot.

    "Team embarking to Lost Sky Ruins, cultivation cannot be lower than Spirit Building Stage Level 7, team address, second floor cubicle 31."

    "Destination Lost Sky Ruins, lacking one person, cultivation must be at least Transcending Mortality Stage Level 1..."

    "Lost Sky Ruins team, cultivation cannot be higher than Spirit Building Stage Level 4, address, second floor, cubicle 64."


    After reading through all notices for teams entering the Lost Sky Ruins, Mo Wuji finally settled on cubicle 64. As his cultivation was at Channel Opening Stage, it definitely did not exceed Spirit Building Stage Level 4. Moreover, the request for people weaker than Spirit Building Stage Level 4, meant that the team's strength was nothing to write home about to begin with, making it safer for him too.

    Just as he prepared to proceed to the second floor, a figure hurriedly entered the Assignments Hall, and spotted Mo Wuji who was looking at the assignment display arrays.

    "Apprentice brother Mo, your house has been sealed up, and two Transcending Mortality Stage experts are openly guarding it, waiting for you to return..." The figure delivered a message rushedly, before leaving again in the same manner.

    From the look of his back, Mo Wuji could recognise that it was Chao Buheng that came to inform him. A sense of gratitude rose up from within. If it weren't for the message, once he went home, he would have landed in the hands of those two Transcending Mortality Stage experts.

    Although killing was forbidden within Heaven Seeking Palace, but duels were not banned, and countless disciples would get wounded and crippled through them. However, duels usually involved people at the same level.

    Deep inside Mo Wuji felt depressed to be of a lower cultivation level. He really thought that such a grudge between disciples would be settled through a duel, hence he did not put much thought into it. This was because he did not really beat up those inner disciples that much. All he had to do, was to take extra care when leaving Heaven Seeking Palace. In reality, same level duels were commonplace in Heaven Seeking Palace. For challengers, Mo Wuji really did not fear anyone at the same level as him.

    However, who knew that this kid would be so vicious, actually calling someone who was much stronger than him to wipe him out. From the looks of things, he was too naive, and thought too highly of Heaven Seeking Palace. As an outer disciple, once he's beaten to a near death state by someone with much higher cultivation than him, even to the point where his meridians were all destroyed, who could he turn to? Likely in the whole Heaven Seeking Palace, not a single person would stand up for him.

    Hence, Mo Wuji did not continue to cubicle 64, as looking for team members would delay him by at least two to four more hours.

    Previously Cen Shuyin could find him, so those seeking trouble with him could do so too. There was no time to waste, since he understood that the cruelty of the whole situation greatly exceeded what he had expected.

    Turning around and leaving, Mo Wuji head out of the Assignment Hall immediately. Without teaming up with other, would that mean he could not make it to the Lost Sky Ruins?

    After leaving the sect, Mo Wuji sped up further, preparing to head to Heaven Seeking City before going to the Lost Sky Ruins. A place like the Lost Sky Ruins would definitely be accessible from Heaven Seeking City.

    As the closest city to Heaven Seeking Palace, Heaven Seeking City was only four hours away on foot.


    "Hmm, how could this guy leave safely?" Outside Heaven Seeking Palace, a youth in luxuriously robes exclaimed as he saw Mo Wuji's back.

    "Young Master, who is this?" Behind the luxuriously robed youth stood two sturdy young men, and one of them asked this question.

    While gritting his teeth, the luxuriously robed youth replied, "That's the b*st*rd that snatched my seat and slapped me in Technique Hall. I did send some guys to ambush him at District D of outer sect mountain. To remove all of his bone marrow, then destroy all his spirit channels. Who knew that this little ant would be able to leave Heaven Seeking Palace even before I went to check up on what happened. Those two pieces of trash..."

    "Since he's out of the sect, isn't it even better? We can go to kill him now," The second guy behind the luxuriously robed youth suggested.

    With a frown, the luxuriously robed youth hesitated slightly. The words that Mo Wuji spoke still lingered by his ears, and he could remotely feel a burning pain on his cheek. It was out of fear that he sent two Transcending Mortality Stage experts over.

    "This guy should have already entered Spirit Building Stage, possibly at Spirit Building Stage Level 1..." Hesitation appeared in the tone of the luxuriously robed youth's voice. He really wanted to call those two Transcending Mortality Stage guys hiding in ambush at outer sect mountain to come over, but it would take too long to do so. What if they lost track of this guy before those two arrived?

    The young man standing to the right of the luxuriously robed youth chuckled, "Young Master really overestimates him. Lu Ping and I are both at Spirit Building Stage Level 4, so it would be a big joke if three of us combined can't even take out a mere outer disciple. That guy just now didn't have spiritual ripples around him either, hence even if he barely makes the cut for Spirit Building Stage, he's still just a piece of trash. Think about it, he stays at District D of outer sect mountain."

    The young man named Lu Ping also rubbed his hands together and spoke, "Young Master, Jian Wei is right. We're not weak to the point where we can't eliminate some trash. Moreover, he's already out of Heaven Seeking Palace, so..." Lu Ping drew a line across his neck.

    Perhaps he thought that the two beside him were right, as the luxuriously robed youth finally nodded in agreement, "Okay, let's chase after him now and kill him. Every day that this ant is still alive is another day that I feel uneasy inside. D*mn it, how dare he snatch my seat, and slap me in public


    Heaven Seeking Palace was not that far away from Heaven Seeking City. If one took a flying beast carriage, he would arrive at Heaven Seeking City within half an incense's worth of time.

    However, Mo Wuji did not want to alert anyone of his presence, so he sneakily left the Heaven Seeking Palace. There were three paths linking Heaven Seeking City to Heaven Seeking Palace. As he wanted to move undetected, Mo Wuji naturally chose the most deserted path. But what he did not expect was that he would be spotted by the youth seeking revenge on him just after leaving Heaven Seeking Palace.

    An hour into his journey, Mo Wuji sensed something was not right. He could seemingly feel slight killing intent.

    'Not bad kid, you're actually quite sensitive," After Mo Wuji stopped, three figures emerged from the side of the small road, encircling him in their centre.

    This location was exactly in between Heaven Seeking Palace and Heaven Seeking City, both sides surrounded by a thin foliage, and could be considered as a rather deserted place.

    "So it's you, no wonder I keep smelling the stench of trash," With one swift motion of his arm, the Tian Ji Pole appeared in Mo Wuji's hands.

    But the luxuriously robed youth did not even take this development seriously. What Mo Wuji focused on were the two men standing beside the youth. From their auras, they were probably at Spirit Building Stage. As long as they were not in the Transcending Mortality Stage, he would still stand a chance. If they were so, he could only surrender to fate.

    "Hey, you also have a storage bag?" Lu Ping's eyes lit up.

    "Break every single bone in his body, I want to kill him slowly," The luxuriously robed youth's eyes were filled with wild murderous intent, and any fear he had for Mo Wuji disappeared in an instant.

    Without any commands from the youth, both Spirit Building Stage men wielded their weapons in hand and leapt towards Mo Wuji. Each of them headed in a direction different from the others. Lu Ping's weapon was a long whip, while Jian Wei's was a ring blade.

    Lu Ping pounced straight at Mo Wuji, and his whip flew forward with all the momentum it could muster, essentially blocking off one side for Mo Wuji to escape from.

    While his cultivation level was lower than both of them, Mo Wuji was not any weaker than either. Moreover, he also possessed spiritual will, which was something that neither of the two could match up to.

    From their attack, Mo Wuji could see that they were very well coordinated. If it were a normal battle, even if he could win, it would be very difficult. On top of that, he did not have much time to fight with these two. The longer the fight dragged on, the more disadvantageous it was for him

    Victory had to be attained within the shortest period of him, and both of them had to be eradicated, to prevent them from joining forces against him again.

    To others, a Channel Opening Stage cultivator trying to kill two Spirit Building Stage cultivators who had impeccable coordination was a joke.

    However, it was not so to Mo Wuji. He swung his pole upwards, trying to parry the whip. But the strength behind it was much greater than what he could muster. The pole in his hands only managed to stop the whip for a moment, before he was blown backwards by the elemental energy on the ship.

    As Lu Ping saw Mo Wuji fly back, he laughed coldly inside. This guy is definitely stronger than ordinary Channel Opening Stage cultivators, but he still has a long way to go before he can match up to a Spirit Building Stage cultivator, much less against two Spirit Building Stage Level 4 cultivators.

    Just as he expected, the direction that Mo Wuji flew in was where Jian Wei sliced downwards with his ring blade. It seemed as though Mo Wuji was delivered to right below the ring blade. But only both Lu Ping and Jian Wei knew that it was not the case. Instead, their original plan was to send Mo Wuji flying to that exact point.

    "Clang!" The sound of weapons clashing rang out, and Jian Wei immediately sensed that something was wrong.

    Based on their plan, after Lu Ping forced Mo Wuji back, he would have backed up into the ring blade, and this was what happened. Mo Wuji indeed got blown back by Lu Ping, and was beneath the ring blade.

    Logically speaking, Mo Wuji would have been sliced into two, and Jian Wei even made preparations to withdraw his strength. After all, Mo Wuji had humiliated his young master, and he had to let his young master return the favor, even before doing any killing.

    However, the sound of metal hitting metal made him feel something was up, and Jian Wei could clearly see what had happened. A metal pole appeared on the back of Mo Wuji, who was lying down, and it was nearly stuck together with his back.

    Mo Wuji's pole had obviously been blown away by Lu Ping, so how could it have gotten behind Mo Wuji?

    This is not good. This guy did not get blown over here, but he moved here intentionally.

    As Jian Wei just thought of this, a faint white light flickered before his eyes. How could he, who had originally viewed Mo Wuji as a dead man, have thought that Mo Wuji would attack with full force at this time? The next moment, he felt as though his heart was being torn apart, and the pain caused him to blackout.
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